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Cosmetic Tattoo Perth

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Lip Tattoo

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo in Perth

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo - Balanced, Voluptuous Lips 24/7!

A lip tattoo can dramatically enhance the looks of your lips providing you with a fuller and more defined shape. Lip blush tattoo will eliminate the necessity to use a lip liner pencil because your lip borders are going to be perfectly designed already. You furthermore may never need to worry about your colours smearing, fading, rubbing off or end up on your teeth.

Lip blushing also known as a semi-permanent cosmetic lip tattoo that uses water-based colourants to provide a tinted, natural-looking lip colour. It’s valued as a less-invasive alternative to lip fillers and may correct a number of aesthetic lip concerns, like colour, definition, or fullness.

Tired of reapplying lipstick and lip liner that seems to chap or dry your lips? You’ll even be really surprised by how much time you spend on lip liner and lipstick annually if you ever tried to feature up the mouth. If you’re looking to save on this cost and still keep your lips looking glossy and preserved, a permanent lip tattoo could be just what you would like.

Lip tattoo Perth
Lip tattoo Perth
Lip tattoo Perth
Lip Blush tattoo

Benefits of Lip Tattoo

You no longer need reapply your lip liner or lipstick again and again during a day. That has now been changed by cosmetic lip tattoo. With a lip tattoo, your colour won’t change or fade when you drink, eat, swim or kiss. You will not leave any lipstick marks on cups, cloth or when kissing the person, you love. You will have beautiful and bright lips at all times during a day or night. It will also save you from the mess and hassle associated with applying a lipstick.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Cost In Perth

Lips Blush price
$ 450
  • Long-Lived Results up to 2 years
  • All Day and Night Long Lip Colour 24/7
  • Affordable. It will save your time and money!
  • A touch-up appointment 4-6 weeks after the initial lip tattoo procedure is required. The cost of a touch-up appointment is $220.
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What is Lip Tattoo?

Lip tattooing, also known as lip tinting or lip blush, is a cosmetic
tattooing procedure where pigment is implanted into the lips to enhance their colour and shape. The procedure is often used to add fullness and definition to the lips, as well as to improve the overall symmetry of the face. Lip tattooing is usually performed using a specialised tattooing machine and can take between one and two hours to complete. The results can last for several years, although touch-up sessions may be needed to maintain the desired effect. Some common side effects of lip tattooing include swelling, redness, and tenderness of the lips, which typically resolve within a few days. It’s important to choose a trained and experienced professional to perform the procedure to minimise the risk of complications and ensure the best possible results.

Below are some examples of tattooed lips before and after lip tattoo procedure done by Elite Look by our master Elena. Photos on the top are before the procedure and pictures below after.

This video is only 2 minutes long and will provide you a close-up look at how Lip Blush tattoo and Cosmetic Lip Tattoo are done, pictures before and after the procedure, and the final result after touch-up. It is definitely worth watching if you are considering lip tattooing, but not sure or have some questions.

Lip tattooing features

Lip tattoo will visually transform your lip’s appearance. It will give you those seductive, fuller lips you have always admired without having to go for filler injections. Procedures such as those performed at the HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy are non-invasive and affordable. A typical tattooing procedure involves the use of medical-grade aesthetic which helps to minimise the pain and make your experience comfortable.

At the end of the procedure, you will enjoy having sexier and fuller lips at all times. Cosmetic lip tattoo procedures can also be used to rectify defects such as lip unevenness, sun damage, or excessively thin lips. The procedure adds beauty, convenience, as well as confidence. Lip tattoos are a handy option for women who don’t want to use invasive lip correction procedures and those who suffer from allergies.

A lip colour tattoo is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure that uses a special, very precise handheld blading pen. This pen is used to draw or tattoo into the skin, implanting colour. Instead of a tattoo tool, this pen uses tiny, fine-point needles that create a small, disposable type of blade and handle which leaves the ink or pigment deposits in the skin. While it is similar to getting a tattoo, the ink used is far less concentrated, which is why lip tattoo are semi-permanent. 

All these factors work together to create emboldened, luscious lips!

Are Cosmetic Lip tattoo painful?

