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Eyebrow tattoo in Perth from Elite Look

Eyebrow tattoo Perth

Overview of eyebrow tattoos in Perth

Eyebrow tattoos, also known as eyebrow embroidery, microblading, or permanent makeup, have become an extremely popular service in Perth and all over Australia in recent years. Getting your eyebrows tattooed by a trained professional like Elena at Elite Look can totally transform your appearance and enhance your natural facial features.

What are Eyebrow Tattoos?

An eyebrow tattoo is a semi-permanent tattoo applied to the eyebrows using a handheld tattoo machine and specialized pigments. The artist essentially creates hair-like strokes that mimic real eyebrow hairs. The results look very natural, unlike the bold eyebrow tattoos people may think of from years past.

Some common techniques used for modern eyebrow tattoos include:

  • Microblading – Fine strokes are etched into the skin to mimic hairs. Lasts 1-3 years.
  • Powder Brows – A powdered technique creates a soft, fuller look. Lasts 1-2 years.
  • Ombre Brows – A fade from darker to lighter pigment creates a gradient effect. Lasts 1-2 years.

The pigments used today come in various natural shades to match different hair colors. When performed by a highly trained technician like Elena at Elite Look in Perth, no one will know your brows were tattooed unless you tell them!

Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoos

There are many great reasons to get your eyebrow tattoo:

  • Enhance the natural shape – The technician can create symmetry and balance or reshape uneven brows.
  • Create fuller looking brows – Using shading and feathered strokes, tattoos can fill sparse areas.
  • Save time – Wake up with perfect brows daily instead of spending time filling them in!
  • Boost confidence – Brows frame the face and can greatly impact self-esteem.
  • Long lasting results – Although touchups are needed, results last 1-3 years.

Eyebrow tattoos can be life changing for people who have overplucked, have scars, or those with complete hair loss due to medical conditions.

Who is a Good Candidate?

The ideal candidate for eyebrow tattoos has the following:

  • Some natural brow hairs present
  • In good health
  • Realistic expectations

The technician like Elena at Elite Look will assess your brows during a consultation to see if you are suitable. People without any natural brow hairs present would need eyebrow hair simulation, which involves more advanced methods.

Those with certain medical conditions may not be good candidates, including:

  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Pregnancy/nursing
  • Compromised immune system
  • Skin conditions like eczema on the brows

Always disclose your full medical history to find out if eyebrow tattoos would be safe for you.

How Long Do They Last?

On average, eyebrow tattoos can last:

  • Microblading: 1-3 years
  • Powder Brows: 1-2 years
  • Ombre Brows: 1-2 years

However, there are factors that affect longevity:

  • Your skin type – Dry or oily skin can impact how quickly ink fades
  • Sun exposure – UV rays cause fading so always wear SPF
  • Skincare products – Acids, retinoids, etc. speed up exfoliation
  • Lifestyle factors – Sweating, swimming, etc. can cause early fading

To maintain results, most people need a touch up around every 1-2 years. Annual touchups are recommended to keep brows looking their best.

The Eyebrow Tattoo Process

Getting eyebrow tattoo is not a quick process – patience and care is required to get the desired results. The basic steps include:


Clients meet with the technician like Elena at Elite Look for an in-depth consultation before any tattooing is done. The technician will:

  • Evaluate the brows and face shape
  • Discuss goals and desired look
  • Take a full medical history
  • Address any concerns
  • Provide aftercare instructions
  • Price and book appointments

This step is essential for deciding if eyebrow tattoos are right for you.


Eyebrow tattoos involve repeatedly piercing the delicate skin above the brows. Topical anesthetic creams or gels are applied to numb the area and make the process comfortable. The numbing takes about 30 minutes to fully take effect.


Using a handheld microblade or tattoo pen, the technician like Elena will begin carefully applying pigment with hair-like strokes into the epidermis of the skin. It takes precision and skill to create natural looking results. This step can take 2-3 hours.

Touch up

After 4-6 weeks, clients return for a touch up appointment. This allows the technician to see how the pigment has settled and healed. They can then adjust and add pigment to finalize the results.

Eyebrow Tattoo ProcessTimeline
Initial consultation2-3 weeks before first appointment
Numbing at first appointment30 minutes
Initial tattooing session2-3 hours
Touch up session4-6 weeks after first session

How Much Do Eyebrow Tattoos Cost in Perth?

