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Private tattoo shop with Female Tattoo Artist in Perth

This is private tattoo shop, where you can get a high-quality tattoo from the professional and experienced tattoo artist.

Privacy and safety

Private tattoo shop means that there will be only you and the tattoo artist during the entire tattoo session. If you have been in the tattoo salon and felt uncomfortable about all those people around you while the master was working on your tattoo, then you should try our unique in Perth private tattoo parlour. There will be no other customers, nether other artists, or any other people except you and your tattoo artist.

There won’t be any bikers suddenly popping out in the salon to have a chat with your artist, and other people won’t be discussing their private life like you are not there.

Many ladies feel uncomfortable going into a classic tattoo shop. Let’s be honest, most tattoo studios in Perth could be too rough for most men, and not only women. If you are not up to a rough experience, you should definitely consider our private tattoo studio.

Exclusive Tattoo Studio

Our customers care about high-quality tattoo from one of the best tattoo artist in Perth and value the exclusivity and safety that create the most positive experience. The permanent tattoos stay with you for your entire life, this is why it is important for us to create a positive experience associated with the tattoos we draw, which will translate into positive memory staying with you forever.

About tattoo cost

If a private artist and tattoo studio sound expensive to you, then you are going to be pleasantly surprised. It actually costs less to get a tattoo from us than in most tattoo shops in Perth.
Please check our tattoo price below on this page or send an inquiry via our contact form or email.

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If tattoo hurts

Getting a tattoo hurts, you will not feel like your arm is being cut, but you will feel an uncomfortable sensation, which can be quite painful depending on where you want to get the tattoo. As a rule, the areas closest to the bone are always the most painful. (Besides that, different people have different sensitivity in different parts of the body).

In addition to the pain, a scab will start to form afterwards that may itch, but you must resist the urge to scratch.

Don't drink alcohol the night before getting tattoo

Basically, you are hurting your body, so you should sleep and eat well before your appointment, and you should not take aspirin or paracetamol or drink alcohol before your tattoo, this slightly dilutes the blood and can cause more bleeding during the tattoo, which affects the way the ink reaches the skin.

About tattoo

Having a tattoo is a form of expression that is increasingly in trend and that little by little has been destroying old taboos and myths that have nothing to do with reality.

What is real is that unless you want to undergo a few tattoo removal sessions (we provide this service in our tattoo shop), your tattoo is going to stay with you for life, so you have to be really sure that you found the right person and tattoo parlour to carry out your vision and translate it into your body, and a few other things that will help you make better decisions.

Getting your first tattoo is exciting, you are a little nervous because you do not know what you are going to feel or how everything will turn out, but it is not just about the emotion, you have to do your homework and find a tattoo shop where you will feel comfortable.

Who is the tattoo artist?

Each tattoo artist has his style and his strength regardless of the tattoo shop he or she works for, some are better in letters, portraits, or cartoons.

You should consider that most artists and tattoo parlours have a waiting list, so do not expect to arrive at the studio without an appointment and be seen on the spot.

Seek to be original

It is very easy to take an image from the Internet and ask a tattoo artist to copy it exactly, or you may look for an original idea and ask the artist to make a different interpretation of the image that you like.

Think about the place

Each part of the body moves differently, has reliefs and curves that can deform the tattoo, so you should not only think about the image and the size but the best place to place it. Ask for advice in our tattoo parlour if you are not sure or have doubts.

Find the best date

Do you have a trip to the beach the next day? Then you should not get tattooed. The sun, chlorine and sea salt are not the best friends of tattoos, so you should choose a date that allows you enough time to heal and recover. You have to take care of your new tattoo if you want it to look good as it heals. Ask in our tattoo shop for dos and don’ts if you are not sure. Advice is always free and will help you to avoid frustrations.

Everyone is going to ask you what it means

It is inevitable if your tattoo is seen, it is likely that many people ask you about it, you can decide not to answer or make up a story, but you should not feel frustrated by always hearing the same question, that happens to everyone.

In our tattoo parlour you will find what you are looking for, thousands of designs, own and personalised drawings for each client, here you can fix that old tattoo or make a perfect “cover up” with the design you prefer.