Prepping for lip tattoo session is easy; you just should to avoid ibuprofen, fish oil, and vitamin E the day before to reduce the possibility of bruising and bleeding. Upon sitting in our chair, topical anaesthesia will be applied to your mouth. Because the skin on your lips is extra porous, the anaesthesia is much more effective than it would be on, say, your brows during a microblading session. People with previous tattoos experience usually do not believe at first that lip tattoo is not painful. But aside from a slight pinching feeling at the beginning, the sensation is similar to someone using a finger to apply slight pressure. That is it.

Lip Tattoo

Lip Blushing: Meet the renewed version of the lip tattoo

The world of cosmetic technology is very innovative. Therefore, we are not surprised that after years of plump lips stealing the spotlight and lip fillers becoming synonymous with self-care, the industry has reinvented one of its oldest procedures: lip tattooing.

The current version of the lip tattoo, also called lip blushing, is nothing like the tattoos that lined the lips in years past. In fact, it is arguably a procedure that can not only correct the colour of the lips but can also improve their shape and size with natural-looking results that last much longer than fillers.

Autumn lips: the colours you definitely have to choose

Read on to find out all the details.

lip blush tattoo

What exactly is lip blushing?

Like microblading, lip blushing is a semi-permanent form of makeup that gives lips a pop of colour and a fuller appearance. In the past, the treatment was done with carbon-based tattoo ink, which resulted in rough lines that eventually turned bluish, today’s lip blushing is completely different.

Lip Blushing or Lip Tint Tattooing is a more topical and natural approach to the traditional lip tattoo of the past. Today natural organic pigment shades are chosen in the desired colour and applied with a cosmetic tattoo machine.

Before the procedure, a topical anaesthetic is applied to ensure the client’s comfort, then the lip tattoo master will draw the shape of the “new” lips for you to discuss and make any changes. To achieve the optimal blushing or ‘blush’ effect, two appointments are typically necessary.

Two appointments are required, usually four to eight weeks apart. The first appointment is very conservative, so the artist and the client can agree on any changes during the refinement visit.

cosmetic lip tattoo

How long does lip blushing tattoo last, and how much does it cost?

When it comes to results, lip blushing can have different goals, including shape, colour, and size.

Results include fuller, symmetrical lips, always with a hint of colour. The artist can address any related issues, such as asymmetry, adding thickness to thin or concave lips.

The customer can also choose to create a darker outline with a graduated colour, which will eventually fade in the centre of the lips to give the illusion of greater volume.

Lip Blush 💋🌸💋🌸 This may look like a lipstick effect, but the colour will fade and lighten once healed. 💖

Overall, the end effect is fuller lips, completely eliminating the need for lip makeup, if desired.

In most cases, the effect can last three to five years, depending on your skin type and the skincare products you use.

Other elements that can cause results to vary from person to person include health and lifestyle factors such as smoking, sun exposure, iron deficiency, oil, and exfoliation, all of which could speed up the fading process.

cosmetic lip blush tattoo

How do you determine which colour is right for each person?

Given the semi-permanent nature of the procedure, it is important to carefully consider the colour with the lip tattoo master and to avoid any shades that may look dated in a few months.

Seasonal or trending shades are a big no.

We generally discuss clients’ preferred shades and compare them to their skin tone, hair colour, and the amount of makeup they wear on a daily basis. Always check carefully and choose natural shades.

What does the healing process entail, and what are the risks?

As with all procedures, it is important to consider all possible risks and side effects before proceeding. In terms of the healing process, the lips will be very coloured and look quite solid for two to three days after the treatment. However, the shade will eventually settle as the skin sheds off the outer layer and the softer colour emerges underneath.



How the colour will change over the next couple of weeks?

We’re going to talk about that briefly. How lips react on Lip Tattoo is always varied from person to person and very individual.
It’s so you may be going to experience then lip skin getting quite crusty. Over the next week or so and then all of a sudden, it’s going to seem as though the colour will totally disappear from your lips. It’s just a defence mechanism on the lips. You may go through a whole variety of shades on your lips before the final colour set into place. And then the colour will reappear around about sixty percent lighter than what it was on the day after the procedure. That’s the reason why we live it around about six weeks for retouching for lips. Whereas with eyebrows and eyeliner it in about four weeks.

