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Pros and cons of eyebrow tattoo in Perth

Pros and cons of eyebrow tattoo in Perth

Eyebrow tattoo in Perth

New methods of applying permanent makeup eyebrow tattoos appear every year. If before the tattoo lasted up to 5 years, today the masters use more gentle techniques, thanks to which the makeup lasts up to two years, and at any time you can make a shape correction without resorting to traumatic removal of the pigment with a laser.

Why is it better not to do permanent eyebrow tattoo? Over time, a person’s face changes. Eyebrow tattoo with age, the corners of the eyes and lips go down, the nasolabial folds become more pronounced, the oval of the face loses its shape, the turgor of the skin weakens and the contours are smeared. In this case, tattooing can play a cruel joke with you and emphasise flaws instead of highlighting your merits.

Consider all the pros and cons of powder eyebrows. First, the technique involves the superficial application of pigment. The eyebrows are given a natural light shade, the regeneration process is quick, and the procedure itself is almost painless. Powder dusting is suitable for girls with insufficient eyebrow volume, for those who want to correct the shape or hide imperfections in the form of scars or scars.

The benefits of eyebrow tattooing include:

● savings on the purchase of decorative cosmetics;

● full imitation of ordinary makeup;

● line correction, elimination of aesthetic imperfections;

● beautiful appearance at any time of the day.

In order for the procedure to meet your expectations, you need to follow all the recommendations of the master and make corrections on time.
Negative aspects of eyebrow dusting

Despite all the advantages of permanent makeup, there are still some disadvantages of powder eyebrow tattoo:

● possible allergic reactions to the pain reliever;

● the likelihood of infection during the procedure, if you do it in questionable salons, and even more so at home;

● swelling and redness of the skin;

● the appearance of peeling and crusts;

● unpleasant itching;

● It is forbidden to visit the sauna, pool and fitness room until complete healing.

Considering all the pros and cons of tattooing, one should take into account the skill of the specialist and the chosen beauty salon. In order to minimize negative consequences, it is necessary to initially consult with a master, find out what the consequences may be, and which permanent makeup technique is right for you.

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth

Permanent eyebrow tattoo Perth allows you to remain beautiful and charming for many years without the use of cosmetics. Some women believe that eyebrow tattoo can significantly save money, because you no longer have to constantly spend money on buying lipstick, eye shadow, pencils, eyeliners and mascara.

Many beauticians do not recommend eyebrow tattoo when breastfeeding. Contrary to popular belief, the myth that the pigment will not take root or acquire an unwanted shade has no real basis. Permanent makeup can be done during lactation. The healing and recovery procedure will take place like everyone else.

Today there are a wide variety of permanent eyebrow makeup techniques:

● hair method;

● microblading;

● shading or powdering.

There is no need to worry that the anesthetic or pigment can affect the quality of lactation – they do not enter the bloodstream and cannot harm the baby in any way!

Powdery eyebrow tattoo while breastfeeding is considered the best option for tattooing. The pigment is injected only into the surface layer of the epidermis, delivering a minimum of uncomfortable and painful sensations. The regeneration process takes place over several days. In the first hours after the procedure, slight swelling and redness in the tattoo area will be noticeable, which will disappear as soon as possible the next day.

Every woman wants to look well-groomed and attractive. Permanent makeup – Eyebrow tattooing is an effective way to permanently eliminate imperfections in appearance, correct the shape, hide the asymmetry of the eyebrows, lips or eyeliner. Watercolor lip tattooing allows you to give them a delightful color and volume, filling the space between the eyelashes visually enlarges the eyes, makes the look wider, and powdery eyebrow dusting allows you to get rid of the gaps between the hairs, make the eyebrows more lush and bright.

Eyebrow dusting – contraindications

But despite the huge number of advantages, powdery eyebrow dusting can not be done by everyone. There are a number of contraindications for eyebrow tattooing:

● diabetes mellitus;

● viral and infectious diseases;

● high temperature;

● low level of blood clotting;

● acne and acne in the tattoo area;

● endocrine diseases;

● hormonal disorders;

● HIV.

Also, pregnancy is a contraindication of powdery eyebrow dusting. The procedure is, albeit small, but stressful for the body, which is highly undesirable for pregnant women. In any case, before deciding on the procedure, consult a specialist.

Eyebrow tattoo

Thanks to tattooing, you can forget about decorative cosmetics for a long time. This procedure is especially suitable for those who are allergic to cosmetics. Permanent makeup is ideal for those with an active lifestyle. Whether in the pool, or in the sauna, or on the beach or in the gym, you will always be sure of the flawlessness of your eyebrow tattoo.

To make the tattoo happy as long as possible, you need to follow the rules of care after the permanent eyebrow makeup procedure. The specialists of the eyebrow tattoo Perth studio will tell you how to properly care for the skin after the tattoo procedure, so that the color remains saturated for a long time, and the contour is clear and even.
Care for permanent eyebrow makeup in the first days after the procedure

Competent eyebrow tattoo care after tattooing is a guarantee of your beauty and longevity of the permanent. Avoid alcohol the day before the session, do not drink coffee or other energy drinks on the day of the procedure. This can increase lymph drainage, preventing most of the pigment from engrafting.

