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Eyebrow tattoo types

eyebrow tattoo

Women are extremely critical of their appearance and constantly manifest themselves to the ideal. In this regard, they require average cosmetics and cosmetic procedures. One of the most popular is long-lasting makeup, created by the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who enhance their natural beauty.

Eyebrow tattooing is ideal if you want to achieve the perfect shape, but are tired of constantly plucking your hair and using decorative cosmetics.

Benefits of permanent eyebrow tattoo

Long-term effect – up to 2-3 years and even more.
You do not need to regularly use decorative cosmetics.
The ability to adjust the shape and hide the occurrence (eg, aggregate and scars, if any).
If the eyebrows are naturally sparse, then you can achieve maximum efficiency in the use of density.

Varieties of eyebrow tattoo

It is worth highlighting three main types of persistent eyebrow makeup. Read them in more detail.

The bottom line is this:

master of development of the contour agreed with the client;
then follows its filling by shading;
as a result of using the product, slightly tinted cosmetic eyebrows are obtained.

Shading can be of two types:

soft – eyebrows take on a more natural look;
hard – they are much brighter, more pronounced.

Hair method

Its essence lies in the detailed drawing of each individual “fiber”. Two kinds of method:

oriental – the master draws the hair as accurately as possible, from root to tip. Each hair is a different prey, in a different order. So achieve the achievement of naturalness;
European – hair is drawn very carefully, in one attachment.

Hair technique involves a mandatory correction 28 days after the first visit.
mixed method

The master combines the above two techniques. The goal is to create a 3D effect. The result is achieved through the use of various shades of dye. In particular, shading requires a significant amount of tone, and dark hair for hairs. It is a mixed method of using the probability of naturalness and naturalness.

But in order for the result to be visual, you should trust only experienced and qualified specialists. At Elena  school you will find attentive service, equipment and strict adherence to sanitary and hygienic rules.

Eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo healing

Eyebrow tattooing Perth is a real find for women and men whom nature has not endowed with dense facial hair. The trend for “giant” eyebrows began to gradually recede, but beautiful, natural-like, proportional ones are always relevant. Tired of finishing the missing daily with a pencil and shadows, using gel and various styling products? Permanent makeup will be the best offer. A long-term solution that allows you to look flawless, profitably “shape” and shade facial features, without daily intervention.

Tattooing is suitable for most people, has practically no contraindications, allows you to forget about the urgent need for decorative makeup for a long time and add it only at will for especially vivid images. The procedure itself, performed by professionals, is easy and fast, absolutely painless (due to the use of local anesthesia and the right approach), and the recovery period takes a minimum of time. You can reduce it and reduce risks to zero by adhering to the rules. Timely preparation and cooperation with the best masters allows you to “go through” permanent makeup with pleasure from the result and the process.
Eyebrow tattoo: how does the healing process go?

Any girl who cares about her appearance will tell you how long it takes to tidy up her eyebrows, style them, maintain the desired shape, choose a shade of decorative cosmetics, and means of fixation. High-quality eyebrow makeup is not an easy task, requiring effort, skills, knowledge, and time. And with the best “initial data”. But a lot of girls are struggling with the consequences of poor-quality care, when the length and density have suffered greatly.

Permanent make-up will suit optimally: it will save time, favorably shade the eyes and adjust the proportions of the face. When making such a drawing, details are important: sketch preparation, diet and food restrictions a day before the procedure, cooperation with the best master, the recovery process. The last one will be considered in more detail.

Remember! You can fully evaluate the result of the work performed only after a month. During this time, the pigment appears. Before the end of this period, the drawing goes through several stages, changes visually. Be patient and be prepared for all stages.

“First impressions are often deceptive…”

Eyebrow tattoo on the first day after the procedure can surprise you when you look in the mirror. Due to the invasiveness of the procedure and the introduction of a foreign pigment under the skin, the first few hours are accompanied by swelling and redness. This reaction is completely normal. Do not be afraid or take urgent measures: apply ice, take medications without consulting the master, or immediately use various healing agents. After permanent makeup is applied, do not sound the alarm in the first hours due to swelling, redness, and even ichorus.

Sucrose is normal. Its selection depends on the depth of the needle insertion, which is based on the chosen technique (shading, powder, “hair” method). Just gently remove the formed ichor with a cotton swab (do not stick it to the surface of the epidermis, but apply it, gently blotting).

Attention! Never brush your eyebrows! Not on the first day, not afterwards. The healing process is accompanied by itching (indicates healing). Try to resist the urge. Additional injuries can lead to the formation of a crust that can compromise the integrity of the pattern and adversely affect the quality.

