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Are you going to undergo an eyebrow tattoo treatment? Take note of these seven tips.

Are you going to undergo an eyebrow tattoo treatment? Take note of these seven tips.

If you have finally decided to solve your problem of underdeveloped eyebrows tattoo using the micropigmentation technique, take note of these seven tips before starting the procedure.

Having little or almost non-existent eyebrows can end up undermining your self-esteem and is that it is the most important area of the face since its design can completely change your expression. But don’t worry, thanks to medical and aesthetic advances, more and more techniques are being created to correct these problems and offer women (and men) the possibility of showing off perfect and very natural eyebrows with procedures such as micropigmentation, a process by pigments are introduced under the skin (as a tattoo) to get bushy eyebrows. Beyond the classic permanent tattoo, this option allows you to shade in the gaps or, if there is less hair, draw your eyebrows hair by hair. If you are thinking of undergoing this treatment, take note of these seven tips to follow.
Seven tips to keep in mind

The first and most important thing is that you must go to a specialised centre with good professionals and sterilised and regulated material. It is better to invest a little more money in these types of treatments that can completely change the expression on your face.

Like when you get a tattoo, you should avoid sunbathing during the first week (if it can be longer, better) using sun creams to expose yourself to it is not the solution. Wait at least a couple of weeks to get into a pool with chlorine since this can fade the result of the procedure, in addition, your skin is more sensitive in the first days after the treatment, which can favour the appearance of infections.

Before starting the eyebrow tattoo procedure, the specialist will propose a design (including colour and shape) that suits your face, but the final decision is made by you. If you are not entirely sure with it or want to make a pertinent change, do not hesitate, tell the professional, it is you who will carry the design.
Are you taking any medication? It is important that you inform the specialist to see if there are any contraindications, the technician will have to consult with a doctor before making any decision. It is also advisable to do an allergy test.
If you are doubting whether or not to undergo this treatment you should be aware that it is something temporary, it is not like a permanent tattoo, the duration can vary (depending on the conditions of each patient) between one and two years. If fashions change and you want to see your eyebrows with another design, you can change it once this time has passed.

You will have to leave the makeup on for a few days and this point is very important since if you decide to put on makeup the day after the procedure, the area could become infected. It is necessary that your eyebrows heal correctly by applying the relevant cream, once they are healed you can return to normal and use the cosmetics you want.
Cleaning will be essential for proper healing . Use a neutral soap and wash the area three times a day, dry it slowly (without rubbing) and then apply the healing cream to prevent the skin from drying out.