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The eyes are the most expressive part of the face, and a good mascara allows us to apply makeup easily, quickly, obtaining a very flattering result and a more attractive look.

There are treatments such as eyelash extensions, lifting, curling, dyes … but mascara is still the fastest.

What do you ask of your mascara?

Most women want a cosmetic that, in addition to providing color, significantly improves the final appearance of the eyelashes, increases their length and volume.

What is the function of eyelash masks?

They lengthen, thicken and color, but something they also do is treat, protect and even promote their growth.

The new formulations of masks respond to these needs and adapt to your needs.

You can get a great performance out of a product that is so simple to use, and so flattering, if when you buy one you do it with the clearest ideas.

Before choosing a mascara, keep in mind:

– How are your natural eyelashes, if you have them very short, or with little volume or little curves

Something also to keep in mind is, if you apply for eyelash extensions, lifting or tinting treatments, these over time can weaken the natural eyelash and in these specific cases, it is also essential to apply treatments to nourish and strengthen them.

Characteristics of natural eyelashes :

The eyelashes are resistant and elastic hairs that grow with an inverse concavity to that of the eyelids, which allows them not to interpose with them when they are closed.

Its main function is to protect the eyeball from the entry of microorganisms and airborne particles. They have the following characteristics:

• Their structure is very similar to that of hair: they are mostly

Composed of keratin, which gives them resistance and elasticity, and melanin, which varies from yellow-red to brown-black.

• They lack an erector muscle, so neither cold nor fear can make them stand on end.

• They appear in variable numbers: about 100-150 in the upper eyelid and 70-80 in the lower one.

• Its average length is 8 mm.

• Its growth cycle lasts approximately 5 months, after which the old eyelash is shed and replaced by the growing eyelash.

• They are darker than hair and do not turn grey with age.

• Its growth is 10 times slower than that of hair.

• Like any other area of the face, UV radiation also dries them out and increases their porosity, which weakens them.

It is important to use wright formula for lash lift not to damage your lashes.

What do you ask of your mascara?

Most want to see them more curve ADAS and more large as primarily

In short, a cosmetic that, in addition to modifying the color, notably improves the final appearance of the eyelashes, increases their length and volume.

Because longer and curly eyelashes are capable of taking years off a face and concealing a bad face and even concealing dark circles.

Types of formulations

In the market there are different formulations and different effects, there are “lifting effect”, “volume effect” and that has the ability to bend them, make them waterproof …

– Water resistant masks difficult to remove, most of

These waterproof masks are water-in-oil (W / O) emulsions.

– Oil-in-water (O / W) emulsions are the most common and are removed more easily than the previous ones.

– Containing spherical powders ultra fine talc, silica, iron oxide … to multiply the volume effect.

– Gels, these are hydrogels, they are very simple formulas that are used to curl and shine eyelashes.

Masks with “volume effect”

Volumizing masks have multiple resources to achieve formulas that provide more body to the eyelashes, the main ones to achieve the effect are:

Moisturizing ingredients to promote the retention of water in the eyelash and the consequent increase in volume, due to a natural swelling effect.
Flexible waxes, which adhere to the length of the eyelash and give it thickness.

Masks “lifting effect” lengthen the eyelashes

These are formulas rich in emollient waxes and highly hydrating actives that soften keratin.

Various polymers are used, with great affinity with each other and with the eyelash, thus, brushing is facilitated, and the eyelash is stretched to its maximum length.

Some formulations include nylon fibers 1-2 mm in length, which act as true lash extensions.

This type of masks sometimes is used for eyelash lift procedures.

Is the applicator brush important?

In the final quality of mascara, the formula of the product is as important as the brush that serves as an applicator.

From the primitive spiral finished metal tubes, the applicators

of the masks have evolved a lot and have been the subject of countless studies to improve their properties.

The masks brushes are made of nylon or polyamide.

Its shapes are varied cylindrical, conical, asymmetrical, helix, etc.

And they are designed based on their speciality:

– Domed in the centre and slightly elongated at the end to better reach short lashes.

– With the bristles grouped to thicken, or separated to lengthen.

– With larger diameter soft bristles, to separate and comb the eyelashes, which are mixed with thinner stiff bristles, which retain a large amount of mascara, in order to thicken the eyelashes with a single application.

– With hollow fibers, so that they impregnate a greater quantity of product.

What requirements must you meet so that we can consider them as a good mascara?

• Like all eye makeup products, mascara must be completely harmless to be applied to such a delicate area.

• It should be easy to apply, glide smoothly and leave no lumps.

• It should not dry too fast or too slowly.

• It should lengthen the eyelashes and give them volume, leaving them defined, separated, curved and flexible.

• It has to stay all day without cracking or spreading dust on the cheeks.

• It should not be diluted, which would cause dark circles under the eyes.

Once you have decided which is the one that best suits your needs, finally so that the result when making up your eyelashes is the one you want, just leave you some tips so that you take it into account when applying it.
How to apply mascara correctly

All makeup artists including cosmetic tattoo salon Elite Look recommend placing the brush loaded with formula at the root of the lashes, brushing upwards. To do this, one trick is to tilt your head slightly back. This will ensure that most of the product remains on the roots of the eyelashes, and the tips will be softer and more separated.
If you are going to use the curler, remember to do it before applying the mascara, and never after you have applied makeup because they could break.
To lengthen the lashes, slide the brush upwards. If you want to curl them more, turn the brush as you slide it. For a more intense look, add more layers.
Avoid pumping the mascara (the typical gesture that we all make of putting the brush in and out of the tube several times), because the only thing that is achieved this way is that air enters and lumps form.
On the lower lashes, apply very little to avoid smudging.

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