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Powder Brow or Ombre eyebrow tattoo in Perth

Our Eyebrow tattoo service became a bestseller in 2020 in Perth. Since then, the popularity of our Powder Brow and Ombre Brow only grows. We have serviced hundreds of women from Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah, and even Sydney and Melbourne. It is not a surprise, because powder eyebrow tattoo, becoming an extremely popular trend in the cosmetic tattoo industry in the US and Europe. Today, you do not need to wait for 10-15 years before the latest trend in the beauty industry reaches Perth, you can be beautiful and in trend today.

Powdery eyebrow tattoo or powdery dusting procedure is considered to be softer than the classic tattoo and especially microblading also called feather eyebrow tattoo. In fact, the system for applying the pigment is the same, only equipment used for the procedure is different. As a result of powdering, we do not get clearly defined bright eyebrows, but soft and as close as possible to natural ones. Very few people will be able to distinguish them from natural, well-groomed eyebrows!

What is powder eyebrow tattoo?

The technique of powdery eyebrow tattoo is unique. The way the procedure is performed cannot be found in any other permanent make-up technique. Its principle is to introduce pixel pigment (point wise) with different colour intensity and frequency input. The result is a spray effect. Visually, the colour stretches, the eyebrows look natural and not flashy, retain their shape, but without clear boundaries. This makes it possible to get a neat and well-groomed appearance. The spray effect mimics the trendy eyebrow make-up. The colour turns out to be delicate and desaturated, as if the eyebrows were tinted with shadows and shaded. An excellent option for lovers of natural appearance. It is really hard to distinguish powder eyebrow tattoo from well groomed natural ones.

Pros of eyebrow tattoo:

No more makeup routine
Add fullness and shape
Hides imperfections and hair loss
Not affected by water or heat
Wake up every morning with already perfect brows
Get more compliments every day
Look younger
Be more confident
Save time and money on makeup every day

Different techniques

The cosmetic tattoo is different from the traditional tattoo in that the ink is designed to slowly fade over time. Because of this discoloration that happens over time, permanent make-up is often called semi-permanent. Touch-ups are needed, usually, after 15 months to a few years, to keep the tattoo fresh. Also, in cosmetic tattoos, the pigment is injected with a special tattoo machine into top layers so that the skin pushes it out over time. It is impossible to precisely predict beforehand how long an eyebrow tattoo will last, as every woman’s skin is unique.
Technically, microblading (an outdated but still widespread method of tattooing eyebrows) is different from eyebrow tattoo in that the micro-cuts are made on the skin and the ink penetrates the cuts.

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    I love coming here because not only do I feel pampered, I feel safe. This was possibly the gentlest lash lift and tint I have ever had (and I turn 49 on Friday, so I've had a few). Elena is so gentle and thorough and very light handed. My lashes look long and black and perfectly natural, and you can actually SEE them above my hooded eyes. So very happy with Elena's beautiful work. Thank you so much!
  • ★★★★★ in the last week
    My first time experience and this place is great! The sugaring is really nice and gentle on skin. I have very sensitive underarm skin and previous waxes have caused rashes etc but there were no issues with this wax. It was the least painful wax I’ve ever had! Very efficient as well. And the facilities were clean! I will definitely be back, and am glad to have found a good waxing salon in Perth! Highly recommend.
  • ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    Elena has done amazing work on my eyebrows and eyeliner. I first went to her almost 2 years ago, and she did amazing work with eyebrow tattoo and transformed my eyebrows. I went again this year and had the same professional experience from Elena, who is so precise with her attention to detail. I loved my brows even more than last time. I have had several touch ups, weeks later, and cannot recommend Elena enough. Very experienced. I have full confidence in her.

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Powdery eyebrow tattoo price in Perth WA


Eyebrow powder tattoo is one of the new permanent cosmetic techniques, where the pigment is applied to the top layer of the skin. This technique creates the effect of light and natural haze, similar to the shading of eyebrows with shadows. Most often, powdery shading is done in order to emphasise natural eyebrows and visually make them thicker. The natural look and colour of powder eyebrow tattoo are stable, it saves time daily on putting on and refreshing makeup. Powder eyebrow tattoo takes one of the leading positions among salon procedures around the world. In Elite Look, we are doing our best to make eyebrow tattoo price affordable without compromising the quality.

Powdery eyebrow tattoo Perth price
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What makes powder eyebrow tattoo so special?