How to care for permanent eyebrow tattoo? Let’s start in order. Immediately after the tattooing procedure, there may be slight swelling and redness. You can relieve symptoms with a dry cold compress. The ichor will stand out from the skin, which can be removed with a lotion with chlorhexidine. The product disinfects the damaged area and prevents complications.

The next morning, the eyebrow shade will seem too bright and unnatural to you. The master deliberately introduces a larger amount of dye, since ichor and lymph in the first days wash out the pigment. Continue using chlorhexidine to cleanse and disinfect your skin.

On the second day after permanent eyebrow tattoo, a feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin will appear, slight itching and peeling will begin – this is a sign of the beginning of regeneration. During this period, do not touch the skin and scratch. The crusts cannot be removed, they must come off on their own. Otherwise, gaps will appear in the tattoo, and the outline of the drawing may be disrupted. Treat the affected area with chlorhexidine every 4 hours, the agent protects against bacteria, relieves swelling and redness.

eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Permanent eyebrow tattoo: A Memo for Every Day

The application of cosmetic petroleum jelly will help to moisturize and soften the skin, to eliminate unpleasant itching. After chlorhexidine treatment, dry the skin with a cotton pad and apply a thin layer of ointment. Caring for permanent makeup requires adherence to certain rules:

you can not pluck eyebrows until complete healing;
you can not sunbathe, visit the sauna and pool;
wear wide sunglasses when going outside;
use a cream with UV protection;
do not touch your eyebrows with your hands, do not scratch your skin;
do not use decorative cosmetics for two weeks;
in the first 3 days, do not take drugs that affect blood clotting.

Facial cleansing, peeling, scrubs and other procedures that can damage the epidermis are prohibited.
Why smear eyebrows after tattoo

After a permanent eyebrow, you need a thorough facial skin care. The dye will take root completely if you follow all the recommendations of the master. It is strictly forbidden to use wound healing agents that the specialist did not mention. Uncontrolled self-medication can lead to unpredictable results. Do not use alcohol-based antiseptics or alcohol-based lotions and toners. This will provoke additional inflammation and flaking, which can lead to scarring and scarring.

Hydrogen peroxide cannot be used as a disinfectant: it will cause too hard crusts, after the convergence of which gaps in color will form. Use petroleum jelly to soften damaged skin in the lip area, eliminate itching and discomfort.

Rules of departure for the formed short

How to take care of eyebrow tattoo in the following days? The appearance of peeling on the 3rd day after the procedure is a natural reaction of the body. The dead epidermis is gradually replaced by young, healed skin. Crusts can peel off intensively and spoil the appearance. You will have to wait a few days and not remove the scales. Therefore, it is better to plan your tattoo procedure for a vacation. For some girls, after powdering, peeling is almost imperceptible. The severity of symptoms observed during healing depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

It is important not to forget that eyebrow tattoo you cannot remove the crusts, as this will damage the fresh skin and the healing process will increase significantly. Use chlorhexidine and petroleum jelly for faster tissue regeneration.

How much you can’t wash your eyebrows after a permanent eyebrow tattoo

How to care for a tattoo and what not to do? You should not wash your face after the permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure until the crusts have completely disappeared. During this period, exclude visits to the gym, pool and sauna. If you do decide to shower, try to cover your brow area well with a towel and do not wet your face. Use toners and lotions to cleanse your skin.

How to care for eyebrows after tattoo removal

Care after eyebrow permanent and after its removal is the same. In both cases, the skin is damaged, peeling is noticeable on it. The crusts that have appeared cannot be removed either, this can lead to infection and inflammation. You do not need to wash your face, as water softens damaged skin, slows down the healing process and can cause infection.

After removing the tattoo with a remover or laser, treat the skin with sterile wipes, remove excess blood with a swab dipped in chlorhexidine. Do not use cosmetics until the tattoo is completely healed.

Consequences of improper care

Before deciding to transform your appearance, check with the master how to care for your eyebrows after tattooing. Failure to follow the rules of care can lead to unpleasant complications:

blood poisoning;
uneven pigment color;
asymmetry of the brow arch.

With proper tattoo care, a minimum of correction is required.

Blonde girls have always been the personification of youth and tenderness. But they often want to give their face more brightness. Permanent eyebrow makeup in this case is as relevant as for other women, but requires a much more subtle approach to the choice of color in order to avoid excessive contrast and not disturb the naturalness of the image.

For blondes, powder eyebrow dusting will be the most suitable option. This type of tattoo creates soft outlines without a clear outline, and the airy filling of the eyebrow is guaranteed to save you from busting with brightness.

Light-colored powdery eyebrows will look natural and harmonious if you follow the basic rules:

it is necessary to abandon too saturated, dark shades;
ash blondes should not take warm colors, grayish shades are ideal;
blue and green eyes accentuate light brown pastel shades.

It is better to undergo the tattooing procedure in a professional permanent makeup studio, where an experienced master will help you make the right choice and provide conditions for a high-quality and safe procedure.

Eyebrow tattoo