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What equipment is needed for microblading eyebrow tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoo in Perth

Microblading has become the most popular type of skin care procedure, with the help of which a woman can remain beautiful at any time of the day or night. A large number of cosmetologists want to master this procedure and include it in their list of services, but regardless of their experience and skills, they must have everything for microblading with them in order to do their job well.

There is a standard list of necessary tools for eyebrow tattoo, the list of which will depend on the individual requirements of the master and his personal preferences. But the high quality of products, as well as the reliability of the supplier, will remain unchanged.
Microblading: materials for beginners and professionals

In order to understand what kind of tools may be needed for manual eyebrow tattooing, you should familiarize yourself with all the stages of work:

skin preparation;

· Architecture of the shape of the eyebrows;

Application of pigment

Care after the procedure.

Each stage needs certain materials and tools. Skin preparation begins with the process of applying a cooling cream that relieves pain in patients during the procedure. The architecture of the eyebrow shape cannot be done without the presence of a liner or a special pencil. To draw a line or make a soft shading, the master will need a maniple pen or needles. As for the paint, everything is individual here, because the master independently chooses the pigment manufacturer with whom he is comfortable working. After the procedure is over, the client’s eyebrows need special care for the first few days, which means that the beautician must have creams and gels in his arsenal.
What equipment is needed for microblading?

If you are a professional craftsman, you can buy all materials and tools for work separately. For beginners in the world of microblading, most manufacturers have provided complete kits, which contain everything you need for a successful start. First of all, the master needs to purchase:

· Needles. The more of them, the easier it is for the cosmetologist in his work. Very popular among professional craftsmen are needles with a horseshoe shape, an oblique cut, even, and needles with two rows to darken the paint.

· Pigments. This is the most important tool for microblading, which is not worth skimping on, because quality paint costs decent money. The best option is to choose one manufacturer and purchase several shades from him at once.

· The holder for a needle. Such tools make the work process as easy as possible, as they fix the needles and prevent them from accidentally falling. Handles made of plastic and metal are produced on the holders.

Additional equipment for microblading: brushes for shading, coasters, various containers.

· Care cosmetics. Without fail, every master, even a beginner, needs a gel to quickly heal micro wounds, as well as regenerating creams that can protect and restore the skin.

In fact, the list of tools is not so large, and most of the materials are quite affordable at their cost. But do not forget that as the number of clients increases, the beautician needs to constantly update and replenish his inventory. Also, pigments of different shades and manufacturers should always be at hand, because there are situations when a certain brand of paint is not suitable for the client.


Eyebrow tattoo creates that very stable make-up that does not need to be applied every morning and washed off in the evenings. Permanent makeup allows you to look one hundred percent around the clock in any situation.

There are different tattoo techniques, from which the master chooses the best one, depending on:

eyebrow conditions
desired result
skin features
individual style.

Hair permanent makeup

Hair tattooing involves the work of a special machine that makes small strokes on the surface of the skin and fills them with paint. The result is as close as possible to natural hair growth.

The advantages of this method:

Each hair is drawn in detail, imitating natural eyebrows. The technique is suitable for the correction of asymmetrical eyebrows, with sparsely growing hairs or gaps, heavily plucked, etc.
After a hair tattoo, the eyebrows seem more lush and thick.
The technique gives a stable result that looks very natural.

There are two varieties of this technique – European and Eastern. In the first case, hairs of the same thickness and length are drawn, located at the same distance. In the second case, each hair is drawn separately, focusing on the natural shape of the eyebrows.

This technique is similar to the usual tinting of eyebrows: a contour is drawn, inside which the paint is shaded. This type of tattoo is suitable for eyebrows with very rarely growing hairs. The result is easy to care for: it is enough to pluck the hairs that grow outside the contour from time to time.

Combined tattoo

Permanent make-up of the combined type combines the techniques of both techniques – hair tattooing and shading. The master draws some hairs, but also draws a contour and blends the paint inside it.

Within the three main techniques, there are many varieties, for example, watercolor tattooing – shading without a clear outline. Another example is ombre permanent makeup, in which the color of the eyebrow gradually brightens from the tip to the base.

Usually a month after permanent makeup, it is necessary to make a correction, and in general, the result lasts about a year.

An experienced master Elena Olshanskaya will help you choose the perfect shape and width of your eyebrows, select the appropriate tattoo technique and make your dream come true.