Like any cosmetic tattoo, eyebrow tattoos are an investment. The cost at a reputable studio like Elite Look in Perth typically ranges from $500-$800. Factors affecting price include:

  • Technician’s experience level
  • Extent of work needed
  • Type of technique used

Elena at Elite Look offers eyebrow tattoo deals with special packages or discounts to make it more affordable. For those on a budget, choose a newer technician with lower rates. But for best results, go with an experienced professional like Elena.

The investment is well worth it considering results can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Yearly touchups cost much less than the initial session.

Finding the Right Eyebrow Tattoo Technician in Perth

With this semi-permanent treatment, your technician’s skills and experience matter more than anything. Be very selective about who you allow to tattoo your brows.

Elena at Elite Look is one of the top eyebrow tattoo artists in Perth with years of experience. Here are some key highlights about Elena:

  • Specializes in microblading and powder brows
  • Trained under leading industry experts
  • Has hundreds of happy clients
  • Books up months in advance
  • Her before and after photos are stunning
  • Has perfect 5 star reviews online
  • Uses high quality vegan friendly ink
  • Explains the process clearly at consultations
  • Has an artistic eye for shaping brows

Elena’s portfolio speaks for itself – she is able to create amazingly natural looking eyebrows. Take a look at her work and read testimonials to see why clients rave about her.

Elite Look Eyebrow Tattoo Studio in Perth

Elite Look is Perth’s premier studio for eyebrow tattoos, located in Spearwood. Some key facts:

  • Modern, elegant studio interior
  • Hospital grade sterilisation
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Guest wifi and Netflix available
  • Convenient free parking nearby
  • Extended business hours
  • Hybrid of female and male clientele

Elite Look provides an upscale atmosphere while making clients feel comfortable and informed. Getting your brows tattooed is an artistic process – the environment plays a big role.

This covers the key highlights and good to knows about getting your eyebrows tattooed by a pro like Elena at Elite Look in Perth. With proper research and care, eyebrow tattoos can help you look your best every single day.

Eyebrow tattoo Perth

Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoos in Perth

Getting your eyebrows tattooed by a professional like Elena at Elite Look can totally transform your appearance. There are so many benefits to getting eyebrow tattoos in Perth.

Enhance the Natural Shape

One of the biggest benefits of eyebrow tattoos is shaping and enhancing your natural brows.

Elena is able to assess your brow shape and facial symmetry. She can then strategically apply pigment to:

  • Give brows a perfect arch
  • Extend the tail for length
  • Fill gaps in the brow
  • Make brows even and symmetrical
  • Hide uneven hair growth patterns

Even if you have decent natural brows, a tattoo can take them to the next level and really frame your eyes.

Create Fuller Looking Brows

Some people have naturally sparse or thinning eyebrows. This can be due to overplucking, aging, medical conditions, or just genetics.

Using a microblading or powder brow technique, Elena at Elite Look is able to create the illusion of fuller brows by:

  • Adding individual hair strokes where brows are patchy
  • Using shading to fill and define the shape
  • Extending the front to make brows look thicker
  • Strategically lightening sparse areas with less pigment

The results look so natural that no one can tell you had tattooing done!

Save Time Daily

How long do you spend each day filling in your brows? Five minutes? Ten minutes? Even more? That time adds up over weeks and months.

With an eyebrow tattoo, you can save so much time each day. Wake up looking photo ready without having to do your brows!

You can reclaim all that time to spend on other parts of your routine like:

  • Sleeping in later
  • Enjoying your coffee
  • Putting on eye makeup
  • Styling your hair
  • Spending time with family

An eyebrow tattoo eliminates the need for daily filling and shaping.

Confidence Booster

Your eyebrows frame and accentuate your eyes – which are central to facial beauty. Poorly shaped or sparse brows can negatively impact your appearance and self esteem.

The boost in confidence after having brows tattooed by Elena at Elite Look is incredible. With perfectly shaped, full, symmetrical brows you will feel like the best version of yourself.

Beautiful brows also mean you can confidently:

  • Take photos
  • Appear in videos
  • Go swimming and to the gym
  • Run errands with no makeup on
  • Wake up flawless first thing in the morning

Feeling good about your appearance does wonders for confidence. A subtle brow tattoo can make a world of difference.

Long Lasting Results

While eyebrow tattoos do require maintenance about once a year, the results last far longer than daily brow products.

When performed by an expert like Elena, you can expect eyebrow tattoos last:

  • Microblading: 1-3 years
  • Powder brows: 1-2 years
  • Ombre brows: 1-2 years

This longevity means you get more value for your investment compared to continual costs of brow pencils, gels, pomades etc. that add up quickly.

The convenience of waking up with brows done every day for 1-3 years is unmatched.


