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Cosmetic Tattoo Perth

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Eyebrow tattoo - one of the most popular cosmetic tattoo procedure.

Eyebrow tattoo Perth

What is an Eyebrow Tattoo?

If you’re someone who has always struggled with achieving the perfect brow shape or thickness, then an eyebrow tattoo might be worth considering. An eyebrow tattoo is a form of cosmetic tattooing that involves injecting pigment into the skin of your eyebrow area to enhance their appearance. In this article, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about eyebrow tattoos, including how long they last, if they hurt, how to prepare for an appointment, aftercare, and touch-ups.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Before we dive into the specifics of eyebrow tattoos, it’s essential to understand that they are a type of cosmetic tattoo. Cosmetic tattooing is the process of implanting pigment into the skin to mimic the appearance of makeup. Other common cosmetic tattoo procedures include lip tattooing and eyeliner tattooing. Permanent makeup is another term for cosmetic tattooing, as it is intended to last for an extended period.

Eyebrow tattoo Perth

Eyebrow Tattooing

Eyebrow tattooing is the process of implanting pigment into the skin of the eyebrow area using a needle or microblade. The result is a natural-looking, fuller brow that lasts longer than traditional makeup techniques. There are several techniques used in eyebrow tattooing, including microblading and powder brow. Elite Look in Perth offers both of these techniques for eyebrow tattooing.

How Long Does an Eyebrow Tattoo Last?

One of the most significant benefits of eyebrow tattoos is that they can last for an extended period, usually between one and three years. The exact length of time an eyebrow tattoo lasts will depend on various factors, such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. If you want to extend the life of your eyebrow tattoo, it’s essential to follow proper aftercare procedures and avoid exposing your tattoo to the sun.

Does an Eyebrow Tattoo Hurt?

The pain level associated with an eyebrow tattoo varies from person to person. Most people report feeling some discomfort during the procedure, but the pain is typically mild and manageable. Some people may experience more pain than others, depending on their pain tolerance and the technique used.

To minimize discomfort during the procedure, a numbing cream or local anesthesia may be applied to the eyebrow area before the tattoo is performed. It is also essential to choose an experienced and skilled tattoo artist to perform the procedure, as they will have the knowledge and expertise to minimize pain and discomfort.

How Do I Prepare for an Eyebrow Tattoo Appointment?

If you’ve decided to get an eyebrow tattoo, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your appointment. It’s essential to research the technician and the clinic where you’ll be getting your tattoo. Elite Look in Perth offers eyebrow tattooing services and has an experienced team of technicians. You should also avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medications for at least 24 hours before your appointment and come with clean, makeup-free skin.

Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare

Proper aftercare is crucial to ensure that your eyebrow tattoo heals correctly and lasts as long as possible. After your appointment, you should avoid getting your eyebrows wet for at least 24 hours and avoid exposing your tattoo to the sun, sauna, or swimming pool for a week. You should also avoid wearing makeup in the eyebrow area until your tattoo has completely healed.

After the procedure, the eyebrow area may be red, swollen, and tender, but these symptoms should subside within a few days. It is essential to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the tattoo artist, which may include:

  • Avoiding getting the eyebrow area wet for at least 24 hours after the procedure
  • Applying ointment or cream to the eyebrow area to keep it moisturised
  • Avoiding sun exposure and swimming for at least two weeks after the procedure
  • Avoiding picking at or scratching the eyebrow area

Eyebrow Tattoo Touch-Up

Over time, your eyebrow tattoo may fade or need a touch-up to maintain its appearance. How often you need a touch-up will depend on various factors, such as the quality of the initial tattoo, your skin type, and how well you follow aftercare instructions. Elite Look in Perth offers eyebrow tattoo Perth

eyebrow tattoo healing stages

Eyebrow Feathering

Eyebrow feathering, also known as microblading or hair stroke eyebrows, is a type of cosmetic tattooing that creates natural-looking eyebrows by depositing pigment into the skin with fine strokes that mimic the appearance of individual eyebrow hairs. This technique is ideal for those who have sparse or thinning eyebrows, or those who want to define and enhance the natural shape of their eyebrows.

The process of eyebrow feathering involves using a manual microblade to create tiny hair-like strokes that blend in with your existing eyebrow hairs. The technician will first consult with you to determine the shape and style of eyebrow that you desire. After numbing the area with a topical anesthetic, the technician will begin the feathering process, which can take up to two hours. The result is natural-looking, fuller eyebrows that can last up to two years with proper care.

Semi-permanent makeup

Cosmetic tattooing, including eyebrow tattoos and feathering, fall under the category of semi-permanent makeup. Unlike traditional tattoos that are permanent, semi-permanent makeup is designed to gradually fade over time. The duration of semi-permanent makeup can vary depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and the type of pigment used.

Semi-permanent makeup is a popular option for those who want to enhance their natural beauty without the commitment or maintenance of traditional makeup. It can be used to create a variety of looks, from subtle enhancements to bold statements, and can be applied to areas such as eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner.

Eyebrow shaping

Before getting an eyebrow tattoo or feathering, it is important to consider the shape and style of your eyebrows. Eyebrow shaping is the process of defining and enhancing the natural shape of your eyebrows through techniques such as trimming, tweezing, and waxing. A well-shaped eyebrow can complement your facial features and bring balance to your overall appearance.

When shaping your eyebrows, it is important to consider your face shape and personal style. For example, those with a round face may benefit from arched eyebrows to create the illusion of length, while those with a square face may benefit from softer, more rounded eyebrows to balance out their facial structure. It is recommended to have your eyebrows shaped by a professional, such as an esthetician or makeup artist, to ensure the best results.


Eyebrow tattoo and feathering are effective ways to enhance and define your eyebrows. They offer a long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to traditional makeup, and can be customized to your individual needs and preferences. However, it is important to carefully consider the shape and style of your eyebrows, as well as the aftercare required to maintain the longevity and quality of the pigment. By consulting with a trained professional and following proper aftercare instructions, you can achieve the perfect set of eyebrows that complement your natural beauty.

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth

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Eyebrow tattoo Perth
Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth