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Lip tattoo in Perth – lip blush tattooing and permanent lip makeup

Lip tattoo in Perth – lip blush tattooing and permanent lip makeup

Lip Blush tattoo

Lip tattoo and augmentation: can they be combined? Lip tattooing offers incredible benefits. Thanks to such a seemingly simple procedure, you can achieve amazing results: correct the shape of the lips, make the contours clear, renew the skin color and give it new, fresh shades. But sometimes lip tattooing is not enough and you have to resort to another procedure: lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid.

Lip tattoo in Perth service is popular due to the good result: the lips become plump and voluminous. But is it possible to do a lip tattoo after an increase? Can the two procedures be combined? This is our article. Which is better: lip tattoo or augmentation? It is impossible to say unequivocally which permanent lip makeup or fillers are better. Because these are two different procedures with a different principle of execution, as well as completely different effects.

Permanent lip makeup: principle of execution, pros and cons During lip tattooing, the master injects pigment into the upper layers of the skin throughout the area. Depending on the technique chosen by the client, different effects are achieved. Lips can look fuller with a new contour, juicier with a chosen shade, or more natural and regular with asymmetry.

But lip tattooing is performed only within the plane. That is, even if the goal of the technique is to give volume, the lips will be more voluminous only visually, but not physically. This option is only suitable for those who want to only slightly increase the lips using contouring or shade transitions.

In other cases, tattooing will not solve the problem radically. However, tattooing has a number of very valuable advantages: The achieved result lasts at least 1.5-2 years. Depending on the characteristics of the organism, it can remain visible for up to 3 years;

Permanent make-up can effectively hide any imperfections in the area of ​​the tattoo. For example, scars, post-acne and other noticeable mechanical damage to the skin; The procedure can really visually hide a slight asymmetry of the lips, lift the lowered corners of the lips, make the contours much clearer and even shape them; The selected shade is stored for a long time, gradually disappearing into “no”. During the effect, the color gradually lightens. But it happens so smoothly that it is imperceptible;

Correction can be done at any time, or you can not do it at all and be satisfied with the result obtained after the first procedure for several years; After the procedure, as a rule, there are no negative consequences. With proper tattoo care after the procedure, the skin heals within 5-10 days, after which the pigment precipitates for another 2-3 weeks. But at the same time, there is no swelling, no pain, no redness.

There are no drawbacks to the procedure as such. There are only a number of contraindications. For example, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, poor blood clotting, epilepsy, oncological and inflammatory diseases. Relative contraindications are pregnancy and lactation. Lip tattoo augmentation with fillers: principle of execution, pros and cons The procedure for lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid involves the introduction of the drug under the skin. Hyaluronic acid, getting under the skin, remains there, making the lips much more voluminous. This is the main difference between the procedure and the tattoo. If the latter works on a plane, then hyaluron gives physical volume to the lips.

Advantages: Filler can give a noticeable volume. In this case, you can work out only one zone, getting rid of the problem. For example, a thin upper or lower lip, a very noticeable asymmetry, etc.; An increase can make lips sexy and appetizing. The volume can be any;

The procedure takes no more than 1 hour; Does not cause allergies and is very well absorbed by the body.

Disadvantages: The effect lasts no more than 1 year. It is often necessary to repeat the procedure after 6 months; A rather painful procedure despite the use of painkillers; Possible swelling and bruising at the injection sites of the filler. Is it possible to combine procedures and when is it necessary? Lip augmentation and tattooing can be combined, but this should be done in a certain sequence.

The reason for the combination can be strong asymmetry, thin lips, pallor or cyanosis of the skin, blurry boundaries, or simply the desire to have voluminous lips of a beautiful color on a long-term basis. What to do first: lip tattoo or augmentation? In fact, there are no categorical prohibitions on the sequence of procedures.