This technique universally suits to anyone, it can be done to girls and women of any age. The type of skin does not matter (opposite for example, to microblading). The other factors that do not matter for powdery eyebrows tattooing are age, the condition of the eyebrows, their colour or density. Powdery eyebrows look equally beautiful on every face. This is very convenient, since you do not need to choose a specific technique for the characteristics of the skin or appearance.

Among the features of powdery eyebrows tattoo, it is worth noting the fact that the process of introducing a pigment under the skin is less painful, unlike most tattoo methods. The eyebrow dyeing process is carried out using a special machine that sprays the dye. Spraying is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that is performed in a gentle way.

Powdery eyebrow tattoo Perth

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Eyebrow tattoo pictures before and after.

How Ombre eyebrow tattoo done step by step.

This technique is also called Powder eyebrow tattoo.

Steps of the eyebrow tattoo procedure

The whole appointment takes about 1 – 1.5 hours.

Tattooist clarifies what customer wants to achieve, draws a sketch, selects the desired shade. The shape and colour will be agreed with the client, while the customer can estimate the future result in advance and make corrections.

After the image is approved, disinfection and anaesthesia of the brow bone area is carried out.

After 15-20 minutes, the master starts to draw.
The introduction of the pigment is carried out using a special manual machine to a depth of no more than 1 mm.

First, the contour is filled, and then the base of the eyebrow is filled with pigment in layers.
The tattooist applies different shades to achieve the most natural effect. The needles can be used in different thicknesses and lengths to find the best solution for each application.


Eyebrow tattoo aftercare

For how long the effect after tattooing will last 50% depends on the qualifications and talent of the master, but the same responsibility for the result lies on the client, her approach to recommendations for further care.

After applying the pigment, the eyebrows are treated with a layer of petroleum jelly. The product must be removed from the skin at home (after 2-3 hours). This can be done with a mild soap solution.

There are a number of mandatory rules that should be followed after the cosmetic eyebrow tattoo using powder method.

The main ones are described below.
The contact of the tattoo with water should be avoided for the first 2-3 days after the procedure.
It is advisable to avoid the use of decorative cosmetics for eyebrows.
If you use a hairdryer to style your hair, it is not recommended directing the flow of hot air to the eyebrows.
It is necessary to protect the eyebrow area of ​​the face from direct sunlight especially during summer. In this case, wide-brimmed hats or sunglasses that hide the eyebrows can be handy.
You should temporarily stop using scrubs and visiting tanning salons. Your skin will heal faster if it provided with maximum rest for 1-2 weeks.

Experts have mixed opinions regarding the use of agents that accelerate skin regeneration – some of them accelerate the washing out of the colouring pigment.

Complete recovery of the epidermis after the procedure occurs in 3 weeks (on average). However, this value is of an average nature, since in each individual case, healing will occur in different ways. It is worth considering the individual characteristics of the skin.

Do you offer Microblading?

No. We chose not to offer microblading because it is our personal preference and I believe the Ombre Brows technique is best for the integrity of your skin. Microblading is more invasive, causes more trauma and scarring to the skin, and does not heal well in the long term in our opinion (always look for HEALED results with any technique). It is not suitable for all skin types and requires frequent touch-ups due to how quickly it fades. If you have oily skin, microblading won’t last. Frequent touch-ups = more trauma / scarring to the skin. More scars = little pigment retention because scar tissue does not retain pigment as well as healthy skin. Every time the microblading is touched up, the artist is not supposed to do microblading twice over the same strokes. Instead, the new strokes are placed between the old strokes. Over time, if you keep tweaking it, there will be no more room to add new strokes and the microbladed brow will end up looking like a solid tattoo. Brush strokes will also blur over time. Eventually, someone who has received microblading multiple times will have to resort to shading (Ombré Brows) to cover up the old microblading. Please note that not all vintage eyebrow or microblading tattoos can be covered or corrected. At that point the only option would be tattoo removal and even then, there is no guarantee that your brows can be repaired due to compromised and damaged skin. There will be no more room to add new strokes and the microbladed brow will end up looking like a solid tattoo. Brush strokes will also blur over time. At that point the only option would be tattoo removal and even then, there is no guarantee that your brows can be repaired due to compromised and damaged skin.

