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Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) in Perth

Services: Hair Tattoo or Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation SMP or hair tattoo of the scalp is an innovative, non-invasive solution to treat baldness.

Our specialist implant natural pigments into the scalp with specialised devices to create thousands of marks and reproduce the appearance of hair follicles.

The result will be as if your head is covered with very shortcut hair.

If you have thin hair but don’t want to shave your head, we can create the look and feel of thicker hair by reducing the contrast between the skin on your scalp and your existing hair.

The Scalp Micropigmentation or hair tattoo of the scalp is a very efficient method to hide scars due to a hair transplant or a surgical operation.

What is scalp micropigmentation SMP?

Each session of scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the surface of the scalp to be covered.

Hair tattoo sessions must be at least 1 week apart for your skin to heal from the procedure and for the pigments to settle.

If you intend to be in Perth for a short period of time, we recommend that you have 2 sessions in 1 week and come back later for a third session.

Our scalp micropigmentation (SMP) professional will work on the entire area to be covered during each session and will repeat the process during subsequent sessions until the result appears satisfactory.

The color will gradually darken after each session, while maintaining a natural appearance.

We advise that the first 2 sessions take place within 2 weeks, as the result of the first session will be discreet to mainly check how your skin assimilates the pigment so that the color tones can be adjusted during the subsequent hair tattoo SMP sessions.

You may experience a little redness right after treatment, but it will go away in a few hours.

Most of our clients undergo the procedure without local anesthesia and feel some discomfort but no pain during the procedure. If it is too painful, we will apply an anesthetic cream to your scalp to reduce the pain.

scalp micropigmentation perth
scalp micropigmentation perth

How long does scalp micropigmentation last?

Once scalp micropigmentation treatment is complete (2-3 sessions), hair tattoo results can be expected to last 2-5 years before it begins to slowly fade without discoloration.

If you want the result of the capillary scalp micropigmentation to stay “fresh”, you can schedule a session of retouch to touch up the results.

If you want, you can also decide to lower the hairline or slightly change its shape during that touch-up session.

How much does a scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo treatment cost?

The best way for us to provide you with an estimated price for scalp micropigmentation is after seeing you in person at our clinic for a free consultation. Cost can also be determined if you send us enough photos, so we can assess the amount of work that needs to be done.

Prices available below on this page. We recommend that you evaluate our pricing options after speaking with us.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) cost Perth

Please request a quote for the cost of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by our very competitive prices.

Each scalp micropigmentation (SMP) session lasts 2-2.5 hours. While the number of appointments and amount of hours is individual in each case, it is usually required 3 SMP appointments to achieve a desirable result.
Please contact us for an individual and a more precise quote.

Scalp Micropigmentation benefits:

One of the biggest benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation is that it is suitable for all skin and hair types.

  • Decreases baldness
  • Fill in receding hair lines
  • Less expensive than a hair transplant
  • It can be done with long hair.
  • Does not require surgery
  • No scars
  • Lasts 8 years or more with the right care and the right hair tattoo salon
  • Reasonably priced option
scalp micropigmentation perth

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Scalp Micropigmentation hair tattoo for Men

Do you have hair loss problems or a scar on your head that you want to hide?
If you can’t bear going bald, or if you want to cover a scar on your scalp, we can help you with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) or hear tattoo creating the illusion of real shaved hair that looks like your natural hair colour.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) also called as hair tattoo. It is an innovative and long-lasting solution to the problem of hair loss in both men and women. It provides an effective means of replicating the appearance of hair follicles, as if a person would have a full head of shaved hair.

Hair loss can be very devastating given the pride we place in our highly visible hair. Whether the hair loss is due to some form of alopecia, scarring, or another medical condition, a loss of confidence often occurs. Many will end up covering their heads with hats, scarves, and kerchiefs in hopes of hiding their condition. However, this is no way to live.

While Scalp Micropigmentation isn’t a cure for hair loss, it does offer a great way to disguise the problem and help a bald sufferer regain their lost self-esteem. Let’s see how it can work for you.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a solution developed in the US and UK that uses organic carbon black pigments implanted into the scalp to mimic the appearance of hair follicles. In the hands of highly trained professional, you can achieve remarkable results in a matter of days. Procedures are performed in a clinically sterile environment to ensure maximum safety for clients.

Usually 2 to 4 pigmentation work sessions are required to achieve the desired results. Each session can take between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the size of the area of ​​the scalp that will be worked on. The entire work area is completely covered during each session. In this way, the area becomes increasingly dark with each session. The end result can last more than 5 years before it slowly fades and a touch-up is needed.