Is lip tattoo worth it?

As with everything else, it depends on your expectations.
Similar to a tattoo, micro pigmentation is a procedure in which pigments are placed in layers of the skin with the help of needles. However, there are some main differences in equipment and techniques which makes it non-permanent. The effect usually lasts for 20-24 months. The final effect will be softer, faded, more “natural looking”. In the case of lips, final results after healing are subtle tones and shades, always mixed with the natural tone of the skin. Lip tattoo makes a big difference on very pale (Caucasian, Asian) skin tones and less so on medium to dark skin tones. The colour fades gradually and usually disappears completely after 4-5 years or more depending on renovation cycles of the skin. The effect in some cases could be compared as to when a layer of lip tint is applied.

Though it does fade after a period of time (years), but with clear lip gloss, it brings out the colour on your lips. It is definitely worth it.

How long does lip tattoo last?

We usually reply on this question that Lip tattoo usually last up to 2 years. However, in reality the effect can last 3-5 years it really depends on the natural cycle of your skin and vary from person to person and individual skin type and colour.

The duration of a lip tattoo can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the pigment used, the skill of the tattoo artist, and the individual’s skin type and lifestyle. On average, a lip tattoo can last for several years before fading or requiring touch-up sessions. However, some people may find that their lip tattoo fades more quickly, while others may experience longer-lasting results. To maintain the desired effect, it’s generally recommended to have touch-up sessions every one to two years. It’s important to discuss your expectations and the potential duration of the results with your tattoo artist before the procedure.


How much does lip blushing cost?

Please refer to our price above on this page or on the page with prices.

What difference between blush lip tattoo and 3D lip tattoo?

3D lip tattoo:
This is a lip tattoo that is performed using several shades of colour at the same time. This contributes to the play of light and shadow, so the lips look as natural as possible. You can also darken the corners of the lips in this way, make a highlight in the middle, give relief and volume to the surface. The current trend is red lip contour and slight gradient lip lightening. This technique refreshes the face, makes it look younger.
Using this technique, you can create both the effect of painted lips and simulate the application of a transparent gloss.

Blush lip tattoo:
This technique is very similar to 3D tattooing. Pigment is tattooed into the folds of the lips, but it has only one shade, without a transition. Thanks to this, the lips look very natural, but filigree work is required from the master. Such lip tattooing will not make global changes in appearance. It is intended, rather, to emphasise the natural beauty and slightly change and emphasise the colour, it will not dramatically change the form or size of the lips. Maximum – it will be possible to slightly enlarge narrow or small lips.

What effect to expect from the permanent lip tattoo?

Lip tattooing is used to achieve one or, as in some cases, all objectives below:

– Emphasise the natural contour of your lips, make them more expressive;
– Correct the natural shape of the lips;
– Give them volume, make them visually more plump;
– Remove visible defects: scars, asymmetry, etc.;
– Correct the contour that has swollen as a result of age-related changes. A full colour tattoo is also carried out with such a correction, allowing returning lips faded colours; the natural colour of permanent lip make-up is obtained through the selection of pigments for permanent lip tattoo 1-2 tones brighter than their own;
– Some women prefer to use permanent lip tattoo as a make-up replacement.

Does the lip tattoo hurt?

Like any tattooing procedure, lip tattooing can cause some discomfort. The level of pain experienced can vary from person to person and may depend on factors such as the individual’s pain tolerance and the skill of the tattoo artist. Some people may find the sensation of lip tattooing to be similar to that of plucking eyebrows or waxing, while others may experience more discomfort. To minimize any pain or discomfort during the procedure, your tattoo artist may apply a numbing cream to your lips before starting the tattooing process. It’s also important to choose a trained and experienced tattoo artist to ensure the best possible experience.

Are lip tattoos safe?