How eyebrow tattoo looks at different stages after the procedure

Before and after Eyebrow Tattooing
What is the difference between eyebrow tattoo microblading and powder or ombre eyebrow tattoo (also known as micropigmentation) and which one to choose?

Eyebrow microblading and powder eyebrow tattoo or ombre eyebrow tattoo are both semi-permanent makeup techniques for the eyebrows.

The eyebrows frame look gives personality to your face, that is why it is essential to carefully maintain their appearance. The important thing is not to have perfect eyebrows, but to get the eyebrows that best suit your face.

You wake up one day and realise that your eyebrows are no longer the same as before and that now it is nearly impossible for you to recover your eyebrows with makeup or traditional techniques. You have difficult gaps, they no longer cover the eyebrow profile that you used to have.

That is why it is time to inform you of the wonderful technique of tattooing eyebrows. It is a very interesting way, and it will provide you with the solution to all your problems with the eyebrows.

Over the years, the techniques to make up eyebrows have been perfected more and more and to show off more populated eyebrows following current, defined, and perfect trends.

Both microblanding and powder ombre eyebrow tattoo (micropigmentation) are a very successful aesthetic option if your eyebrows look blurred, with little hair, or with small bald spots, and you do not need to put makeup on them every day to achieve the desired effect. It is also a solution to redefine the shape or volume and achieve more symmetry in the look.

Eyebrow tattoo

What stands out most of these two techniques is that in both the shape of the eyebrows is drawn hair by hair, to achieve a very natural effect. Nothing to do with the traditional, and already old-fashioned, straight and continuous eyebrow tattoo.

In addition, very natural pigment tones are used in both methods, seeking the closest resemblance to hair colour.

But let’s see what are the general differences between powder ombre eyebrow tattoo and microblading so that you can decide on one of them best suits you.

Eyebrow tattoo

Powder and ombre eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow powder tattoo is considered a permanent makeup technique. It is done with an instrument called a dermograph , with a one-pointed needle for drawing hair and a three- to five-pointed needle for shading or filling. Powder eyebrow tattoo is a highly demanded technique, and is one of the most aesthetic and successful options today.

Oil-based pigments made of very small particles are used that must be hypoallergenic. Pigments are deposited in the dermis and epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin.

There are powder tattoo treatments for the eyes, eyebrows, lips, capillaries or the areola of the breast.

Its duration is longer, from one to five years, and it can even be permanent, always depending on the type of skin, age and the care applied. Sometimes a colour touch-up is necessary after 12 or 18 months.

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth

Microblading eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent makeup that is done with a small metal pen, similar to a scalpel, called a Tabori. With it, micro-cuts are made in the skin where the pigments are deposited. This pen is three times thinner than the needles used for micropigmentation and tattooing.

With the creation of the hair-by-hair eyebrow, microblading that was done by the excellent master achieves natural results. Unfortunately, many customers in Perth become victimes of not so god masters and have to use tottoo removal services and sometimes end up with scars instead of eyebrows.

Pigments are deposited in the basal layer of the epidermis , the most superficial part of the skin. It is not the newest technique and came from the Ancient Egypt.

In general, the on average microblading tattoo lasts one year or one and a half years.

If you are looking for a natural and definitive solution, it is possible that your option is powder or ombre eyebrow tattoo. It is also much safe and less damaging for your skin in comperisson with microblading.

Our specialist can also help you a lot to make the decision, taking into account the state of your eyebrows.

Find out about other types of cosmetic tattoo such as lip tattoo we do in Elite Look.

Powder tattoo vs microblading, what’s the difference between these two techniques?

Choosing between different kinds of techniques, women ask themselves the question: microblading or powdery eyebrow tattoo – which one to choose? These are two different techniques that have their own advantages and disadvantages. Microblading and powdery eyebrows tattoo, what is the difference, which is better:

The main difference between these two techniques is how the pigment is deposited into the skin.
– The powdery technique consists of shading the pigment in a dotted pixel manner using a special machine. This technique is newer and more advance. The result is a less harsh and more controllable colour which can be tailored to the client’s wishes.
– A pen-like hand tool is used during microblading tattoo procedure to carve small cuts into the skin and these cuts filled with pigment.

Powdered brows traditionally last considerably longer than microblading tattoo.

The difference between the techniques also lies in the healing process. Powdery tattooing heals much faster and less painful. If you need a quick result without scars, then it is better to choose a powdery tattoo.

