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The new products are constantly appearing in the beauty industry. One of the fresh trends in the eyebrow tattoo that became bestseller in the US and Europe is a Powdery Brow.

Powdery eyebrows or powdery dusting is one of the types of eyebrow tattooing. This procedure is considered to be softer than the classic tattoo and especially microblading also called feather eyebrow tattoo. In fact, the system for applying the pigment is the same, only as a result of powdering we do not get clearly defined bright eyebrows, but soft and as close as possible to natural ones. Very few people will be able to distinguish them from natural well-groomed eyebrows!

What is powder eyebrow tattoo?

The technique of powdery eyebrows is unique. The way the procedure is performed cannot be found in any other permanent make-up technique. Its principle is to introduce pixel pigment (point wise) with different colour intensity and frequency input. The result is a spray effect. Visually, the colour stretches, the eyebrows look natural and not flashy, retain their shape, but without clear boundaries. This makes it possible to get a neat and well-groomed appearance. The spray effect mimics the trendy eyebrow make-up. The colour turns out to be delicate and desaturated, as if the eyebrows were tinted with shadows and shaded. An excellent option for lovers of natural appearance. It is really hard to distinguish powder eyebrow tattoo from well groomed natural ones.

What makes powder eyebrow tattoo so special?

This technique universally suits to anyone, it can be done to girls and women of any age. The type of skin does not matter (opposite for example, to microblading). The other factors that do not matter for powdery eyebrows tattooing are age, the condition of the eyebrows, their colour or density. Powdery eyebrows look equally beautiful on every face. This is very convenient, since you do not need to choose a specific technique for the characteristics of the skin or appearance.

Among the features of powdery eyebrows tattoo, it is worth noting the fact that the process of introducing a pigment under the skin is less painful, unlike most tattoo methods. The eyebrow dyeing process is carried out using a special machine that sprays the dye. Spraying is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that is performed in a gentle way.

Powdery eyebrow tattoo Perth

Powdery eyebrow tattoo price in Perth WA


Eyebrow powder is one of the new tattoo techniques, where the pigment is applied to the top layer of the skin. This technique creates the effect of light and natural haze, similar to the shading of eyebrows with shadows. Most often, powdery shading is done in order to emphasise natural eyebrows and visually make them thicker. The natural look and colour are stable, it saves time daily on putting on and refreshing makeup. Powder tattoo takes one of the leading positions among salon procedures around the world. In Elite Look we are doing our best to make eyebrow tattoo price affordable.

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Eyebrow tattoo pictures before and after.

How Ombre eyebrow tattoo done step by step.

This technique is also called Powder eyebrow tattoo.

Steps of the eyebrow tattoo procedure

The whole appointment takes about 1 – 1.5 hours.

Tattooist clarifies what customer wants to achieve, draws a sketch, selects the desired shade. The shape and colour will be agreed with the client, while the customer can estimate the future result in advance and make corrections.

After the image is approved, disinfection and anaesthesia of the brow bone area is carried out.

After 15-20 minutes, the master starts to draw.
The introduction of the pigment is carried out using a special manual machine to a depth of no more than 1 mm.

First, the contour is filled, and then the base of the eyebrow is filled with pigment in layers.
The tattooist applies different shades to achieve the most natural effect. The needles can be used in different thicknesses and lengths to find the best solution for each application.


Eyebrow tattoo aftercare

For how long the effect after tattooing will last 50% depends on the qualifications and talent of the master, but the same responsibility for the result lies on the client, her approach to recommendations for further care.

After applying the pigment, the eyebrows are treated with a layer of petroleum jelly. The product must be removed from the skin at home (after 2-3 hours). This can be done with a mild soap solution.

There are a number of mandatory rules that should be followed after the cosmetic eyebrow tattoo using powder method.

The main ones are described below.
The contact of the tattoo with water should be avoided for the first 2-3 days after the procedure.
It is advisable to avoid the use of decorative cosmetics for eyebrows.
If you use a hairdryer to style your hair, it is not recommended directing the flow of hot air to the eyebrows.
It is necessary to protect the eyebrow area of ​​the face from direct sunlight especially during summer. In this case, wide-brimmed hats or sunglasses that hide the eyebrows can be handy.
You should temporarily stop using scrubs and visiting tanning salons. Your skin will heal faster if it provided with maximum rest for 1-2 weeks.

Experts have mixed opinions regarding the use of agents that accelerate skin regeneration – some of them accelerate the washing out of the colouring pigment.

Complete recovery of the epidermis after the procedure occurs in 3 weeks (on average). However, this value is of an average nature, since in each individual case, healing will occur in different ways. It is worth considering the individual characteristics of the skin.

Why you should try Ombre or Powder eyebrow tattoo over Microblading

How eyebrow tattoo looks at different stages after the procedure

Before and after Eyebrow Tattooing

How long the permanent eyebrow tattoo last?

The permanent makeup effect stays for a long time. The exact time depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, live stile, the pigment used for the tattoo. On average eyebrow tattoo can last up to 4 years. But in most cases, pigmentation begins to fade after 1.5-2 years. After this period, the eyebrow tattoo with a powdery effect needs touch up.

Powder tattoo vs microblading, what’s the difference between these two techniques?