At our tattoo shop, you will find one of the best specialist tattooist in most of the tattoo disciplines such as realism, black & grey, colour, Polynesian designs – maories, dotwork, geometric, minimalist, arrangements, and coverings.

You can also find our tattoo artist Elena at the main tattoo conventions held in Australia.

Our tattoo specialist will advise you professionally and collect all your suggestions and ideas to make the design you were looking for.

In Elite Look tattoo shop, you will find the best value for money and personalised and close treatment.

Tattoo price

We have very competitive prices for all tattoo services and welcome inquiries.
There are a number of factors that will determine the price of your tattoo. The most influential factor is the complexity. If you are interested in the exact price, please do not forget to provide the size and design of the tattoo you want in the inquiry.

Phone: +61481084279


You also can use the contact form below.

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Reach us through

Please fill the form below to contact us or send your tattoo design

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small tattoos

Small tattoos or also known as mini tattoos are the best way to get started in the world of ink.

Their delicate strokes on the skin make them original, elegant, discreet, and minimalist tattoos ideal for men and women.

There are spectacular small tattoos, very symbolic and with great meaning. Because they are small, they do not have to be simpler.

Start your adventure with a small tattoo! Let the ink run!

Discover a gallery full of original, small and cool mini tattoos. Find the perfect tattoo to sculpt any part of your body.

tattoo ideas

If you are one of those who want to get a tattoo and still have not finished deciding, here we tell you the best ideas for tattoos, with which you will say “yes” and you will start to wear that design that you have longed for so long.

A tattoo represents everything that we can express through our skin, be it large, medium, small, with or without colors, adorned between figures, or accompanied by phrases, they will always reflect a part of us in a beautiful design that suits us. Personality and that identifies us in every way.

tattoo designs

How does it work

Our work process is artistic and in permanent contact with you. Our highest priority is your satisfaction.

Explain to us your idea or design

Do you want to get a completely personalised tattoo? Send us your idea, and we will help you design your personal tattoo.

A creative process in permanent contact

You will have direct communication at all times with the tattoo artist. We will create the tattoo of your dreams together.

Can I get a tattoo?

As a general rule, if you are of legal age, you can get a tattoo. But you must take into account your level of health:

– If you have dermatitis or any type of chronic disease, you should consult your doctor beforehand.
– If you have diabetes, you must take special care. You have to have your glucose level regulated because otherwise, you could need more time for healing and the risk of infection would increase. Do not get tattoo in areas where you need to inject insulin, and avoid areas of your skin with low blood circulation (wrists or ankles …).
– If you take any type of medication, especially if you take anticoagulants, you should consult your doctor beforehand.
– You have to bear in mind that the tattoo in the lumbar area can be a problem if you need epidural anesthesia.
– Tattooing on your forearm is not usually an impediment to donate blood, but ask before where you usually go to donate.
– You should not get a tattoo if you are pregnant. And it is not recommended if you are breastfeeding. Always check with your doctor or midwife.

Tattooing is contraindicated in the following physical conditions:

• Immune deficiency, while it lasts.
• Surgical interventions.
• Chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
• Local or general infection by bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
• Unstable scars.
• Recent sunburns.
• Ulcers.
• Bruising.

The day before you get tattooed. Tips and recommendations to consider before the appointment with a tattoo artist.

Although they seem obvious, it is essential to follow these tips 24 or up to 48 hours before the day of the appointment.

– You should not take antiplatelet drugs (such as aspirin) or anticoagulants or vasodilators.
– If you are taking any type of medication, consult your doctor first.
– Do not drink alcohol or take any type of narcotic in the days prior to the appointment.
– Do not expose the area to be tattooed to the sun or UV rays.
– Go on the day of the appointment as rested and relaxed as possible. – DO NOT go to the appointment on an empty stomach.

– DO NOT go to the appointment under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic substance.
– DO NOT apply anesthetic creams in the area to be tattooed.
– Remember that if you have any disease, whether temporary or chronic, you should consult with your tattoo artist and especially with your doctor before getting tattooed.