Lip tattoos are generally considered safe when performed by a trained and experienced professional using high-quality, sterile equipment. However, as with any tattooing procedure, there are potential risks and complications that should be considered. Some common side effects of lip tattooing include swelling, redness, and tenderness of the lips, which typically resolve within a few days. In rare cases, more serious complications such as infection or allergic reactions to the pigment can occur. To minimise the risk of complications, it’s important to choose a reputable tattoo artist and to follow their aftercare instructions carefully. It’s also important to discuss any potential risks and concerns with your tattoo artist before the procedure.

Do and don'ts after lip tattoo?

After a lip tattoo, it’s important to follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions carefully to ensure the best possible results and to minimise the risk of complications. Some general aftercare tips for lip tattoos include:
• Avoid touching or rubbing the tattooed area for at least 24 hours after the procedure.
• Keep the tattooed area clean by washing it gently with warm water and a mild soap.
• Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or a tattoo aftercare cream to the tattooed area to keep it moisturised.

• Don’t expose the tattooed area to water, such as by swimming or taking hot baths, until the tattoo has fully healed.
• Don’t apply any makeup or other products to the tattooed area until it has fully healed.
• Don’t pick at any scabs or crusting that may form on the tattooed area.
• Avoid exposing the tattooed area to the sun or other sources of UV light for at least two weeks after the procedure.
• Avoid drinking alcohol or consuming caffeine for at least 24 hours after the procedure, as these substances can cause dehydration and increase the risk of complications.
It’s also important to avoid certain activities that could potentially harm the tattooed area, such as swimming, saunas, or hot baths, until the tattoo has fully healed. It’s best to discuss your specific aftercare instructions with your tattoo artist to ensure the best possible results.

Lip tattoo worth it

Lip tattoo is a permanent makeup procedure that is currently the most popular of all types of permanent makeup.

Independence from lipstick, the absolute guarantee of maintaining the shape of the makeup throughout the day and in any extreme circumstances of your life – all this makes permanent lip tattooing very popular.

Lip tattoo allows you not only to dispense with a wide variety of decorative cosmetics that can cause allergies, premature ageing of the skin and many other problems, but also to really professionally shape the lip contour that will make you irresistible.

Find out also about the eyebrow tattoo we do in Elite Look.

The preparation of the sketch is the most important part of the procedure for applying permanent lip tattoo. Indeed, unlike a conventional contour pencil, a very thin and clear line is drawn when applying lip contour tattooing. Only after that is the shading created, which allows for a colour transition from the shade of permanent makeup to the natural colour of the lips.

It is also important to match the natural colour of the pigment. This takes into account a lot of factors, ranging from hair colour, skin, face and lips shape, as well as, of course, your wishes. However, the task of a permanent makeup artist is also to predict what a particular pigment will look like in direct interaction with the skin.

Of course, permanent makeup allows you to do without the additional use of lipstick and other decorative cosmetics. But the main challenge is to create a result that would be good in itself, without any additions. In this case, the colour of the pigment selected for the contour can correspond to the actual natural colour of the lips. This allows the lips to be more defined, yet natural.

However, if the client wishes, it is possible to completely fill the space of the lips from the contour with a certain colour pigment. However, for young skin this procedure is often not needed. Modern technologies make it possible to carry out the procedure of applying lip tattoo pigment absolutely painless.

The slight swelling that appears after the procedure usually subsides after a few hours. For the speedy bringing beauty to full combat readiness, you can use cold compresses.

In order for the lips to look younger and more attractive immediately after the tattooing procedure, it makes sense to use special vitamin ointments. This allows the lips to heal faster and nourishes and moisturizes the skin, which is known to have a long-term effect.

As a prophylaxis for herpes, which is extremely unpleasant in its natural state, and with such an effect, it can cause a lot of trouble and frustration, it is better to take antiviral drugs a couple of days before applying lip tattooing, and also a couple of days after its completion.

Cosmetic lip tattoo healing process

Cosmetic lip tattoo healing process​

Many women do permanent lip makeup to improve appearance. However, when lip tattoo is done, cosmetic lip tattoo healing process becomes the topic of interest. Since the recovery period is an important part of tattooing, information about the healing process day by day after lip tattoo will be handy for many women who just had their tattoo done.

How long does it take for lips to heal after lip tattoo?

