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Eyelash Tinting and Eyebrow Tinting in Perth

Services: Lash Tinting and Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting and lash tinting, unlike tweezing, or threading, is a service that does not remove hair (although it can be done in conjunction with waxing), a semi-permanent plant-based dye is used to enhance tone, the shape, and thickness of your eyebrows.

Each woman is unique and beautiful in her own way, but in order for others to appreciate the advantages of her appearance, they must be presented correctly.

Eyebrows play an important role in the perception of beautiful facial features. With their form, they emphasise and complete the harmonious perception of the face as a whole.

Elite Look in Perth provides an entire spectrum of services for eyebrows and eyelashes: Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash tinting or Lash tint, Eyebrow waxing & Eyelash lift.

Nature gives someone a bright and attractive appearance, and turns someone into a “grey mouse”, usually these are fair-haired girls who all their lives do not part with mascara and eyebrow dye. Red-haired beauties, of course, were a little more fortunate, but among them, you rarely find a girl who naturally has dark brown eyebrows or eyelashes. Therefore, it is very important to emphasise the colour of the eyebrows and eyelashes in order to make the facial features even brighter and more expressive.

Eyebrow tinting and lash tinting solves all issues associated with eyebrow and eyelash makeup for at least three weeks.

The procedure is carried out using a special dye. In addition to pigments, it contains nutrients that minimise the negative effects of chemicals on eyebrows and eyelashes.

Brow Tinting and Lash Tinting Perth
Choice of eyebrow dye colour

The relevance of the choice of eyebrow dye colour is primarily necessary for natural blondes, fair-haired and red-haired women. Eyebrow and eyelash dye will help transform every woman and become her assistant in creating a unique image.

Eyebrow tint in no time lends the appearance of darker, thicker and more robust arches by dyeing both the hairs and the skin underneath. On top of that you won’t need to do pencilling your brows between dye jobs.

Time saver

Even with the most ideal quality of cosmetics, it takes a lot of time, nerves and money to apply makeup on a daily basis. Sometimes you need to apply makeup a few times during the day especially after gym or beach. Considerable effort has to be spent on removing makeup at the end of the day, during that the delicate skin of the eyelids is daily stretched which causes undesirable results in long term. Lash tint
and Eyebrow tint will stay all day, you do not need to check on your makeup during the day or remove it in the evening.

Eyelash Tinting and Eyebrow Tinting price.

Save your precious time and money with the best alternative to makeup. Your eyebrows and eyelashes will have an ideal look during the entire day even in the gym and beach.

Eyebrow Tint and Lash Tint Perth

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What is the most versatile eyebrow tinting method?

Classic method is tinting with dye. This is a versatile eyebrow shade correction method that suits everyone, regardless of skin type, hair type or shape. The dye is also suitable for allergy sufferers, as there are a lot of hypoallergenic products on the market now. A huge assortment allows you to choose the right shade for everyone. The dye only dyes the hairs, which is great for girls with thick eyebrows who do not need to adjust the shape and fill in the space between the hairs. Cons – this technique does not imply the possibility of changing the shape of the eyebrow, since the dye does not stain the skin.

The dye better tint the skin with uneven texture, dehydration and flaking, and is easier to correct in the process. Paint stains the skin more noticeably than henna, it can be used to make a clear graphic line.

Who eyebrow henna tinting is suitable for?

“Henna eyebrow tinting works well for the most natural effect and for those who naturally have thick eyebrows. If you haven’t ruined the natural shape of your eyebrows, then it is best to do light correction and toning with henna. Henna stains very softly, which will allow you to emphasise the natural shape or slightly correct it, ” says Elena, eyebrow artist at Elite Look.

“With experience, I realised that the difference in tinting with dye or henna is more technical and more noticeable to the master than to the client. It is believed that henna tinting lasts longer, but it all depends on the characteristics of the skin, lifestyle and exposure time. Henna tints the skin more natural and softer, stays on the hairs for a longer time, ” says Elena.

Henna is not very suitable for women with oily and porous skin. With these types of skin, it lingers in the pores, and as a result, the pattern is “point-to-point” and looks unnatural. In addition, henna does not tint to oily skin very well, the colouring pigment “runs away” almost immediately after tinting. “The main advantages of henna are rich dark colours, which are ideal for brunettes with thick eyebrows, colouring not only the hairs but also the skin surface, as well as natural, organic composition. One of the cons – unfortunately, sometimes the result of tinting with henna is unpredictable, for example, light shades can have a greenish tint, ” warns Elena.