Sometimes also called hair tattoo or hair tattooing, this procedure generally works in four ways:

Gives a very short haircut look – even with extensive baldness, this procedure gives the illusion of intact hair follicles. With Scalp Micropigmentation, a very short haircut will appear more natural compared to growing out hair to hide bald areas. Keeping a very short haircut neat look has never been easier!
Restores the front hairline – it takes an experienced hand to help regain a receding hairline. Not only will the line look neat and symmetrical, but you will also appear to have fuller locks.
Thickening of thinning hair – hair thinning is most evident when more of the scalp becomes visible. A common problem for both genders, it is easy to cover and restore the appearance of fuller hair with scalp micropigmentation. Dark scalp makes it difficult to tell the difference between scalp and real hair.
Hides scars from a transplant or surgery – Transplant scars often look like strips of bare skin that have been removed from the back of the head. Hair tattoo restores the uniformity of the hair follicles, so that no one can tell the difference.

Scalp Micropigmentation (hair tattoo) for Women.

As men and women age, hair follicles tend to produce less hair, particularly around the hairline and crown. Scalp micropigmentation (hair tattoo) for women can help people with female pattern hair loss, but you may want to look into other hair restoration methods if hair loss continues.

Scalp Micropigmentation (hair tattoo) can disguise receding hairlines and bald spots with hair tattoos. Through a process of microneedle injections, pigments are tattooed on the scalp to fill in areas where hair is missing.

While this procedure was done for bald heads, female scalp micropigmentation hair tattoos have expanded and offer benefits to people with long hair and to women who want to recreate baby hair and add a thicker look.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) uses an injection of microneedles and a natural pigment to tattoo the hair follicles on the scalp. Hair tattoo can be used to fill in a receding hairline, bald spots on a woman, and add thickness to areas of hair that are weakening.

Scalp micropigmentation treatments typically last 2 hours, depending on the number of hair follicles you want to tattoo on your scalp. You will also need to visit the Hair tattoo clinic 2-3 times to complete the treatment.

Unlike those like Britney Spears who went bald by choice, balding and thinning hair is a real problem for many women. Fortunately, there are treatments like scalp micropigmentation (SMP) for women.

With women’s scalp micropigmentation practices, the tattooist fills in the thinning areas around the hairline and crown. You also don’t have to shave your head to get a hair tattoo, so it works with long hair too.

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Does Scalp Micropigmentation help with female hair loss?

Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that does not help your hair grow. Instead, it hides the appearance of bald spots. With hair loss in women, many women have bald spots around the temples, the hairline, and other areas of the scalp.

With hair tattoos, women can add the appearance of hair follicles under the hair and in the areas where they have bald patches.

For example, if your hair is parting, and you notice that your scalp is showing considerably, you can use a scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo to fill in your part and make your thinning hair less noticeable.

How does scalp micropigmentation work?

Scalp micropigmentation treatments use a special microneedle and pigments that are different from normal tattoo tools, although the process of hair tattoo is quite similar.

First, you will receive a free consultation in which the specialist will evaluate your hair and skin, look at your existing hair, and draw where you have thinning hair or bald patches.

Hair tattoo specialist load the microneedle with natural dark gray or brown pigments, then tattoo your scalp in the areas where you have thinning hair. You will discuss the location and colour with your hair tattoo specialist beforehand.

If you are just retouching different bald patches, you may only need 1 treatment. However, most scalp micropigmentation recipients go to our cosmetic tattoo salon for 2 or more treatments until their hair lines and thin spots are completely filled.

The goal of scalp micropigmentation is to recreate the look of real hair follicles, so that the density of your hair appears thick and natural.

scalp micropigmentation perth

Is a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) or hair tattoo the best hair restoration option?

scalp micropigmentation Perth

Hair tattoo, also known as scalp micropigmentation SMP, scalp tattoos, or hairline tattoo, which disguise hair loss and enhance the appearance of a bald head. Should you tattoo your head with micropigmentation of the scalp?

Very recently, scalp micropigmentation began to gain popularity in Australia and in Perth as a way to regain a mature hairline without undergoing a hair transplant. If you are looking for other solutions to hide hair loss, there are several options for hair tattoo. Even combining a FUE and SMP transplant together!

What is a hair tattoo?

A hair tattoo is a permanent tattoo that adds pigment to the epidermis of the scalp to recreate a natural hairline. The procedure is more commonly known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP), where a skilled physician tattoos microdots to resemble natural hair follicles. The result appears that the person shaves his head by choice.

