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Lash lift

Lash lift in Perth

Lash lift
Eyelash Services Lifting laminated eyelashes

Lifting laminated eyelashes

It is a product with a unique and exclusive formulation, which makes it the best laminated liftng on the European market.

The difference of a traditional lifting AND Lifting LAMINATION KERATIN UP Biotechnology
is the next:
Restore the natural structure, deep and nourishing hydration, generating an increase in the volume, size and shine of the eyelashes. Biotechnology restores and nourishes lashes from the inside! Provides deep and nourishing hydration of the eyelashes stimulates growth, protects the eyelashes from adverse external effects. Hydrolysed keratin fills the gaps in the hair with protein, reduces porosity, so that the eyelashes acquire shine and elasticity, restores the damaged structure of eyelashes, increases their elasticity. It is the most powerful eyelash growth service. Nourishes and strengthens hair follicles. Rejuvenating and restorative.

It not only works in the form of the SURVEY tab
but in the structure with a high Nutrition from the first product.

1) The Formula is not the same.

2) The colours are not the same.

3) The smell is different. Lash lift smells better.

4) Safer: fewer additives, therefore less irritation. Decreases the chance of allergy.

a) Free of parabens

b) Free of formaldehyde

c) Latex free

d) Free of synthetic colours (dye)

Lash Lifting Keratin Up Lamination Biotechnology is the technique with UNIQUE products for professionals and consumers.

Longer, thicker, fuller and healthier lashes!

Patented Formula.

Eyelash growth

Whether your eyelashes are poor, you want to show off eyelashes longer, with greater volume or due to serious causes, your eyelashes have weakened, it is the ideal product.

Visible results in the first lamination, with a 30% strength in the lash line, after 3 months its density, impulse and colour will increase by 50%.

A study is carried out on each client, adapting the treatment to their need and objective, to achieve the most effective results.

Eyelash lift

If your eyelashes are long but fallen or do not have the proper shape, there is no problem with this treatment, you will perform the perfect molding and curvature, with the peace of mind of doing it with products with a biotechnological formulation, which will not damage your eyelashes because at the same time you perform the treatment cares for, hydrates, nourishes and restores them. Your eyelashes will have the desired shape while looking healthier