Eyebrow tattoo on the first day should also not be treated with alcohol-containing substances. It is rightfully considered that alcohol is too aggressive, therefore it will contribute to additional traumatization. Another rule – in the first 24 hours, the drawing does not need to be wetted and rubbed with a towel. Limit yourself to an alcohol-free antiseptic. Use it no more than 8 times a day. For the rest, follow the recommendations from the master, keep in touch. Permanent makeup will not cause any trouble with proper care!

“Dark eyebrows” – not a sentence!

On the second day, many girls are no less surprised: the eyebrows look much darker than we would like. The explanation is simple: the ichor is released and part of the pigment is pushed out. It is enough to simply wait out the period without additional “manipulations”, except for those that the master will announce. Healing in a season when temperature differences between indoors and outdoors are too large requires temporary isolation. The first few days are critical for recovery, so spend them at home so that the temperature contrast does not complicate the healing process. If this is not possible, try to reduce the period of exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold.

Eyebrow tattoo and color change.

Beginner clients come to the master with the question of what happened to the pattern, because it has become similar to the color of a leopard. Nothing bad happened! A similar effect is just as normal as too dark paint and other manifestations.

Attention! Crusts may appear that cannot be torn off with your hands or touched. Be patient! The less you interfere, the more likely it is that healing will be faster and easier, and permanent makeup will subsequently bring only positive emotions. Despite the seeming simplicity, it requires willpower and calmness. Focus on the future result.

Recall that for the time being, you should not use decorative cosmetics and wash your face with the usual cosmetic product as little as possible. Give preference to eyebrow treatment with an antiseptic without alcohol in the composition.

The following days (from about 4-5 days) the itching intensifies and the crusts fall off. Follow your master’s recommendations and continue not to interfere with the natural healing process mechanically.

Now there are many dangers. It is especially important to refuse sunbathing, tanning after any cosmetic tattoo procedure. Plan your eyebrow tattoo so that vacations and trips to nature do not fall during the healing period. Be attentive to pools, natural, artificial reservoirs. Since infection can penetrate through small wounds. During recovery, you should closely monitor your health. Colds can interfere with the process. Eat well, exercise, but don’t overdo it. Sufficient should be the time allotted for rest, healthy sleep. For the time being, it is worth refusing to apply decorative makeup in the eye area.

Second week after the procedure.

This period will please you: permanent makeup appears at its best, crusts remain in the past. If the process goes correctly, then it will be possible to return to decorative cosmetics. At this stage, it is important to “keep your finger on the pulse.” Contact your stylist to find out if you can dye again. Elena Olshanskaya’s permanent make-up studio guarantees that competent, experienced masters will always be in touch with you and answer your questions. You can also make an appointment again and make sure everything is in order.

At this time, unevenness in staining is still possible, since the pigment continues to appear. The process is absolutely normal and the desired look of eyebrow tattoo will come about 4 weeks after the procedure.

Should I make a correction?

Questions about corrections are raised repeatedly, mainly by beginners who are faced with such a task for the first time. The need, frequency and number of corrections can only be determined by an experienced specialist.

There are situations when a client has a desire to correct not the most successful permanent makeup by another master. If a month or more after the procedure you are dissatisfied with the result, then you should contact the best professional for correction. If initially you did the procedure with a good performer, then you should visit the same studio to make adjustments and assess their need. There is no unequivocal answer about the number and nature of the processes. It all depends on a number of individual factors: the speed of metabolic processes, skin density, and so on. After a month, when the pigment appears in full, see the specialist again. He will determine how soon a correction is needed and will bring the execution of the task to the desired perfection.

How to take care of the drawing in different seasons?

Have you got flawless brows and want to keep them for a long time? Then follow the simple tips, thanks to which the eyebrow tattoo will look great with a minimum of effort.

In the cold season, do not apply cosmetics to the eyebrows immediately before going out. This is especially true for harsh winters with extremely low temperatures. Is the skin “dry”? Then moisturizer should be used no later than 20 minutes before going out. He will have time to absorb and begin to “work” for your benefit, and not to your detriment.
Minimize sudden temperature changes. Coming from cold to warm and dreaming of a hot bath? Let at least half an hour pass. The skin adapts and gratefully perceives such an impact. The advice is also useful for the summer, when after the exhausting heat you really want to quickly turn on the air conditioner at full capacity. Smooth changes in temperature conditions are your main friend in any season!
Protect permanent makeup from ultraviolet light. Use creams with a protection level of at least 30, choose wide-brimmed hats, caps, glasses with large glasses.