You need to act according to the situation, based on individual needs. But most often, tattoo artists and cosmetologists recommend first doing permanent makeup, and then increasing it. And that’s why: Lip tattoo is a filigree work. The master draws the outline with maximum precision in order to achieve flawless edges; The tattoo lasts much longer than the effect of the increase. If you increase it before tattooing, then after the hyaluronic acid dissolves and the volume goes away, a very noticeable asymmetry may appear. But, having decided to make a tattoo first, and then an increase, remember a few nuances: Enlarging the lips with a filler, the skin is stretched. If you carry out the procedure after a tattoo, be prepared that the shade of the lips may become lighter; During lip augmentation, the natural border of the lips becomes more invisible.

This is especially true if a tattoo was previously done in a non-contour technique. Most likely, a correction is required.


There is one very important advantage in lip tattooing – almost everything can be corrected with a correction. That is, if after passing the effect of increasing the result of the tattoo has changed, you can always correct it.

When is Permanent Makeup Enough? You can do without lip augmentation with fillers if: The volume of the lips is completely satisfied; There is a slight asymmetry that can be visually corrected; You need to give the lips color, make it brighter or just give a fresh shade; It is necessary to hide defects.

This cannot be achieved with lip augmentation. On the contrary, the procedure will make the imperfections more visible; I want to get a beautiful long-lasting effect of tinted lips without the use of decorative cosmetics.

Botox injections and permanent eyebrow makeup: what is what and why? As a rule, lip augmentation is performed with fillers. For these purposes, Botox is used quite rarely. Much more often it is recommended to use it to smooth mimic wrinkles. Therefore, if you use Botox to smooth out vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows or in this area, but plan to get a tattoo, be careful.

Cosmetologists recommend first getting a tattoo, and after the skin has healed and the pigment has completely settled, inject botulinum toxin. It is this sequence that is considered optimal, since after the tattoo the shape will be corrected and imperfections that cannot be hidden by a permanent will be finally visible. If for some reason it was decided to do Botox before permanent makeup of the eyebrows, then after the procedure it is necessary to wait 2-3 weeks until the drug is fully adapted in the muscles and the final result of its action is created.

When combining procedures, consult with specialists The sequence of combining two popular procedures is very individual. Therefore, before you go through them, discuss the order with the tattoo artist and the beautician who performs the injections.

Do not forget that the quality of both procedures, first of all, depends on the professionalism of the performers. Therefore, do not save on procedures and trust your beauty to professionals.

lip blush tattoo

Lip blush tattoo: details about the procedure

Permanent lip makeup or lip blush tattoo in Perth will help for several years not to use lipstick, gloss. But in order not to regret in the next few years, it is important to choose the right technique. Powder lips are the best technique for lovers of naturalness in the image. Read more about it in this article.
What is lip powder?

Powder lip tattoo, watercolor lips, pixel, nano-spraying are the names of the same technique. Its main goal is to emphasize the naturalness of the lips, give them a small volume and shade without a heavy effect. Despite the fact that when performing powder lips, the contouring technique is not used, and the pigment is shaded along the natural line of the lip shape, as a result, your lips still look more expressive.
From the side it is difficult to determine that permanent makeup is on the lips. They look sexy, moderately bright, feminine. The effect is natural, neat, soft. The shade of the lips is natural, one or two shades lighter than the natural color. Often powdered lips are confused with applying balm or gloss.

Advantages and disadvantages of  lip tattoo.

The main and win-win advantage of tattooing in the technique of powder coating of lips is its natural effect. Most often, this procedure is chosen by girls who want to create a slight emphasis on their lips, but without too much pretentiousness. Powder coating of lips will help hide imperfections, slightly adjust the shape. But in the matter of naturalness and making lips juicy, the technique has no equal.

In addition, she has additional advantages that become a big advantage in her favor: Minimal injury. During the procedure, the pigment is injected into the uppermost layers of the skin. Due to this, pain is minimal. In addition, during the execution, the master uses an anesthetic, which completely eliminates discomfort. Possibility of easy camouflage of shortcomings.

Blush lip tattoo will not hide deep scars, obvious asymmetry, will not give a large volume to thin lips. But it will perfectly cope with the need to hide uneven skin, blue lips or depigmentation, give natural primary shades. Lack of use of decorative cosmetics.

