Eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo in Perth

Why women do permanent eyebrow makeup?
Problems can be both serious and simple at first glance. There are many people and the same reasons. Eyebrow tattooing is the most effective way to achieve the desired result, and an excellent solution to the tasks.

In what cases is the eyebrow tattoo procedure done?
-With complete absence of hairs in the eyebrow area. For example, with diseases, hormonal disruptions, and so on.

– Sensitive skin in the eye area, that is, a pronounced allergic reaction to cosmetics. It can manifest as redness, swelling, itching, and other symptoms. For such people, makeup can come as an unpleasant surprise every time, even when they use proven cosmetics.
-With poor eyesight. With this pathology, certain difficulties sometimes arise when applying makeup in the eye area.

-Visual lifting without surgery. This is not from the realm of fantasy, but a really working method. Indeed, with age, the skin of the face loses its elasticity, and the eyebrows go down. They can be returned to their place with the help of a tattoo, that is, to make a pigment line just above the drooping eyebrows. This little trick allows you to drop at least a few years!

-The shape of the eyebrows affects the facial expression. Some people have a very kind, angry, serious, or piercing look. Of course, facial expressions play an important role, but the eyebrows are still the final cut. Therefore, some people may change their facial expression by performing an eyebrow tattoo.

-Permanent makeup is an excellent alternative to cosmetic products, and this is already a real money saving. After completing the procedure once, you do not need to buy forever ending pencils, mascaras and other products. In addition, you will no longer need to get up earlier or set aside a separate time to apply makeup. Everything is very simple.

Hair technique plus an experienced master and eyebrows like real ones!
Experience, talent and skill of the master, coupled with execution, allows you to achieve a natural result. The dye is applied to the surface layer of the skin, forming fine lines. They mimic hairs in both direction and position.

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo is somewhat similar to a tattoo, but equipment with a thinner needle is used to perform it, the pigment is not applied deeply. Therefore, the procedure is painless and does not contribute to the formation of edema, redness. If the client has sensitive skin and a low pain threshold, the master will treat the prepared area with an anaesthetic gel, in this case, injections are not performed.

The main stage and the most difficult moment
To obtain a natural result, it is necessary to correctly choose the shape of future eyebrows, their density, colour and a smooth transition from one to another shade. Having correctly defined all the selected criteria, it is difficult to distinguish eyebrows after tattooing from real eyebrows.

The most difficult point is that the injected pigment does not stay in the skin for long. Therefore, the lines are shaded after a certain time. Due to this, the effect of haze is obtained, the result resembles the technique of “rocking”. Plus, it is quite difficult to hit the same line with a needle several times, forming a hair. To achieve and consolidate the desired result, two procedures are required (primary and correction).

Why does the pigment blur?

There are two reasons for the formation of streaks after the procedure. The first is oily skin, the second is that the younger it is, the greater the risk of getting a blending effect, reminiscent of a solid line of a cosmetic pencil. If the hairs are not clearly drawn after the first session, this defect is corrected for correction. Sometimes the strokes are done anew, in some cases the master uses the “shaking” technique.

In addition to the options already considered, there may be other reasons that affect the formation of hairs with a dye. You can find out about them by reading the following articles: “Possible complications after the procedure” and “The pigment is not fixed in the skin?”


Skillfully done work is invisible to people around. The masters perform the manipulations so carefully that the eyebrows after Ombre eyebrow tattoo look natural. The colour palette of dyes is fully consistent with natural shades, and the shape follows the natural curves. It is necessary to understand that after the procedure the pigment is more saturated, but after a while it will definitely brighten. The strokes will look softer.
Stages of the procedure.
Any cosmetic procedure has certain stages. And they need to be done to get a high level of service. They affect not only the work of the master, but also the final result. Sometimes small inaccuracies can even derail a scheduled session. For example, the client’s lack of punctuality, not knowing certain points, and so on. Therefore, we advise you to familiarise yourself with some points.

First steps to successful cooperation
First, you need to make an appointment, choosing a convenient time and date. Then, it is very important to arrive at the appointed hour, without delay. Indeed, a certain amount of time is allotted to complete the procedure. It should be understood that being late will shorten the selected window. The master may simply not meet the remaining gap, since there are other clients behind you who are waiting for timely service.

The next step is preparation for the procedure. The specialist will give you an informed consent for reading and offer you a cup of tea. After getting acquainted with the document, the master listens to your wishes and preferences, while preparing the sketch with special pencils. It reflects the shape and colour of the eyebrows. When the sketch fully meets the established requirements, and you approve it, only after that the tattooing procedure will begin.

When shaping the eyebrow, you can use various techniques and combine them. For example, the density of strokes, their number. The drawing of hairs can be clear or shaded, as well as combine one with the other.

Are pain relievers used during the powder brow tattooing procedure?
For a more comfortable manipulation, the master treats the required area with an anaesthetic gel. Lidocaine acts as the main anaesthetic component. Therefore, there is practically no pain during the procedure.

Sometimes there are exceptions. For example, a low pain threshold, but in this case, the sensations are similar to plucking hairs. The procedure usually takes an hour and a half. Upon completion, the master will give recommendations on how to take care of the tattoo during recovery.

The eyebrow tattoo done in our studio lightens from several months to two years, but to maintain the result of the hair technique, correction is required more often. It is necessary to take into account not only the parameters of the skin and the body as a whole, but also the lifestyle, the number of hours of exposure to sunlight. Basically, permanent makeup lasts twelve months if the initial procedure and correction have been carried out.