Eyebrow tattoos also provide versatility for different circumstances.

You can go as bold or natural as you want. Some options include:

  • A defined yet understated shape for day to day
  • A more dramatic look for events or nights out
  • Extra fullness when you want a glam look
  • Soft shading for a more youthful appearance

You also have control over the shade – go warmer or cooler to match hair color changes.

An expert like Elena can customize your brows so they look amazing no matter the situation.

Aftercare is Minimal

Once healed, maintaining your eyebrow tattoos is simple. Just follow these basic steps:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning
  • Apply SPF 30 or higher to brows daily
  • Avoid abrasive exfoliants and treatments on brows
  • Pat dry after washing your face
  • Use a nourishing oil to condition brows

Compared to a daily brow routine, the aftercare for tattoos is very minimal. And touch up appointments are just once a year.

Getting your eyebrows tattooed by Elena at Elite Look provides natural, flawless looking results with little maintenance required. The benefits are endless!

Eyebrow Tattoo Techniques Used in Perth

There are a few different techniques used by eyebrow tattoo artists to create natural, beautiful results. The most common methods used in Perth are microblading, powder brows, and ombre brows.

Microblading for Brow Tattoos

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that involves using a handheld tool with ultra fine needles to deposit pigment into the upper layers of skin. The needles create tiny slices that mimic real eyebrow hairs.

Here are some key facts about microblading:

  • Most common technique used for brow tattoos
  • Results look very natural like real brow hairs
  • Heals to a soft, powdery finish
  • Lasts 1-3 years on average
  • Requires a touch up 4-6 weeks after initial session
  • Best for those with some existing brow hair
  • More affordable than other brow tattoo techniques

The microblading tool can create hair-like strokes that blend perfectly with your natural brows. A skilled technician will strategically place the strokes to shape and fill the brows as desired.

The sliced deposits will scab over and heal rapidly. With proper aftercare, microbladed brows will initially look bold, then soften beautifully.

Microblading allows for very precise, hair-like strokes, making it the go-to method for natural brow tattoos.

Powder Brows Technique

Powder brows involve using a traditional tattoo machine to deposit pigment into the dermis layer of skin. The technician is able to create a soft, powdery look using this method.

Key aspects of powder brows:

  • Mimics the look of powdered brow makeup
  • Softer, fuller appearance than microblading
  • Heals with a smoother, fluffier finish
  • Lasts 1-2 years on average
  • Best for oily skin types
  • Works well to conceal scars or gaps
  • Requires a touch up 4-6 weeks after initial session

The technician can use different methods like hair strokes, shading, or a combination to fill and define the brows. The results appear fuller and more airbrushed.

This technique is better suited for those who prefer a smoother, powdered brow look. It helps create a soft gradient and conceals any sparseness.

Powder brows heal quicker with less scabbing compared to microblading. They have a fluffier finish that appears less stark against the skin.

Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre powder brows create a graduated, faded effect from darker to lighter pigment. Also referred to as gradient brows.

Key attributes of ombre powder brows:

  • Creates a subtle fade from the front to ends of brows
  • Gives brows extra dimension
  • The “ombre” refers to the shading gradient
  • Provides a more 3D, layered effect
  • Gives the illusion of thicker, denser brows
  • Heals soft compared to microblading
  • Results last 1-2 years on average

The technician handcrafts the ombre effect by expertly adjusting the level of pigment deposited throughout the brow. The result is a beautifully blended gradient fade.

Ombre brows are ideal for those wanting a bolder brow, as the gradient effect can really accentuate the eyes and brows. It is especially flattering on rounder face shapes.

This technique requires artistry and skill to seamlessly blend the shading into a natural look. When done correctly, ombre brows appear striking yet still refined.

Which Technique is Best?

The best eyebrow tattoo technique ultimately depends on:

  • The client’s existing natural brows
  • Desired look and effect
  • Face shape and structure
  • Skin type and undertones

During an in-depth consultation, the technician will evaluate the client’s brows, skin, and goals. They will then recommend the best method to achieve the desired outcome.

A combination brow with both hair strokes and shading is also popular. This provides a multi-dimensional effect blending the microbladed hairs into a fuller shape.

Regardless of the technique, a skilled technician will have the artistry and experience to create a beautiful, natural enhancing brow tattoo.

How the Tattoo Process Works

While the techniques differ, the basic process remains similar for all brow tattoo methods:


The client meets with the technician to discuss desired results and determine the optimal technique to meet expectations.


A topical anesthetic gel is applied to numb the brow area before tattooing. This makes the process comfortable.

