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Eyeliner tattoo, everything about the procedure and aftercare

Eyeliner tattoo, everything about the procedure and aftercare

Eyeliner tattoo in Perth

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Eyeliner tattooing has gained significant popularity as a semi-permanent makeup solution. Many individuals are opting for this procedure to enhance the appearance of their eyes and eliminate the need for daily eyeliner application. In this article, we will explore the process, benefits, aftercare, and potential risks associated with eyeliner tattooing.

How Does Eyeliner Tattoo Work?

Before undergoing an eyeliner tattoo procedure, it is crucial to prepare adequately. This includes consulting with a professional tattoo artist or cosmetic technician who specializes in permanent makeup. They will guide you through the process and address any concerns you may have.

The actual tattooing process involves depositing pigments into the upper layer of the skin along the lash line. The technician will use a handheld device with a fine needle to create precise and defined lines. Depending on your desired look, there are various styles of eyeliner tattoos, such as thin and subtle lines, winged eyeliner, or even a more dramatic cat-eye effect.

Benefits and Considerations

One of the primary advantages of eyeliner tattooing is the time-saving aspect. With permanent eyeliner, you can wake up every morning with beautifully defined eyes, without the need for daily makeup application. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy lifestyles or those who struggle with applying eyeliner evenly.

However, before deciding to get an eyeliner tattoo, it is important to consider a few factors. Firstly, research and choose a reputable and experienced tattoo artist or cosmetic technician. Look for reviews and before-and-after pictures to ensure their work aligns with your expectations. Additionally, keep in mind that the tattoo is semi-permanent, meaning it will fade over time and may require touch-ups to maintain the desired look.

Aftercare for Eyeliner Tattoo

Proper aftercare is essential to ensure the longevity and appearance of your eyeliner tattoo. Immediately after the procedure, you should avoid touching or rubbing the treated area. Apply a recommended ointment or cream to keep the skin moisturized and aid in the healing process. It is crucial to follow the specific aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist or technician.

In the long term, protect your eyeliner tattoo from excessive sun exposure and avoid swimming in chlorinated water. Using a high SPF sunscreen on the tattooed area can help prevent fading. Additionally, avoid using harsh facial cleansers or exfoliants directly on the tattooed area, as these can accelerate color fading.

Common Concerns and Risks

While eyeliner tattooing can be a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution, it is essential to be aware of potential risks and side effects. Some individuals may experience temporary swelling, redness, or tenderness immediately after the procedure. These effects usually subside within a few days.

Allergic reactions to the tattoo pigments are rare but possible. Before the procedure, discuss any known allergies with your technician. It is also crucial to ensure that the facility follows proper sterilisation and hygiene practices to minimise the risk of infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does an eyeliner tattoo last? Eyeliner tattoos typically last between two to five years, depending on various factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and exposure to the sun.

  2. Does the procedure hurt? Eyeliner tattooing can cause some discomfort, but a numbing cream is applied beforehand to minimize pain. The sensation is often described as a slight stinging or scratching.

  3. Can I still wear regular makeup with an eyeliner tattoo? Yes, you can still wear regular makeup if desired. However, the purpose of eyeliner tattooing is to eliminate the need for daily application. You may find that you only need minimal touch-ups or additional makeup for special occasions.

  4. What should I do if I experience an adverse reaction? If you experience any severe or persistent adverse reactions, such as excessive swelling, intense pain, or signs of infection, consult a healthcare professional immediately.

  5. How much does eyeliner tattooing cost? The cost of eyeliner tattooing can vary depending on the location, expertise of the technician, and the specific style desired. On average, it can range from $200 to $500.

Eyeliner tattooing offers a convenient and long-lasting solution for individuals seeking beautifully defined eyes. With proper preparation, choosing a skilled technician, and following aftercare instructions, you can enjoy the benefits of semi-permanent eyeliner. However, it is crucial to weigh the considerations and potential risks before making a decision.



Proper aftercare after eyeliner tattoo is half the success. If the pigment has embedded unevenly, this does not always indicate a master error or poor pigment quality. Much depends on whether you followed the advice of a specialist throughout the healing process. Do not forget that full recovery is possible only after a month, therefore, during all this time, all recommendations must be strictly followed.

The masters of the permanent makeup studio Elite Look Permanent Makeup use modern ultra-thin sterile needles and high-quality pigments of their own production. Copyright dyes take root well, and most importantly, they do not turn into unwanted shades over time. But since the tattooing of shooters is the injection of pigment under the skin (a rather traumatic procedure), special care is required during the recovery period. We will describe the basic rules below.

Care after the procedure of permanent makeup of the eyeliner tattoo

After tattooing, the skin of the eyeliner tattoo becomes very vulnerable, therefore, it is not recommended to appear in the sun during the entire recovery period. And before going outside, it is important to apply sunscreen and glasses with UV filters on lenses to minimise possible unpleasant consequences.