Technique “soft shading” for eyebrow tattooing

Changing the color and shape of the eyebrows allows you to bring a special charm and attractiveness to your appearance. Through tattooing, the shape and color of the eyebrows, their thickness changes.

One common technique is “soft shading”. It can be used on its own or in combination with other techniques.
What is soft shading

This method of permanent makeup appeared relatively recently. Although in a classic tattoo it has been used for many years. Its essence is the absence of sharp, noticeable color transitions. This way you can achieve the most natural effect.

With soft shading of the eyebrows, the space is completely filled with paint. The result is natural, natural makeup. One gets the impression that a professional makeup artist has just worked on the eyebrows of a woman, using decorative cosmetics.
How to achieve optimal results

It is important that permanent makeup using the “soft shading” technique is performed by a truly professional and experienced cosmetologist. The final result depends on his skill.

We recommend contacting the salon of Elena Olshanskaya. Among the main advantages of the studio:

modern equipment;
proven safe dyes;
effective painkillers;
strict observance of sanitary and hygienic norms and rules.

First, the master will hold a consultation, tell you how the session will take place, listen to the wishes of the client and give his recommendations.

Be sure to draw a sketch before starting the procedure. This will simplify the process of applying the pigment and will achieve maximum clarity. The cosmetologist carefully chooses the color of the pigment, both for the contour and for the main filling of the eyebrows. It is noteworthy that almost any shade can be used for the shading procedure.
Result correction

Over time, the color changes – fades, turns pale. For example, it can even become red. To prolong the preservation of color and eliminate the appearance of unattractive shades, it is important to add specialized stabilizers to the pigment. This approach guarantees color stability – soft shading will be slightly darker, but the shade will not change.

The correction is carried out after a few months or even years, when the body will almost completely remove the pigment.

Want to book a consultation or get more information? Contact the master Elena using the contact details indicated on the pages of the site.

Features of permanent makeup and microblading eyebrow tattoo

This topic can be described as the most controversial in the permanent makeup industry. Ms-makeup salon specialists will help you sort out this issue.

Permanent makeup or tattooing is characterized by a division into two groups:

hardware permanent;
manual permanent.

Some believe that the distinguishing features of these two procedures are only in the way the pigment is introduced into the skin: when using the apparatus or the handle of the maniple. However, this is not the whole difference.
What is better to choose: permanent makeup or microblading

Implementation method:

The permanent makeup procedure involves the introduction of pigment into the epidermis using special hardware equipment powered by electricity or a power supply. The depth of penetration means the surface layer of the epidermis, the involvement of hair follicles and the appearance of blood are not typical;
microblading is a manual method of introducing a pigment component into the skin. The specialist draws each hair, which helps to obtain a hair in the eyebrow area. The mistake of inexperienced craftsmen is to apply paint too deeply, as a result of which scars and scars may appear on the client’s skin. These are very unpleasant consequences that can even lead to non-real skin recovery after the procedure.


Permanent make-up is the most painless procedure. The epidermis is not irritated, slight redness is possible. It is easy to take care of the skin after the manipulation. Before performing the procedure, an anesthetic is used to anesthetize the skin, which minimizes pain;
microblading can be characterized as a more severe procedure due to trauma to the skin. The skin is anesthetized several times, since the pigment implies going to a deeper level.


a feature of permanent makeup is the surface application of pigment, it is possible to obtain the most fluffy shading. The period of wear of correctly performed permanent makeup is about 2 years;
eyebrows after microblading look natural, but the initial effect lasts only for 2-3 months, up to a maximum of six months. After this time, salmon residue remains, which needs to be removed.

Removal of permanent makeup – Tattoo removal

The low level of qualification, unprofessionalism of the cosmetologist lead to the fact that women are forced to remove permanent makeup. How exactly to do eyebrow tattoo removal and when you can get by with a simple overlap of the previous “drawing” – we will consider in more detail in this article.

When deletion is indispensable

Irregular shape, crooked contour.
The pigment is too densely clogged, which makes permanent makeup look like an old low-quality tattoo.
The appearance of blue, green or red hues, a bluish tone of the pigment.
The feathering goes beyond the contour.
Red spots after microblading.

When you can do without removal

The dye has acquired a blue tint, but is barely noticeable on the skin. In such a situation, it is recommended to choose an overlap.
Smooth contour of the arrows, but the main color has faded – it is better to restore the shade.
Smooth old arrows – they can also be updated and blocked.

