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Lip Blush Tattoo Questions Answered

Blush lip tattoo Perth

What is lip blush tattoo?

Lip blush tattoo, also known as lip blushing or lip tinting, is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that enhances the color and shape of the lips. It is a form of semi-permanent makeup that deposits pigment into the lips to create a natural looking lip stain effect.

The procedure involves using a fine tattoo needle to implant microscopic color pigments into the lips. The color choice is customized to complement the client’s natural lip tone and create a subtle enhancing effect. Unlike permanent lip liner or lip color tattoos, lip blush tattoos fade over time.

Benefits of lip blush tattoos:

  • Defines the lips and creates a lip stain effect
  • Enhances the natural lip shape and color
  • Long lasting but not permanent
  • Low maintenance compared to lipstick/pigments
  • Helps correct uneven lips or faded lip lines
  • Useful for scar camouflage

The healing process takes about 7-14 days during which the lips appear swollen and dark. Over time, the implanted pigment fades between 1-3 years depending on factors like sun exposure and smoking. Touch up sessions can help maintain the color. Proper aftercare like avoiding direct sun, no smoking, and lip balms is crucial.

What is the process of getting a lip blush tattoo?

Getting a lip blush tattoo involves multiple steps:

  1. Consultation – The technician will evaluate your lips, skin tone, desired color and shape. Your medical history will also be reviewed.
  2. Numbing – A topical anesthetic cream is applied to numb the lips before the procedure. This helps minimize discomfort.
  3. Pigment selection – The technician will customize the pigment color and opacity based on your skin tone and goals. More than one shade may be used to add dimension.
  4. Tattooing – Using a digital tattoo machine, the technician implants the pigment into the lips with repeated and precise strokes. Several passes are made to build the desired color.
  5. Touch ups – Additional strokes are made 1-2 months later to reinforce the pigment and coverage. This ensures even fading.
  6. Aftercare – Strict aftercare regimen of moisturizing, avoiding sun, no makeup, swimming or smoking for 2 weeks. This allows proper healing.

The process takes 2-3 hours for the initial session plus 1 hour for the touch up. Mild swelling, tenderness and dryness are common after effects that resolve within a week or two. Proper artist selection and aftercare are key for best results.

Lip Blush tattoo

What is the ideal candidate for a lip blush tattoo?

The ideal candidate for a lip blush tattoo is someone who:

  • Wants to subtly enhance their natural lip color and shape
  • Seeks definition for indistinct lip borders or faded lip lines
  • Has thin lips and wants the illusion of a fuller pout
  • Desires low maintenance, longer lasting color vs traditional lipstick
  • Has minor lip color asymmetry they want corrected
  • Needs scar camouflage due to cuts, bites, cleft repairs etc
  • Does not have circulation or bleeding disorders
  • Does not already have existing lip pigments or tattoos
  • Will comply with strict pre and post procedure aftercare
  • Has realistic expectations of the end result

The best results are achieved for those with fair to medium skin tones. Darker skin is harder to tattoo accurately. Candidates should not have active cold sores, infections, irritations or other lip conditions prior to the procedure. Overall health, lips in good condition and realistic expectations help create the ideal outcome.

What is the healing process like for a lip blush tattoo?

The healing process for a lip blush tattoo involves:

  1. Days 1-4 – The lips appear very swollen, tender, and quite dark initially. Oral anti-inflammatories help reduce swelling. Strict aftercare limits activities to allow healing.
  2. Days 5-7 – Lips remain dark but swelling subsides. Exfoliation helps lift staining from initially embedded pigment. Dryness and flaking occurs. Lip balm soothes and moisturizes.
  3. Days 8-10 – Noticeable lightening happens as the lips heal. Color opacity reduces revealing the true blushed lip hue. Tightness and tenderness continue to decrease.
  4. Days 11-14 – Lips feel smoother and softer. Swelling mostly resolves but some subtle fullness remains. Pigment reaches final healed tone and appearance.
  5. Week 3 – Lips fully heal and settle into final shape. Color shows at its true intensity. Last scabbing and dry skin flakes away.
  6. Week 4 – Lips completely stabilized. Ready for sun exposure and post-care regimen to lock in pigment.
  7. Week 8 – Follow up appointment to review healed results. Fine tune color and shape uniformity with touch up tattooing if desired.

Proper artist selection, adherence to aftercare instructions, and avoiding reinjury of the treated area all help ensure the best and fastest healing results post lip blush tattoo.

How long does a lip blush tattoo last?