If there is nothing at all left from your own eyebrows, or they are very light, what kind of tinting procedure is suitable for you?

If, for some reason, the woman’s eyebrows do not grow, or she does not have enough colour, then you can resort to permanent makeup. “For those who have no eyebrows or have big gaps, powder eyebrows tattoo is a suitable option. It is important to understand that microblading tattoo is very noticeable on the face, and doing this type of eyebrow tattoo more than one or two times is risky, since the skin can begin to scar from cuts in the same place. So powder eyebrows is the best option in this situation,” says Elena.
“Microblading tattoo is a radical eyebrow correction procedure that is not recommended for a number of conditions, for example, pregnancy and lactation, blood diseases, diabetes mellitus, allergy to anaesthetics,” says the leading master and trainer of Elite Look.

Eyebrow henna tint

Henna is actively used as a means for dyeing eyebrows. It is fashionable, it is safe, it is durable and, after all, it is beautiful! The face looks more expressive and memorable after the procedure.

What is henna eyebrow tint

Henna is a dye made from the leaves of the Indian lausonia bush. A main feature of the of henna is its safety for hair and skin. It helps to improve blood micro circulation, relieves tension from the walls of blood vessels located close to the skin. The effect of strengthening the hair follicles is often noted by people when using henna. Henna helps to restore the hair structure after chemical dye.

The procedure of henna eyebrow tint is highly advisable for those who need to restore their eyebrows after unsuccessful plucking. It will perfectly hide the absence of hairs. If you cannot boast of gorgeous eyebrows or do not like their shape, then henna eyebrow tint will do its job perfectly. The advantage of henna is also that it does not have a negative effect on the skin and is women during pregnancy if the procedures are carried out no more than twice a month. The only contraindication is individual henna intolerance which is very rear.

Eyebrow tinting, how does it work?

The eyebrow tinting makes your eyebrows look thicker and darker, but does not change the shape or make them seem more populated if you have little hair. With eyebrow tinting, you dye your eyebrows the colour you want, following the shape of your natural eyebrows. Ideal if you want to say goodbye to the eyebrow pencil for a season.

But if what you want is to have wider or longer eyebrows, with the tint you will not have this result. This treatment is perfect if you have defined eyebrows, but they are light, and you would like to have them darker. You just have to choose the colour with which you would like to fill your eyebrows with personality, et voilà! Say yes to a look of 10.

Practicality becomes the top benefit par excellence. And is that if you are one of those who make up daily, you can say goodbye to the eyebrow brush for a little while. In addition, the eyebrow tint is also a good solution if you are looking to cover or hide grey hair a little.

How long does the eyebrow tint last?

Eyebrow tinting, meanwhile, can last up to a month, the time it takes for eyebrow hair to grow back. At the end with the eyebrow tinting, you are dyeing your natural eyebrows. Therefore, until your eyebrows grow, you can shine the colour with which you have dyed them. And when does the dye start to wear off? Don’t worry! You can go back to the salon to get us touched up.

Brow tinting is a super quick treatment. In just 15-20 minutes you can show off defined eyebrows with more personality up to a month after doing the treatment, the time it takes for eyebrow hairs to grow back. Although if you want them to last even longer, there are certain tricks that will help you!

And as for the color?

With the eyebrow tinting, you can choose the colour you want, because you are going to dye the entire eyebrow. So if you want a darker colour than you have, go ahead! Be that as it may, you can always ask your stylist for advice to see which shade might suit you best.

Well, it depends – depending on how you look at it. And in this case, it basically is what you want to achieve with the treatment. If you are looking for a more natural finish, opt for a tint that is the same colour as your natural eyebrows; and if instead, you are one of those who dare with any look, you can play with different shades. Either way, your stylist will recommend the shade that may suit you best according to your preferences.

Please note that the colour may take a few days to see exactly how it is, so be patient, and enjoy! In addition, it is recommended that in order for the result to be what you are looking for, you turn to professionals and avoid disappointments!

Frequently asked questions about lash tinting and eyebrow tinting

eyebrow tinting henna

How long does the lash tint and perm last?

The average duration of the eyebrow and lash tint is four to six weeks, the permanent five or six. On the one hand, they have curled the natural eyelashes from the root accentuating their curvature, on the other, the tint gives them the appearance of wearing mascara providing colour and intensity.

What is eyelash tint?

