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Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting in Perth

Each woman is unique and beautiful in her own way, but in order for others to appreciate the advantages of her appearance, they must be presented correctly.

Eyebrows play an important role in the perception of beautiful facial features. With their form, they emphasise and complete the harmonious perception of the face as a whole.

Elite Look in Perth provides an entire spectrum of services for eyebrows and eyelashes: Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash tinting or Lash tint, Eyebrow waxing & Eyelash lift.

Nature gives someone a bright and attractive appearance, and turns someone into a “grey mouse”, usually these are fair-haired girls who all their lives do not part with mascara and eyebrow dye. Red-haired beauties, of course, were a little more fortunate, but among them, you rarely find a girl who naturally has dark brown eyebrows or eyelashes. Therefore, it is very important to emphasise the colour of the eyebrows and eyelashes in order to make the facial features even brighter and more expressive.

Eyebrow tinting and lash tinting solves all issues associated with eyebrow and eyelash makeup for at least three weeks.

The procedure is carried out using a special dye. In addition to pigments, it contains nutrients that minimise the negative effects of chemicals on eyebrows and eyelashes.

Brow Tinting and Lash Tinting Perth

Choice of eyebrow dye colour

The relevance of the choice of eyebrow dye colour is primarily necessary for natural blondes, fair-haired and red-haired women. Eyebrow and eyelash dye will help transform every woman and become her assistant in creating a unique image.

Eyebrow tint in no time lends the appearance of darker, thicker and more robust arches by dyeing both the hairs and the skin underneath. On top of that you won’t need to do pencilling your brows between dye jobs.

Time saver

Even with the most ideal quality of cosmetics, it takes a lot of time, nerves and money to apply makeup on a daily basis. Sometimes you need to apply makeup a few times during the day especially after gym or beach. Considerable effort has to be spent on removing makeup at the end of the day, during that the delicate skin of the eyelids is daily stretched which causes undesirable results in long term. Lash tint
and Eyebrow tint will stay all day, you do not need to check on your makeup during the day or remove it in the evening.

Eyelash Tinting and Eyebrow Tinting price.

Save your precious time and money with the best alternative to makeup. Your eyebrows and eyelashes will have an ideal look during the entire day even in the gym and beach.

Eyebrow Tint and Lash Tint Perth

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What is the most versatile eyebrow tinting method?

Classic method is tinting with dye. This is a versatile eyebrow shade correction method that suits everyone, regardless of skin type, hair type or shape. The dye is also suitable for allergy sufferers, as there are a lot of hypoallergenic products on the market now. A huge assortment allows you to choose the right shade for everyone. The dye only dyes the hairs, which is great for girls with thick eyebrows who do not need to adjust the shape and fill in the space between the hairs. Cons – this technique does not imply the possibility of changing the shape of the eyebrow, since the dye does not stain the skin.

The dye better tint the skin with uneven texture, dehydration and flaking, and is easier to correct in the process. Paint stains the skin more noticeably than henna, it can be used to make a clear graphic line.

Who eyebrow henna tinting is suitable for?

“Henna eyebrow tinting works well for the most natural effect and for those who naturally have thick eyebrows. If you haven’t ruined the natural shape of your eyebrows, then it is best to do light correction and toning with henna. Henna stains very softly, which will allow you to emphasise the natural shape or slightly correct it, ” says Elena, eyebrow artist at Elite Look.

“With experience, I realised that the difference in tinting with dye or henna is more technical and more noticeable to the master than to the client. It is believed that henna tinting lasts longer, but it all depends on the characteristics of the skin, lifestyle and exposure time. Henna tints the skin more natural and softer, stays on the hairs for a longer time, ” says Elena.

Henna is not very suitable for women with oily and porous skin. With these types of skin, it lingers in the pores, and as a result, the pattern is “point-to-point” and looks unnatural. In addition, henna does not tint to oily skin very well, the colouring pigment “runs away” almost immediately after tinting. “The main advantages of henna are rich dark colours, which are ideal for brunettes with thick eyebrows, colouring not only the hairs but also the skin surface, as well as natural, organic composition. One of the cons – unfortunately, sometimes the result of tinting with henna is unpredictable, for example, light shades can have a greenish tint, ” warns Elena.

If there is nothing at all left from your own eyebrows, or they are very light, what kind of tinting procedure is suitable for you?

If, for some reason, the woman’s eyebrows do not grow, or she does not have enough colour, then you can resort to permanent makeup. “For those who have no eyebrows or have big gaps, powder eyebrows tattoo is a suitable option. It is important to understand that microblading tattoo is very noticeable on the face, and doing this type of eyebrow tattoo more than one or two times is risky, since the skin can begin to scar from cuts in the same place. So powder eyebrows is the best option in this situation,” says Elena.
“Microblading tattoo is a radical eyebrow correction procedure that is not recommended for a number of conditions, for example, pregnancy and lactation, blood diseases, diabetes mellitus, allergy to anaesthetics,” says the leading master and trainer of Elite Look.

Lash lift procrdure

A lash lifting is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for modern women. The condition of the eyes is an important component of the images of any woman, and lush eyelashes will make the eyes look more expressive. Interest in this area is growing every year.

Every woman looks for different ways to look more beautiful. An eyelash lift is a great method to look beautiful and stylish. After all, it has many advantages over other methods such as extension. As a new trend in the beauty industry, eyelash lift is perfectly in line with its expectations. Among its advantages are:

1) the procedure doesn’t take too much time;

2) the procedure requires little effort;

3) eyelash lifting makes it possible to get any desired result.

Woman can change the shape of the eyelashes and their curl by eyelash lift procedure, which makes the eyes as expressive and open as possible, emphasising the individuality of any girl. The eyelash lift and tint is a secondary self-care process. The eyelash lift curls the eyelashes towards the eyebrows during the procedure. This makes them look fluffier and longer. If a woman is tired of routine makeup, then an eyelash lift is the best option in such a situation. It is possible to choose the shade of the eyelashes, which will improve the final result.

The beautician separates the upper and lower lashes with a silicone pad. Then she begins to form a deeper curl. In this case, special lotions are used that contain the necessary chemicals. Each of these lotions is applied for ten minutes. The whole procedure does not exceed thirty minutes. This eyelash lift retains its properties for eight to twelve weeks. The durability of the result depends on how quickly the eyelashes grow and regenerate. You can try to prolong the result using special serum for eyelash growth.

Eyebrow henna tint

Henna is actively used as a means for dyeing eyebrows. It is fashionable, it is safe, it is durable and, after all, it is beautiful! The face looks more expressive and memorable after the procedure.

What is henna eyebrow tint

Henna is a dye made from the leaves of the Indian lausonia bush. A main feature of the of henna is its safety for hair and skin. It helps to improve blood micro circulation, relieves tension from the walls of blood vessels located close to the skin. The effect of strengthening the hair follicles is often noted by people when using henna. Henna helps to restore the hair structure after chemical dye.

The procedure of henna eyebrow tint is highly advisable for those who need to restore their eyebrows after unsuccessful plucking. It will perfectly hide the absence of hairs. If you cannot boast of gorgeous eyebrows or do not like their shape, then henna eyebrow tint will do its job perfectly. The advantage of henna is also that it does not have a negative effect on the skin and is women during pregnancy if the procedures are carried out no more than twice a month. The only contraindication is individual henna intolerance which is very rear.

Eyebrow wax Perth

Eyebrow waxing benefits and secrets:

Eyebrow shaping with wax is an easy and quick way to create an expressive look and emphasise the image.

The beautiful shape of the eyebrows is the key to a successful look, so eyebrow masters pay close attention to removing excess hairs. Eyebrow shaping with wax guarantees long-lasting results and takes less time than plucking with tweezers.

Eyebrow wax Perth

Correctly performed waxing will get rid of unwanted hair for a long time and maintain the ideal shape of the eyebrows.

Professional wax Brow Henna will help you create the perfect shape. Even the smallest hair can be removed with the waxing procedure, and the effect lasts for a long time – up to 3 weeks. After high-quality eyebrow wax, clients coming back to us again and again, because after regular procedures the hair becomes thinner and grows back not so hard and dark.

Please note that waxing is not recommended for people with sensitive skin prone to rosacea, as well as with obvious damage to the epidermis – scratches, wounds and rashes. Also, do not wax during regeneration after microblading or tattooing.

The benefits of eyebrow waxing Perth

So why more and more eyebrow waxing specialists prefer wax correction to other methods – the usual plucking with tweezers etc.?

Among the advantages of waxing, there are several main ones:

Efficiency. After hair removal with wax, the next procedure will only be required after 15-30 days. If you regularly wax, after a while you will notice that your hair is significantly thinning and lightening.
Speed. Removing eyebrows with wax by an experienced master will take only 15-20 minutes.
The shape. You can give your brows any shape because waxing is very convenient. Raising the ponytail, increasing the break in the eyebrow, or making a softer arch are no problem.
Price. The affordable price of wax and consumables allows you to buy high-quality materials.