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Popular questions about eyeliner tattoo in Perth

Eyeliner tattoo Perth

What is eyeliner tattooing?

Eyeliner tattooing, also known as permanent eyeliner or microblading, is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that enhances the look of your eyes. During the procedure, a technician uses a handheld tool with ultra-fine needles to deposit pigment into the upper layers of your skin. This creates delicate, hairlike strokes that resemble eyeliner makeup.

The pigment deposits last for years, although some fading occurs over time. You can get either a subtle lash enhancement or a bolder eyeliner effect. The technician will work with you to customize the shape, thickness, and color to complement your features and desired look.

Unlike regular tattoos, eyeliner tattoos don’t penetrate as deeply into the dermis layer of skin. They only reach the epidermis, where skin cells rapidly regenerate. This is why the pigment fades over one to three years and needs periodic touch-up sessions.

Some key advantages of eyeliner tattooing include:

  • Time savings from not having to apply eyeliner daily
  • Always waking up with makeup ready eyes
  • Resistance to smudging and transfer
  • Convenience of wearing while swimming or in humid conditions
  • Definition and symmetry for both eyes
  • Crisp, flawless lines not achievable with regular cosmetic eyeliner
  • Less irritation for people with contact allergies to makeup

When researching technicians, look for those proficient in the desired technique. For delicate hairstroke brows, you’ll want an expert in microblading. For a smooth eyeliner look, a technician skilled in machine tattooing is best. Be sure they adhere to stringent hygiene standards too.

Overall, eyeliner tattooing enhances natural beauty while providing immense convenience. Just be sure to find an experienced, reputable technician for your safety and satisfaction.

How to maintain eyeliner tattoos? How to make them last?

Properly caring for your new eyeliner tattoo ensures they remain vibrant and lasting. Here are some tips:

  • Follow aftercare instructions closely in the first 2 weeks to allow proper healing and pigment integration. Avoid makeup, water, sun exposure, or friction to the area during the initial healing stages.
  • Always apply SPF 30 sunscreen to protect from fading due to UV exposure. Reapply frequently if spending extended time outdoors.
  • Avoid abrasive scrubs, chemicals, or cleansers near the treated area that can cause premature fading. Use only gentle cleansers.
  • Be very gentle when removing eye makeup or cleansing the area. Too much friction or trauma can lighten pigment. Carefully dab products around lashes.
  • Use a daily eyelash serum to nourish the lashes and skin around the liner. This enhances the tattooed area.
  • Apply eye cream sparingly just below the lashline only, avoiding pigmented skin. Hydrate the eye area properly but not heavily.
  • Stay hydrated, avoid excessive sun exposure, eat nutritiously, and refrain from smoking to promote healthy skin.
  • Schedule annual touch-up appointments to refresh any areas that show fading or blurring to maintain crisp results.

With proper care and annual touch-up sessions, your eyeliner tattoos can last for many years! Avoid trauma to the area and UV exposure to keep them looking fabulous.

Eyeliner tattoo Perth

How is the eyeliner tattoo procedure done?

The eyeliner tattoo procedure is done in the following steps:

  1. Consultation and Design – You’ll meet with the technician for an in-depth consultation. They’ll assess your facial features, eye shape, skin tone, existing makeup, and desired results. They can make recommendations on placement, shape, thickness, and color options to achieve the look you want. They’ll draw on a customized eyeliner design for your approval.
  2. Anesthetic – A topical numbing cream is applied to make the process comfortable. This takes about 30 minutes to take effect.
  3. Pigment Deposition – Using a handheld tool with ultrafine needles, the technician will deposit pigment into the upper dermis layer of skin along the lash line and lower lid. With each pass, hairlike strokes build and fill in the eyeliner design. Most technicians use a machine tool for smooth, consistent results. For a microbladed look, they’ll use a manual tool to create tiny slashes that mimic hairs.
  4. Touch-ups – Additional passes will refine and perfect the shape and thickness. The technician may also deposit more pigment in any sparse areas. You’ll have a chance to provide feedback on the results throughout.
  5. Aftercare – Immediately afterwards, the area is cleaned and cooled. A protective ointment is applied while the skin heals over the next week. Strict aftercare instructions are provided to avoid infections and pigment loss.

The initial session takes 1-2 hours. A touch-up appointment 4-6 weeks later perfects and maximizes results. Periodic touch-ups every 1-3 years will maintain your eyeliner tattoos over time.

What is the process for removal or correcting eyeliner tattoos?

