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Small tattoos

Surely you have ever looked on Instagram or on another network for inspiration to get a tattoo, a drawing that conveys the idea you have in your head. Because it is often difficult to find that astral symbol that defines you, a word or form that represents a concept, memory, person, or life motto, such as the famous minimalist waves that are so successful.

But many times we do not want that design printed in ink to be easily seen on our skin for various reasons. It may be that, for an aesthetic or work issue, you do not want your tattoo to be in an area that is too visible or is difficult to camouflage. Another reason may be the same intimacy, seen by someone who has access to certain parts of your body that are normally covered with clothing. We cannot deny how fun and sexy it is to discover hidden tattoos when the other undress, or that ours conquer us.

There may also be hidden messages on the skin as if it were a treasure map and even special reminders, like that little tattoo you got with your mother or your daughter or that mini tattoo idea that you got with your sister and that just you two know.

In the end, each one gives the tattoo, the area, and all the meaning they want. We can be naughty, romantic, deep, or tattoo something that we never reveal its meaning.

Be that as it may, if you have no ideas or are a bit lacking in inspiration, we have searched for several discreet mini tattoo designs that we think you will like a lot. File Instagram accounts because they can serve you later, who knows.

Our favorite areas to wear something small are on the hips, groin, behind the ear, inner ankle, wrist, behind the elbow, upper buttock, and nape.

In addition, these ideas have extra advantages, such as that they are done faster than the great designs. They also hurt less, being small tattoos that require a fine line, without fills or shadows. And for all the above, they heal better (always have a good cream to cure tattoos on hand, because you will need it in the same way as if you covered your back completely in ink).

Tattoo insight? Sure, after seeing these ideas, yes …

small tattoos

Small tattoos ideas

Tattoo lovers could spend hours looking at new designs on Instagram or Pinterest, but sometimes we want to tattoo something very small, that is only for us, intimate. We give you more mini tattoos ideas.

Dream Catcher
tree of Life
Yin Yang

Mini tattoos ideas

Right on the brand of the bikini, very strategic. And the flowers are classic, they never go out of style.

A mini heart in your hand because love is present even if you can’t see it.

Tattoo that nobody sees you unless you show it, perfect to do it with someone special.

A heart that beats forever on a rib already at an adorable size.

Without fear’, we have to talk about tattoos in white and with a fine line, they are wonderful and nobody notices that they are there.

We are duality, the world is, the universe too. A sun and a moon on the arm.

The rainbow will always come out, we are in it. Faith is the last thing to be lost.

small tattoos

The small tattoos of the famous, this is what they have engraved on their skin

Tattoos are one more way to decorate our body that remains engraved forever (or not, thanks to the magic of lasers). When making one we have to take many details into account. First of all, we must be clear about what we want to tattoo and also the reason. It can be from a trending motif such as wave tattoos, zodiac signs, rainbows, etc. It can also be something with a special meaning like a date or something that reminds us of someone, like our pet. There are also tattoos to get your sister and share something that will unite you forever.

Then you have to choose the area, some of the most repeated is the ankle and the instep., the arms or the side (although we are also concerned about choosing one that does not hurt too much when doing it). You also have to think if we want a design as much detail and colour or if we prefer a tattoo with a fine line. Come on, the possibilities are as many as you can imagine.

Celebrities are not resistant to tattoos either. There are some who have one or two in their entire body, others count them from ten to ten, and some have even lost count. We have them of all kinds: Cara Delevingne’s animals, Sara Carbonero’s word ‘Sunshine’, Rihanna’s Egyptian goddess, Elsa Pataky’s Viking runes, Sienna Miller’s stars, the coordinates of the birthplace of all the children of Angelina Jolie, the sunset of Scarlett Johansson, phrases in other languages like the one Hayden Panettiere has in Italian …

The actress Elsa Pataky shows her interest in Viking runes with the tattoo that she has worn on her shoulder for years and has become a hallmark for her. In addition, the actress has also tattooed five of these runes on her forearm.

Cara delevingne got her first tattoo (a lion on her index finger) in 2013, but since then Cara Delevingne has not stopped decorating her body. She has about fifteen, among which one stands out with her mother’s name, Pandora, on her arm, a red heart on her little finger, her initials on her hand, or two crossed letters ‘d’ that she made with her friend Jourdan Dunn.

The protagonist of the series ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ has several, among them a minimalist and slightly withered daisy or also some birds on the shoulder.

Sara Carbonero decided to tattoo on her wrist the affectionate name with which she and Iker Casillas refer to their son Martín: ‘Sunshine’.

Another of the ‘celebrities’ with the most tattoos is the singer Rihanna: she has more than twenty, including the figure of the Egyptian goddess Isis on her chest, an inscription on her neck that reads ‘rebelle fleur’, the sign of pisces behind the ear …
On the nape of the neck, the singer from Barbados wears a trail of stars. And under the collarbone, the phrase ‘Never a failure, always a lesson’ (‘Never a defeat, always a lesson’) written backwards to be read in a mirror.

Actress Sienna Miller wears three little blue stars on her right shoulder. Besides this one, he has two other small tattoos: a bird on his wrist and another star on his stomach.

Angelina Jolie tattoos are loaded with meaning. On her left shoulder blade she wears a prayer written in Sanskrit that the actress tattooed as protection for herself and her first son, Maddox. And under the nape of the neck, the actress has tattooed the inscription ‘know your rights’ (‘know your rights’). On her lower back, Jolie got a Bengal tiger tattooed by a traditional Thai tattoo artist. But her most special tattoo is on her left arm: there, the actress bears the coordinates of the birthplace of all her children and her husband, Brad Pitt.

Scarlett Johansson prefers tattoos full of color: this is demonstrated by the sunset on her forearm.

On the back, actress Megan Fox wears the phrase ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies’, from Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’.

Lenny Kravitz’s daughter, Zoe Kravitz , is also a tattoo fan. The actress wears her sister’s name on her wrist, a bird on her back, a moon on her arm …

Another actress who chooses literary quotes is Evan Rachel Wood , whose back can be read ‘All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream’. ‘) by Edgar Allan Poe. The actress has stated that she has many more tattoos, but all hidden.

Rita Ora prefers human figures to sentences. For this reason, he has a woman tattooed on his side and another on his forearm.

On the back of Lily Collins you can read the phrase ‘Love Always and Forever’ (something like ‘Love forever and ever’).

On the side of actress Hayden Panettiere could be read ‘Vivere senza rimpianti’ (‘to live without regrets’ in Italian). The problem? The phrase was misspelled, so the actress decided to remove it with a laser.

On the inside of her arm, Katy Perry wears a tattoo written in Sanskrit, the same one that her ex Russell Brand has. In addition, the singer wears a candy on her ankle, the word ‘Jesus’ on her wrist, a strawberry on her ankle …

Kate Moss sports a small anchor on her wrist, although her most special tattoo is a little more hidden: on the lower part of her back, the model has two birds tattooed by the artist Lucian Freud.

Two small wings, a bow and her name: Nicole Richie’s back is decorated with no less than three tattoos. Additionally, Richie wears a rosary on his ankle and a cross on his lower back.