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Eyebrow tattoo healing stages, healing process, and aftercare.

Eyebrow tattoo healing process, and aftercare.

eyebrow tattoo healing

If you are thinking of visiting a permanent makeup specialist for eyebrow tattoo work, you may be interested in how long to wait before your eyeliner heals and looks the way you want. Since the procedure consists basically in the creation of a wound to the surface of the skin; it will usually take a while to fully heal.

Before the procedure.

There is a lot you can do before undergoing permanent eyeliner to ensure your skin recovers as quickly as possible. For starters, don’t rush the procedure. You need to anticipate that an average tattoo session takes around two hours, so you should plan your schedule accordingly. It is also not recommended that you dye or remove hair from the area for at least two weeks before your appointment with your esthetician. This naturally implies that you should not use tweezers, wax and much less electrolysis in this and any other area where you are going to apply permanent makeup.

During the procedure.

The method varies depending on the permanent liner specialist; But the procedure itself will generally take about two hours; this from start to finish. It will begin by cleaning the surface, placing guides, and defining the shape your brows will eventually take. Then you will apply topical anesthesia. After waiting a few seconds for the medication to take effect, the specialist will use a tattoo machine to “tap” the iron oxide pigment lightly under the surface of the skin. After several “coats”, a sufficient amount of pigment is retained by the skin, giving a natural appearance to the silhouette of your eyebrows.
After the procedure.

Most women continue with their normal life the same day after treatment. Others will experience mild swelling that will go away in a couple of days. Clients who are assiduous to permanent eyeliner tend to return to work very soon after receiving treatment; but since the intensity and color of the eyeliner is more pronounced in the immediate hours of application, they adjust the look with some traditional makeup. Others decide to wait 24 hours before returning to their activities or until the wound heals and shows its final appearance.

Changes in pigments.

When evaluating your eyeliner tattoo work immediately after the procedure, you will notice that the color is very intense and the lines are thicker than you imagined. As well. You will notice a change in a couple of days. Excess pigment that changes the appearance of the color will come off during the crusting process. The skin will recover during 48 and up to 72 hours after the procedure and the layer of skin that heals over those of iron oxide pigments, will reduce the color considerably. When the swelling goes away, the lines will thin.

Moving forward little by little.

Generally; the final appearance of your eyebrows will be ready in about four days. The skin has almost completely healed at this point and the lining will be imperceptible. Pigments will soften over time; until it diminishes in a couple of months to the final intensity level. In about nine months, the tattoo can be so light as to require touch-ups; especially if you are not very dedicated to sun protection or if you do facials a lot.

Important factors for recovery.

The exact healing time for your eyeliner will depend on a variety of health factors. The individual’s experience of inflammation (and sometimes minor bruising) can be affected by age, usual diet, medications taken while carrying out the procedure, and hormonal action. As a general rule of thumb, the younger the person undergoing treatment, the faster the healing. The normal aging process brings with it looser skin, less circulation, and slow cell turnover, extending recovery time.


Take care of your permanent eyeliner. Ice packs feel good, but try to be nice. Overcooling your skin can cause damage by causing ice crystals to form on the tissue. Instead of applying ice, use soggy tea bags, a clean damp cloth, or a gel pack that you have placed in the refrigerator – not the freezer. Apply some healing ointment on a regular basis and be sure to notify your esthetician immediately if you notice signs of an allergic reaction. Keep your face clean, but never rub the treated area. Avoid using products that contain acids or anti-aging formulas and acne control treatments. These contain chemicals that can burn or discolor any tattoo.

eyebrow tattoo healing stages

How to fade permanent eyeliner makeup

Permanent eye makeup fades on its own over time, but if you are unhappy with the appearance of your tattoo, you may want to rush the process. While it may take several treatments to fade or remove the ink, there are a few procedures that will help tone down the look of your permanent makeup.

If you’ve just had the procedure, wait for your eyes to heal. Attempting to remove the tattoo before your eyes have fully healed from the micropigmentation process can lead to irritation as well as further inflammation and even scarring.

Consult your dermatologist about methods to remove the tattoo. There are different ways to fade permanent makeup, but not all methods are safe, especially when you consider the area you are treating. While dermabrasion and salabrasion can remove ink from a tattoo, they are very harsh procedures to use around the eyes. Your dermatologist may be able to perform an acid peel, which in some cases helps remove the ink from your skin.

Spend more time in the sun. This exposure accelerates the fading of the tattoo ink. While it is not recommended that you sunbathe without protection, staying an extra hour or two each day, while using a sunscreen with a filter of at least 30, will help you fade your permanent makeup more quickly.

Consult a certified plastic surgeon to remove the tattoo with a laser. This procedure is considered to be the most effective method to remove unwanted tattoos. Because this is a very sensitive area, you want to make sure you find a surgeon who has the proper knowledge and a good reputation. Inappropriate use of the laser can cause scars, verify that the professional has the necessary training to perform the procedure. You should also be aware that you may need to undergo several sessions before the permanent makeup fades significantly.