Hairline tattoos AKA scalp micropigmentation do not use the same needles and pigments as traditional tattoos.

Instead, these scalp pigments are injected with a microneedle. These needles are more precise, allowing the tattoo specialist to exactly place one pigment in alignment with others so that it looks like actual hair follicles.

SMP treatments work best for bad hair lines, receding hair lines, thinning hair spots, and all short haircut styles. You can also cover hair transplant scars with SMP.

Some other differences include the type of ink and the way the scalp micropigmentation is tattooed.

Since hair tattoo is so meticulous, it also requires different ink than normal tattoo. Tattooists place pigment only two layers deep during scalp micropigmentation, while traditional tattoos actually go five layers deep.

With the application of these pigments, men and women often seek to hide bald spots and thicken the appearance of their hair.

SMP Perth
Does hairline tattoo hurt?

Your scalp is one of the most sensitive places to get a tattoo, but the scalp micropigmentation does not use the same needle size as for a normal tattoo.

Instead, micropigmentation specialists use special microneedles and only tattoo the treatment area you request. These are much smaller and usually only cause mild discomfort, as if you were receiving acupuncture.

That said, you may experience more pain depending on your sensitivity to needles and where you get tattooed. Patients have said that working around the hairline is more painful than other areas of the scalp.

People who have done this procedure typically say that it doesn’t hurt much. It goes fast and afterwards people are usually perfectly fine with just a little redness. No recovery, no downtime!

Your doctor may prescribe a pain reliever if you experience some discomfort, but ibuprofen is usually all that is needed if you have persistent discomfort.

How do you get a hair tattoo?

So what are you getting into when you sign up for scalp micropigmentation? The procedure generally takes between two and three treatments. Here’s a full breakdown of what to expect:

Start with a consultation where you visit a plastic surgeon or scalp micropigmentation practitioner to determine what would work best.
During the consultation, you will discuss the areas of your scalp that are receding or balding, and the doctor will provide you with an overview map of where the tattoos will go to hide these bald spots.
The first treatment should last about an hour, and it usually fills in the bald areas of greatest concern. If only one hairline tattoo is to be done, you may only need 1-2 treatments.
The second and third treatments are normally done to tattoo darker pigments and fill in for a shadow appearance, making your hair tattoo more realistic.

After each treatment, you will notice some redness and scabbing that should disappear within a week. Also, the ink may be darker than your natural hair color and will typically fade a bit, blending in over time.

hair tattoo Perth

Is scalp micropigmentation safe?

There is always the possibility that you will choose the wrong clinic or doctor, which is why it is so important to read reviews, look at the before and after galleries, and speak with your doctor honestly during your consultation.

Hair tattooing is much safer than a hair transplant or other invasive hair restoration methods, there is nothing guaranteed. You should always check your SMP practitioner knows what he/she is doing before sitting in the chair.

Also, if you are concerned about how it will look, you may want to try only a hairline tattoo filler if possible, unless you are completely hairless and are looking to create a beard look with scalp micropigmentation.

Do hair tattoo last?

A traditional tattoo can last up to 10 years, as long as you don’t go out in the sun every day without sunscreen. So what about scalp micropigmentation?

Hair tattoos typically last up to eight years, depending on the patients who have undergone the procedure.

However, you must remember these three things to preserve your tattoo:

Wear hats
No tanning beds or sunbathing without a head cover

Do hair tattoo cover the entire scalp?

There is a difference between hair tattoo procedures. Here’s the breakdown:

Long hair tattoos: Refers to the procedure of tattooing the hair to fill in parts and the hairline without shaving the head, allowing you to keep your hair long. This works best for both men and women.

Hairline tattoo: These tattoos only fill in the corners and upper hairline area of ​​the forehead. When you shave your head, you will be able to clearly see the tattoo in front of your bare skin.

Complete scalp micropigmentation: This refers to recreating the hairline and all the hair follicles on the scalp. Once finished, you won’t see any bare skin without pigmentation, resulting in a bald, stubble hairstyle.

How much do scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo cost?

Clinics generally offer a free consultation to inspect your scalp and outline areas for hair tattoo.

The real cost is the ink, microneedles, and other consumables and the time it takes to get these tiny hairs tattooed on your scalp. For example, hairline tattoos only cover a small part of the head, so they cost less than a full scalp micropigmentation.

