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Services: A Cosmetic Tattoo Lash Line Enhancement

Eyeliner tattoo in Perth

Eyeliner tattoo allows for many women to achieve what everyone admires – the graceful arrows that give the look a mesmerising appeal. Not everyone succeeds in drawing fine lines beautifully and accurately every time and every day. Sometimes you just do not have enough time to create a piece of art before going to an important meeting or for a date. There is a perfect solution – this is permanent makeup.
Eyeliner tattoo or also called lash line enhancement cosmetic tattoo is a jewellery craft. It seems to be just a line, but there are so many nuances in it! Literally one millimetre can ruin everything, and with the same millimetre, on the contrary, you transform your eyes!

Eyeliner tattoo is a permanent makeup of the space between the eyelashes – filling in a thin line with pigment, as close as possible to the edge of eyelash growth. It looks natural, but at the same time makes the eyes more expressive and the eyelashes thicker.
Eyeliner tattoo amazingly transforms your eyes and overall look.

Eyeliner tattoo of the upper or lower eyelids is a real godsend for modern women who are faced with a constant lack of time. The procedure for injecting the pigment under the skin will make the look attractive, and the eyelashes will be more effective and voluminous. In this case, the need for the use of decorative cosmetics is minimised.

It should be noted that the result after an eyeliner tattoo will last for a long time – at least for a couple of years, and in some cases for five years. For how long eyeliner tattoo last is individual and depends on many factors, including the woman’s age, skin type and the depth of pigment injection.

Eyeliner tattooing in the before and after photos looks very interesting, but how can you make sure that the procedure is right for you? Before the introduction of the pigment, the master conducts a preliminary test, which allows you to assess the future result, including the colour of the pigment.

Eyeliner tattoo Perth

Permanent eyeliner tattoo is suitable for women with different shape and colour of the eyes :

We take into account the colour of the eyes, eyebrows, and hair. For women with close-set eyes, a clear arrow on the outer corner of the eyes will be perfect. Heavy eyelids make shading easier. A wide arrow is suitable for almond-shaped eyes, and for round eyes, it is better to choose a thin line that starts from the edge of the iris, closer to the outer corner of the eye.

Eyeliner tattoo suits for different skin pigmentation types

Dark-skinned women with thick eyelashes should be prepared for the fact that the eyeliner tattoo may be completely invisible. But for owners of fair skin and hairs, the procedure will be very useful, but you need to be careful when choosing the colour of the pigment, otherwise the result will turn out to be unnatural.

Eyeliner Tattoo Cost

Eyeliner tattoo will allow you to save your precious time and money with the best alternative to makeup. You want need to worry anymore how do you look in the morning or constantly check your makeup during summer heat. Eyeliner tattoo always look perfect, on the late night party and even on the beach in summer.

Eyeliner tattoo cost

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Eyeliner Tattoo photos before and after

Eyeliner tattoo Pros and Cons

Let’s consider the main advantages of eyeliner tattoo in comparison with regular makeup decorative cosmetics:

Persistence. After contact with water (for example, while washing, visiting a beach or swimming pool), the arrows remain in their original form.
Possibility of correction. The result of permanent makeup can be supplemented or modified with a pencil or eyeliner.
Saving time. With tattooing, there is no need to carry out eye makeup, it will be enough only to emphasise the lashes, which significantly reduces the time spent on morning preparations.
Attractive look. As soon as the process of healing of microdamges of the skin after the procedure is over, your lashes visually become thicker, and your look is expressive and bright.
Correction of imperfections. Permanent makeup of the space between the eyelashes perfectly disguises asymmetry and other visual imperfections of the eye.

Remember that eyeliner tattooing of the lower and upper eyelids is performed only by a trained expert. During the procedure, a special tool is used. Its fine needle penetrates the skin and injects the colouring pigment. This manipulation does not affect the circulatory system in any way, which reduces the risk of injury.

When you shouldn't go ahead with eyeliner tattoo

You should not carry out the eyeliner tattoo procedure if you have at least one of the following:

inflammatory process in the body or the presence of tumours;
menstruation or breastfeeding period;
poor blood clotting;
the presence of keloid scars on the skin;
infection of the body with a virus;
disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system;
mental disorders;
therapy with antibiotics.

Keep in mind that after the eyeliner tattoo procedure, there may be unlikely consequences caused primarily by the use of a local anaesthetic:

An allergic reaction;
Haematomas due to too fragile blood vessels;
Swelling and redness of the skin within 14 days after the procedure;
Damage to the cornea, leading to an inflammatory process, if the pigment gets on it;
Uneven arrow shape due to muscle deformation after the application of anaesthetic.

When choosing a master, make sure of his or her professionalism. Poor performance of the procedure may negatively affect the health of your body as a whole. Remember that removing unwanted lines will only be possible with a laser or tattoo remover, you can’t just wash it away with water. And if you like the result, you can enjoy it for several years and save time on makeup.

How to choose the right shade of pigment to make an eyeliner tattoo

After the client has decided on the technique for performing permanent makeup, the master proceeds to choose a shade. Three primary colours are taken as a basis – red, blue and yellow.

To make the desired tone more natural, the specialist adds additional purple, green and orange at his discretion.

A Coloured eyeliner tattoo is performed in accordance with the colour type.

When pigments are mixed and then injected under the epidermis, the resulting colour may differ slightly from the original. It depends on the individual characteristics of the skin. But do not be discouraged, over time, the shade will fade a little and return to normal.

When performing eyeliner tattoo of the lower and upper eyelids, special needles are used. They are of several types:

Modular. Such a needle has a membrane that performs protective functions. Its task is to prevent the penetration of pigment into the parts of the instrument that does not undergo sterilisation.
Separate nozzles. Their main advantage is pain relief. Such a needle has special grooves, due to which a larger amount of pigment is injected when the skin is pierced.
Needles with a base of plastic. They can have from one to three teeth. Great for small strokes and contour lines. Most often they are used for micropigmentation.