Tattoo Session

Using the selected technique, the technician will carefully tattoo the brows over 2-3 hours.

Touch Up Session

After 4-6 weeks, a follow up allows the technician to refine the results and finalize the tattoo.

With patience and proper aftercare, stunning semi-permanent eyebrows can be achieved with any of these popular methods offered in Perth.

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What to Expect During an Eyebrow Tattoo Appointment

Getting your eyebrows tattooed is a big decision that requires careful consideration. Knowing what to expect during the process can help you feel fully prepared.

From the initial consultation to the touch up session, here is an overview of what an eyebrow tattoo appointment entails.

Step 1: Consultation

The most important first step is an in-depth consultation with the technician.

During this consultation, the technician will:

  • Review your medical history – Disclose any conditions or medications that may interfere with healing or numbness.
  • Assess your existing brows – Analyze your brow hair, shape, symmetry and complexion.
  • Discuss desired results – Explain the look you want in terms of shape, thickness, fullness etc.
  • Determine the best technique – Either microblading, powder brows, ombre or a combination.
  • Address concerns – Answer any questions or worries you may have.
  • Provide aftercare information – Review instructions for caring for the tattoos during healing.
  • Take photos – Capture before shots and mapping measurements of your brows.
  • Price and book appointments – Provide exact pricing and schedule initial and touch up sessions.

This thorough consultation will determine if you are a good candidate, set expectations, and make you feel at ease about the process.

Step 2: Numbing the Area

Eyebrow tattooing involves repeatedly piercing the thin delicate skin above the brows. To keep clients comfortable, a topical anesthetic gel or cream is applied to fully numb the brow area before tattooing begins.

The numbing process takes about 20-30 minutes to take full effect. This allows the procedure to be completed without any pain.

The technician will first cleanse the brow area, then apply the topical anesthetic carefully following the numbing product guidelines. They may use plastic wrap or a cling film to allow the anesthetic to fully absorb into the skin.

Once the brow area is completely numb, the tattoo process can begin.

Step 3: Tattooing the Brows

With the eyebrows fully numbed, the technician will begin carefully applying pigment into the skin using the selected tattooing method.

Whether it is microblading, powder brows, or a combination, the technician will use specialized tools and pigments to strategically add permanent color to reshape and enhance your brows.

This part of the process takes precision, skill and artistry. The technician will work methodically from beginning to end tattooing hair-like strokes and shading to create a natural, flawless brow shape specifically customized to your face.

Expect the initial tattoo appointment to take 2-3 hours based on the extent of work required. Your technician may periodically check if any numbness is wearing off. They may reapply anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable.

Once the meticulous tattooing process is complete, your newly enhanced brows will be revealed!

Step 4: Aftercare Instructions

After the session, your technician will provide detailed aftercare instructions to promote proper healing.

These tips often include:

  • Keeping brows clean by gently rinsing with water and patting dry
  • Applying a thin layer of provided balm 1-2 times per day
  • Avoiding direct sun exposure or tanning beds
  • No makeup, skincare, or hair removal on brows
  • Absolutely no scratching or picking at the brows
  • Avoiding sweating such as through exercise
  • Sleeping on your back to prevent rubbing
  • Usage of provided antibacterial spray or gel

Closely following these aftercare steps is crucial for achieving beautiful long lasting results.

Step 5: Touch Up Session

After 4-6 weeks, you will return for a touch up appointment to refine and perfect your brows.

At this session, the technician will:

  • Re-asses the shape and color
  • Make any adjustments needed to achieve the desired look
  • Add extra strokes where fading or scabbing occurred
  • Adjust the depth or saturation of pigment
  • Ensure the brows are symmetrical and even

For best results, this touch up is highly recommended to finalize your tattoos. Though further annual touch ups help maintain the color.

Knowing what to expect will help you feel fully prepared for the eyebrow tattoo process. Take your time researching technicians to find one you trust. Then relax knowing you’re in good hands!

eyebrow tattoo perth

Aftercare Guide for Eyebrow Tattoos

Once you get your eyebrows tattooed, the aftercare regimen is crucial for proper healing and longevity of results. Follow these research-backed tips and techniques during every phase.

Immediately After Your Appointment

Right after your eyebrow tattoo session, keep the area untouched with no products applied for 24 hours besides the balm provided by your technician. Follow their advice diligently.

Key steps:

  • Allow technician to gently clean brows and apply balm before leaving.
  • Do NOT wet or wash brows for the first 24 hours.
  • Apply a thin layer of provided balm 1-2 times.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure or tanning beds.
  • Take care not to bump or rub brows.

