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Thrash tattoo

Thrash tattoo


Over the past few years, on the vastness of Instagram, you can often find photos of strange tattoo that look more like inept drawings of a small child. When I first saw this, at first I did not believe that it was a tattoo – the lines are crooked, the images are not beautiful, but rather ugly. I read in the description – just a tattoo. Here the questions hung in my head: “Why did someone want to wear this?” This was my first meeting with thrash tattoos. After walking a little on the relevant hashtags, I learned that in Europe, tattoos of this kind have been popular for some time and do not surprise anyone. One of my acquaintances said that in Berlin a company of hipsters opened a mini-salon in a homeless style, where such trash tattoos have been stuffed by hand with a sewing machine needle for a long time.

Very little time has passed, and now in Perth you can already find masters who will fill such non-trivial images for you. The reason for the popularity of this style can probably be considered originality, cheapness and speed of application.
What is the peculiarity of thrash tattoos, and what distinguishes them from partake?

In fact, the line between a partake and a thrash tattoo is very thin. Having studied a huge number of accounts of tattoo artists working in thrash style, I can sum up that the difference is the following:

Trash tattoo assumes that the master draws author’s sketches all in the same style;
the lines of the tattoo are clear, even;
the image is packed with high quality.

But this set of characteristics is very conditional, and it does not exclude the fact that there are masters who deliberately make curved lines, imitating a child’s drawing. Therefore, it seems to me that everyone determines for himself whether it is a partake, or a work of tattoo art. Today, in times of freedom of views and self-expression, everyone determines for himself what is beautiful for him and what is not acceptable.

What is my attitude towards tattoos of this kind, you ask. We do not do that type of tattoo in our tattoo shop. It seems to me that stuffing something on your body forever, you need to think in advance – and whether you will be comfortable with this in 10-20 years, whether it will still be as significant for you. And if there is a chance that after a while you will regret that you got this tattoo, it is better not to do it. And the fashion for styles is changing very quickly. Something that is mega hype today seems very strange in a couple of years.