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We tell you about ‘microblading’ eyebrow tattoo

We tell you all about 'microblading' eyebrow tattoo

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The trend of microblading eyebrow tattoo that is sweeping among the famous and that changes your look.

It is a fashionable technique to show off eyebrows. More and more women are not satisfied with a superficial eyebrow design and seek the perfection of small details. The microblading, pigmentation semi-permanent and thorough, is highly targeted to shortages of hair, small calvitas, or irregularities in size and thickness of the eyebrow hair. “It consists of making very fine epidermal cuts with the shape, colour and direction of the hair, in order to create a totally natural result”, defines Alba Lahesa, founder of Lashes & Go. The eyebrow is designed hair by hair and the pigments used to have to be natural and must adapt to the face of each client to make it more real. The latter is done through visagism, a discipline that studies the face in order to enhance the beauty of the person to the maximum. Ultimately, the basis for choosing pigmentation is always hair, eye, and skin colour. Thus, for example, a blonde person should use a light brown pigment.

Unlike micropigmentation, which you may have heard of, microblading is done with a metal pen, similar to a small scalpel, and micropigmentation is done with a one-pointed needle, to style the hairs or three or five-pointed to create density and/or shading.

We must bear in mind that, although this is a technique with fantastic results, its effect has a long duration and therefore, Lahesa advises “to be very sure of wanting to carry it out”. On the other hand, “there are certain medical warnings, such as: not being diabetic or having clotting problems.” And, perhaps, the only case in which it is contraindicated is that of old micropigmentation. For the rest, as long as the person seeks naturalness, microblading is perfect for correcting and reconstructing all types of eyebrows.

Before starting the treatment, the centre has the obligation to explain what it consists of, how long it will last depending on your skin type and age. Also, adds Bárbara Torres, owner of Twentynails, “it is convenient to take an allergy test 48 hours before.”

Despite the fact that almost all the profiles are valid, “the most appreciated eyebrows for this technique are those that are sparsely populated, but are well defined or those that have gaps in which the hair no longer grows due to too many waxing”, he says Towers.

Its duration is not exact, it depends on the frequency of renewal of each skin, but “in general it degrades little by little and lasts for about a year”, responds the Lashes & Go, expert. It is done in a single session of about two hours, and the result is immediate. Sometimes, “the treatment requires a touch-up a month,” concludes Bárbara Torres.