For balding men who want a full beard style, the cost in Elite Look is between $ 900 and $ 1,500 (AUD). Scalp micropigmentation cost in Perth may vary and goes up to $ 4,500-5000 (AUD). However, these numbers also depend on where you live and what tattoo artist you chose. The same scalp micropigmentation procedure can cost anywhere from $ 5,000 to $ 8,000 in Sydney or Melbourne, while it is cheaper in other Australian cities. As with any other service, the price of SMP goes up with time.

Check out our NEW Scalp Micropigmentation Price Guide.

What is scalp micropigmentation and who is it for?

What is scalp pigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a technique that can be applied to various parts of the body and which, to tell the truth, is mainly aimed at the reconstruction of certain areas after surgical interventions. It has been in practice for years and is a reliable and very safe procedure, with a very high success rate, so its incorporation into hair treatments is not a surprise. It is used especially to regain the shape of body parts where scars or sequels of an operation have remained, although it is also a highly demanded methodology in different sectors of cosmetic surgery.

Scalp micropigmentation or hair tattoo, also known as tricopigmentation, is used to change the image of the scalp, even if the patient does not undergo a hair transplant procedure. It consists of introducing pigments in the areas of the head where there are no follicles, be they shaved, short or long, although the visual effect caused by some circumstances and others varies greatly. This pigmentation allows the scalp to appear to have a greater density than it actually has, although it must be borne in mind that after the first session and during the following four weeks the colour of the pigmentation will be much more vivid so that the final result will be visible after a month.

In general, it is a fairly widespread measure among people with alopecia for whom hair grafting is not an option, although currently, it has also begun to be considered as a complementary treatment to the hair graft operation itself thanks to the fact that it offers a unique result. More uniform end in relation to the donor area.

scalp micropigmentation pert
For whom is scalp micropigmentation recommended?

Although, as we have already mentioned, scalp micropigmentation has become an additional complement to hair surgery, this procedure is mainly indicated for those who suffer from alopecia and hair grafting is not the solution.

The hair transplant operation can only be performed when the patient has a donor area abundant enough to get the follicles that are needed to repopulate the recipient area. There are times when the person’s scalp does not give of itself, and in which case hair from other body areas such as the beard or chest can be used, but if these areas do not offer enough follicular units, the patient could not be considered a valid candidate for a hair transplant.

In these types of circumstances, opting for capillary scalp micropigmentation may be the most comfortable and effective option. It is a technique especially aimed at patients with irreversible and unsolvable alopecia through hair surgery, since they offer a much denser effect and natural hair, although the effect is much better when the scalp is shaved.

Even taking the latter into account, the hair tattoo procedure can be applied to both men and women, and the end result is much more natural in young people, which does not prevent older people with alopecia from using this technique.

scalp micropigmentation perth
Scalp micropigmentation: pros and cons

Scalp micropigmentation is not permanent, but it does last for a long time. Once done, hair tattoo can be enjoyed for a minimum of two years, making it a very comfortable solution. In general, it is a medium-term hair solution, a characteristic that allows you greater flexibility in case the patient wants to change the image or in case they have opted for new hair treatment.

In addition to flexibility, the naturalness of the pigmentation guarantees organic results. This means that it is not an obvious or striking aesthetic treatment, but that it fits perfectly to the user’s scalp since the colour can be chosen according to the patient’s hair. The results will be visible, but there will be no sequelae of the treatment.

Before undergoing this treatment, it will be necessary to carry out an interview so that our personnel know the patient’s history, including allergies or conditions of any kind. In general, the procedure carried out before performing scalp micropigmentation is very similar to that carried out in tattoo studios, since for practical purposes it is a very similar practice.

scalp micropigmentation perth
What scalp micropigmentation procedure involves

A typical procedure involves an initial consultation and two pigmentation sessions to achieve the desired results.

1. Initial Consultation
In order to gain an understanding of the results you want to obtain from your treatment, the expert from the Elite Look will meet with you, guide you to through the process and help you decide which approach is best for you. We will create an action plan and go over each step that must be taken to reach your goal and get the results you want.

2. First Pigmentation Session
During the first session, our experts lay the foundation for your new look by matching the colour and density of the surrounding hair. Every detail – colour variance, gap fill, follicle thickness, and more – are taken into account to achieve the best results.

3. Second Pigmentation Session
The second session is when a thicker and denser look is created with more pigment delivered to the scalp. This session usually takes place 10-14 days after the first procedure.

4. Post-procedure care
Unlike other hair loss treatments, the care required for scalp micropigmentation right after the procedure is very simple and low-maintenance. You only need to wash your head on the fourth day after treatment, and during that time avoid any strenuous activity that causes unwanted sweating.