Powder brows tattoo

Leave your eyebrow pencil behind for 12-18 months with our
innovative Ombré/Powder Effect semi-permanent brow solution.
Wake up every morning with flawless eyebrows and spend that extra 20 minutes
catching-up on your beauty sleep.

Get a free phone consultation and price quote to see if Powder Effect is right for you.
Our brows last 12-18 months. Powder Effect saves your time every morning. You will wake-up and go to sleep with brows that make you feel confident and beautiful!

this semi-permanent treatment enhances and defines the natural brow shape with pin-dot pigment application–no makeup necessary!

What is the difference between Powder Effect and Microblading?

Powder Effect is a painless procedure with little downtime, and heals more quickly than microblading.
With a gorgeous airbrushed finish, Powder Effect recreates the makeup you normally wear. It never smudges or fades throughout the day. Instead, it fades naturally in 12 to 18 months. Powder Effect gives you beautiful brows with the freedom to go makeup-free.

7 Simple Steps For Flawless Eyebrows With Powder Effect

1. Complete the form online or send an email to

2. During the first hour of your treatment, you will work alongside the technician to draw your new brows until you are both happy with the sketch.

3. We apply numbing cream so you are completely comfortable throughout the procedure.

4. The painless Powder Effect procedure begins!

5. We apply our hypoallergenic and mineral-based Eye Design pigment. Our formula is completely safe, and our technicians are experts who can mix colors to create a custom look for you.

6. After a short waiting period of about 10-20 min, the pigment will settle. We will make sure you love your new look before getting you cleaned up and ready to go!

7. There is less downtime with Powder Effect than traditional microblading! The healing process is extremely easy and quick.