It simply won’t be needed. Lips will look fresh and soft. If you need to give the image brightness, you can use a gloss of a brighter color. Powder coating of lips is considered to be the most popular procedure. They give naturalness, which even in the absence of makeup on the face gives the lips a well-groomed, refreshing image.

Lip tattoo before and after
Disadvantages of doing lip tattoo

The main disadvantages of the lip tattooing procedure include the presence of contraindications and the duration of the effect. Despite the fact that after correction, the pigment sediment reaches 95-97%, over time it turns pale. Since nude shades are used initially, the effect may be noticeable for less time. Hence, it becomes necessary to make corrections more often to maintain the original appearance of the lips. Contraindications for powder lip tattoo Absolute contraindications include insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, HIV, slow blood clotting, epilepsy, oncology, pregnancy and breastfeeding, herpes *, wounds, cuts, progressive inflammation in the tattoo area.

Powdered lips do not cause a viral infection to enter the body. But it can cause inflammation if the viral infection is already in the body. If herpes has already appeared on the lip, it is recommended to take antiherpetic drugs 2 days before the procedure and 2 days after it. We recommend reading more about herpes and tattooing here.

Duration of effect: how long does lip tattoo powder last?

Not a single master can say with absolute accuracy how long the effect will last after a session. On average, it is 1.5-2 years. But, if the most nude shades are used and light coloring is done, then the effect can be up to 1 year. Not only the age of the client matters, but also his lifestyle.

When taking hormonal drugs, oral contraceptives, the effect may be reduced due to changes in hormonal levels. On young skin, the effect passes faster due to the accelerated metabolism. The effect will be reduced if the recommendations for care are not followed. The effect will be reduced if no correction has been made.

When it comes to the superficial injection of pigment into the skin (powder techniques), correction is a mandatory step in the procedure.

First of all, with its help it is possible to saturate the area with color, because at the time of healing, the color brightens by 10-15%. Correction by re-introducing the pigment into the skin prolongs the duration of the effect. It will help to block the problem areas formed at the time of healing. And also slightly change the shape or shade, if you want. For example, you can make the lips brighter or darker.

 Who is this technique for?
There are absolutely no age restrictions. It doesn’t matter the type of skin. Powder lip tint is perfect for everyone. In addition, the technique may be an indication: With age-related changes in natural color. When your lips lose their natural pink tint, they become pale, a slight cyanosis appears. After childbirth, when hormonal changes can affect the color of the lips.
After the introduction of fillers to create harmony in shape and color. After an unsuccessful plastic surgery, due to which the shape may change. After the unsuccessful removal of Botox or other beauty injections, after which small tubercles may remain in the area. And although tattooing will not eliminate them, their visibility can be smoothed out due to the color.
How is lip tattoo powder applied?
A tattoo session begins with a consultation. It can be carried out a few days before the session itself or on the day of it. During the consultation, the master will collect an anamnesis about possible contraindications, select the optimal shade of pigment, show a photo of powdered lips, if necessary, and answer your questions. Further: a sketch will be developed, which is agreed with you; the master proceeds to tattoo powder coating of the lips. The pigment is shaded, several layers are performed; an anesthetic is used through the first or second passage. It relieves pain, redness, swelling; the master continues to work to achieve the desired effect; if necessary, the anesthetic is applied again.
At the end, the master issues a memo on the care of powdered lips, briefly talks about it. Already at this time, you can sign up for a correction, which should be performed 28-31 days after the session. The whole procedure will take about 1.5 hours.
Lip tattoo Perth

How to care for powder lips Immediately after the powder coating procedure, the area will be slightly swollen – a normal reaction of the body. The swelling will go away in the next hour or two. Next, you need to follow the recommendations of the wizard: exclude any possible injury to the zone: do not bite, lick the skin to a minimum, do not kiss; you can wash the area with warm water using liquid baby soap; if necessary, wipe the area with chlorhexidine for the first day or two. It is strictly forbidden in the first 5-10 days: Eat spicy food. Steam the skin: visit a sauna or a bath, a swimming pool, lie in a hot bath. Use decorative cosmetics. Carry out any cosmetic procedures. Intentionally get rid of skin peeling.

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