Lips are stressed after permanent tattooing experience due to the fact that they are damaged by a needle, and pigment is injected under the skin. They need time to heal, but this should be facilitated according to instructions from the beautician.

The entire period of healing after lip tattoo takes a month, but rehabilitation is divided into two unequal parts:

Days when a woman should look after the result. This period is limited to seven or eight days, with frequent grooming and a fast metabolism, this period may be shorter, and the healing of the tattoo will be faster.
The remaining three weeks of the healing process, the skin continues to regenerate by itself, for better result, do not violate the recommendations provided during the appointment.

Find out more about other cosmetic tattoo services we provide on our home page.

Both parts of the recovery process are important, so during this important time for the skin. The skin is close to the mucous membrane of the mouth, which is why this surface is thin and heals for a long time.

If care is not provided correctly, there is a possibility of negative consequences that will affect the result of the tattoo.

Usually, Panthenol is used as a healing ointment. It has strong regenerative properties. But before that you need to apply an antiseptic. A standard antiseptic or miramistin is suitable for this.

A cream should be applied on lips depending on how many days passed after the tattoo procedure. Do not allow your lips to become dry during the first week after lip tattoo, constantly lubricate them with some kind of product (could be even petroleum jelly).

From the first to the third day, inclusive, it is worth lubricating the lips with a thick layer of ointment every hour so that skin heals faster.
On the days after the appearance of a crust on the lips, the healing cream should be applied 5 times a day.
If you have damaged the crust, you need to generously lubricate this place with an antiseptic, and after a while apply your healing cream. This must be repeated until a new protective layer appears on the lip.

How to wash your face during healing period and what water to use.

Washing should be given special attention, since damaged skin has microscopic wounds through which infection can enter the body with blood.

Washing the entire face, including the tattoo area, is allowed 3-4 days after tattooing. At this time, a crust appears on the lips, protecting them.

Regardless of the fact that the skin is protected, you need to be careful doing face washing. Ordinary tap water may not be the best for you. It really depends on the quality of the local water, which varies between suburbs and cities.
Bottled water which is intended to be consumed internally can be used for face washing during first week. In this case, you need to carefully moisten your face, either pour a little water on top of your skin, or moisten it with a cotton pad.

You don’t need to rub your face with a towel. It should be slightly wetted so that the remaining water on the face dries on its own. It is better to use a soft paper towel than a towel as it is softer.

How to wash your face during healing period and what water to use.

Washing should be given special attention, since damaged skin has microscopic wounds through which infection can enter the body with blood.

Washing the entire face, including the tattoo area, is allowed 3-4 days after tattooing. At this time, a crust appears on the lips, protecting them.

Regardless of the fact that the skin is protected, you need to be careful doing face washing. Ordinary tap water may not be the best for you. It really depends on the quality of the local water, which varies between suburbs and cities.
Bottled water which is intended to be consumed internally can be used for face washing during first week. In this case, you need to carefully moisten your face, either pour a little water on top of your skin, or moisten it with a cotton pad.

You don’t need to rub your face with a towel. It should be slightly wetted so that the remaining water on the face dries on its own. It is better to use a soft paper towel than a towel as it is softer.

If you want to accelerate skin regeneration after lip tattoo, which lasts the entire first month after tattooing, follow the recommendations:

Do not go to the bathhouse, sauna, swimming pool. Strong moisture or drying of the damaged skin negatively affects its condition.

In the first three days, you should avoid consuming alcoholic, energy drinks, coffee, since even a small bleeding will be difficult to stop.
Use a gentle sunscreen before going outside.
Avoid physical activity and sport, as it changes for the worse the connection between the pigment and the skin of the face. The sweat that will appear on the damaged area of the skin will wash out the pigment. Tattoo pigment will be completely absorbed only after a month, after the first touch up.

What the hell is 'lip blush tattoo'?

Lip tattoo Perth

Goodbye to collagen and Botox, the newest trend in semi-permanent beauty is wearing a lip tone, but all the time.

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, with cloudy eyes and feeling significantly less sexy than the night before. But you see yourself in the mirror and what you are looking at does not reflect that. Your eyebrows are on point, your weird puffy eyes are framed by mascara, and your lips look like Kylie Jenner’s in 2017. More and more people are either 18 or approaching the age of retirement, they are living this reality. And the fault lies with the permanent makeup.

