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Tattoo areola repigmentation

Permanent tattooing is one of the most effective methods of nipple restoration after mastectomy. With the help of specially selected pigments, the master reconstructs the nipple and areola, making them as natural as possible. Due to the transition of colour and shadows, the nipple looks voluminous, and the imitation of small pimples on the areola enhances the effect of 100% naturalness.

Surgical treatment of breast cancer, including mastectomy (removal of the mammary glands), leads to the fact that the breast from an object of woman’s pride turns into a source of psychological complexes and feelings of inferiority. The scars remain on the skin after such manipulations, and the areola and nipple area loses its former attractiveness.

Areola Tattoo Perth

Areola tattoo is the simplest, most effective and affordable way to hide congenital or acquired cosmetic defects, to emphasise physiological advantages.

The demand for areola tattooing is growing every year. For more than two decades, permanent makeup has not lost its position among the most popular services. There are many modern and improved approaches to its implementation today. One of the newest recently developed method is the breast areola.

Tattooing of the areola area is a safe procedure that allows you to restore the appearance of the breast, make it seductive, thereby giving a woman confidence in her attractiveness.

What problems does areola tattooing solve?
Areola tattooing reproduces only the visual effect and does not affect the texture of the skin. The procedure is recommended in the following cases:
– To eliminate the consequences of surgical interventions, including mastectomy and breast plastic surgery;
– In the complete absence of the areola complex;
– It is necessary to partially or completely recreate the shape, correct the size, give a brighter shade of the pigmented area around the nipple;
– Disguise age spots and the effect of vitiligo.

Important: The application of pigment to scar tissue requires a special approach since the surface of the scars can have different density, thickness, relief.
To carry out such work, professional skills and artistic taste are required.
A well-done breast tattoo will ensure its physical attractiveness.
Micropigmentation has no age restrictions, does not cause allergic reactions, and does not affect fertility and lactation ability.

Areola tattoo photo before and after the procedure

Areola tattoo photo before and after
Areola Restoration

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Not everyone has the perfect natural colour, so permanent makeup helps many to get rid of complexes, look more attractive with darker areolas.

You can make a nipple areola tattoo in the following cases:

  • The dull colour of the areola;
  • The different shape on the right and left breast;
  • To give a more attractive appearance after breast implantation surgery;
  • Uneven pigment resulting from Vitiligo and other diseases;
  • Scars;
  • The roughness of the contour;
  • Correction of the nipple after mastitis.

There are other personal reasons, but in general, the breast becomes more attractive, all the flaws are hidden.

This tattoo is performed only with natural and safe pigments of natural colours. The colour is selected individually from pink, pink-brown to dark brown.

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Areola Restoration Perth

Areola pigmentation tattoo process

Correction of the nipple zone may also be required in such cases as:
· The presence of scars and other defects after trauma or mammoplasty;
· Asymmetry of the nipples or areola contour;
An uneven or too pale shade of areolas;
· Manifestations of vitiligo disease on the breast.

In all these situations, the “reconstruction” tattoo will recreate the natural look of the problem area and restore the former self-confidence.


How is nipple restoration performed with tattooing?

The nipple and areola reconstruction procedure is performed in several stages:

1. Cleansing the skin on the breast with a disinfectant solution.
2. Choice of several tones of pigment for tattooing. The pigment should be slightly darker than the natural shade of the areola.
3. Drawing the contours of the areola and nipple. The customer will be asked to approve the sketch.
4. Treatment of the skin with anaesthetic cream.
5. Reconstruction of the nipple and areola using professional skin micro pigmentation equipment. The procedure can be performed on one or both sides.
6. Application of an antiseptic to the treated area.

Areola Tattoo in Perth

Correction of scars

In the process of nipple and areola restoration, special attention is paid to the correction of scars. These defects require a more dense introduction of the pigment, which is necessary for their high-quality masking. To make the areolas look natural, their contour is gently shaded with a special needle.

How long the Areola Tattoo last?

Tattooing lasts from one to several hours, depending on the initial condition. To improve the result, a correction is performed about a month after the procedure. It eliminates possible colour heterogeneity associated with the absorption of pigment by the body.

Areola Tattoo Perth

Stages of Areola Restoration and Areola tattoo aftercare:

areola tattoo

Areola tattoo – procedure stages and duration:

Before Areola Restoration, a preliminary consultation is carried out, at which all the details of the work are discussed in detail clients requirements and issues (if any) are identified.

The entire session of areola pigmentation tattoo takes quite a long time (from one hour to 2.5 for each areola) and is performed in the following stages:

Preparatory stage
Choice of pigment, shape and size, drawing a sketch with stencils or a ruler and a permanent cosmetic pencil.

Disinfection & Anaesthesia
Treatment with disinfectant and application of anaesthetic (full effect starts in 15-20 minutes).

Pigment introduction
Carried out by a special apparatus. The most natural pattern is obtained when working with contour and feathering needles.

After the procedure
Application of care cream and film applied. The application can be removed no earlier than in 3-4 hours.

Areola tattoo aftercare:

After the areola pigmentation tattoo procedure, nipple sensitivity, slight soreness and redness may be observed. This is a normal reaction of the body. Complete healing of the epidermis occurs within a month.
At this time, you must adhere to the following rules:
Avoid the use of hormonal ointments, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide – they all affect the colour of the pigment. On the first day, treatment with chlorhexidine is recommended.
During the period of scab formation (7-10 days), it is advisable to use healing agents, for example, “Bepanten”. It is prohibited to peel off the crusts.
It is not recommended to use medicines that thin the blood, antibiotics, alcohol, energy drinks.

You should avoid visiting sauna, solarium, pool or beach, and also exclude swimming in natural reservoirs. Replace the hot bath with a warm shower.
It is recommended to use cotton linen during the first two weeks after Areola Restoration.

Areola tattoo aftercare

Care after Areola Restoration procedure

Care after Areola Restoration procedure

After the restoration of the nipples, applications remain on the treated area, which must be removed after 4-6 hours. Recommendations for breast care during the rehabilitation period contain the same requirements as for regular permanent makeup:

· Protect the skin from water for a few days;

· Do not visit the sauna, solarium and beach;

· Do not drink alcoholic beverages;

· Do not tear off the formed crusts and do not scratch the skin;

· Do not take long baths with hot water;

· Do not treat the skin with cosmetic and medical products, except for the prescribed creams.

Each client is given individual recommendations for skin care, which contributes to the speedy healing of the pigmented area.

Features of the areola pigmentation tattoo procedure

This popular cosmetic procedure has a number of features:

when working with injured skin in the area of ​​the areola, several stages are necessary, the use of various techniques and pigments – in this way, you can get the effect of uniform colouring;

no injections are used – only special anaesthetic creams;

special pigments are used that exclude allergic reactions and other possible troubles;

a natural colour is created thanks to the technology of shading the pigment without a clearly defined contour, but if the client wishes, a contour permanent is also performed.

You feel even more sexy and attractive thanks to the permanent restoration of the nipple areola. Benefit from a popular beauty treatment from first-class specialists.