Choosing between different kinds of techniques, women ask themselves the question: microblading or powdery eyebrows – which one to choose? These are two different techniques that have their own advantages and disadvantages. Microblading and powdery eyebrows tattoo, what is the difference, which is better:

The main difference between these two techniques is how the pigment is deposited into the skin.
– The powdery technique consists of shading the pigment in a dotted pixel manner using a special machine. This technique is newer and more advance. The result is a less harsh and more controllable colour which can be tailored to the client’s wishes.
– A pen-like hand tool is used during microblading tattoo procedure to carve small cuts into the skin and these cuts filled with pigment.

Powdered brows traditionally last considerably longer than microblading tattoo.

The difference between the techniques also lies in the healing process. Powdery tattooing heals much faster and less painful. If you need a quick result without scars, then it is better to choose a powdery tattoo.

bad eyebrow tattoo removal
Bad microblading eyebrow tattoo removal

Why microblading or feather eyebrow tattoo often ends with eyebrow tattoo removal.

And why honest eyebrow tattoo masters and beauty professionals do not do microblading.

The eyebrow microblading procedure has become widespread among tattooists. Most of the ads say that this is a modern, painless and safe type of permanent eyebrow makeup, the main advantage of which is the natural effect – the drawn hairs look more neat and natural than with other pigment application options. Currently, this service has new designations: microshading, 3D, 6D tattooing.

Microblading with Macro Consequences

What is really behind the loud marketing propaganda? The essence of the method lies in the name itself, which means “small knives”. The procedure is carried out manually by means of a special handle equipped with disposable blades, and consists in applying the smallest notches and then filling them with pigment.

Surgical precision is required when making an incision with this instrument. The manual technique in which this type of tattoo is performed obviously carries high risks of negative consequences. The incision is accompanied by the release of blood, so there is a great chance of getting a completely different colour than expected. This is due to the fact that the pigment, partially mixed with hemosiderin, acquires a grey-blue shade. In addition, damage to the epidermis can lead to pigment spreading in the dermis and inflammation, as well as scarring. A negative result is possible even if all the nuances of the procedure are followed. Why do the eyebrows look beautiful and natural in the photographs illustrating her? The secret is that the advertisement uses pictures of fresh, just done work. Immediately after the procedure at the damaged area, the skin contracts and the drawn hairs look thin. However, subsequently, when healing occurs and the applied pigment has spread, the lines become thicker and partially blurry. As a result, there is neither naturalness nor perfect clear lines. Microblading eyebrows tattoo, like any other type of permanent makeup, requires touch up, which with this method of introducing pigment can only worsen the situation. It is quite difficult to hit the same lines of the drawing with the blade, thereby forming additional parallel lines of the same quality. In addition, micro scars can lead to unpredictable recoating. One of the categorical contraindications to the use of this technique is the tendency to form keloid scars.

Long-term consequences also lie in the fact that hair follicles traumatised by deep penetration die over time and bald patches appear on the eyebrows. Taking into account the durability of the permanent (about a year), with a frequently repeated procedure, one’s own hairs generally stop growing and this, unfortunately, is an irreversible process.

A mistake that can’t be washed away

Our master Elena is often asked by women with a question: how to fix unsuccessful eyebrow microblading. The answer depends on the situation. In the event of scarring on the skin, clients will have several sessions of microblading removal with a remover. At the same time, it is difficult to determine how many sessions are needed to remove pigment. The effectiveness depends on many factors and it is advisable to have the patience and to be prepared for a long recovery and additional spending.

Quite often you can find advertising for microblading in Perth. After a thorough study of the information about this technique, it was decided not to use it in Elite Look. We urge both the masters of our city and everyone who wants to use this service to abandon this barbaric procedure.
The face is not a place for questionable experiments.

Microblading eyebrow tattoo

Below we will explain why microblading tattoo technique is outdated and disappearing service and why you should consider powder eyebrow tattoo instead.

The wave of microblading eyebrow tattoo swept Europe about 7 years ago, and subsequently spread throughout the world. This ancient Asian method of eyebrow pigmentation is offered in hairdressing salons, nail studios and in private beauty parlors.

The sudden popularity of this type of permanent makeup has a reason, which is at the same time a major problem: Immediately after the microblading procedure, the eyebrows look incredibly beautiful. Micro-cuts made in the skin look very thin at first (sometimes even thinner than eyebrow hairs) and are “laid” in a beautiful pattern.

The microblading procedure is carried out using blades or scalpels. The skin is incised. A micro-incision appears in the skin tissue and colouring pigments are introduced into it. The skin’s natural reaction to an incision is to instantly tighten to close the wound as soon as possible. Therefore, the lines appear very thin immediately after the procedure.
The skin responds to any damage with an instant attempt to heal by any means available to it. And the first of these is the formation of connective tissue in order to restore the damaged skin barrier as quickly as possible. The micro-incision is filled to restore the outer protective layer of the skin. A scar forms at the site of injury. And this happens every time the incision penetrates into the middle and lower layers of the skin.

After complete healing of microblading, the skin is covered with micro scars throughout the area where the microblading was done, which is a normal physiological response to damage to the skin layers. This could be compared to a broken vase, which was carefully glued with glue. From a distance, the vase looks great, but at close look the glued places are clearly visible.

Clients who want to do microblading eyebrow tattoo removal come to us more and more often. Fortunately, people are learning in advance about the possible negative consequences of microblading and are refusing to proceed with the procedure. More and more men and women understand and see on the faces of their acquaintances and on the Internet the real picture after the healing of microblading, and do not allow themselves to be misled by advertising photographs of fresh works.

And the sad fact is that so many people who believe in pretty pictures are wearing the effects of flawed microblading on their faces.