Although designed to be semi-permanent, eyeliner tattoos may eventually need removal or correction. Here is the process:

Laser Treatment

This is the gold standard for removing or lightening unwanted tattoos. A dermatologist aims focused laser energy at the pigment, breaking it down gradually. It takes several sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart for full removal. Pros include high success rates and precision. Cons include cost, time, and potential irritation or scarring.

Surgical Excision

This involves cutting away the tattooed skin and stitching the area closed. It is effective but best suited to small tattoos. Risks include scarring and uneven results.


Here, a wand with a wire-brush tip or sanding diamond tip is used to abrade layers of skin until the tattoo fades. This method can cause scarring and pigmentary changes.

Chemical Peels

Applied to the skin, acid solutions induce a controlled burn to remove outer layers of epidermis. It takes multiple treatments to see tattoo fading. Redness and irritation can occur.

Cover-up Tattoo

Instead of removal, a darker more dense tattoo can conceal an existing one. This requires an extremely skilled tattoo artist.

For any method, ensure the technician is experienced in tattoo removal specifically. Removal takes patience over multiple treatments. Avoid DIY methods which can scar or damage your skin.

Is eyeliner tattooing painful? What is the recovery like?

While pain thresholds vary, most patients tolerate eyeliner tattoo as other cosmetic tattoo procedures reasonably well. However, some discomfort and irritation is to be expected. Here’s an overview of the pain and recovery:

Pain During Procedure

  • A topical numbing cream is always applied first to reduce pain. This makes the procedure more comfortable but some sensation is still felt.
  • Most describe the pain as a tingling, scratching, or burning sensation. It’s usually tolerable but may cause some discomfort, watery eyes, or reflexive twitching.
  • Delicate areas like the inner rim or lower waterline tend to feel more sensitive.
  • Those with extremely low pain tolerance may opt for extra numbing treatments.
  • After the first few minutes, the skin becomes less sensitive due to the anesthetic taking effect.

Recovery After Procedure

  • Immediately after, there is minimal pain, redness, and swelling. The treated area may feel hot and tender.
  • In the first 24 hours, swelling peaks and the area may feel itchy. Cold compresses help reduce swelling. Minor bruising is also common.
  • Over the next 5-7 days, scabbing forms as the skin regenerates. The eyebrows may feel tight. Strict aftercare avoids infection and pigment loss.
  • After 1 week, scabbing resolves and the area looks healed. Some residual redness or dry flaky skin may remain.
  • Most discomfort fades within 5-10 days but the skin remains sensitive for several weeks. Makeup should be avoided during this time.
  • Results appear faded at first but become more defined after healing. Full results are visible after 4-6 weeks.

While eyeliner tattoo healing takes patience, taking proper aftercare measures helps minimize problems. Avoid getting the area wet or picking scabs for best results.

What are the risks or side effects? Is it safe?

When performed by a properly trained and experienced technician under strict sanitary standards, eyeliner tattooing is generally considered safe with minimal risks. However, some potential side effects include:

  • Infection: Unsterile equipment, poor hygiene, or aftercare issues can lead to bacterial or fungal infections. Redness, pain, oozing, and pus signal an infection requiring medical treatment.
  • Allergic reactions: Allergies to tattoo pigments or topical antibiotics used in aftercare can cause itching, swelling, rash, blistering, or peeling. Seek medical help for severe reactions.
  • Scarring: If the tattoo wounds are picked or scrubbed, scarring and pigment loss can occur. Proper aftercare reduces this risk.
  • Irregular pigmentation: Improper technique may cause uneven pigmentation or blurring over time. Choosing an expert technician minimizes this risk.
  • Eye injury: If the needle comes too close to the eye, scratching or corneal abrasions are possible. Experienced technicians know proper placement to avoid this.
  • Eyelid ptosis: Numbing creams used to anesthetize the eyelid can temporarily weaken the muscle, causing a droopy eyelid that resolves in weeks.

To stay safe:

  • Verify technician qualifications, training, experience, and portfolio.
  • Ensure the studio is licensed, clean, and equipped for safety.
  • Carefully follow aftercare instructions.
  • Speak up about concerns, pain, or irregular results.
  • Know that some residual redness and swelling is normal during healing.

While not 100% risk-free, you can greatly minimize side effects with an excellent technician and proper care. The results are well worth it for most clients.

How long does eyeliner tattoo last? When do touch-ups become necessary?