As you can see, a complete removal is not always necessary. The master will help you make the final decision – consultations at the stage of Elena Olshanskaya are free.
Two ways to remove

Tattoo removal can be performed in two ways – with a laser and with a remover. Let’s talk in detail about each of the directions.
1. Laser removal

The essence is the dissolution of the pigment by a laser beam. The paint dissolves in the layers of the epidermis under the influence of high temperature. Breaking up into small particles, the pigment is subsequently excreted through the lymphatic system.

This method is quite effective, but it can adversely affect the state of the body. In addition, the procedure itself is not very pleasant, due to the high temperature of the laser beam.

Benefits of using a laser:

it takes a few minutes to remove;
after the session, there are no crusts and no long-term recovery is required;
care after the procedure is simple.

Disadvantages of laser removal:

although the session takes only a few minutes, several visits are needed;
if a low-quality pigment was previously introduced into the skin or it was introduced incorrectly, then its removal will negatively affect the state of the body.

In addition, it should be remembered that when using a laser, an effect such as color inversion can be observed. That is, after the first session, blue eyebrows will suddenly turn brown.

Lips are generally forbidden to be treated with a laser. And not only because of the pain of the procedure, but also because they can turn black.

Subtotal. But you should also consider who exactly and where conducts the procedure. If this is a professional permanent makeup master who uses modern equipment and proven methods in his work, then the result will be great. And you won’t feel much pain.
2. Removal with remover

This method involves the introduction of special phased liquids using a specialized machine. Outwardly, the process directly resembles the tattoo itself, but not a pigment is introduced under the skin, but a liquid that pushes the paint out.

Several sessions are required to achieve results. Each of them can last up to one hour. After the session, the skin becomes red. In addition, its healing is necessary, during which a crust appears on the skin.

The main advantage of the method is that the pigment particles are excreted from the body with the help of a special liquid, and not through the lymph.

Benefits of using a remover:

minimum discomfort;
gradual lightening of even old pigment;
ease of aftercare.

By the way, when using this method, an anesthetic gel is necessarily applied.

Remover Disadvantages:

It takes about five days for the skin to heal.

Permanent Makeup Removal: Finished

As you can conclude, the process of tattoo removal itself is a long and far from the most pleasant process. First of all, it concerns sensations during the session.

Therefore, in order to avoid such problems, one should initially responsibly approach the choice of a cosmetologist.

Too low price for services? An occasion to think whether the master is really qualified and experienced. And also – what kind of pigments he uses in his work. “Handicraft cosmetologists” save on paints, use low-quality consumables and do not always strictly observe sanitary and hygienic rules.

Therefore, we strongly recommend giving preference to specialists working in official, legal salons. By visiting them, you can be sure of your safety and quality results. After a visit to a trusted salon, you will never have to think about how to remove permanent makeup.

eyebrow tattoo

How is permanent eyebrow tattoo makeup done?

Eyebrow permanent makeup

Morning routines take a lot of time. Especially if you also need to use decorative cosmetics. Most women are happy to sleep for half an hour more, but have to get up to clean themselves up.

Fortunately, modern cosmetic procedures can solve several problems at once. First, stop using make-up. Secondly, significantly reduce the time required for maintenance. Thirdly, always and everywhere look unsurpassed.

In particular, we are talking about such a procedure as permanent eyebrow makeup. Its essence is the introduction of coloring pigments under the upper layers of the skin. As a result, the eyebrows always look well-groomed, as if the woman had just done her make-up.

Why get an eyebrow tattoo

Permanent makeup eyebrows are ideal for those women who have them too narrow or sparse. Hair tattoo technique involves drawing individual hairs. Thanks to this, the eyebrows visually become really thicker, but at the same time look as natural as possible.

Properly done tattoo also has a positive effect directly on the shape of the face – it becomes more attractive.

Before the session, you should tell the cosmetologist about your wishes, however, you should also listen to his professional recommendations. An experienced master will give advice on what shape and density to choose in order to make the image more attractive, bring charm and charm to it.

Here are some examples:

raised tips will bring youth and freshness to the image;
eyebrows in the shape of an arc will make the appearance more expressive;
if the original shape is too sharp, then smoothing it will make the face more welcoming and joyful.

In addition, you no longer need to use decorative cosmetics. The girl will always have an attractive appearance – immediately after waking up, playing sports, showering, and so on.

Contraindications to the eyebrow tattoo procedure

Unfortunately, permanent makeup has a number of contraindications. It is not recommended to hide your health problems, striving for beauty. So you not only put yourself at risk, but also “set up” the master. So be honest about your condition.