Letting brows rest for the first day allows the microscopic cuts to begin closing up and healing.

Days 1-7 After Eyebrow Tattooing

During the first week is when strict aftercare measures must be followed to allow for proper brow tattoo healing.


  • After the first 24 hours, gently cleanse brows daily with lukewarm water and unscented soap. Avoid getting water directly in eyes.
  • Very gently pat dry with a clean paper towel. Never rub the brows when wet.
  • Hands must be freshly washed before cleansing brows.

Applying Balm

  • Continue applying a thin layer of provided balm 1-2 times daily after cleaning.
  • Ensure balm covers the brow area fully but is not too thick.
  • Only use balm given by your technician during the entire healing period.

Lifestyle Habits

  • No direct sun exposure, swimming, or sweating due to exercise.
  • Sleep on your back to avoid rubbing brows.
  • Do not touch brows except when washing and applying balm.


  • Picking at dry skin or scabbing as this can remove pigment.
  • Using any makeup, skincare acids, or hair removal on brows.
  • Getting water or products in eyes, carefully cleanse around the brows only.

Closely following these crucial steps daily allows brows to properly heal and retain pigment.

Week 2 After Microblading or Tattooing Brows

During the second week, continue diligent aftercare while preparing for touch up.

Continue With

  • Gently cleansing brows once daily.
  • Using thin layer of provided balm 1-2 times daily.
  • Avoiding direct sun exposure and swimming.
  • Sleeping on back.
  • No picking, scratching or skin removal.

Book Touch Up

  • Consult with your technician to schedule a touch up session 4-6 weeks after initial tattoo.
  • This allows for reinforcement of pigment and any adjustments.
  • Touch up is key for best results and longevity.

What to Expect

  • Itching and mild flaking are normal as healing continues. Do not scratch or pick.
  • Brows will appear much lighter as scabs fall off around days 10-12.
  • Pigment will slowly reappear over 4-6 weeks as skin regenerates.

Patience is necessary as brows go through the healing phases.

Week 3 and Onward After Brows Are Tattooed

Once past the 2-3 week mark, you can relax a bit and focus on long term maintenance.

Maintenance Tips

  • Always apply SPF 30 sunscreen daily to protect from fading.
  • Consider taking collagen supplements to promote skin health.
  • Use a lash growth serum for added brow hair growth and nourishment.
  • Avoid chemical peels or laser treatments on face.
  • If getting facials, tell aesthetician to avoid brows.
  • Condition brows daily by gently massaging in a nourishing oil.

Long Term Care

  • Avoid any picking, pulling, waxing or tinting. Let brows fully grow out.
  • Schedule annual touch up appointments to refresh pigment.
  • Tweeze only when necessary and with clean tools.
  • Have a consultation before using new skin care products.
  • See your technician if you have any concerns.

Proper maintenance and care will ensure your brow tattoos last for years!

What to Expect During Healing Stages

Knowing what to expect aesthetically during the healing process can help ease worries.

Immediately After

Brows appear much thicker and bolder due to swelling and pigment settling into cuts.

Days 1-4

Major scabbing, flaking and drying occurs making brows appear lighter as skin sheds.

Days 5-12

Scabbing decreases and flaking occurs making brows very light and uneven looking.

Days 10-14

Scabbing disappears completely but brows remain patchy, faded and asymmetrical.

Weeks 2-4

Pigment slowly reappears becoming slightly sharper and darker over time.

Weeks 4-6

Color change stabilizes, but shape remains uneven until touch up appointment.

After Touch Up

Final shape and color is perfected for bold yet refined brows.

While the aesthetic improves over time, patience is essential for the entire eyebrow tattoo healing process.

By closely following these crucial aftercare tips, your investment will pay off with beautiful semi-permanent makeup brows that can last for years!

eyebrow tattoo healing

Eyebrow Tattoo Costs and Factors to Consider

Eyebrow tattoos require an investment, but can save time and boost confidence for years when done properly. What exactly impacts the costs? Here is a breakdown of what to expect pricing-wise.

Average Cost of Eyebrow Tattoos

The average cost for semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos in most major metro areas ranges from:

  • $500 – $650 for microblading
  • $600 – $850 for powder or ombre brows
  • $700 – $1000 for a combination

However, exactly how much you pay depends on several important factors.

Factors That Impact Eyebrow Tattoo Pricing

There are a variety of elements that determine each individual’s eyebrow tattoo cost.

1. Technician’s Experience Level

The technician’s skill level and years in business greatly impact pricing.

