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How long does an eyebrow tattoo last and how to prolong it.

eyebrow tattoo

Even in ancient times, women paid attention to their beauty. For example, eyebrows were taken care of in Ancient Egypt. Modern cosmetic developments make it possible with eyebrow tattoo Perth to increase female beauty and create a unique shape of eyebrows. The cosmetology service of permanent makeup of the eyebrows helps in this.

Having performed it in the salon with a professional and experienced master, a woman gets rid of the need to use decorative cosmetics. In addition, she looks great at any time and in any situation.
How long does permanent eyebrow makeup last?

The result is stored from 36 to 50 months. It all depends on several factors. Let’s consider them in a little more detail.

1. Initial shade

The expressive result, created initially with a dark pigment, will last much longer. Cold light tones relatively quickly lose their brightness and fade. But warm shades may turn slightly red after a while, but it all depends on the quality of the pigments and the professionalism of the master.

2. The level of immunity

The body perceives the dye as a threat, so it seeks to remove it. The higher the immunity, the faster the paint will be neutralised.

3. Age

In young ladies, cell renewal is faster. Therefore, the dye is excreted more actively. They need to correct it more often. In mature ladies, the paint lasts longer.

4. Exposure to sunlight

Do you like to sunbathe, spend a lot of time under the sun? Don’t forget to use protective creams. They will prevent the rapid fading of dyes. You need to apply the cream to the entire surface of the area treated by the master.

5. Professionalism of the master

Goes to appointments only with professional masters. For example, in the salon of Elena Olshanskaya. Here you will find the best cosmetologist who works only with proven paints and modern equipment, strictly observing all sanitary and hygienic requirements. Therefore, you can be sure that the dye will last as long as possible.
How to make your makeup last longer

Do not peel off crusts during healing.
Do not steam for the first few days.
Be sure to make a correction a month after the first visit.
Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Eyebrow tattooing is an ideal way to enhance your beauty and get rid of decorative cosmetics, which will significantly reduce the time required for self-care.

Eyebrow Tattoo Perth

Eyebrow permanent make-up correction

The tattoo procedure involves several visits to the salon to the master. The first meeting is advisory. After it, the beautician can immediately begin to perform the procedure or appoint a second session. The third is a correction involving the study of minor defects or tone alignment. Indeed, in the process of entering the paint, an ichor is released, a little blood. The master may simply not notice an insignificant undeveloped area.

Usually correction of permanent make-up of eyebrows is carried out 28 days after the first session.

Why correction after eyebrow tattoo is needed

Often women are dissatisfied with the result. This is due to:

the perception of the pigment by the body;
minor errors in the selection of pigment tone.

The repeated procedure allows not only to make changes in shades, but also to radically change the tone.

Also, during the correction, the paint is evenly distributed over the entire area.

An additional session is carried out approximately 12-18 months after the first visit to the salon. That is, when the eyebrows lose their tone and fade, burn out.

Tattoo without correction: is it possible?

Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity think that the desired result can be achieved immediately. Especially if you use dyes that do not fade.

However, you need to understand that such colors do not exist. Any substance burns out sooner or later, is excreted from the body in the process of cell renewal.

How to prepare for a repeat of eyebrow tattoo procedure

There are a number of rules that should be followed in order for the second visit to be successful:

about seven days before visiting a beautician, exposure to sunlight on the treated area should be excluded;
per day – do not drink alcoholic beverages;
24 hours before – do not take medications that affect blood clotting;
on the day of the visit it is not recommended to drink coffee, energy drinks.

Sequence of steps

The master is working on three areas of correction:

color density;

Again, a decorative pencil is used to draw the contour. The generated sketch is approved by the client and then:

a disinfectant and anesthetic drug is applied;
a pigment is introduced with a specialized instrument;
the skin is blotted and again treated with antibacterial drugs.

In conclusion, the cosmetologist gives professional recommendations for the care of the eyebrows. They must be adhered to in order to exclude possible complications and prolong the safety of the created tone.

Why do eyebrows turn red over time and lips turn blue

Some women complain that over time, the color of the tattoo made in the salon changes. And it’s one thing when it just fades. But there are more serious situations – for example, lips become blue, and eyebrows go red.
Common causes of discoloration

Natural life processes of the body.
Low skill level or dishonesty of the master.
Use of poor quality pigments.

What else affects the color change after cosmetic tattoo

The reaction of the body to the pigment.
Washing and/or fading of paint.
Incorrectly selected pigment that does not match the skin color type.

Why do eyebrows turn red

Eyebrow tattoo is a common procedure. It would seem that she has no secrets. However, in some situations, redness occurs after a while.

For example, if the client did not heed the recommendations of the master and insisted on using brown shades. They use red dye for extra saturation.