Care after eyeliner tattooing implies protection from ultraviolet radiation, because it can not only cause a burn, but also provoke pigmentation on the healing area of ​​the skin. Until the crusts completely disappear after the session, do not use decorative cosmetics, do not wash with water, and to cleanse the skin, wipe your face with micellar water, tonic or lotion.

What to do in the early days

Immediately after the eye tattooing, a ichor may appear on the skin, which can be blotted with a cotton pad dipped in chlorhexidine. The antibacterial agent is excellent at relieving inflammation, relieving pain and cooling the damaged area. An antiseptic is allowed every 2 hours.

How to take care of eyeliner tattoo? On the first day after the procedure, there will be swelling and redness. These symptoms usually resolve within a few hours. To prevent severe swelling, do not drink a lot of water. To reduce the swelling of the skin, you can apply a dry cold compress to it.

Post-crust care

On the third day, slight peeling will appear. You can not remove the crusts, keratinized cells must fall off by themselves. Otherwise, the dye will not take root and will come out with the lymph, and due to the microtraumas that have appeared, the healing process will be delayed. Continue cleaning the site with chlorhexidine for a week to prevent infection.

Care after permanent eyeliner tattoo makeup includes a whole range of measures that must be strictly observed:

    do not sunbathe;

    do not visit the pool and beach;

    do not go to the sauna;

    refrain from doing fitness;

    do not clean your face;

    do not use scrubs and peels;

    do not rub or touch the skin with your hands.

The tattoo artist will recommend products for softening and rapid tissue regeneration.

Post-healing care

During the entire regeneration period, the color of the pigment may differ from the final result. You should not worry about this: the tattoo of the eyes after healing will acquire the desired shade. In the first 2 weeks, do not use cosmetics and alcohol-based lotions. But after a month, you can return to your usual care and lifestyle.

What not to do after the procedure

During the session, the specialist will tell you how to take care of after “Eyeliner tattoo” and what you absolutely must not do.

Care rules after the ” Eyeliner tattoo” procedure:

    do not peel off the crusts;

    do not wash until the crusts completely converge;

    use an antibacterial agent that does not contain alcohol;

    avoid physical activity;

    do not steam the skin;

    do not use decorative cosmetics.

Eyeliner tattoo

If the color of the pigment seems too saturated, do not try to erase it. During healing, part of the dye is excreted with the lymph, so at the initial stage it needs to be injected a little more. After a month, when the skin heals, the shade will be natural.

Do not forget that 4 weeks after the eyeliner tattoo Perth, you must definitely make a correction. The master will fill in the gaps in the pigment, correct the shape and color if necessary.

Rules for washing after eyeliner tattooing

In the early days, it is impossible for water to fall on the damaged area, as it can provoke even more swelling, infection and leaching of pigment. You can wash your face only after the crusts have come off. The water should be boiled and cool. After washing, you cannot wipe your face with a towel – gently blot the skin with soft napkins.

When can I paint my eyes after tattooing

Until the skin is completely healed, experts advise to abandon the use of decorative cosmetics, because every time you need to remove makeup, and this is unnecessary pressure on the damaged area. During the month, you can also not use false eyelashes, do extensions and lamination.

Will correction be needed

The first correction is required and must be carried out one month after the permanent make-up. Why is this needed? After the crusts have come together, gaps may appear in the drawing. The reasons that the pigment did not take root can be:

    incorrectly selected tattoo technique;

    substandard materials;

    improper care after inter-eyelash tattooing;

    metabolic features: young girls have a faster metabolism, so the dye stays under the skin a little less than older women.

If you don’t like the result of the tattoo at all, you can always do a laser removal or a remover. Make an appointment with the professionals of the Eyebrow Permanent Makeup studio on our website. We will tell you in detail about the advantages of each technique and will select the perfect look for you.

Permanent makeup and eyeliner tattoo is becoming more and more popular every day. With the development of technology, the emergence of perfect tools and drugs that provide effective pain relief, tattooing has become painless and easy. Today, girls can contact a master at any time and make permanent makeup for lips, eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo.

Thin delicate skin on the eyeliner tattoo requires a special approach. The pigment is injected only into the uppermost layers of the skin. After inter-eyelash tattooing, eye swelling can last from several hours to one and a half days. There is usually slight swelling and redness immediately after the procedure. For some girls, the consequences disappear by the evening, but in most cases, the strongest swelling appears the next day. But don’t worry, this is a normal body reaction. On the third day after tattooing, the swelling will completely disappear and you will not feel any discomfort.

The severity of edema after eyeliner tattoo is influenced by various factors:

● depth and density of pigment application;

● type of pain reliever used by the master;

● features of the lymphatic and circulatory systems of the body.

