Fears to get a cosmetic tattoo

Fears to get a cosmetic tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo Perth

Each of us has our own reasons for permanent makeup.
For some, this is an opportunity to sleep an extra half hour in the morning, not to waste time on makeup and still look perfect.
For others, it is a way to remove small imperfections in appearance.
Third, it is freedom from whether the arrow is “smeared”, whether an eyebrow is worn out, whether lipstick has spread.
The reasons for doing a cosmetic tattoo each have their own. But fears and fears are similar, like two drops of water.

Fear # 1
Wouldn’t it get worse? Will they spoil my appearance? Does the colour fit?
We understand that no one wants to walk with you with eyebrows, arrows or lips “drawn” like a felt-tip pen. Therefore, before the procedure, you come for a consultation, where the master determines your face type and how best to brighten your features.
The master, together with you, chooses the colour of the pigment, makes a sketch, coordinates it, draws it on the face and only after that begins the procedure. You understand what the master is doing at each stage of the procedure, therefore you are insured against “surprises”.

Fear # 2
Does it hurt a lot?
It all depends on the organism. In any case, it won’t hurt much. After applying the anaesthetic cream, the sensations during the procedure are as follows:
On the eyebrows, it can be compared to “plucking” hairs.
Eyeliner tattoo – as a slight tingling or tickling sensation.
Lip tattoo – there may be slight pain or no sensation at all, and this happens most often.

Fear # 3
If the pigment does not “take” the first time? How long does a permanent last? Do you need a correction?
Remember that you will be able to evaluate the final results only one month after the procedure. The colour is brighter for the first week, then fades by about half as it heals. The pigment we use lasts from six months to 3 years, everything is individual. Approximately 5-7% of clients fail to achieve the desired result. This is due to the characteristics of the skin. The correction is done not earlier than after 4-6 weeks.

Fear # 4
What if it won’t hold on?
The pigment we use lasts from six months to 3 years. Much depends on the body and a lot – on how you will take care of the tattoo. So read on carefully.

Fear # 5
I need to correct the contour of the lips (their shape or volume). Will the permanent help?
It all depends on the specific case. Some of these imperfections can indeed be corrected with lip tattooing. Therefore, we conduct a consultation before the procedure, find out your expectations and honestly say what effect you can expect.
Who should be entrusted with tattooing of lips, eyes, eyebrows? 3 reasons to contact iclinic174
Reason 1 – experience, practice, result. The master underwent special training in the technology of microdermopigmentation, confirmed her qualifications and continues to improve her skills.
Of all the clients who have done permanent makeup with us, 90% came for the procedure again, and 80% apply on the recommendation of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. This means that you are in good hands.
Reason 2 – safety comes first. Since permanent makeup is associated with a compromise on the integrity of the skin, safety plays a key role. At Elite Look, only disposable instruments are used for permanent makeup, and individual caps are used for the pigment, which are opened with you.

The apparatus is also assembled in your presence. After the procedure, consumables, including dye, are disposed of. Before the procedure, you will be consulted to rule out contraindications.
Reason number 3 – attention to your needs – only by combining efforts, you can get the result you expect. Therefore, the master explains what, when and why. This is especially important for those who are doing the procedure for the first time.

The master selects the colour according to the type of your face so that the effect is as natural as possible, and makes a sketch before the procedure. Of course, we apply an anaesthetic cream to relieve any possible discomfort. And all this in a calm, friendly atmosphere.