How to prepare for eyeliner tattoo

Are you dreaming of an eyeliner tattoo with feathering and looking at photos on the Internet? Make your dream come true! But first, read the information on how to prepare for the procedure. As you remember, tattooing involves the application of microtraumas on the skin of the eyelid, through which the colouring pigment is injected. For skin damage healing to occur as quickly as possible, you need to carefully prepare for the procedure and follow certain rules for caring after it.
Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know before performing permanent makeup:

The type of your epidermis directly affects how long will last the result. It will fade away faster for women with oily skin.
The most ideal time of the year for the procedure is autumn and winter. When exposed to sunlight, skin heal longer, and the pigment takes longer to ‘take root’. If you choose to make an eyeliner tattoo during summer months then you should protect your eyes with sunglasses during the day during the first couple days to one week after the procedure.
Be prepared for sensitive eyelid skin changes after tattooing. It is better to refrain from important business meetings for a couple of days.
The period of menstruation negatively affects the healing of the skin. Cuts then bleed more and can cause discomfort.
A few days before the planned cosmetic procedure, you cannot visit saunas and baths, use peels and scrubs, or stay in the sun for a long time.
Avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, and vasodilators drugs the day before tattooing. Otherwise, the damaged skin will bleed more.
It is strictly forbidden to curl the eyelashes before the procedure.
Contact lenses should not be used on the day of permanent makeup and for about three days afterwards. It is necessary to wait until the edema decreases.

How the procedure of eyeliner tattoo carried out and its stages

How to prepare for eyeliner tattoo

To make the perfect eyeliner tattoo (as in the photo), you need to use only professional tools and materials. Another important criterion is their high quality.

The main tool is a special machine. Devices designed to inject pigment under the skin can be rotary and inductive. The latest generation machines are additionally equipped with hand pieces and can operate in several modes. The set with the unit includes needles that have already passed sterilisation, and their modules of various configurations.

To apply permanent makeup, you will need the following materials:

Local anaesthetics with analgesic effects.
Markers that allow you to create the desired design.
Containers for mixing colouring compositions. Preferably with a dispenser.
Disposable various consumables.
Stand for colourants.

During the procedure, the specialist works in gloves and a face mask. Remember that in order to achieve the desired result of eyeliner tattoo, all materials must be of high quality and hypoallergenic, and the tools must be completely serviceable.
Another important criterion for quality work is the accuracy of the master. The procedure time varies from 45 minutes to a couple of hours. Do not forget about the preliminary consultation, which is not included in this time. During it, a sensitivity test will be performed to help prevent an allergic reaction to the components used.

The stages of eyelash tattooing can be found in the Web. We’ll take a quick look at each of them.

1. Preliminary consultation with a specialist, conducting a test for allergy to dye formulations.

The main goal of this stage is to determine a possible allergic reaction. Its duration is at least half an hour. If it was possible to establish that the pigment is not an allergen for your body, the master will proceed directly to the procedure.

In addition to such tests, at the consultation, you will be told about the preparation of the skin for the procedure, caring for it after it, and you, together with a specialist, choose the desired shape and shade of the tattoo.

2. Application of anaesthetic.

First you need to clean and disinfect the skin in the work area. After that, you should apply an anaesthetic in the form of an ointment or gel, which has an analgesic effect.

Local anaesthesia with a gel consistency will not work immediately. Wait 5 to 15 minutes.

3. Performing a tattoo of the space between the eyelashes.

A pigment is injected into the upper layers of the skin with a needle of a special machine. This is done in accordance with the previously outlined sketch. The minimum time taken to complete this stage is one hour.

4. Application of agents that promote accelerated healing for damaged skin.

After the procedure, a soothing and wound-healing agent is applied to the skin. Remember that eyelash tattooing requires special care. The specialist will inform you in detail about this.

A month after the procedure, you need to contact the tattoo artist again. He will be able to evaluate the wound healing process and, if necessary, correct the resulting pattern. Follow the instructions of a specialist, and the result will delight you for many years.

Eyeliner tattoo aftercare

The number one advice for the eyeliner tattoo aftercare is never allow tap water to get in the tattoo area.

It is very important to properly hygiene the eyes and eyelids, otherwise the risk of infection after eyeliner tattoo in the damaged skin increases. Water treatments are allowed only after the crusts have formed. This process usually takes a couple of days.

Until this moment, it is necessary to treat the skin with an antiseptic, for example, chlorhexidine, by applying it on a clean cotton pad. Do this regularly and at least 8 times a day. After the formation of crusts, it is still better to refuse from tap water and use boiled or bottled water.
Baths, saunas and beach are prohibited. A hot bath should also be avoided. But don’t despair, you can take a shower.
Physical activity is allowed to resume only after two weeks.

This is due to the sweat generated during training. With excessive work of the sebaceous glands, the likelihood of infection of damaged skin and deterioration of the appearance of the tattoo increases.
Do not use any cosmetics until the skin is completely healed.
Do not try to accelerate the formation of crusts by using alcohol-based products.

This method can greatly harm the condition of your skin. Alcohol is contraindicated for injured and sensitive skin, because its use can lead to dryness, as well as burns to the eyelid and mucous membrane of the eye. Use antiseptics such as chlorhexidine or miramistin to wipe the tattoo area.
Special products containing panthenol, for example, “Bepanten”, “D-panthenol” or tetracycline ointment, will help speed up the healing of the skin.

For those who dream of an expressive and bright look, we recommend considering doing an eyeliner tattoo. The appearance before and after the procedure is radically different. But remember that it will only be possible to maintain the good result for a long time with proper care.