Honestly about permanent makeup

Permanent makeup

As all the time practising permanent makeup artist, I often come across certain misconceptions among my clients. The sources of these misconceptions are very different – from “I heard somewhere” to “my doctor said” …

I think that by dispelling some of the most common wrong opinions, I can help those women who want to do permanent makeup and are looking for reliable information about it.

I have heard many times: “I was told that the eyebrow tattoo will last for 5 years. It’s true?” Not really. The pigment in the skin will last longer, but if you want your face to look perfect (because people do not see its individual fragments, but read information about the face as a whole), it is worth maintaining the proper quality from time to time (sorry for the expression) tattooing. Within a year and a half, your cosmetic tattoo will insistently require you to “refresh” it. The exception is permanent makeup on the eyelids; it lasts from three to five years, without requiring special care. Permanent makeup of eyebrows and lip tattoo is less stable (due to the anatomical features of the structure of the skin of these areas of the face), after a year and a half it begins to fade and the effect of “naturalness” is lost, due to which, in fact, everything was started. The moment you want to pick up a cosmetic pencil, you will understand that the time has come “X”. You should not “wear” the tattoo, because they make it in order to be more beautiful, and not vice versa. The truth is that a well-done, artistically done tattoo really allows a woman to look much more attractive in any situation and at any time of the day. One hundred points in its favour.

Usually, after I talk about the lifespan of permanent makeup, the question follows: “Or maybe make it deeper, then it will last longer?” If the master makes a couple of times “deeper” – these are guaranteed atrophic scars in the areas of deep passage of the needle in the skin, but will not add beauty to the face. Taking into account the fact that a woman will do a tattoo several times during her life, and given how delicate the area of the face is, it is necessary to approach the issue of choosing a tattoo technique with special responsibility. Greater durability of permanent makeup can be achieved not due to depth, but due to the density, “density” of the pigment in the skin.

But. The difficulty for implementation lies in the art of combining the very “density” with the ease of execution, resulting in the illusion of complete naturalness, naturalness of the tattoo. To make the woman brighter and more interesting so that she doesn’t look funny is a task for a real artist.

A common mistake is to start selecting a master at prices for his services. I do not think that the overpriced is a guarantee of quality, but the suspicious cheapness is even more alarming. Think about what the price of the lip tattoo procedure consists of: the cost of consumables, depreciation of the device for permanent makeup, the cost of renting a room, and the assessment of the work of the specialist himself. They often save on cheap consumables (of dubious origin), anaesthesia (which affects the comfort of the procedure itself), but if the master estimates his work too low, then think about how he/she can relate to your face.

Next to this question would be the fear of “picking up something.” Not a single master who respects himself and the client will risk his and your health (you can easily put an equal sign between these two concepts). Otherwise, the tattoo procedure is no different from a visit to a cosmetologist or dentist in terms of safety. The point is in the conscientious attitude to their work.