In addition to the strict hygienic-sanitary measures that we already had in place to stop Covid-19 (coronavirus), we have included the following regulations in our shop:

• Increased intervals between appointments to allow more time for disinfection.
• All customers must inform us if they have or have had
symptoms of Covid-19 the days prior to the appointment; and if so,
change the date of your appointment.
• Go to the appointment on time and without company.
• Hand disinfection at reception.
• Follow the hygiene recommendations before entering.
• Brand-new PPE. (Approved gloves and mask)
     If you do not have a mask, you can request one.
• Avoid touching knobs, objects, walls … of the premises.
• Do not use common areas.
• Good mood and better music to make the session more enjoyable than ever.

How to take care of your tattoo

Whether it is the first time you are getting a tattoo or if you already have 100 tattoos, the advice I give you is just as valid. I always say that tattooing is a half job that you do and another half the artist does.
I design the tattoo and tattooing it on your skin, but the part that you play is equally important. Take care of it.

You have to bear in mind that the tattoo is a wound on the skin and that you must take care of it as such. This is not an exact science, and it is different in all cases, since each person can heal more or less quickly, but as a general rule I will give you the following tips so that the tattoo heals and looks as it should:

– Once the tattoo is finished and cleaned, I cover it, and it should remain covered and clean for a few days following some guidelines that I give you the same day during the appointment.
– Keep in mind that it will take 1 or 2 weeks to fully heal.
– Clean your hands before having direct contact with the tattoo.
– Clean the tattoo three times a day with cold water (hot water can sting).
– Do not use creams that contain alcohol or soaps with scents.

Always use neutral products.
– You must keep the wound hydrated, but not drown it in cream.
– During the curing process, it is possible that you get a pimple, or that you have redness or bruise. Do not panic, it is normal. But if you have any questions, ask me and / or your doctor.

– You must protect the tattoo from the sun, salt water, and chlorine.
– Do not scratch or rub the area.
– You can shower, but not bathe on the beach or in the pool, or immerse the tattoo in water for a long period of time during the healing period. It is advisable to use warm water when you wash.

– Never use scrub to clean the tattoo, since you can take part of the tattoo and make an incomplete puzzle of what you wanted to wear on your skin.

– If you have any questions, contact me.

FAQ about tattoo

Protect the tattooed skin.

We are past the critical days of care. Well, is my tattoo cured and protected for life?
The short answer is no.
You already have the wound healed, and the skin has regenerated. All right, you just passed the first phase and your tattoo is safe and sound, but it has the rest of your life left to stay strong. That is why it is strongly recommended that you continue to take care of your skin, but now in maintenance mode, this is:

– Use sunscreen +50 protection if your tattoo is going to be exposed to the sun.
– Try not to have it exposed to the sun for long periods.
– Daily moisturize the area with cream.

In short, the skin is like a glass, the cleaner and more beautiful it is, the better the tattoo that you keep behind it will look.

Find out about cosmetic tattoo services we provide on our home page.


Why doesn’t my tattoo look like the first day? The intensity of black and colours.

The tattoo ink is in the second layer of the skin, that is, in the dermis. That is why it will not fade no matter how much you shower, but precisely because of this, the tattoo will have the first layer of skin on top.
Come on, the tattoo will always look as if it were behind a filter. This filter is the colour of your skin, the thickness of the epidermis, and how hydrated or not it is. Therefore, with the passage of time, tattoos tend to be as if they had a light veil. Black looks less black and colours somewhat duller. But do not be alarmed, it is normal for this to happen.

What can I not do because I have tattooed myself?

Although there are professions where you could have impediments for wearing a tattoo (impediments basically based on prejudice) the truth is that there is no reason that prevents you from fulfilling your job for wearing a tattoo on the skin. The fact of wearing a tattoo does not change your psychomotor skills, nor does it atrophy the neural interconnection, nor does it change your character, nor does it make you irresponsible, nor does it alter the fundamental principles of coexistence and civility.

Therefore, I cannot think of anything that you cannot do once you have a tattoo with you forever. On the contrary, you can wear it more, show it, tell why you got it, accompany that tattoo with another … and enjoy life as if you were living it for the first and only time.

Are tattoos safe?

As long as you go to a good artist who follows all the recommended precautions and works in a clean tattoo house, getting a tattoo is totally safe.

Make sure to communicate any medical conditions you may have.

Does it hurt?