Some masters are aware of this and neutralize it with an olive stabilizer. Others simply don’t know about it. As a result, instead of a natural light brown tone, over time, the eyebrows acquire a reddish tint.

Therefore, it is so important to contact experienced cosmetologists and strictly listen to their advice.

Also, if you want to keep your tattoo on for as long as possible, don’t wait until it’s completely out of your body, but do a regular renewal procedure.

Why do lips turn blue

Most often, the problem arises due to the inexperience and low qualifications of the master, who:

incorrectly selects and combines dyes;
does not calculate the depth of the puncture;
uses low quality pigments.

A good beautician knows how to provide an effective and long-term result. In particular, cold pigments require the additional addition of an orange stabilizer. Otherwise blue is guaranteed! Also, an experienced specialist knows how to combine colors and how deep to insert the needle.

Therefore, if you want to be sure of the result, so that the permanent makeup of the lips or eyebrows lasts as long as possible without losing color, contact Elena Olshanskaya’s salon! You will be satisfied with the level of service, the final result and the cost of services!

How long does eyebrow tattoo microblading last?

Microblading eyebrow tattoo has appeared on the profile market relatively recently, but it successfully competes with tattooing. This article tells you how long eyebrow microblading lasts. Other useful information on the topic is also provided.

After reading the material, you will learn how the procedure is performed, what affects the duration of the preservation of the result and how to prolong the effect.
What is microblading: general information

Let’s start with a description of what microblading is and how the procedure differs from tattooing (permanent makeup).

The main difference is the method of applying the coloring pigment. All varieties of permanent makeup involve the use of a special machine that drives the pigment under the upper layers of the skin with needles.

Microblading is performed either manually or with a special handpiece. At the end of the maniple there are several very thin needles. The advantage of the method is in more precise control of all actions and movements, which ensures the most accurate drawing.
Differences between tattoo and microblading.

Penetration depth

During tattooing, the coloring pigment penetrates to a depth of up to two millimeters. Microblading involves the introduction of paint to a depth of 0.2 to 0.5 millimeters.


In permanent makeup, a machine is used, but its vibrations are sometimes difficult to control. Therefore, the resulting patterns of eyebrow hairs can be unnatural, blurry.

Manual introduction of paint eliminates blur. The boundaries themselves become clear.

Tint color

With a deep introduction of paint, the selected color of the pigment can change significantly – lose intensity from 30 to 50%. With microblading, no more than 20% of the color is lost.


But the tattoo lasts much longer – up to 5 years. While microblading is only up to 2 years. This is due to the depth of application of the pigment.

However, the main positive difference of microblading is less discomfort. A shallow introduction of paint makes the procedure gentle.
How long does microblading on eyebrows last?

On average, the effect of eyebrow tattoo lasts from 12 to 24 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Note! Microblading Perth eyebrow tattoo is recommended for women with dry or normal skin.

If the skin is oily, then the pigment will be removed faster. However, the deadline depends on the characteristics of skin care, nutrition of the girl. But in general, with oily skin, the result is not as long as with dry or normal. Therefore, if you look at microblading after a year, the photo will show that the paint has faded significantly.
What affects the duration of the preservation of the effect

In addition to the characteristics of the skin, several factors affect the duration of the result. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Master’s work. The more experienced and qualified the beautician, the better the result will be. And it will last longer. The master will be able to determine at what depth the pigment needs to be applied, what shades to choose and how to mix them in order to achieve naturalness and durability.

Color quality. Good masters use only proven, really high-quality pigments. There are more and more safe and durable paints on the market today. However, not all masters responsibly approach their choice. Be sure to check with the cosmetologist what pigments he uses, find out about their features.

The age of the woman. In young representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, the metabolism is more active, and therefore the paint is removed faster. In women over 35, the metabolic process is slower, and therefore the effect lasts longer.
Correct preparation for the procedure. To ensure a longer effect, it is not recommended to use oily cosmetic creams a few days before the session. Blood-thinning foods should also be excluded from the diet. Do not take the same medications. It is not recommended to stay in direct sunlight.

Care. An important point is proper skin care after the session. You must follow all the recommendations of the master. It is strictly forbidden to remove crusts, apply greasy creams, etc. If you follow all the tips and recommendations and look at microblading eyebrow photos before and after healing, you can see how bright, beautiful and natural a woman’s face looks.

How to prolong the effect of the eyebrow tattoo procedure

The most important thing is to strictly adhere to all the recommendations and advice of the master. Before starting the session, provide all important information:

skin type;
phase of the menstrual cycle;
the presence of chronic diseases;

Remember! Under no circumstances should you hide any information about yourself. So you will not only be able to avoid problems with your skin, but also do not set up the master!