What is eyelash tint? As the beautician says, it is like a colour bath that serves to add more volume, in addition to intensifying the look and making the eyelashes longer. Its duration is four to six weeks: as time passes, the lashes are naturally smoothed out.

How to make the eyebrow tint last longer?

Don’t rub too hard to avoid fading the eyebrow tint. When you go out during the day, preferably wear a hat and sunscreen, so the tint of your eyebrows will last longer. Another tip to make the eyebrow tint last longer is to use a darker tone, as it will last much longer.

What happens if I put hair dye on my eyelashes?

Severe allergic reactions can cause the eyes to swell, especially when tinting the eyelashes. One of the most common contraindications to the chemicals used to tint eyebrows or eyelash hair is inflammation of the area due to an allergic reaction.

What is it called when eyebrows are tinted?

The “microblading” or eyebrow tattoo allows both to shape and fill the eyebrow in those points where it is necessary, without great damage to the skin and with a finish that goes completely unnoticed.

What does eyebrow tint do?

The eyebrow tint makes your eyebrows look more like and more, but it does not change the form or make them look more populated if you have little hair. With dye you tint your eyebrows the color you want, following the shape of your natural eyebrows. Ideal if you want to say goodbye to the eyebrow pencil for a season

How long does the design and eyebrow dye last?

The eyebrow dye is a super rapid treatment. In just about 15-20 minutes you can wear defined eyebrows with more personality from four to up to six weeks after doing the treatment, the time it takes the hairs of the eyebrows to grow back.

What dye is used for eyebrows?

Henna-based eyebrow dye is ideal for people with somewhat thick eyebrows. Likewise, Henna contains natural components that favor hair growth. However, some people should refrain from using this product, those who use acid-based cream or that have fatty skin.

eyebrow tinting perth

How lash lift is performed?

Two silicone pads are placed next to the lashes, one on each upper eyelid. …
Next, the eyelashes are stretched over the molds, so that they acquire their shape. …
Leave this gel to act for 15 minutes.
Once that time has elapsed, the second gel is applied.

How long does the eyebrow tint last?

The tint takes between 15-20 minutes and a half-hour if you do brows and lashes at the same time. The effect lasts about 6 weeks – the time for hair to fall out or grow back.

How to remove eyelash tint?

Once it has been allowed to act for the necessary time, it is time to remove the dye: carefully remove the eye protectors and remove the excess dye with the help of a dry cotton ball. Subsequently, moisten a cotton ball to finish cleaning the eye and that’s it!

How to remove hair dye from the skin?

Hydrogen peroxide or nail polish remover
Soak a cotton ball with a little shampoo and hydrogen peroxide and rub the stained area gently. Another trick to know how to remove dye stains from nails and finger skin is to use a small amount of acetone or nail polish remover.

How much does eyebrow tinting cost?

Eyebrow tint price starts from $60 and henna brows are $60 as well.

How much does eyelash tinting cost?

The Eyelash tinting price starts from $20.

How much does eyebrow lamination cost?

Eyebrow lamination starts from $90.


Eyebrow wax Perth

Eyebrow waxing benefits and secrets:

Eyebrow shaping with wax is an easy and quick way to create an expressive look and emphasise the image.

The beautiful shape of the eyebrows is the key to a successful look, so eyebrow masters pay close attention to removing excess hairs. Eyebrow shaping with wax guarantees long-lasting results and takes less time than plucking with tweezers.

Eyebrow wax Perth

Correctly performed waxing will get rid of unwanted hair for a long time and maintain the ideal shape of the eyebrows.

Professional wax Brow Henna will help you create the perfect shape. Even the smallest hair can be removed with the waxing procedure, and the effect lasts for a long time – up to 3 weeks. After high-quality eyebrow wax, clients coming back to us again and again, because after regular procedures the hair becomes thinner and grows back not so hard and dark.

Please note that waxing is not recommended for people with sensitive skin prone to rosacea, as well as with obvious damage to the epidermis – scratches, wounds and rashes. Also, do not wax during regeneration after microblading or tattooing.

The benefits of eyebrow waxing Perth

So why more and more eyebrow waxing specialists prefer wax correction to other methods – the usual plucking with tweezers etc.?

Among the advantages of waxing, there are several main ones:

Efficiency. After hair removal with wax, the next procedure will only be required after 15-30 days. If you regularly wax, after a while you will notice that your hair is significantly thinning and lightening.
Speed. Removing eyebrows with wax by an experienced master will take only 15-20 minutes.
The shape. You can give your brows any shape because waxing is very convenient. Raising the ponytail, increasing the break in the eyebrow, or making a softer arch are no problem.
Price. The affordable price of wax and consumables allows you to buy high-quality materials.

Henna brows

Henna brows colouring

As we have already talked about in previous posts, the eyebrows are key to the beauty and symmetry of the face, but they are also one of the most difficult parts to treat for aesthetic professionals. On the one hand, you have to find the eyebrow design that is more in line with the client’s face according to their features, features, etc. and, on the other hand, solve possible defects in shape, quality, quantity … That is why today we are talking about colouring henna eyebrows with
Buy Henna for Eyebrows

Fortunately, more and more eyebrow treatments are emerging that help us care for and improve our clients’ eyebrows and, above all, that allows us to adapt services to different circumstances and types of eyebrows.

Specifically, today we want to tell you about Henna for eyebrows, a service that is a trend and that is being demanded by many clients.

henna brows

What is henna brows, and how is it applied?

Henna is an organic pigment that is used for eyebrow tinting. It comes from the henna plant, it is extracted from pure henna leaves combined with other ingredients to achieve different shades of colour.

It is a natural and not permanent treatment. Its great advantage, compared to other services for eyebrows, is that it is not invasive.

Another of its advantages is that different tones can be created by mixing the colours to achieve the most suitable colour for each client. Henna dyes not only hair and grey hair, but also the skin in the area of ​​application, so the final effect is like a tattoo of the skin and more bushy eyebrows.

To perform the henna service for eyebrows in our beauty centre, we recommend that you use top quality products to achieve the best results and minimise risks with clients.

Specifically, we recommend Emporium brand products that are of high quality, specifically for professionals. They do not contain aggressive chemicals such as ammonia, lead or hydrogen peroxide, and you can find them on our website, both in Kit and separately.

The Complete Henna Kit includes:

5 Shades of henna (dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde and grey)
1 Bevelled Henna Brush
1 Henna Remover
1 cleansing lotion
1 Eyebrow scrub
1 Measuring spoon
1 Pipette
1 Glass mixing glass

All products are also sold separately as a henna powder (6 shades), remover, white cream paste for eyebrow design, cleanser, scrub, etc. Likewise, we also have other articles that can help you with this service, such as coloured thread for eyebrow design.

How is henna applied to eyebrows?

To achieve a professional result, proper training in the correct application of henna on the eyebrows is very important. Here is a summary of the steps to be followed:
Cleaning the eyebrows

The first thing is to clean the client’s eyebrows well, eliminating possible traces of makeup, dirt, grease, etc. and brush the eyebrows very well.
Make the layout

The next step is to design the eyebrow to confirm the area on which we are going to work and prepare the area.
Colour mix

Next, you must make the colour mix that best suits our client’s hair tone.

Then we would begin to apply the mixture on the surface of the eyebrow with a brush, trying not to exceed the delimited area of the eyebrow. If the surrounding skin gets dirty, just pass a swab moistened with the Remover to clean the area.

We let the first coat dry and apply a second coat of the mixture.

The duration of the colouring can vary for each client according to their skin and hair type and care, but it would be up to 3 weeks on the hair and 2 weeks maximum on the skin as long as it is dry skin. In oily skin, the duration of henna on the skin is a maximum of 1 week.

Although it is a natural product, we always recommend conducting an allergy test before each service.

Aftercare is similar to other treatments: do not expose the treated area to the sun in the first 24 hours, avoid oil-based makeup removers, avoid heat, steam or sauna treatments and do not rub the area.

henna brows

Differences between Microblading and henna

Henna is an excellent option for people looking to highlight their eyebrows without resorting to other more permanent or invasive techniques such as microblading . But it is also a perfect technique as a previous step since it allows to see the effect of the more marked eyebrow and allows the client to see and get used to it before undergoing a more permanent treatment.

Thanks to the shading and filling effect that is achieved with henna, it is ideal for people with sparsely populated eyebrows and for those whose hair colour is too light and does not stand out with the skin of the face, something that cannot be corrected by the same way with microblading.

Henna is also an alternative to traditional eyebrow tint. It does not contain ammonia, nor many of the chemicals that do appear in the composition of traditional dye, so it is often recommended for people with sensitivity to chemicals.

We hope that you have found the content of this post interesting, do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information about the product or our cervices.