Pain is relative.

Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance, but we won’t lie to you anyway: it hurts. Although not much. Some people liken it to a “hot scratching sensation.”

But think that if it hurt that bad, people wouldn’t go back to getting more tattoos over and over again!

Most of us don’t want to feel pain, but we like the beauty of tattoos and pride in wearing them and we don’t want to wear one of those temporary ones.

Can you use anesthetic cream? These types of products are not recommended.

What should I get? And where?

This depends on personal taste.

You can get what you want, and what your artist is willing to do.

You can choose a photo of a wall, or you can ask him to create a custom piece of art for you. The only limit is in your imagination.

When it comes to where you should get the tattoo, consider what you do at work and the type of social circles in which you move.

You may want to get the tattoo where it can be easily covered by clothing.
What is the best time of year to get a tattoo?

Although you can get a tattoo at any time of year, your skin takes a lot more abuse during the summer from swimming pools, tanning, and exposure to other elements.

Winter is the best time of year to get a tattoo.

Should I tip the artist?

Tipping is a nice gesture! But there is no rule of thumb when it comes to tipping.

Can I get a tattoo if I am sick?

It is not a good idea to get a tattoo when the immune system is not 100%.

It will take all your strength and your white blood cells to heal the tattoo, something that your body will not be able to do if it is already fighting viruses and bacteria.

Not to mention the fact that it is very inconsiderate to bring your illness to the tattoo studio and risk passing germs on to others, especially the artist.

If you have an appointment, call and reschedule another visit for when you feel good.

Where can I find photos of tattoos?

If you are going to get a tattoo, especially when you do it as an expression of your individuality, why would you want a tattoo like someone else’s?

Instead, look for different images than what people are looking for and ask the artist to create a custom design for you.

Example: If you want a tattoo of a penguin on a glacier, look for real photos of penguins and glaciers. If you want a tattoo of a blue rose entangled in a cross, look for real photos of roses and crosses that you like.

If the images are not exactly what you want, simply take them to your artist to use as a guide and tell them what changes you want them to make to the original images.

A real artist will like the challenge of a custom tattoo.

Is it a good idea to get an artificial tan when you have tattoos?

It can be very tempting to get a few rays during the summer months or visit the tanning salon, but before you ruin your tattoo, read a little more about tattoos and tanning.

I just got a tattoo on my leg, can I wax?

Your skin will need some time to heal properly before you can wax, and the time required varies from person to person.

My friend just bought a tattoo set and wants to practice with me

DON’T let him do it!

Your friend could put your life in danger by trying to learn this at home.

Tell him that he needs to train properly and that he can start practicing with you when his mentor (teacher) thinks he is ready for it.

First tattoo


Getting tattoo for the first time


First of all, don’t worry. Before the session, you need to sleep, eat and go to the tattoo artist resolutely and in a good mood.



It is better to come for a consultation with the master who will do the tattoo in advance, agree on the place where the tattoo will be done and choose the size. Thus, you will be sure that you like everything. The consultation in the studio is free. If it was not possible to come in advance, the same can be done before the session itself.

You can come with your own examples of work that you like. Or you can choose a tattoo on the spot from those sketches that the tattoo artist have.
The studio also has a service of individual development of a sketch for your request.


With the help of transfer paper, the master makes a stencil and transfers it to the skin. There are tattoos that the master performs “freehand”, that is, makes a mock-up with a marker on the skin and draws directly on the client.



It all depends on the pattern you choose.

Small tattoos are not always easy to complete. There is a small tattoo, but very detailed, so it takes more time. And sometimes the size is large, but the details are few and the process itself takes less time. The time of the session begins when the tattoo artist takes the typewriter in his hand and begins to work. All breaks are not included in the session price.


You should keep in mind that if you came out with a beautiful tattoo after the session, then this is 50% of success, and the remaining 50% depends on your. That is why it is worth strictly following all the rules of care and healing according to the recommendations that the master or administrator gives you after the session. The most important things are:

After the session, you cannot visit the gym for a week, and for a month, saunas, solarium, swimming pools, baths, as well as swim in rivers, lakes and salt water.
After you remove the film for healing, you need to rinse the tattoo with running water and soap in the morning and evening, wipe it with a clean dry napkin or paper towel. When the tattoo site is dry, apply Easy Tattoo cream. DO NOT use a towel with lint, so that they do not remain in the place of a fresh tattoo!
Avoid direct sunlight on the tattoo. By the way, sun always harms a tattoo, and not only in the healing process.
Don’t drink alcohol three days before your tattoo session and three days after.
If the tattoo is covered with crusts, you cannot remove it yourself and scratch the tattoo.

