About permanent makeup. Part 2.

About permanent makeup. Part 2.

Permanent makeup tattoo

How long will permanent makeup last?

The duration depends on many factors: quality of work, proper skincare, and individual characteristics. You should know that “permanent makeup” will not stay with you forever. On average, its duration ranges from 12 months to 3.5 years.

Are there any contraindications for permanent makeup?

There are quite a few! It is imperative that you first consult with the master, who must give you a full list of contraindications, including:

– serious diseases (AIDS, diabetes, hepatitis, and others)
– exacerbation of herpes
– pregnancy, breastfeeding
– taking blood-thinning medications
– tendency to allergic reactions.

In addition, it is not recommended carrying out the procedure during “critical days” when sensitivity is increased, and on the day of the procedure, you should not drink coffee and alcohol.

Pros and Cons of permanent makeup.

– if you don’t have enough time to put on makeup in the morning, permanent makeup is the way out. Experts say that it saves an average of 30 minutes a day;
– thanks to the “permanent makeup”, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts will be able to look good during competitions or outdoor activities;
– permanent makeup will help to avoid the choice between “beautiful” and “comfortable” on summer vacations: it will not melt under the sun and will not be washed off by seawater;
– allergy sufferers suffering from a reaction to decorative cosmetics, thanks to permanent makeup, will forget about problems (though they should not be allergic to permanent makeup pigment and anesthesia);
– permanent makeup will help to correct those appearance flaws with which you are unhappy.


– possible sudden allergy reaction to pigment or anaesthesia, even if you did a preliminary test;
– for some time after the procedure (first couple days), you will look, to put it mildly, not a screen star and may not be able to go to the Oscar ceremony;
– there is always the risk of herpes on the lips after a lip tattoo;
– there is always a chance that you will not like the result, and after all, with the resulting shape of the eyes, eyebrows, or lips, you will have to live for several more months or even year years, and you will not be able to change them according to your mood or in the light of new trends. A permanent makeup removal service can always help you though.