Among the main contraindications:

insulin-dependent type diabetes;
low blood clotting;
any disease in an acute form;
viruses, infections, influenza;
pregnancy, lactation.

How is permanent eyebrow makeup done?

Eyebrow shape and color matching.
Selection of shades.
Creating a contour and transferring it to the skin.
Treatment of the place of application of paint with anesthetic gel.
Introduction to paint.
Treatment with antiseptic agents.

At the end, the master gives recommendations for care. After 3-4 weeks, you should come for a correction – the beautician will evaluate the result and, if necessary, make changes, correcting possible flaws.

Paint Injection Techniques

There are two common methods that differ in the feature of introducing paint.

The first one involves shading. That is, the paint is evenly distributed over the entire area, shaded.

The second is hair. Its essence is in the drawing of each individual hair. This method is more realistic, but also requires a significant amount of time. The hair technique itself is additionally distributed in two directions:

oriental technique – in this case, all the “hairs” are of different lengths and in different directions;
European technique – each created “hair” is of the same length and they are all directed in the same direction.

A professional and experienced cosmetologist is able to create the eyebrows of your dreams. After a visit to the salon, for several years you no longer need to make a lot of effort to care for them, using decorative cosmetics.

Eyebrow tattoo before and after

Where to get an eyebrow tattoo in Perth

Eyebrow tattoo

Permanent makeup allows you to make your eyebrows pronounced, bright and beautiful. They will not need daily care. The procedure allows you to hide some defects – asymmetry, irregularities or scars.

Eyebrow tattoo Perth allows you to emphasise the natural beauty. It will make your eyes stand out.
What does the procedure imply

Permanent makeup involves changing:


The essence of the procedure is the application of a coloring pigment under the upper layers of the epidermis. It allows you to hide noticeable flaws:

irregular shape and / or asymmetry;
dull color;
sparse hairs.

There are two most common procedures. You can go through it:

in beauty studios;
in medical centers;
in beauty parlors.


This option is suitable if the eyebrows are naturally rare. After soft shading, it will visually seem that the woman used a cosmetic pencil.

To achieve the result of the master:

creates the contour desired by the client;
distributes the coloring pigment, shading it.

Hair technique

In this case, each individual hair is drawn. A professional master will make sure that they all look natural, natural. The method allows you to achieve natural density.

Where to get an eyebrow tattoo in Perth

The procedure is common. It is offered by many masters. Including those who work at home or in semi-legal salons. It is categorically not recommended to contact such “beauticians”. They use a cheap tool and inexpensive pigments, and therefore the result can be unpredictable. In addition, “self-proclaimed masters” do not always properly comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements. And this is fraught with infections.

You should contact professional, legal studios and beauty salons. For example, in the studio of a certified cosmetologist Elena, a professional master with vast experience and the highest qualifications is waiting for you. In the salon, only specialized equipment and proven safe pigments are used.

The salon also provides many other specialized services:

lip tattoo;
scar camouflage;
trichopigmentation and others.

Before the procedure, the cosmetologist will definitely examine the client, listen to the wishes and give his recommendations. After that, he will tell you how to properly care for your eyebrows so that they heal quickly and retain their acquired color for as long as possible.

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth
Microblading versus Eyebrow Tattoo: What’s The Difference

microblading versus eyebrow tattoo

Initially distributed on February 23, 2018. Refreshed February 23, 2021 with extra data and remarks from proficient cosmetics craftsmen

The eyebrows assume a critical part in the style of the face. The shape, completion, and evenness of the temples all cooperate to feature the eyes and casing the upper face. Assuming you have slender or inconsistent eyebrows there is a painless treatment that can right away further develop the eyebrow region: microblading.

Microblading is a well known eyebrow upgrade method that works on the shape, definition, and thickness of the temples. The microblading strategy utilizes a particular hand-held apparatus with an exceptional edge to store color into the second dermal layer of the skin, making extremely fine strokes that imitate the presence of regular eyebrow hair.

Individuals regularly think microblading is a sort of tattoo. While the strategies might sound comparable, microblading and eyebrow inking are totally different. This post will think about the significant contrasts among microblading and eyebrow tattoos.
What is Microblading?

Microblading is a method performed by an aesthetician which prompts normal looking, more full eyebrows. In the wake of applying a desensitizing cream, minuscule cuts are made in the forehead which impersonate your regular hairs. These entry points are then loaded up with color.