In order to recover as quickly as possible after the procedure, follow all the instructions of the wizard. You can relieve swelling with cool compresses or, in rare cases, with antihistamines.

Despite the disturbing symptoms after the procedure, remember that these are natural healing processes. After the swelling subsides, slight peeling will appear on the skin, which will disappear in a few days. Permanent makeup or eyeliner tattoo for many years. To maintain vivid color, you should make corrections about once a year.

Eyeliner tattoo Perth

What tricks girls do not go to in order to always look irresistible. Tattooing came to Perth back in the 90s. During this time, many myths were formed and many negative opinions about the procedure appeared. However, technologies are developing – permanent makeup has undergone significant changes, modern machines and the finest needles have appeared, which made the procedure painless and fast. Masters pre-treat the skin with special anesthetics that allow you to make a tattoo of any area with absolutely no pain.

Many women pay attention only to the eyebrows, forgetting that the eyes should also look expressive. If you are allergic to mascara or shadows, the best option would be to emphasize your eyes with inter-eyelash makeup, with which you can not only brighten your eyes, but also correct their shape. The procedure is suitable for those who want to become the owner of lush eyelashes, to make their eyes wide open and attractive.

The pigment is injected into the top layers of the skin under local anesthesia. Asking the question: “eyeliner tattoo makeup – does it hurt or not?”, You need to take into account the individual characteristics of each organism. Many girls fall asleep at the reception of the master and do not feel pain at all. Others feel mild discomfort.
Permanent make-up is applied in several stages:

● consultation with a master, drawing a sketch of a tattoo;

● application of local anesthetic;

● application of pigment.

With proper care, the effect of the procedure can last up to five years. Does the tattoo of the space between the eyelashes hurt when corrected? On the second procedure, with a 90% probability, the sensations will be the same as during the first visit.

Eyeliner tattoo Perth

If your everyday look requires full makeup, and if you don’t go anywhere without painted eyes, eyeliner tattoo is what you need.
There are several options for a permanent:
* classic or glamorous arrow;
* arrow with shading;
* eyeliner tattoo of space between eyelashes.

Using the arrows eyeliner tattoo, you can visually change the shape of the eyes: open the narrow ones, soften the outline of the round ones, and even visually change the distance between the eyes. The upper eyelid tattoo will beautify any face, but with the lower eyeliner you need to be careful: it can emphasize bags, dark circles or visually narrow the eyes. Arrows are classic (thin lines), even along the entire length, and glamorous (with a thickening towards the outer edge of the eye) and can be performed in different colors.

An arrow eyeliner tattoo with feathering does not give such a dramatic effect as the classic version, and looks more like tinted shadows or a soft pencil rather than an eyeliner. It looks very natural, as the shading masks the straight line of the eyeliner.

It is not for nothing that shadow tattooing of the eyeliner tattoo is sometimes called an art permanent. This is a work of art on the face, requiring from the master masterly possession of a tattoo machine and a subtle artistic taste. Such a permanent perfectly masks scars from blepharoplasty and corrects the shape of the eyes well. When choosing a shadow tattoo palette, it is recommended to focus on general daytime makeup or lack thereof.

Eyeliner tattoo is the most persistent type of permanent. The skin here, as a rule, is drier, and the pigment is not removed from the epidermis for a long time. The effect can last up to 3 years, subject to proper care and timely correction at least once a year.

Eyeliner tattoo Perth

The technique of permanent make-up, called “eyeliner tattoo”, allows you to create a visual effect of thick eyelashes, saves time on the daily face design, is suitable for girls with an allergy to decorative cosmetics and lasts up to 2 years.

This type of permanent is available in three versions:

Classical eyeliner tattoo. The space between the eyelashes is filled with pigment, but the thickness of the line should not go beyond the growth of the eyelashes.
Arrow eyeliner tattoo with a line between eyelashes. This type of eyeliner combines the effect of eyeliner and arrows. It is executed in the form of thin graceful or very bright arrows in an oriental style. The performance in black is especially dramatic, but the color scheme can be anything.

Eyeliner tattoo technique with shading. The outlines are slightly blurred, going beyond the growth of eyelashes, which makes the look mysterious and soft. Read here.

The procedure lasts no more than two hours. The sensations are not too painful, rather there is discomfort, which the anesthetics minimize. Since the skin around the eyes is dry enough, the pigment does not lighten for a long time, but renewal is still necessary once a year.

After the end of the procedure, slight edema remains on the eyelids, which disappears within a short time (from several hours to 2 days). The rehabilitation period after the procedure is about 2 weeks, provided that all the care instructions are followed.

It is recommended to protect yourself from the sun, do not abuse saunas, baths and swimming pools. Until complete healing, you should refrain from decorative make-up and do not wet your eyelids. During the healing process, a thin film-crust forms on the skin. In no case should it be removed, it must come off naturally! The color will finally appear after 1 month.