The quality of the drawing largely depends on your health. Therefore, take vitamin complexes, get enough rest and take care of yourself from colds!
Why is it so important to choose a good master?

You will immediately notice the difference in the work of a professional and an “amateur”. Turning to a beginner in order to save money, you risk getting an unsatisfactory result. Only an experienced, really good specialist will take into account your wishes, listen to the ideas of the client, no matter how bold they turn out to be. Also, a professional has skills in performing such a task as eyebrow tattooing and makeup. This means that the master will select the correct color scheme, make the desired color according to your color type. The “correct” shade will emphasize your beauty, help to place accents. But a mistake in choosing a color can, on the contrary, negatively affect the appearance.

Only the best master is well acquainted with modern drawing technologies, works with high-quality and reliable equipment that guarantees a decent result.

High-quality permanent makeup is the result of the joint creativity of the performer and the client. At the stage of drawing up a sketch, discuss all the details with the master, use a computer program for visualization. So even before the start of the procedure, you will know what kind of appearance you will get in the end. Choose a worthy master, discuss with him the details you are interested in – and enjoy your own beauty!
Proper care – excellent results!

We mentioned that choosing a professional is already half the battle. However, even the efforts of the best specialist can be nullified with improper healing. Strictly adhere to the recommendations that the master will write out. Be attentive to the condition of the epidermis. A good eyebrow tattoo also needs care. Especially taking into account climatic features and weather.

The specialist will give detailed instructions and guarantee regular feedback. You can contact Elena Olshanskaya’s permanent make-up studio at any time after the procedure if you have any additional questions. Experienced qualified professionals will advise you, tell you how to properly care for the dermis. Be attentive to your body, take care of yourself and admire the reflection in the mirror, which will always please you.

Microblading removal.

Among the variety of services provided by professional cosmetologists is the removal of microblading. Yes, experts not only introduce coloring pigments, forming a new image of a woman, increasing the natural beauty, but also bring it out.

The need to get rid of permanent eyebrow makeup arises for several reasons. In this article, we will look at them, and also tell you how microblading is removed, is it really safe, and how to take care of the skin.
What is microblading. Introductory information

The very concept of microblading stands for manual pigmentation. It means eyebrow tattooing. The master, using modern tools and safe coloring compositions, carries out an accurate drawing. As a result, the eyebrows take on a special look, but look as natural as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to determine that this is the work of a master.

There are several reasons why women turn to a beautician:

it is required to correct the shape or shade of the eyebrows;
asymmetry needs to be corrected;
hairs are too sparse or absent at all;
you need to hide any flaws.

How to prepare for a microblading removal session

So that later the removal of microblading is not required, you need to contact only a professional master who has undergone specialized training. You should also prepare for the session:

for a few days you need to give up alcohol;
it is highly desirable to stop taking antibiotics;
it is necessary to exclude the use of blood-thinning drugs;
do not visit the solarium and do not sunbathe for at least a week before the procedure.

How is the microblading removal procedure

This method is one of the most gentle. It is carried out with the help of a special maniple – it resembles a ballpoint pen. At the end there are many small needles. It is they who introduce the coloring composition under the upper layers of the epidermis.

By the way! You need to use only high-quality pigments. They give a good result, do not cause allergic reactions and irritations. In addition, the removal of microblading will also pass without problems.

First you need to decide on the shape, size and shade of the “created eyebrows”. The master listens to all the wishes of the client and gives his recommendations, taking into account:
your experience and knowledge;
color type of a woman;
face shape.

The paint is selected two shades darker than the woman wants to get in the end. This is due to the fact that during the healing of the skin, falling off of the crusts, from 20 to 50% of the shade is naturally removed. Therefore, immediately after the session, the eyebrows may look darker, brighter, but after a while they will acquire a natural tone.

The technique of applying paint is also determined. There are only two of them:
European – it is easier to implement;
eastern – more complex, but providing a better result.

When all points are agreed upon, the master begins to work with a maniple, literally drawing each individual hair. The effect of natural eyebrows is created.

By the way! Needles penetrate only under the upper layers of the skin, so the follicles of natural hairs are not damaged.

After the session is completed, the surface is treated with special creams. The master gives his recommendations:
how to take care of the skin;
what gels to use.

The first days after microblading removal are prohibited:

intense physical activity;
visiting the solarium and sunbathing in direct sunlight;
visits to saunas and baths, too hot shower or bath.