Lip blush tattoo can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on several factors:

  • Skin type – Faster fading on oily skin than drier skin types
  • Pigments used – Organic and vegetable dyes fade faster than synthetic iron oxides
  • Sun exposure – UV rays accelerate pigment fading
  • Smoking – Causes early pigment oxidation and fading
  • Hydration – Dry lips shed pigment quicker
  • Aftercare – Poor aftercare leads to poor retention
  • Location – Color around vermillion border fades slower
  • Activities – Exfoliating treatments speed fading

Initially the lip blush tattoo pigment looks vibrant. About 30% of the intensity is lost during the healing phase over the first 2 weeks.

Beyond that, the color will slowly and gradually lighten over time. With minimal sun exposure and proper hydration, results may last up to 3 years. However lifestyle, skin type and aftercare play a big role. Periodic touch up appointments every 1-2 years help refresh the color.

While not considered permanent, a lip blush tattoo lasts significantly longer than traditional lipstick applications. The gradual fading creates a very natural effect.

What precautions should I take before getting a lip blush tattoo?

Certain precautions should be taken before getting a lip blush tattoo:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure to lips for at least one month pre-procedure
  • Stop smoking for a minimum of 2 weeks pre and post procedure
  • Discontinue use of lipliner, lipstick and lip balm at least 12 hours prior
  • Avoid chemical peels or exfoliating treatments 2 weeks before
  • Preventively treat any lip cold sores, dryness or cracking
  • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before appointment
  • Hydrate well by drinking plenty of water the week before
  • Take oral anti-histamine if prone to swelling or reactions
  • Fill any prescription pain or anti-anxiety medications if desired
  • Arrange a ride home; do not drive due to numbness
  • Eat a small meal prior to limit low blood sugar during session
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to accommodate swelling
  • Disclose all medical conditions, medications and supplements

Properly preparing the lips and body helps maximize safety and results. Be sure to disclose any potential health conflicts or concerns during the consultation.

How much does it cost to get a lip blush tattoo?

A lip blush tattoo costs between $400 to $1000 depending on factors like:

  • Technician’s experience level – Master artists charge higher rates
  • Geographic location – Pricing varies by cities and regions
  • Extensiveness of work – Fuller lip color and sculpting costs more
  • Pigments used – Organic pigments are more expensive

The average initial session fee ranges from $600 to $800 nationally. A touch up is required 4-6 weeks later for an additional $200 to $300. Higher end technicians in expensive urban areas like Los Angeles or New York may charge up to $1000 per session.

The cost breakdown includes:

  • Technician consultation and lip analysis
  • Numbing anesthetic ointment
  • Custom blended pigments
  • Digital tattoo machine equipment
  • Needle cartridges, gloves, and supplies
  • 2-3 hours labor for first session
  • 1 hour touch up session 4-6 weeks later
  • Aftercare products and detailed instructions

With an average cost of $800 total, lip blush tattoos offer long lasting results at a fraction of the cost of repeated lip procedures or permanent makeup. Price should not be the priority when selecting a qualified technician.

What are the risks or side effects of lip blush tattoos?

Potential risks and side effects of lip blush tattoos include:

  • Infection – Unsterile environment, tools, needles can transmit disease
  • Herpes outbreak – Latent cold sores can reactivate from irritation
  • Allergic reaction – Though rare, redness, swelling, itching can occur
  • Granulomas – Small bumps formed by trapped pigment particles
  • Uneven fading – Some areas may lose color quicker than others
  • Scarring – If too deep or aggressive tattooing occurs
  • Ink migration – Pigment can spread beyond lip borders
  • Lip distortion – If shape is improperly defined
  • Hyperpigmentation – Darker skin may develop excess color
  • Metallic taste – Temporary metal mouth sensation
  • Numbness – Lasting several hours after anesthetic application

Choosing an experienced, qualified technician minimizes risks. However some users may still experience adverse reactions either during the procedure or healing phases. Proper aftercare reduces likelihood of problems.

What factors affect how long results from lip blush tattoos last?

The longevity of lip blush tattoos depends on several variables:

  • Skin oiliness – Results fade faster on very oily skin types
  • Pigments used – Organic and vegetable dyes fade sooner than synthetic iron oxides
  • Sun exposure – UV rays speed up fading of the pigment
  • Smoking – Causes oxidation and fading of pigment
  • Hydration – Dry lips shed pigment quicker
  • Aftercare – Poor aftercare leads to poor retention
  • Location – Color around vermillion border lasts longer
  • Exfoliation – Frequent lip scrubs or peels speed fading
  • Cuts/tears – Re-injury to lips damages the pigment
  • Lip anatomy – Thin lips with little cushion fade faster
  • Follow up – Touch ups reinforce and stabilize color
  • Genetics – Some metabolize pigments quicker than others

With proper aftercare and minimal sun exposure, results can potentially last 3 full years. However, most will require annual touch ups to maintain the color vibrancy.

p those that elevate a natural look, enhancing its colour and juiciness. For this reason, more and more techniques appear to make our lips look fuller, juicier and, ultimately, be the centre of attention. But far from new trends and tricks to make up the lip, the latest technique to give it a plus is lip blushing. Or what is the same, bring a blush to the lips.

cosmetic lip blush tattoo

What are micropigmentation and microblading? How do they compare to lip blush tattoos?