Did you know we have cosmetic lip tattoo service.



It doesn’t hurt to get a small tattoo. Sessions that are longer than three hours may not feel good. But in any case, this is pain that can be tolerated. We try not to use anaesthetic creams, as sometimes the tattoo heals worse after them. There are areas where tattooing is more painful. They are marked in red on the diagram.

10 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo

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If you or someone you know is thinking of getting a tattoo for the first time, you should take these recommendations into account.

If it is your first time in the world of needles and ink on the skin, you should follow or take into account the following recommendations so that you do not regret it after your skin is already marked for life.

1. Start small: Don’t be embarrassed to start small. Give yourself a chance to learn about the process, how your skin reacts to the ink and how long it takes your body to heal.

2. Know your level of tolerance to pain: There is nothing wrong with demanding more of yourself, but with a first tattoo, it is ideal that you know how to respect the limits of your body. If you are very sensitive, avoid choosing your ribs, back of knees, elbows, or groin for your first tattoo.

3. Take into account the time of year : Although there are no seasons without the sun in Perth, exposing yourself for a long time to the sun or too much time in the water can cause damage to a recent tattoo. It is more practical to get one during cold weather or without much sun. You are not going to burn yourself, but you can also leave the tattoos on your arm or leg exposed instead of covering it with any fabric that irritates you while the tattoo heals.

4. Cheap is expensive, pay a little more: Unless you have several trusted friends who can attest to a suspicious place because it is cheap, but quality. This I will repeat several times but remember that it is something for life. If you don’t want to risk it, pay a little more.

5. Choose wisely: Make sure you are 100% sure of your decision so you don’t regret it later. No matter how in love you are at that moment, putting your partner’s name on your body is a risky decision. Although you could cover it with another or remove it with a laser, the only names that are worth it is the family.


6. Keep your face as it is: Do not get tattoos on your face, it is your personal presentation, and it would be something ugly to find the love of your life but his first impression of you is to see your face marked. The time will come that you will not like the tattoo and in a way, you will want to remove it. (This is a decision that you must make with great intelligence).

7. Think it through: Take time to be sure and happy with your choice: design, tattoo motif, location, and artist. Everything may be fine, but I repeat that marking your body is for life. Even though it’s more than okay to choose something other than the cornerstone of your existence, make sure you make this decision in your right mind and for the reasons that are right for you.

8. Take a friend with you: If you are a little nervous, don’t go alone. Tell a friend who already has tattoos (and had a good experience) to join you. Having someone you trust to talk to while living the experience will do wonders. It is very helpful to have a friend close by if you are getting a tattoo in an area you cannot see so that they can keep you informed of the progress of the tattoo.

9. You may have to shave: It depends on where you are going to get tattooed and how hairy you are, in the future you need to shave or get shaved. If you are going to get a tattoo where you shave on a daily basis, do not shave again until your skin has completely healed. Also, make sure you don’t use any type of product to remove hair in that area.

10. Follow the care instructions: The result of a good tattoo is 30% the artist, 70% the care you give it. Your tattoo artist will probably give you a care list, so you can replenish your new tattoo. In any case, it is important that you take care of the area of ​​your skin that is healing after tattooing every day, mainly by the cream or ointment that the tattoo artist recommends keeping the skin hydrated, follow the rest of the care to the letter.

Keep these recommendations in mind when you want to get a tattoo, so you will get excellent results, and you will not regret it.


Tattoos in the sun: what NOT to do when you tan

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No matter how new or old your tattoo is, the sun will always be your worst enemy.

The time that you will have to spend before sunbathing after getting your new tattoo will depend on many factors, but what you must understand is that your tattoo will always look better throughout your life if you keep it protected from the sun as much as possible.

