Eyebrow tinting: henna or dye?

Eyebrow tinting: henna or dye?

Eyebrow henna tint

Portrait painters say that eyebrows are “absolute geometry”. Changing their shape or colour changes the face beyond recognition. In recent years, eyebrows have become a real cult: you can not wear makeup, not go to the hairdresser and ignore the manicure, but having well-groomed, bright eyebrows of the correct shape is a must-have. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get them with eyebrow tinting.

Natural or tinted?

Even among eyebrow specialist, there is no consensus on what is better: stick to the natural shape of the eyebrows or adjust it in accordance with the features of the structure of the face and fashion trends. On the one hand, natural eyebrows are rarely symmetrical, they can grow quite chaotically, be too thick or, on the contrary, too sparse. On the other hand, sometimes it is these “shortcomings” of theirs that give the face a special flavor. Third, I want to stay in trend.

And the trends of 2019-2021 tell us that wide eyebrows are in fashion: straight or with an unsharp, natural curve. Straight eyebrows rejuvenate the face, but are only suitable for women with oval or round faces. For those with a square or triangular face shape, it is better to leave a slight kink.

Clear graphics are gradually losing their rights. “Makeup without makeup” is still one of the main trends, which means that they expect well-groomed naturalness and deliberate negligence from the eyebrows: combed feathers and a fuzzy top contour add notes of lightness and mischief to the image.

However, the owners of thin eyebrows should not be upset or try to “finish” the thickness with makeup or tattooing. It is better to just refrain from plucking for a while, let them grow, and then emphasise the natural shape with light staining. Oils will help in growing: they will strengthen the hairs and awaken dormant bulbs.

Pigment or henna? How to choose the tone you need?

Even very thick and dark brows sometimes need colouring to look neat. But what to choose: pigment or henna eyebrow tinting? It all depends on the type of skin, the thickness of the eyebrows and the desired effect.

Henna is suitable:

For dry or combination skin;
For those who want to thicken their eyebrows;
For a richer shade of hair;

On the hairs, henna and paint last for about the same amount of time – 25-30 days. But on the skin, henna lasts a little longer than paint.

The pigment is suitable:

For oily and combination skin;
For thick eyebrows;
For more complex shades;

Before applying the colour to your eyebrows, check what effect it will have on the skin. To do this, you can apply a small drop, for example, just below the wrist, where the sleeve will then close the mark.

The golden rule for choosing a shade: it should be 1-2 shades darker than your hair colour. However, this is not the only option. Bleached and lightened eyebrows are an extravagant but charming feature of recent seasons. It is better for brown-eyed brunettes with dark skin not to experiment like that, but blondes and fair-haired ones can try something new.

Home eyebrow tinting or a visit to a specialist?

The staining process itself is quite simple and can be easily done at home. There is only one problem – the right form. If you are sure that you can draw it symmetrical and suitable for the shape of the face, then feel free to paint at home. If you are not sure, or want to change the architecture, you better go to the professionals.

The staining process itself consists of several stages:

1. Drawing the contour. It is most often done with a thread treated with a special paste or easily washed off paint. The main points are marked with a thread:

The beginning of the eyebrow (line from the wing of the nose past the inner corner of the eye and to the eyebrow);
Eyebrow width;
Bend (from the wing of the nose through the pupil when looking directly to the intersection with the eyebrow);
The end of the eyebrow (from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye to the intersection with the eyebrow). Please note that a heavily lowered “ponytail” is not in fashion now – it gives the face a tired look.

2. Dilution of paint or henna according to the instructions.

3. Application of the colouring agent inside the traced contour. You can do this with a bevelled eyebrow brush. The waiting time depends on the brand and type of product, but usually no more than 5-10 minutes;

4. Removal of paint residues with a damp cloth or sponge.

During the day after dyeing, it is better not to wet the eyebrows, and on the following days, do not wipe with alcohol-containing products and touch less with your hands.