  • Newer technicians usually range from $450 – $650 total.
  • Experienced professionals range from $700 – $1000 total.
  • High level masters can charge $1200 or more.
  • Apprentices may offer big discounts but have less skill.

Choose based on skill, not deals. Years of experience means better application and longevity.

2. Salon Reputation and Location

Higher end salons in central metro locations charge more.

  • Smaller suburban salons range $500 – $700.
  • Larger city center studios range $800 – $1200.
  • Top boutique salons in high demand areas cost $1000+.

Location indicates overhead costs that influence pricing. But skill level remains most important.

3. Extent of Work Required

The amount of labor involved impacts the bottom line.

Simple touch ups or minor shaping averages $350 – $550.

Major transformations like scar camouflage or hair simulations cost $950 – $1200.

The technician will assess your brows during consultation and provide exact pricing for the work required.

4. Combination Brows

A combination of techniques costs more but provides added dimension.

  • Microblading alone averages $500 – $650.
  • A microblading + shading combo averages $700 – $900.
  • Combo brows take more time so expect to pay 15-25% more.

Combination brows create a multidimensional look for those wanting a bolder enhancement.

5. Touch Up Session

After the initial session, a touch up appointment is required 4-6 weeks later to perfect the shape and saturation.

The touch up session averages $200 – $350 depending on the work involved.

Be sure to budget for the mandatory second appointment for long lasting results.

6. Annual Maintenance

Maintenance visits are recommended every 12-18 months to refresh fading pigment.

  • Minor annual tune ups average $350 – $500.
  • A full redo of tattooing every 2-4 years averages $550 – $750.

Most technicians require existing clients to pay a deposit for future appointments.

Payment Plans

Reputable technicians work with you on payment plans or packages to make eyebrow tattoos affordable. Common options include:

  • Splitting costs into 2-3 payments over time
  • Packages that combine services at a discount
  • Memberships for discounted rates on touch ups

Never choose an amateur technician based on price alone. It leads to poor outcomes requiring expensive corrections.

With proper care, your investment in eyebrow tattoos can save you time and money in the long run.

Bottom Line on Eyebrow Tattoo Costs

While prices can range from $500 – $1200, the eyebrow tattoo cost depends chiefly on the technician’s skill level.

An experienced, reputable technician with years of training is worth the higher investment. It leads to better application, longevity of results, and avoidance of errors needing fixes.

Conduct in-depth research before choosing your brow expert. And remember cost does not always equal quality.

For beautiful brows that can last years, select a true professional. Then relax knowing your investment will pay dividends over time.

Eyebrow tattoo before and after

How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Tattoo Technician

With semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos, the artist’s skill level directly impacts your results and how natural brows look. Selecting the right technician is critical. Here is guidance for finding a true professional.

Do Your Research

Do not choose an eyebrow tattoo artist without thoroughly researching their background, training, and client reviews. Be highly selective.

Some key factors to look for in a qualified technician:


  • Completed accredited program – A 6+ month comprehensive fundamental course at minimum. No quick certifications.
  • Specialist certificates – Legitimate advanced certificates from industry leaders. Not just basic training.
  • Continuing education – Extensive ongoing training is a must. Technology evolves rapidly.
  • First aid/bloodborne pathogen certified – Necessary for safety protocols. Avoid those without current certification.

Avoid technicians claiming self-training or home study. Extensive professional training under industry experts is vital.


  • Years in practice – A solid 3-5+ years of brow specific experience minimum. Mere cosmetology experience is insufficient.
  • Number of clients – Hundreds of clients over years of practice demonstrates developed skill.
  • Specialization – Excellent if brows are their sole focus and passion. Not a side gig.
  • Advanced methods – Mastery in multiple techniques like microblading, ombre, powder, etc.

Both extensive training and years actively tattooing brows are absolute musts for capability.


  • SMP associations – Active membership in a society of microblading professionals.
  • Technician networks – Involvement in groups and communities for continued education.
  • Conference attendance – Regular participation in seminars and conventions to stay current.

Active engagement with professional groups indicates serious commitment to the career and industry standards.

Verify Licenses

  • Business license – Legally registered business in good standing.
  • Health department license – Certified with regular inspections for sanitation procedures.
  • Liability insurance – Coverage necessary to protect you the client. Avoid any artist lacking proper insurance.

Legal licensing ensures safety, regulation and recourse. Do not compromise here.

Review a Portfolio

  • Browse website photos – Before/after galleries should showcase beautiful natural work.
  • Social media content – Photos/videos should demonstrate refined technique and consistent quality.
  • Client photo permissions – Legitimate technicians will have signed consent forms to publicly share client photos.