Microblading is generally easy, because of the desensitizing cream applied ahead of time and the shallow cuts of the microblade. You ought to encounter practically no dying. A negligible measure of shade is utilized, which permits tone to wait inside the cuts, without draining outward.

Microblading blurs over the long haul, and the aftereffects of microblading can endure somewhere in the range of 1-2 years. Nonetheless, patients can select to expand their outcomes for longer by going through intermittent “upkeep” treatment meetings.
Chanel Flores, LA

View Microblading Photo Gallery

What is Eyebrow Tattooing?

Eyebrow inking is very much like some other tattoo. Your tattoo craftsman utilizes a tattoo needle which is provided with ink and attached to a power source. The needle over and over enters your skin with a speedy tapping movement to apply ink to the more profound layers of the dermis.

Inking is extremely durable, despite the fact that tones might blur and lines might obscure over the long haul. When you have an eyebrow tattoo it’s undeniably challenging, in the event that certainly feasible, to eliminate.
Microblading versus Eyebrow Tattooing

While thinking about which is best for you, it’s useful to comprehend the distinctions between these two eyebrow-improving strategies.

Extremely durable versus Impermanent

For the vast majority, the main contrast among microblading and eyebrow tattoos is the life span of the outcomes each gives.

Eyebrow tattoos are super durable. When the ink is inked onto the skin it is there forever (albeit unfortunate blurring of the ink as referenced above is conceivable). When you have an eyebrow tattoo, it’s eternity except if eliminated by means of tattoo expulsion medicines.

This is altogether different from microblading, where the outcomes normally last around a half year to a year. Since the color doesn’t dive as deep, it blurs as your skin cells normally turn over. Basic “finish up” medicines should be possible yearly if the microblading patient wishes to keep up with their upgraded temple. The semi-long-lasting nature of microblading permits patients the capacity to change the presence of their forehead as patterns and styles change.

Microblade Pigment versus Tattoo Ink

Microblading shades come in natural or inorganic assortments, in a scope of a few tones. As microblading ink gradually blurs it gets lighter, yet the tone remains something very similar. Microblading shade is explicitly intended to blur into a lighter variant of the shading utilized so the patient holds a characteristic appearance. In this manner, the outcome keeps a characteristic appearance until it completely disappears.

Tattoo ink is utilized for eyebrow inking while at the same time microblading utilizes a particular shade. Ink contrasts extraordinarily from color in the manner it blurs after some time. As tattoo ink blurs, it regularly fosters a blue-green hued color, particularly around the edges of the tattoo. Dark tattoo ink is infamous for becoming blue or green, as the red colors that keep it dim blur quicker. This can leave individuals for certain strangely hued eyebrows that frequently look like they were made with a Sharpie. This can bring about extremely unnatural looking temples.

Blading as opposed to Needling

Microblading is finished with a hand instrument what cuts just into the highest layer of the skin. This isn’t just undeniably less difficult than inking, yet aims less harm to the skin and results in a speedier recuperation process. Additionally, less shade is required, which keeps tone from ‘seeping’ into neighboring skin cells.

Inking is finished with a machine, which infiltrates all the more profoundly into the skin. This makes tattoos by and large more excruciating than microblading. The profundity of the cuts supports the utilization of more ink than required, which makes tone ‘seep’ into the encompassing region. Recuperation time is additionally longer, as your skin should mend from the injury brought about by the profound needle penetrates.

Scarce differences versus Filled Brows

Prepared microblading craftsmen are talented nearby defining fine boundaries which imitate the regular look and state of every individual eyebrow hair. These lines mix in with your normal eyebrows to make a look that is frequently undefined from the genuine article.

Indeed, even the most thoroughly prepared tattoo craftsmen find it challenging to accomplish the almost negligible differences of microblading with a tattoo needle. Inking basically doesn’t fit a similar exact procedure. Inked foreheads will generally have to a greater extent a strong look, and show up as temple filler more so than your regular forehead.

Normal looking Outcome

Microblading makes a more normal final product contrasted with eyebrow inking, which brings about foreheads that show up “drawn on” and level. This is on the grounds that the microblading strategy makes individual hair-like strokes that are indistinguishable from hair development example of the encompassing eyebrow hair. A decent microblading professional can make treated regions resemble a more thick form of the regular forehead hair.


Getting a tattoo can be moderately excruciating, particularly on the off chance that they are set in a touchy region like the face. The microblading method includes significantly less uneasiness, particularly assuming the temple region is desensitized with lidocaine before treatment. Most patients portray the sensation of microblading to like tweeze.

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