While this practice has actually been around for centuries, we wouldn’t blame you if the idea got relegated to the back of your brain with other relics from the ’90s like Furbies sheets or colored extensions. After all, permanent makeup from the past was understated: line-thin brows and lids that faded from black to navy blue. It was a dubious but simple alternative to real makeup, leaving you with a lot of free time in your morning routine. But luckily, people soon realised that the opportunity to change your look every day was really fun (have you seen Euphoria ?), So the trend faded into relative obscurity.

That was until ‘microblading’ and ombre eyebrow tattoo came into our lives and the trend for tattooed eyebrows and lips regained its 21st-century essence. The procedure changes the basic technique of the tattoo gun for a special tool that uses multiple needles to inject semi-permanent pigments into the skin. The results? More natural than the eyebrows of the past. And as permanent makeup explores its new possibilities, ‘lip blushing’ has arrived: the new technique that fans of beauty are going crazy with.

Lip blush is like a kind of permanent lipstick; a pen-like digital device that marks a tint around the edges of your lips, leaving a full color that fills in the gaps and crevices of your natural skin. As a result, the lips look fuller and more defined. Basically, the procedure is touted on Instagram as a low-key, modern alternative to collagen fillers. More glossier, less duck mouth.

It’s a modern cosmetic treatment that almost sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, and while it doesn’t use ‘microblading’ per se (“We used a digital machine that is much less harsh compared to ‘microblading’ tool), our technique is far more advanced than the processes of the past.

For those who want to avoid collagen, terrified by the duck face look it has been associated with, lip blush is a less drastic alternative. Generation Z has learned from the mistakes of past generations and knows what works. Lip blush tattoo is a quick and instant fix, just like a photographic filter,” says Elena, a beauty therapist specialising in cosmetic tattoo and Elite Look owner. “With the procedure, I can correct the lip line, make the lips look fuller, and add a youthful pink to them.” It’s the 2019 replacement for the lip liner look, something that has died. Although the range of clients who express interest in the technique is varied, according to Elena, it is “popular with people looking for more volume, color and shape “on their lips, especially” professional women who want to spend minimal time applying makeup in the morning. “

Ellie, 24, who relied on permanent makeup artist Tracie Giles to make her lips more defined, paid nearly $ 750 for her treatment and a follow-up appointment. “I feel like I’m still quite young and wanted to try something else before the fillings,” he tells us. “I don’t have a defined lip arch, so I was desperate for my lips to have a more feminine shape, and I noticed that many more celebrities had a fuller-looking mouth.”

The influence of celebrities on how we want to look has been very well documented, but achieving that practically perfect aesthetic does not necessarily require going through surgery as many believe. Some young people, like Elena, find satisfaction through less strenuous procedures. It can be expensive, but lip blushing is quick and relatively safe: after your consultation (which usually consists of a patch test 24 hours prior to treatment), you can be in and out in as little as 90 minutes.

Also, the final color you end up with matches your skin tone, rather than the solid black brows and eyeliners that were worn in the past. “You can have control over the color,” Elena explains. “The technician helped me advise [what would work] based on my skin tone. I knew I wanted them to look natural and subtle, so in the end, we decided on a pink color. “

Elena, Elite Look’ artist, believes that shade is more important than some might think. Very light? There is probably little difference in the pigmentation of your old lips. Too dark? You will look like you are going to a gala evening when, in reality, you are only in line to buy a bread and a coffee. “I am very careful about the color I advise,” she says. “I talk in depth about her current makeup applications, habits and colors, as it is important to match color with lifestyle.” A medium shade tends to work best, but with this technique, everyone wins. And for goths: that means you can make your black lipstick a permanent accessory too! A dream.

I was wondering if Ellie had some kind of apprehension when she promised to have a permanent shade on her lips. The only thing that really worried her was the pain, but it ended up being more of a slight annoyance than agony, “kind of like an electric toothbrush,” she says. A small price to pay to save 15 seconds in the morning? Honestly, we are so sleep deprived that we could be for it.