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Hair mesotherapy and tricopigmentation or scalp micropigmentation, the perfect combination

Hair mesotherapy and tricopigmentation or scalp micropigmentation, the perfect combination

scalp micropigmentation perth

I want to talk to you today about two treatments that are in fashion, and combined they can be an alternative to baldness, hair loss, hair loss and those depopulated heads.

Obviously, this does not mean that it is a solution and that thanks to it you have the “manes of a lion”, but it does mean that they are treatments that, carried out and maintained over time, are usually a fairly good solution.

Mesotherapy or scalp micropigmentation consists of small injections of product (generally homeopathic) that stimulate blood flow, and thus strengthen the hair, it also helps to slow down hair loss.

Hair mesotherapy session

Micropigmentation consists of these depopulated areas simulating hair follicles. That is to say, those little dots will be drawn that resemble that there is a hair there, but it is NOT hair. I would recommend tricopigmentation more in heads that are beginning to depopulate, to give density, while in the case of total baldness I would value the case, since this does NOT replace the hair implant.

Baldness appearance after capillary hear tattoo or scalp micropigmentation

Hair mesotherapy is sessions of about 10-20 minutes, and it is advisable to do it periodically, and where you really see results is in people who are losing hair, that their hair begins to be fragile (an example in women from the Menopause, with hormonal changes, one of the manifestations that we see is the loss and fragility of the hair, because in these cases it would be recommended to carry out mesotherapy sessions. The normal thing is to give 4 to 6 initial sessions with an interval of 1-2 weeks. and then move on to monthly sessions.

Hair micropigmentation session, as can be seen, is carried out in areas of low capillary density or that have lost their density due to hair fragility or hair loss.

Tricopigmentation are sessions of longer duration (depending on the area to be pigmented, it can last between 60-120 minutes) and it is convenient to carry out revisions in time, since the color is degrading, and the base color of the hair, in very blond people does not usually give good results.

Both techniques are annoying or painful, it all depends on the pain threshold of each person, but the application of cold or the use of anesthetic ointment or lotion helps to make it more bearable.

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