Finally, the skin heals approximately 4 weeks after the session. Be sure to follow all the recommendations and then there will be no problems. And yet, in order not to require the removal of microblading, it should be performed only in good salons where professional experienced cosmetologists work. We recommend visiting the salon of Elena Olshanskaya – we are sure you will be satisfied with the reception and service. Offers:

qualified master;
pleasant service;
compliance with all sanitary and hygienic requirements.

How long does the result last

Usually up to 24 months. After that, if the woman wishes, the drawing is corrected and restored. Also, correction may be needed after 4 weeks, when the skin heals. The reason is not the bad work of the master – just part of the pigment can go along with the crusts. In addition, during work, the ichor is released, the beautician may miss some insignificant area.

Since only high-quality, organic pigments are used, they are excreted from the body themselves. Splitting takes place naturally. For every woman, the withdrawal process takes a different time. It all depends on such factors:

skin type;
renewal period of the epidermis;
features of metabolic processes.

4 reasons why eyebrow tattoo is removed

There are several reasons why microblading removal is necessary. Let’s consider each of them in detail.

1. Low skill level of a cosmetologist

If a girl decided to save money, was not convinced of the qualifications of a specialist, or even came to the master at home, then the result can be depressing.

By the way! Statistics says – more than 80% of women need microblading removal for this very reason!

An inexperienced or simply not trained beautician makes too thick and wide lines, cannot choose the right shade and create the desired shape. It turns out an unnatural and simply repulsive “drawing”.

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth

2. Wrong color choice for microblading

Errors in choosing a shade lead to increased brightness. It looks provocative.

There is another problem that arises in the summer. If the girl had a tanned face, then the tone may look good, but as soon as the swarthyness goes away – closer to the beginning of winter – the eyebrows look overly contrasting.

You have to remove saturation.

Note! It is also necessary to reduce the intensity of the shade in situations where a lady decides to radically change her image. For example, it is repainted from a brunette to a blonde.

3. Change of fashion trends

Fashion is changeable. Sometimes even too much. In particular, this applies to eyebrows:


There are situations where society’s preferences change extremely quickly.

Advice! To avoid such problems, do not be guided by the imposed standards of beauty, but focus on the individual characteristics of the appearance.

4. Pigment intolerance

As mentioned above, safe dyes are used. They do not provoke allergies and irritations. However, in rare cases, individual intolerance is possible. It’s impossible to predict it. Sometimes even test samples cannot show the problem.

Intolerance manifests itself:


As soon as these symptoms are noticeable, you should immediately contact the master to perform microblading removal. Do not put off a visit to the salon – do not endure and suffer. In addition, tightening is fraught with minor, but still complications.
How is microblading removal performed? Process description

For relatively quick removal of the pigment, special equipment or solutions are used. Let’s consider both options.

Modern laser

Its principle is the impact on the drawing by means of a laser, a light beam. The equipment has special nozzles. The pigment begins to break down and is more intensively excreted from the body.

Note! Immediately after the session, the paint may look much darker. This is normal and indicates that the withdrawal process has activated.

Microblading removal should only be performed in salons or medical centers by highly qualified professionals. For almost complete removal, you need to go through 2 to 4 sessions. During the first visit, the intensity of exposure and the depth of penetration of the beam are selected. If necessary, both indicators will increase.

Modern professional equipment allows you to achieve results with virtually no pain. Unpleasant sensations arise, but not too strong. Their level directly depends on the characteristics of the body, the pain threshold.

After the session is over, the master will treat the area with a healing cream or gel. It can even be the usual “D-Panthenol” or another ointment. It will also give advice on care:

application of healing drugs;
exclusion of visits to the solarium, sauna, etc.;
the use of decorative and care cosmetics on the eyebrows.

Laser microblading removal is an advanced technology that has gained recognition and popularity.
Specialized Solutions

Not all beauty studios and centers can afford to install equipment. In such establishments, they offer the removal of pigment through special solvent liquids injected under the skin. The method does not give the desired effect, but in the absence of other methods, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity agree to it.

The method has several pronounced negative points:

poor dissolution of paint;
poor dissolution of paint;
the need for several procedures;
poor dissolution of paint;
the substance dissolves not only the pigment, but also harms the cells;
poor dissolution of paint;
probably scarring.

If we talk about salon procedures, then chemical peeling can also be noted, but this is an extremely harsh method with unpredictable results. It lightens the paint, but can cause burns.
Is it possible to remove microblading at home?

On the Internet, you can find many recipes for removing paint at home. We strongly recommend not to use them:

first, the result is unpredictable;
secondly, it takes a lot of time;
thirdly, it is not known how the skin will react to the drugs presented in the prescriptions.