Micropigmentation and microblading are semi-permanent makeup techniques for eyebrows that use fine tattooing methods.

Micropigmentation involves using a handheld tattoo pen to implant pigment into the skin with tiny dots that mimic real hair strokes. The effects last 1-3 years.

Microblading uses an angled blade made of tiny needles to make hair-like cuts in the skin that are then filled with pigment. Results last about 1-2 years.

Lip blush tattoos also deposit pigment into the skin but with a smooth, blended effect. They enhance the natural lip color and shape for 1-3 years.


  • All three are cosmetic tattooing techniques
  • Require an artistic, skilled specialist
  • Involve pigments and a tattoo device
  • Retention lasts 1-3 years max before fading


  • Microblading uses a manual blade, the others use tattoo machines
  • Micropigmentation and microblading target eyebrows versus lips
  • Blushing aims for an ombre, blended look versus hair strokes
  • The lip tattoo penetrates a bit deeper and uses brighter hues

While technically similar types of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing, the techniques achieve very different effects specific to their location on the face. They require distinctive skillsets and training.

Can I get lip blush tattoos if I have an existing permanent lip liner or lip color tattoo?

Existing permanent makeup on the lips does not necessarily prevent getting lip blush tattoos, but it can complicate the process and results. Key considerations:

  • Test spot first – Try a small blush tattoo spot to confirm the pigment takes well over your existing ink.
  • Go slowly – Building up the blush color gradually is safer than intense application all at once.
  • Skill matters – Have an extremely experienced technician used to performing color corrections.
  • Patience is key – More sessions may be needed to slowly transition the tones.
  • Manage expectations – The blush results may not be as vivid or lasting compared to virgin lips.
  • Fading – Getting blushing done as existing lip color naturally lightens over time is ideal.
  • Removal – Removing the old tattoo first via laser then starting fresh may be preferable.
  • Mix with new color – Strategic blending of the two pigments can create a nice balance.

Permanent lip color or liner tattoos do limit but not preclude the ability to successfully get lip blush tattoos. An expert technician and conservative approach helps create a beautiful enhancement.

Lip tattoo Perth

How do I choose the right lip blush colors for my skin tone?

Choosing the most flattering lip blush tattoo colors for your skin involves:

Fair Skin:

  • Pinky nudes like mauve and rose
  • Muted berry shades like raspberry
  • Soft corals and peaches
  • Avoid bright reds

Medium Skin:

  • Warm brick and terra-cotta reds
  • Burnt oranges and apricots
  • Mauvy browns and nude pinks
  • Rose golds

Olive Skin:

  • Mocha, spice and brown based reds
  • Paprika, cherry, crimson reds
  • Auburns
  • Avoid orangey shades

Darker Skin:

  • Rich wines, berries and plums
  • Deep magentas and pinky reds
  • Avoid bright reds and oranges

The most natural results come from hues that are close to but slightly brighter than your natural lip color. Test color swatches during your consultation. Your artist should expertly blend 2-3 colors for dimension. Stay in the same color family as your natural lip tone for the best outcome.

How do I maintain my lip blush tattoo results?

To maintain your lip blush tattoo results:

  • Get a touch up annually – Refreshing the color prevents uneven fading
  • Use lip balm religiously – Keep lips constantly hydrated
  • Avoid direct sun – Wear lip SPF 30 if prolonged exposure unavoidable
  • Limit exfoliation – Gently scrub lips no more than 1-2 times per week
  • Stop smoking – Smoking causes early pigment oxidation
  • Drink lots of water – Hydration keeps lips full and vibrant
  • Take vitamins – Especially Vitamin E for moisture retention
  • Get regular chemical peels or facials – But avoid right after first 4 weeks of procedure
  • Keep lips free of injuries – Prevent cuts and tears
  • Apply lip makeup gently – Careful lipstick application avoids unnecessary friction
  • See your artist at any sign of irregular fading – They can fix uneven spots
  • Sleep face up on a satin pillow case – Minimizes friction on tender lips
  • Eat a lip healthy diet – Focus on hydrating foods and vitamins
  • Avoid picking lip scabs or scars – Let all healing happen naturally

With proper care between appointments, results can potentially last the full 3 years before needing a touch up. Consistent maintenance keeps your lip blush tattoo looking fabulous.

Lip Tattoo
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