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Permanent eyebrow tattoo in Perth

Permanent eyebrow tattoo in Perth

Eyebrow tattoo

Not every woman is a happy owner of perfect eyebrows. Frequent problems: unevenness, wrong colour (too light), disliked shape. Therefore, you have to draw them down every day with a pencil, and this is very annoying. And even tinting with paint solves the problem for a short time (maximum for a couple of weeks).

What makes women resort to permanent eyebrow makeup?
The constant waste of valuable time on makeup makes women consider permanent eyebrow makeup, which is becoming more and more popular. However, this is not an easy procedure. It is necessary to prepare for it, and after an eyebrow tattoo, you need to properly care for the skin. And only, in this case, you can get a beautiful result for a long time. But for most girls, the duration of the procedure is more important.

How to prepare for eyebrow tattoo in Perth

The most important stage in preparing for permanent makeup in Perth is finding a master. After all, the result will largely depend on her. It will not be superfluous to find reviews about the work of the selected specialist, as well as look at the portfolio. If possible, it is better to come to the salon a few days before the procedure to consult, choose a shape and shade, and find out recommendations. Preparation for permanent makeup and eyebrow tattoo does not require any difficulties. But there are four important rules:

Scrub at least 48 hours before tattooing. Also, do not sunbathe a lot a few days before the procedure.
After dyeing your eyebrows, you need to wait at least a week.
It is undesirable to use decorative cosmetics on the day of the procedure.

24 hours before eyebrow tattooing, you need to refrain from alcohol, and from taking blood thinners.

To reduce the risk of swelling after an eyebrow tattoo, you can take an antihistamine before heading to the salon.

How long does the eyebrow tattoo procedure take

How long does permanent eyebrow makeup take? Eyebrow tattooing is a process when a special pigment is injected under the skin. During permanent makeup, this is done in three ways:

1. Feathering. This method involves drawing the outline and then filling it with pigment. In this case, the eyebrows get a clear shape, similar to when they are drawn with a pencil.
2. Hair method. In this case, strokes are drawn with pigment, which imitates the growth of hairs. If you choose a shade identical to your eyebrows, you can achieve the effect of maximum naturalness.
3. Powder dusting. The result is the most natural. And this is done with the help of precise “spraying”, when the pigment is injected over the entire surface of the eyebrows.
The procedure takes on average one and a half to two hours. Of these: 15 minutes – colour selection, another 20 – wait for the anaesthetic to work. The pigment is injected for at least 60 minutes while shading, the hair method will take half an hour more.

Permanent eyebrow tattoo in Perth is an absolutely painless procedure because it is done under the influence of local anaesthesia.

How to care and what not to do

During tattooing, the skin is pierced many times, and this is very traumatic. Therefore, it will not be at all surprising to see redness, ichor, or swelling after the procedure. The first five days after the procedure (until crusts are formed), the affected skin should be treated with a chlorhexidine solution, this should be done at least 5 times a day. When the crusts appear, the manipulations with the drug should be continued for another week, but limited to two times in 24 hours. The first stage of healing takes 10 days. After the crusts have come off, another 2 weeks will pass and the wounds will disappear.
After eyebrow tattooing for another month, the following actions are taboo:

• The use of alcohol-containing products or hydrogen peroxide;
• Dye your eyebrows with decorative cosmetics;
• Plucking hairs;
• Sunbathe (both in the solarium and on the beach), swim in seawater;
• Is in a bath or sauna;
• Rub your eyebrows and use scrubs.

It is very important not to get an infection under the skin until the wounds have healed after cosmetic tattoo in Perth. You cannot peel off the crusts on your own, you need to wait until they fall off by themselves.


The procedure does not always go smoothly. The pigment does not lie down evenly, including due to the fact that the skin swells during tattooing. In addition, during the healing process, some pigment is removed along with the crusts. And in case of improper care, the result may not be very clear or light spots may result.
But all this is not critical – correction can fix everything. This means that in a month (or a little earlier) you need to additionally introduce a pigment. The correction will take a maximum of 40 minutes, and the healing will take place in two weeks.

How long will the result last? How long the effect will last depends on various factors: • The amount of injected pigment; • Technique of tattooing; • Features of the skin and its reaction to the dye; • Influence of ultraviolet radiation. The average duration of the effect from the procedure is up to 36 months. But after a year, the eyebrows may lighten, so experts advise to carry out the correction.