An impressive portfolio proves the artist can actually deliver quality eyebrow tattoos consistently.

Read Reviews

  • Testimonials – Clients should describe great experiences and natural results.
  • Online reviews – Check sites like Google, Yelp, etc. Beware if no reviews exist.
  • Video reviews – Many professionals post client testimonial videos. This adds a transparent dimension.

Candid praise and 5 star ratings are indicators of satisfied clients and skilled technicians.

Book a Consultation

Have an introductory meeting before booking your tattoo appointment. This allows you to:

  • Communicate desires – Explain your brow goals and aesthetic preferences.
  • Assess comfort level – Determine if the artist makes you feel at ease about the process.
  • Evaluate technique – Review before photos together to visualize proposed enhancement.
  • Address concerns – A professional will welcome all questions without judgment.
  • Discern red flags – You can detect dishonesty or spotty credentials in person. Do not ignore warning signs.

Consultations are invaluable for confirming you found an eyebrow tattoo technician who meets your standards. Do not skip this vital step.

Choosing the right professional is the key decision for beautiful semi-permanent makeup brows. Research thoroughly, ask questions, and trust your instincts to select the perfect brow artist for you!

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Eyebrow Tattoo FAQs – Answered by the Experts

Considering semi-permanent makeup for your brows? It’s normal to have lots of questions about the process, results, and more. We’ve compiled answers to the top frequently asked questions about eyebrow tattoos.

Eyebrow Tattoo Basics

What exactly are eyebrow tattoos?

Eyebrow tattoos involve a technician using a handheld microblading tool or tattoo pen to deposit pigment into the skin above your natural brow hairs. This creates ultra-fine hair strokes and shading to reshape, fill in, and enhance your brows for a gorgeously full look.

How long do eyebrow tattoos last?

With proper aftercare, you can expect eyebrow tattoos to last:

  • Microblading: 1-3 years
  • Ombre/Powder: 1-2 years

Touch up appointments every 12-18 months are recommended to maintain results.

Does it hurt to get eyebrow tattoos?

A topical numbing cream or gel is applied to make the tattoo process comfortable. With the brows fully numbed beforehand, most clients report very minimal to no pain during the service.

How long does the procedure take?

For the initial session, expect the process to take 2-3 hours for shaping and tattooing the brows. A follow up touch up takes 1-2 hours around 4-6 weeks later.

What is the recovery like?

Days 1-7 you’ll experience scabbing/flaking as the skin naturally exfoliates. Brows will appear faded until the pigment fully resurfaces around weeks 4-6. Use gentle aftercare to prevent infection and promote healing.

Choosing Your Artist

How do I find the best technician?

Do thorough research to find an experienced professional. Verify licenses, credentials, training, reviews and before/after photos. Schedule a consultation to see their approach. Never compromise on skill.

What questions should I ask at the consultation?

Inquire about their specialty and background. Review your medical history for precautions. Discuss desired results and aesthetics. Ask to see healed brow photos on clients with similar hair or skin types.

What technique is best?

Microblading is preferred for mimicking hairs. Ombre suits those wanting a bolder look. Your technician will recommend the ideal method during your consultation based on your needs. Many also do a combination for added dimensions.

Are eyebrow tattoos worth the investment?

Absolutely! When done properly by a qualified technician, the boost to your appearance and confidence is priceless. Long lasting, natural brows allow you to look your best 24/7.

Process and Aftercare

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Avoid blood thinners like aspirin, alcohol, omega fatty acids, etc. for 72 hours pre-appointment as they increase bleeding. Do not work out 24 hours before to keep pores clean.

What happens during the session?

The technician will cleanse the brow area, numb it with anesthetic, and use your brow hairs as a guide for meticulously implanting pigment with hair strokes. They may use multiple colors for depth.

How should I care for new eyebrow tattoos?

Closely follow your technician’s aftercare instructions. Generally, keep the brows clean and moisturized daily with water and balm. Avoid makeup, sun, sweating, and facial treatments until healed.

When can I resume normal activities?

After 2 weeks, you may resume light exercise. After 3 weeks, facials, makeup, and sun exposure may be reintroduced. Wait 6 weeks for chemical peels, Botox, laser treatments, etc. near the brows.

Results and Expectations

Will I still need to fill in my brows?

Tattooing creates full, defined brows so you likely won’t need to fill them in daily. But you can still opt for makeup enhancement for added glam.

Do eyebrow tattoos fade over time?