The advantages of this novel technique are many, thanks to the constant innovation and improvement of technology. Revolutionising the world of aesthetics and providing people with spectacular and natural eyebrows in just one hour.

     Naturalness: Without a doubt, the greatest advantage of this revolutionary technique is the natural appearance it provides.

    Improves appearance: It is an ideal treatment for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their eyebrows. It is safe, fast, and effective, and you will gain confidence in yourself.

You will stop worrying about your appearance at all times. It is a perfect treatment to restore the compact appearance and give your eyebrows a greater density and a natural color taking into account the leather tone or the hair color of the person.

    Saving time: The eyebrows are one of the most important parts of our face, since they are responsible for our look, and that is why we tend to spend a lot of time retouching, waxing, and leaving them perfect because it is one of the things that we look first. Imagine the time you can save with just one hour of treatment.

    Forget about makeup: you will not need to do your eyebrows for a long time. This is also reflected in savings of time and money, increases self-esteem, confidence, and you will look perfect at any time.

    Saving money: Also, you should take into account how much you can save on eye pencils, shadows, or all this specific makeup for the eyebrows. With this technique, you will have the perfect eyebrows for a year, a year and a half at most without having to retouch every two to three.

    Personalised process: the client’s face is analysed to determine the most flattering shape of the brows. This first step usually takes up to an hour. A detailed and essential analysis is done to guarantee a perfect result according to your face.

    Less painful: compared to traditional microblading, powder and ombre eyebrow tattoo is less painful.

In short, a powder and ombre eyebrow tattoo is a great option to finish your complex any problem you have with your eyebrows.

In addition to the speed of treatment, with immediate results, technological innovation offers precise, beautiful, and natural results.

It provides you with many facilities in your day-to-day life, and you will not have to worry about your eyebrows for a long time.  is a great option to finish your complex, any problem you have with your eyebrows.

How long the permanent eyebrow tattoo last?

Eyebrow tattoo in Perth

The permanent makeup effect stays for a long time. The exact time depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, live stile, the pigment used for the tattoo. On average eyebrow tattoo can last up to 4 years. But in most cases, pigmentation begins to fade after 1.5-2 years. After this period, the eyebrow tattoo with a powdery effect needs touch up.

I write this post because, over time, I see that there is more and more misinformation and false myths about the duration of a cosmetic tattoo micropigmentation.

The normal and most frequent is that a cosmetic tattoo regardless of whether it is an eyebrow or lip tattoo lasts between 1-4 years.

Sometimes we find that it has lasted less than a year, this is usually due to not having performed at least one touch-up a month later after the first appointment, which is often common among the people who “do not want to touch up” or who touch up after three or four months of having done the tattoo (the ideal and recommended is that the retouch is done after a month). And another reason that usually occurs is usually in dark-skinned people, and that is because the melanin in their skin itself “eats” the pigment, which is why for these people it is usual to do retouch at least twice.

First of all, a cosmetic tattoo is NOT a tattoo, therefore it is not ETERNAL (let’s forget the false idea of ​​”permanent makeup”).

Secondly, the material used in micropigmentation are PIGMENTS of mineral origin (derived from iron oxide), therefore INORGANIC, that the human body interacts with, they are very small molecules and, therefore, easier to eliminate. Organic pigments are not minerals, they have an organic origin (for example, extract from some plants), they are molecules of larger size than minerals, therefore they take longer to eliminate, and they are not recommended in our legislation for micropigmentation, among other reasons, because they give more allergic reactions.

A third reason is depth. Micropigmentation is carried out in the most superficial layer of the dermis between dermis and epidermis, while a tattoo penetrates the dermis to even reach the hypodermis, this is another explanation, the deeper pigment penetrates into the skin, the longer tattoo lasts, but the deeper we go, the further we get away from it be a micropigmentation.

A fourth aspect to take into account is whether to carry out the retouching one month after the micropigmentation, since the retouching 30 days after the micropigmentation guarantees a greater durability of the cosmetic tattoo since it is saturated with pigment and reinforces areas that may have been a little lighter. In this way, it will also last longer (there are people who, due to their skin type, need two touch-ups, or depending on what is being pigmented, they will be full tattoo sessions instead of touch-ups, as in the case of scars).

