Lash lift – maximise and power your natural lashes

Lash lift - maximise and power your natural lashes

Lash lift Perth

List to try the best eyelash lifting?

Unlike the eyelash ripple that treats the tab from the center up, curizandolas, the lash lift is a procedure that treats the flange from the root. This treatment allows smoothing, erect and stretch the tabs subtly by creating a visible effect of projection and length.

The treatment is ideal for people whose tabs are:





Lift treatment includes eyelash dye.

We recommend you condition your Lifting Treatment with Botox, which allows you to balance the side effects of the chemical process by which your eyelashes pass. In addition, Botox helps the optimal treatment look to last longer, since when spending the eyelashes begin to go down, but with Botox they will remain more time up. Botox contains argan oil, keratin, amino acids and vitamins.

Come to CejoStudio to perform a lifting and look like longer tabs naturally. Yeah !!

* The procedure takes 1 hour and approximately 20 minutes.

** The results endure between 6 and 8 weeks depending on the post-care, that is, how careful and constant it is in the hydration of the eyelashes.

*** To perform this service we use Dermik laboratory products, which is a mild chemist that does not burn or mistreates the eyelashes.

Special sales

Lifting + Botox eyelashes on Wednesdays (recommended pack)

lifting + legging of eyebrows – valid any day of the week

Pack Lifting of eyebrows and eyelashes – Valid any day of the week

Additional by semi-permanent eyebrow makeup Any day of the week, including promotional Wednesdays (this discount applies if you do the service on the same day of eyelashes lifting treatment)

NOTE1: To perform this service and achieve optimal results you must assist with the eyelashes carefully removed. In the case you want or require that we dismique out, we will charge an additional $ 5,000, since the dismantling the tabs can add up to 15 minutes additional to the regular service time.

Note2: In case there is an inconvenience with your lifting, you have a period of 3 days to return and perform some correction.

NOTE3: It is absolutely essential to use a regenerative cream, balm or moisturizer on the tabs after this treatment be carried out, since the tabs when passing through a chemical process, although smooth, can be remained, disordered and rinsed in color. All this is avoided by applying regenerating cream or moisturizing every night. We recommend you use any of the options of regenerative creams, moisturizers and balms that are available at our branches and in the online trade store of CejosTtudio, CejosTtudio is not responsible for the outcome of use external products that are used to take care of the tabs, after the treatment of eyelash lift and the results thereof.

NOTE4: The eyelashes can bend, enchuek or messy if you are a people whose posture is to sleep with the eyes pressed on the pillow. If this is your case and you woke up with the messy eyelashes, do not be alarmed! All you have to do is wet a Goupillon of tabs (eyelash brush) and comb them up, as this will make the eyelashes take up your order and natural form.

NOTE5: It is extremely important that you follow all the post-calendar lift care recommendations, since the duration of your treatment will depend on it. There are two main factors that shorten the duration of treatment:
1. Dehydrated complaints due to the lack of a good post-care
2. processing poorly performed where the tabs were burned (it is always recommended to go to a prestigious place).

NOTE6: It is the responsibility of the client to learn about all the details of this service (and any other service that wishes to be done in Perth), including post-care, terms and conditions thereof. Elite look does not assume responsibility for claims generated by customers who have not read the information published on this page. It is the obligation of the customer invertigate and inform yourself before any beauty or aesthetic treatment.

lash Lift Perth