We’ll show you how you can have fun in the summer sun while keeping your tattoo in top condition.
How long can you sunbathe after getting a tattoo?

After getting a new tattoo, that area of ​​skin is essentially an open, unprotected wound unable to protect the newly inserted ink. Therefore, any exposure to the sun in that area will be detrimental to its healing.

Your tattooed skin could be classified as an open wound until the scabbing process is complete. This can take up to two weeks, sometimes a little longer, depending on the size and location of the tattoo.

Did you know we have cosmetic eyebrow tattoo service.


During the first month or so, your skin will be extremely sensitive to sunlight and UVA rays, and you will find that if you expose the tattoo to the sun, while it is still healing, it will start to burn, and you will feel like it burns very fast. This is a sign that you should keep the tattoo out of the sun until healing is complete.

Burned skin on a new tattoo is not pretty. Your newly inked area will burn much faster than other less sensitive skin areas and any sunburn on top of your tattoo during this period of time could cause blistering, peeling, cracking, fading and ultimately scarring. Much less optimal.
Can you put sun cream on the new tattoo?

Even if you suppose you could put sunscreen on the area while the tattoo is healing, it is ultimately a bad idea. The ingredients included in most sunscreens and creams will be too harsh for that sensitive area and could cause irritation and other unwanted side effects, including longer healing times.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep the tattoo out of the sun completely until it has healed completely. After the tattoo has been crusted over and completely peeled off, you should be able to start applying sunscreen to the area and exposing the tattoo to the sun. It is recommended to wait at least 3-4 weeks.

tattoo shop

My favorite sun cream for tattoos

My favorite and most recommended sunscreen to use on tattoos is Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch. This lotion has all the necessary attributes to not only protect your tattoo incredibly well but also to help keep it radiant and full of color. This sun cream is suitable thanks to its SPF 30, it is resistant to water and has excellent moisturizing properties.

Read more about Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch here and take a quick look at some of the customer reviews to see why it is one of the most popular tanning lotions on the market.

If you’re looking for even more protection, there are also tattoo sunscreens (like Coppertone Tattoo Guard) that you can use to conveniently cover tattooed areas of skin whenever you feel like your ink may need a bit more protection.
How to protect your tattoo in the sun

What you must remember is that you ALWAYS have to apply sunscreen on your tattoo every time you go to expose it to the sun. This sun protection must have, at least, factor 30 to prevent UVA rays from penetrating the skin as much as possible.

Remember also that ultraviolet rays easily penetrate through clouds. Therefore, even if the sun is not directly on your tattoo, you could still be at risk of damage.

If you are outdoors, and you forget to apply tanning lotion to your tattoo, try to stay in the shade as much as possible.

Being in the water can increase the damaging effects of UVA rays on the skin due to the reflection of the sun in the water (which means that the rays come from all angles). Therefore, it is recommended to choose a good waterproof sun lotion to ensure that the tattoo is protected at all times.
Tattoos and how they fade in the sun

Tattoo fading is a gradual process. You will likely find that if you get a lot of sun exposure with a relatively new tattoo, the ink will seem to fade in the sun, even without sunscreen.

However, you must remember that a tattoo is for life. You may be able to tan and lounge in the sun without a lotion for a few years with no visible signs of fading, but if you keep doing it over the years you will definitely see the degradation of the tattoo.

The sun can do a lot of damage to your tattoo over the years.

Different colors of tattoo ink also fade at different rates throughout your life, with black / gray tattoos being able to withstand the sun better, while white and light tattoos don’t hold up very well under UVA rays. Intermediate colors vary when it comes to fading.

Another factor that comes into play when the tattoo fades quickly in the sun is how well your tattoo is done and how good the artist was.

Your tattoo will resist fading much better if the artist inserted the ink to the correct depth and soaked the skin with as much ink as possible, whereas if the ink was added at a lower level than necessary and the amount of ink inserted was not it was enough, it is very likely that the colors fade faster.
Tattoos and UV cameras

Remember that UV beds are as dangerous for your tattoos as the sun. The UVA rays distributed through a tanning bed are very similar to the rays emitted by the sun and can make your tattoo fade as much as it does in the sun. Keep this in mind if you are a frequent user of tanning beds.