And last but not least is the skin type:

– Skin type (fatter or drier, if it is a scar, a keloid, skin phototype, here I encourage you to read the articles I wrote about skin phototypes and skin types)

– Area to be micropigmented, if you have more exposure to external factors that can damage the skin (sun for instance), the more exposure the more likely the color will be lost sooner.

– Carry out subsequent care for proper healing and hydration of the area, avoiding infection. An infected micropigmentation never takes or takes very badly.

If you have your experience and want to share it or have any questions, contact me and I will try to help you.

Eyebrow tattoo: advantages and disadvantages

Eyebrow tattoo in Perth

If you are thinking of tattooing your eyebrows to get a delineated and populated frame for your look without the need for makeup, you should read this first.

The use of tattoos as a way to beautify the body, either as an artistic manifestation or for therapeutic purposes, is a technique that has been practiced in many cultures since ancient times. Perhaps that is why, in this continuous search to exalt beauty, it evolves to become a permanent makeup technique to which many women are subjected, and one of the most demanded areas when using it is precisely that of the eyebrows..

Either due to a matter of nature, because you have gotten out of hand with the tweezers on some occasion or as a result of medical treatment, you may suffer from a lack of hair in this area or even the appearance of small bald spots. If for fear that your face will look blurred and lose that frame full of personality that thick eyebrows print, you are thinking of undergoing an eyebrow tattoo, first you should read the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment. We tell you!

There are many benefits linked to this technique, hence more and more women are turning to it as a solution for sparse eyebrows.

Saving time: If putting makeup on your eyebrows is part of your daily routine, eyebrows tattooing can significantly reduce the time you invest in your daily care. One less job!
Goodbye, hair loss: If you suffer from alopecia in this area, you can totally say goodbye to it. Permanent makeup will help restore your eyebrows and restore the natural frame of your eyes.

Defined face: The eyebrows print personality and character, both to our gaze and to our expression in general. Well-delineated, bushy, and correctly tattooed eyebrows can restore the definition that had been lost due to the lack of hair.
Easy to maintain and take care of: If you are one of those who used eyebrow makeup, you can forget about the dreaded smudges caused by sweat or a bad gesture, permanent makeup will avoid any unforeseen event.

Permanent makeup is not without its drawbacks and drawbacks that must be weighed before undergoing it.

Pain? At first, in the past, it was a process that involved some pain – short-lived and perfectly bearable – that anyone with a tattoo on any other part of the body can attest to. However, creams that numb the nerves have been incorporated to avoid this trance.

Unexpected results: When it comes to tattooing your eyebrows, it is essential that you go to an experienced tattoo master. There they will advise you to define the most convenient form and treatment. Think that if this is not the case, you can end up with eyebrows that do not favour you or with which you do not recognise yourself, and you will not have an easy solution in the short term.
Retouching: Despite being a permanent technique that can last between 4 and 10 years, it is important to retouch the area due to the loss of color pigmentation, which naturally diminishes over time.

Removal process: Contrary to what happens with makeup, a permanent brow treatment will not be easy – or economical – to remove in case of error. 

But we will help you if you have had unsuccessful prior experience with eyebrow tattoo, for such cases we have eyebrow tattoo removing service.

Sensitivity: If you have overly sensitive skin, have a dermatological problem, or tend to develop keloids — skin lesions caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue — let the experts know, because this treatment may not be the best for you.

How long after Powdery eyebrow tattoo I can't exercise?

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth

Exact answer: 1 week minimum

The latest trends have made people try the latest procedures, either on the face or other parts of the body. And with this comes the question of what to do or what not to do after having undergone this procedure.

Such is the case with this new trend procedure of Ombre Brows (Powdery eyebrow tattoo) or Microblading. It is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo done with some handheld device. This technique gives you perfect brows for a period of time. In this age of fitness, the main concern for customers is when they can start exercising after having undergone this procedure.

When after Ombre eyebrow tattoo can I exercise?

Most experts advise exercising and training only after a week has passed from powdery eyebrow tattoo procedure. Experts advise that this duration be 10 to 12 days. The reason is pretty obvious. You probably don’t want to spoil your brows with sweat. The brow area should be protected from any type of moisture.

Pay special attention to cleaning the tattooed area. The area should also be protected from direct sun exposure. Now that you know why exercising isn’t a good idea for your brows, there are a few other precautions to take as well.