Gradual fading over 1-3 years is normal. Annual touch ups refresh the pigment. Avoid sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol which speed up fading. Proper aftercare is key.

How do I determine my ideal brow shape?

Your technician will customize the shape to complement your face, skin, and existing brow hairs. But bring photos of desired shapes to your consultation. An experienced artist will know how to frame your features beautifully.

Still have questions?

Any reputable technician will be happy to thoroughly address your concerns during a consultation prior to booking. Come equipped with a list of questions and take notes.

When done by trained professionals, semi-permanent makeup can beautifully enhance your natural brows for years. But always do diligent research to find the best technicians suited to your needs and aesthetics. Don’t hesitate to ask all of your questions! Beautiful brows you can enjoy 24/7 are worth the investment.


Eyebrow Tattoos – A Summary of Critical Information

For beautifully full, defined brows without daily makeup, eyebrow tattoos are life changing. Here is a summary of everything you need to know about semi-permanent eyebrows.

What Are Eyebrow Tattoos?

Eyebrow tattoos, also called eyebrow embroidery or microblading, are semi-permanent makeup tattoos for the brows. A technician uses a handheld tool to implant pigment into the skin above the eyebrow hairs. This creates ultra-fine strokes and shading that mimic natural brows.

Unlike bold permanent makeup brows of the past, modern methods create subtle, natural looking results. No one can tell your brows were tattooed.

How Eyebrow Tattooing Works

There are three main techniques:

Microblading uses tiny blade tips to etch on individual hair strokes. This most closely imitates real brows. Results last 1-3 years.

Powder brows use a tattoo pen to create soft, powdery shading and filling. Provides fuller definition. Lasts 1-2 years.

Ombre brows use shading saturated and faded from the front to tail to add depth. More bold yet still natural. Lasts 1-2 years.

A quality technician will recommend the right method for your goals during a consultation. Multiple techniques can be combined for added dimensions.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoos

Here are the many rewards of semi-permanent brows:

  • Look flawless 24/7
  • Enhanced natural shape with symmetry
  • Creates the look of fuller brows
  • Eliminates need to fill brows daily
  • Saves 10+ minutes each morning
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • Long lasting but not as permanent as traditional tattoos
  • Low maintenance required after healing

The aesthetic enhancement combined with time and money savings make the investment worthwhile.

The Eyebrow Tattoo Process

Getting brows tattooed happens in steps over multiple sessions:

Consultation – The technician evaluates brows, discusses desired results, reviews medical history, explains process and pricing. Nothing is actually done to the brows at this first appointment.

Initial Tattoo Session – Brows are cleaned and numbed with anesthetic cream. Using the chosen technique, the technician meticulously implants strokes and pigment over 2-3 hours.

Healing Period – The first 2 weeks brows appear too dark and bold. Over weeks 2-6, scabbing diminishes and pigment fully resurfaces.

Touch Up Session – Around 4-6 weeks later, a follow up appointment perfects shape and color saturation for the finished result.

Proper aftercare during healing using water, balm, SPF etc. is vital for longevity.

Cost Breakdown

Pricing depends on the technician, salon reputation, extent of work required, and factors like:

  • Microblading alone: approximately $500-$650
  • Powder or Ombre Brow: approximately $600-$850
  • Combination Brows: approximately $700-$1000

Many salons offer packages with discounted rates for combined services. Payment plans are often available as well.

While not cheap, quality work pays dividends in long lasting confidence boosting brows.

Choosing a Technician

This is the most important decision for beautiful results and safety:

  • Verify completed accredited training and certificates
  • Check for licenses and insurance
  • Look for years of specialized experience
  • Review their before/after portfolio
  • Read reviews for feedback from past clients
  • Have an introductory consultation before booking

Avoid bargain shopping and assess skill first when picking your brow expert.

Recovery and Aftercare

Follow your technician’s provided aftercare for proper healing:

  • First 3 days – Avoid getting brows wet and use balm sparingly
  • Week 1 – Gently cleanse daily with water and apply balm. No makeup or sun on brows.
  • Week 2 – Continue gentle care. Brows start flaking and fading dramatically.
  • Week 3 – Pigment slowly resurfaces. Begin wearing SPF on brows.
  • Week 4 – Color stabilizes but remains a bit uneven until touch up appointment.

Avoid picking at dry skin or scabs during healing for retention of pigment.


For those desiring beautiful, natural brows 24/7, semi permanent makeup is life changing. But always carefully research technicians and meticulously follow aftercare instructions for safety and longevity of results. While an investment, you cannot put a price on increased confidence and time savings.

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