On average, eyeliner tattoos last 1-3 years before requiring touch-ups. However, there are several factors that affect longevity:

  • Technique: Microblading and hairstroke styles fade faster than smooth machine tattooing. Choosing the technique that best suits your needs will maximize wear time.
  • Pigments: Organic pigments break down more rapidly than synthetic options formulated for longevity. Different pigment brands also vary in quality and duration.
  • Skin type: Oily skin with larger pores tends to absorb and metabolize pigments quicker. Mature skin may not retain pigment as well over time.
  • Sun exposure: UV rays accelerate fading. Spending lots of time in the sun without protection will cause tattoos to fade faster.
  • Aftercare: Skipping recommended aftercare or not avoiding water, sun, and makeup during healing leads to poor retention initially.
  • Lifestyle: Eyeliner placed on the waterline or lower lash areas is subject to friction during eye rubbing and will lighten quicker.
  • Color: Darker pigments like black and brown typically last longer than lighter hues.

With optimal technique, high-quality pigments, and proper aftercare, eyeliner tattoos should remain visible for 1-2 years before needing the first touch-up. Periodic touch-ups every 1-3 years will then maintain the results indefinitely. Schedule sessions based on when you notice fading.

How to choose a good studio and technician? What qualifications should they have?

Choosing an outstanding studio and technician ensures you receive beautiful, lasting, and safe eyeliner tattoos. Here’s what to look for:

  • Extensive specialized training in permanent makeup and microblading, not just general tattoo training. This includes anatomy, techniques, pigments, and safety standards.
  • 3+ years of direct eyeliner tattoo experience. View before and after photos to judge their skill and consistency. Look for precision, symmetry, and natural enhancement rather than overly dramatic or harsh results.
  • Strong artistic skills and aesthetics. Their designs, approach, and portfolio should impress you. Ensure their style matches your desired look.
  • Advanced knowledge of colors and skin undertones. They can recommend the optimal colors to complement your unique skin and features.
  • Use of high-grade tattoo inks and sterile disposable needles. Ask about the specific brand names and quality grades they use. Avoid any studio that reuses old ink or needles to cut costs.
  • Proper licensure for their geographic region. Regulations vary, but a license proves they meet safety standards for sanitation, training, etc.
  • Strong reviews and testimonials. Read multiple reviews mentioning the technician’s professionalism, talent, and results.
  • Warm personality. A great technician makes you feel comfortable, explains things clearly, listens to your goals, and aims for your utmost satisfaction.

With rigorous vetting, you can get eyeliner tattoos from a true expert for gorgeous results and safe application. Don’t skimp on checking qualifications and portfolio carefully.

Eyeliner tattoo in Perth

What factors affect the price or cost?

Several factors affect the cost of eyeliner tattoo procedures, leading to price variability between technicians. Typical price ranges are $250 – $850. Elements affecting the price include:

  • Technician’s experience and expertise: Top specialists and those with higher demand or more years of experience generally charge more.
  • Geographic location: Prices are higher in expensive urban areas compared to more affordable rural locations.
  • Extent of work needed: Simple lashline enhancement takes less time and products versus creating a thicker multi-layer eyeliner tattoo.
  • Salon ambiance: Luxury spas and clinics in upscale settings have higher operational costs that translate to higher pricing.
  • Type of pigments: Organic pigments made from herbs or vegetable dyes are more expensive than synthetic pigment varieties.
  • Scope of session: Additional services done in the same session, like eyebrows or lip blush, take more time and materials.
  • Amount of anesthesia: Extra numbing creams, balms or injections to maximize comfort add to the cost.
  • Touch-ups: Initial session prices are higher since touch-ups are simpler and quicker.

When comparing prices, make sure you understand exactly what is included. Balance cost against years of experience and portfolio quality rather than choosing based on price alone. An eyeliner tattoo is a precision service well worth investing in.

Eyeliner tattoo cost

How do you choose the right shape and color?

Choosing the optimal shape and color for eyeliner tattoos involves:


  • Eye shape: Almond, round, hooded, or close-set eyes suit different line placements and cat-eye angles.
  • Lashline: Follow your natural lash shape for the most flattering enhancement.
  • Symmetry: Ensure the shape and thickness balances equally on both eyes.
  • Style preference: Subtle lash enhancement, graphic cat-eye flare, or smoky smudge effect. Discuss the possibilities!
  • ** occasion**: Daytime office or daily wear looks warrant more subtlety. Evening and glam looks support thicker, bolder shapes.


  • Skin tone: Cool pink or olive undertones pair better with brown. Warm golden undertones suit black.
  • Hair/eye color: Black, dark brown, or charcoal suits those with dark features. Espresso or chocolate brown complements lighter coloring.
  • Personal style: Makeup preferences and style also factor in. Preview swatches on your skin.
  • Lighting: Colors appear slightly different in daylight versus artificial light. Keep lighting conditions in mind.

During your consultation, your technician can assess your features, demonstrate options with makeup, and edit the design template until it’s perfect. Trust their expertise for making recommendations suited to you.

Eyeliner tattoo
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