The best option is to contact a master working with professional equipment. Today it is the most effective and proven way to achieve the desired result.

If the situation is not critical, you do not need a complete removal of microblading, but you only need to slightly change the shade, make it lighter, use the following tips.

Spend more time in the open sun, visit the solarium – exposure to ultraviolet light will lighten the color.
Use brightening cosmetic masks. For example, even folk “developments” – lemon juice, strawberries, etc. will give a good result.
Treat the skin with a light exfoliation.

Remember! Use the methods listed above only if the skin has completely healed after the session.

Other recipes involving the use of petroleum jelly, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, castor oil, bodyagi and other components, we will not mention their unproven effectiveness and even a certain danger. In particular, the following possible negative consequences should be highlighted:

an unexpected change in color, rather than removing it;
burns and irritations;
the need to use prescriptions for a long time.

No matter how the authors of the recipes convince you that the compositions they cited helped them, treat the words critically. In addition, you should remember that your skin is individual – what worked for them will not necessarily help you.

eyebrow tattoo healing stages

Microblading removal. Summarizing

From all of the above, it follows that the only effective and safe way to get rid of the coloring pigment is laser equipment. There is a procedure in the salon, the removal of microblading will be almost painless and without side effects.

In the salon of Elena Olshanskaya, a special device with the LASER system and the Q-switch function is used for this. This is the perfect gentle way to get rid of annoying permanent makeup. The essence of the effect of the beam is to penetrate into the epidermis and destroy the coloring composition.
Advantages of the device

Without pain.
Without blood.
Fast lightening.
No damage or scars remain.
A short recovery period.
After the procedure, you can sunbathe.

How is the removal of microblading in the salon of Elena Olshanskaya

Specialist consultation.
Treatment and disinfection of the skin.
Applying a local anesthetic to eliminate even minimal discomfort – if you have a normal pain threshold, you can do without anesthetics.
Application of the laser.
Treatment of the site with anti-inflammatory agents.

Note! It may take up to 4 sessions to completely remove the pigment, depending on the depth of the applied pigment, its density and skin characteristics.
4 reasons for this procedure

Removal of paint of any shades.
The work is carried out by a qualified experienced specialist.
We use modern safe certified drugs and equipment.
The session takes place delicately, taking into account all sanitary and hygienic standards and requirements.

Do you need microblading removal? Sign up today! Consultations are free.

You can contact the studio specialists at the following contacts:

The studio website provides the opportunity to order a callback – leave your phone number and they will call you back as soon as possible.

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth

Benefits of hair brow tattoo

Permanent makeup techniques are gradually evolving. Including, and thanks to the emergence of new tools. One of the most popular is the hair technique of eyebrow tattooing. It allows you to achieve maximum naturalness – every hair looks like a real one.
Two options for hair technique

Permanent eyebrow makeup involves two options for hair technique:

European – in this case, all hairs are drawn the same length, they are of the same shape, as if they grow in the same direction;
eastern – in this case, each hair created by means of pigments has its own shape, length, size.

Both directions require jewelry work from the master. You need to have a lot of experience and high qualifications. As practice shows, a novice cosmetologist will not cope with the task. Therefore, trust only really experienced specialists – such is Elena Olshanskaya.
Advantages of hair techniques

Maximum naturalness. It is visually impossible to distinguish drawn hairs from natural eyebrows.
Fast recovery. Hair technique provides the fastest possible restoration of the skin. At the same time, the color of the introduced pigment does not change – it retains its brightness.
Masking disadvantage. Through this technology of introducing pigment, you can make adjustments to the shape of the eyebrows, hide scars and other imperfections. For example, minor bald patches or scars.

How is the procedure

On average, a session takes up to 2 hours. To neutralize discomfort during the introduction of paint, painkillers and creams are used. But they do not always allow to completely neutralize the discomfort. It all depends on the woman’s pain threshold.

Choice of shapes and colors.
Mixing pigments.
Cream anesthesia.
The introduction of paint by means of an apparatus with needles.

After the procedure, be sure to follow the recommendations of the master, which will promote healing and restoration of the skin:

avoid exposure to sunlight;
do not steam;
do not peel off the crusts;
do not use cosmetics;

A more accurate list of all recommendations is given by the beautician after the procedure is completed. In particular, he can advise what drugs to take to relieve swelling.

Eyebrow Tattoo Perth
eyebrow tattoo perth
Powder eyebrow tattoo vs microblading