You should probably avoid swimming, using the hot tub, tanning, etc. Pinching, scratching or peeling the brow area is a big no. You should also avoid cleaning the basement or garage, as it contains many dust particles. If you have had the powdery eyebrow tattoo procedure, it may not be good for you anyway.

Alcohol consumption should be avoided as it slows wound healing. The application of any type of ointment, creams, etc. should be avoided, as it can further damage the eyebrows. If you are under certain medications, such as cancer, diabetes, viruses, etc., it is advisable to consult a doctor before undergoing this ombre eyebrow procedure.

Normal workouts – 1 week after the procedure
Heavy workouts – 8 to10 days after the procedure

Why does it take so long to wait to work out after powdery brow tattoo?

Ombre eyebrow tattoos or powdery eyebrow tattoo are a whole new trend nowadays. It can be said that it is permanent makeup that makes your eyebrows look thicker, bolder, and fuller. You can also think of it as a tattoo.


How long does wheezing last after RSV (and why)?

“But does it have something to do with training?” You can ask. And the answer is yes. In simple words, when a person exercises, the salt content in sweat can make pigmentation fade. Better to wait awhile before continuing to exercise than to spoil your new tattoo from scratch.
It is not like this?

Once you have undergone ombre eyebrow tattoo procedure, you need to take precautions. Microblading, on the other hand, damages the skin. Therefore, the area must be protected from any type of moisture or bacteria. When a person exercises, the sweat exposes the area to both.

This further increases the risk of infections. Infections, in turn, affect the skin’s healing process. Besides this, there are also some common effects like redness or swelling, itching in that area. Infections can further increase this situation.

If you want to exercise, you can try some gentle yoga instead. Or maybe you try to walk. Excess exercise, workouts will affect you negatively and will not give your new tattoo correctly to heal. A week is not a big deal if you also want perfect brows for yourself.
Just give your brows time to heal, and then continue with your workouts.


It is good that you keep up with the trend. While people generally begin exercising after 7 days after the powdery eyebrow tattoo procedure, experts generally recommend exercising only after about 2 weeks.

Post ombre eyebrow tattoo or microblading is the time when you need to play smart. If you follow the instructions of the experts, it would be the best. The more you avoid sweating, the more ink retention will be achieved.

Now it is totally up to you what you choose. Also, 1 or 2 weeks is not a big deal. You can do light exercises and also get nice eyebrows. Certainly, a better deal.

Eyebrow Tattoo: 5 things you should know before doing it.
Eyebrow tattoo

We reveal the most important things you need to know about eyebrow tattoos before taking this step. Take note!

Cara Delevingne has reminded us in recent years of the importance of growing our eyebrows naturally. And it is possible that due to genetics, age, or simply because you have already waxed them so often, you cannot achieve the desired effect on them without spending half an hour in the mirror with a pencil. If this is your case, eyebrow tattoo can be a great option.

Here is what you have to know about this aesthetic option that will help you maintain perfect eyebrows, without having to put on makeup every day.

You won’t look like a panda

Powdery eyebrow tattoo is not the same as the microblading eyebrows tattoo. The big difference lies in the fact that the microblading eyebrow tattoo is a straight and continuous line that makes it obvious that the eyebrow is not natural, while the eyebrow powdery is done with a professional tattoo machine that penetrates the most superficial layer of your skin. Painting eyebrow with gentle movements.

It is not permanent

The effect will disappear between 12 and 18 months after having performed the procedure. This is great since fashion changes and so do your tastes.

Visit an expert for your eyebrow tattoo

You need to make an appointment with an expert so that he or she can help you design the eyebrow shape you want, taking into account the geometry of your face. It is very important that you are very honest with your tattoo master about the result you are looking for.

All changes take time

Don’t make plans that night, and prepare to feel a little weird. If you did it with an expert, you will most likely have been very well, but consider that it is still a change, and you will need time to get used to it.

bad eyebrow tattoo removal
Bad microblading eyebrow tattoo removal

Why microblading or feather eyebrow tattoo often ends with eyebrow tattoo removal.

And why honest eyebrow tattoo masters and beauty professionals do not do microblading.

The eyebrow microblading procedure has become widespread among tattooists. Most of the ads say that this is a modern, painless and safe type of permanent eyebrow makeup, the main advantage of which is the natural effect – the drawn hairs look more neat and natural than with other pigment application options. Currently, this service has new designations: microshading, 3D, 6D tattooing.

Microblading with Macro Consequences

What is really behind the loud marketing propaganda? The essence of the method lies in the name itself, which means “small knives”. The procedure is carried out manually by means of a special handle equipped with disposable blades, and consists in applying the smallest notches and then filling them with pigment.

Surgical precision is required when making an incision with this instrument. The manual technique in which this type of tattoo is performed obviously carries high risks of negative consequences. The incision is accompanied by the release of blood, so there is a great chance of getting a completely different colour than expected. This is due to the fact that the pigment, partially mixed with hemosiderin, acquires a grey-blue shade. In addition, damage to the epidermis can lead to pigment spreading in the dermis and inflammation, as well as scarring. A negative result is possible even if all the nuances of the procedure are followed. Why do the eyebrows look beautiful and natural in the photographs illustrating her? The secret is that the advertisement uses pictures of fresh, just done work. Immediately after the procedure at the damaged area, the skin contracts and the drawn hairs look thin. However, subsequently, when healing occurs and the applied pigment has spread, the lines become thicker and partially blurry. As a result, there is neither naturalness nor perfect clear lines. Microblading eyebrows tattoo, like any other type of permanent makeup, requires touch up, which with this method of introducing pigment can only worsen the situation. It is quite difficult to hit the same lines of the drawing with the blade, thereby forming additional parallel lines of the same quality. In addition, micro scars can lead to unpredictable recoating. One of the categorical contraindications to the use of this technique is the tendency to form keloid scars.

Long-term consequences also lie in the fact that hair follicles traumatised by deep penetration die over time and bald patches appear on the eyebrows. Taking into account the durability of the permanent (about a year), with a frequently repeated procedure, one’s own hairs generally stop growing and this, unfortunately, is an irreversible process.

A mistake that can’t be washed away

Our master Elena is often asked by women with a question: how to fix unsuccessful eyebrow microblading. The answer depends on the situation. In the event of scarring on the skin, clients will have several sessions of microblading removal with a remover. At the same time, it is difficult to determine how many sessions are needed to remove pigment. The effectiveness depends on many factors and it is advisable to have the patience and to be prepared for a long recovery and additional spending.

Quite often you can find advertising for microblading in Perth. After a thorough study of the information about this technique, it was decided not to use it in Elite Look. We urge both the masters of our city and everyone who wants to use this service to abandon this barbaric procedure.
The face is not a place for questionable experiments.

Microblading eyebrow tattoo

Below we will explain why microblading tattoo technique is outdated and disappearing service and why you should consider powder eyebrow tattoo instead.

The wave of microblading eyebrow tattoo swept Europe about 7 years ago, and subsequently spread throughout the world. This ancient Asian method of eyebrow pigmentation is offered in hairdressing salons, nail studios and in private beauty parlors.

The sudden popularity of this type of permanent makeup has a reason, which is at the same time a major problem: Immediately after the microblading procedure, the eyebrows look incredibly beautiful. Micro-cuts made in the skin look very thin at first (sometimes even thinner than eyebrow hairs) and are “laid” in a beautiful pattern.

The microblading procedure is carried out using blades or scalpels. The skin is incised. A micro-incision appears in the skin tissue and colouring pigments are introduced into it. The skin’s natural reaction to an incision is to instantly tighten to close the wound as soon as possible. Therefore, the lines appear very thin immediately after the procedure.
The skin responds to any damage with an instant attempt to heal by any means available to it. And the first of these is the formation of connective tissue in order to restore the damaged skin barrier as quickly as possible. The micro-incision is filled to restore the outer protective layer of the skin. A scar forms at the site of injury. And this happens every time the incision penetrates into the middle and lower layers of the skin.

After complete healing of microblading, the skin is covered with micro scars throughout the area where the microblading was done, which is a normal physiological response to damage to the skin layers. This could be compared to a broken vase, which was carefully glued with glue. From a distance, the vase looks great, but at close look the glued places are clearly visible.

Clients who want to do microblading eyebrow tattoo removal come to us more and more often. Fortunately, people are learning in advance about the possible negative consequences of microblading and are refusing to proceed with the procedure. More and more men and women understand and see on the faces of their acquaintances and on the Internet the real picture after the healing of microblading, and do not allow themselves to be misled by advertising photographs of fresh works.

And the sad fact is that so many people who believe in pretty pictures are wearing the effects of flawed microblading on their faces.

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