Here are some tips to prolong the safety of the result after the procedure:

2-3 days before and after the session, do not drink alcohol, coffee, energy drinks and painkillers;
never peel off the crusts – wait until they fall off on their own;
do not treat wounds with greasy creams;
do not wet the wounds for the first 3-4 days after the session;
14 days after the procedure, you can not visit the sauna, bath, take a hot bath and shower.

Correction performed 6-8 weeks after the first session will allow to prolong the result as much as possible.
Contraindications to the procedure

In conclusion, briefly about what eyebrow microblading has contraindications. We note only the strict ones:

insulin-dependent form of diabetes;
problems with blood clotting;
tendency to form keloid scars;
various somatic diseases during an exacerbation;
mental disorders;
hepatitis, HIV, syphilis;
inflammation during an exacerbation.

There are a number of relative contraindications under which the procedure is possible, but it is better to check with the master whether it is worth it or better to postpone until the condition returns to normal. For example, these are menstruation, lactation, pregnancy, SARS and some others. In any case, it is important not to hide any health problems and to be honest about them.

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth

What is microblading eyebrow tattoo?

What is microblading? Many girls ask this question, dreaming of beautiful, neat and most natural eyebrows. This micropigmentation technique has been created for a relatively long time. From the first years of its appearance, it has spread widely throughout the world.

The definition of microblading is directly related to the translation of the name – “small blade”. The master “drives in” the pigment not with a machine, but with a special pen. Each “hair” is drawn separately. Due to this, a natural effect is obtained, the master can correct the shape of the eyebrows, correct several flaws or completely transform. In some cases, a machine is used with a special needle put on it. The effect persists for 1-3 years, depending on the depth of pigment injection, the chosen technique, and the individual characteristics of the skin.
How is eyebrow microblading done?

The first stage is a consultation with a specialist. To achieve the desired result, it is very important to go through the preparatory stage. Consult with the master regarding the desired pigment, select the shade according to your color type. It is important to pre-draw the shape, use 3D modeling.
Training. The master will advise the right diet (you need to limit yourself to sweet, spicy, do not drink alcohol and energy drinks a few days before the procedure), as well as eyebrow care.
The procedure itself takes place with anesthesia. A gel or spray is used. The client does not experience any discomfort. The duration of the procedure depends on the “volume” of work, the chosen technique.
Healing. You will receive detailed recommendations from the master. The main thing is to strictly adhere to them, since this stage is very important.

Remember! You will not get the desired shade immediately. The full pigment appears only after 3-4 weeks.
Eyebrow Microblading: Basic Techniques

There are two classic techniques used to draw eyebrows.

Eastern allows you to apply “hairs” of different thicknesses and even shades. Due to this, a natural effect is achieved, the eyebrows look natural, as if they were intended by nature.
European. “Hairs” should be of the same thickness and length. They are applied strictly in the direction of growth. This option is optimal when you need to “revive” the eyebrows somewhat, hiding hair that is not thick enough by nature.

Today, the “arsenal” of techniques is much larger, so microblading can be the perfect complement to your appearance, highlight the benefits and place accents correctly.

Microblading eyebrow tattoo

What is the difference between permanent makeup and microblading?

The main difference lies in the method of application and the tools used. Instead of filling with pigment, drawing is performed. As a rule, such a procedure takes more time due to the “jewellery” of the work.
Since precision and detail are important for microblading, other pigments are used. They are thicker. Pigments for tattooing are “fluid” and liquid, which allows you to create a shading effect.
Microblading is performed at a shallower depth. The pigment is injected less than 1 millimeter deep into the skin. Due to this, over time, it completely resolves, “fades”. A significant advantage of microblading over tattooing is that the selected tone subsequently remains unchanged, only gradually fades.
Less trauma to the skin. The smaller the depth of introduction of the coloring matter, the shorter the recovery period and the easier the skin tolerates such exposure.

Who is Microblading RF suitable for?

Each person can choose tattooing or microblading, based on personal wishes. But there are indications in which microblading will be the best option.

Restoration of missing eyebrows. If there is no hairline on the eyebrows, then only microblading will help create a natural effect. Drawing hairs separately is a guarantee of naturalness and beauty. Note that in such cases, microblading is often combined with tattooing for natural shading.
The presence of bald spots. Few people can boast of naturally flawless eyebrows with uniform density. Sometimes it is enough to finish a couple of hairs so that the image as a whole becomes harmonious and attractive. Tattooing with such a small, jewelry task simply will not cope.
Thin eyebrows. You can visually add thickness or width thanks to microblading. You don’t need to completely “redraw” your eyebrows. The strokes of a skilled craftsman will help them “play” in a new way.
Asymmetry. Microblading will fix the situation with minimal intervention. The result will be excellent!

Advantages and disadvantages of microblading


Beautiful and natural eyebrows for a long time. At the same time, they are combined with decorative makeup. If you wish, you can diversify the image and look every time in a new way, but always flawless.
Ideal for minor corrections. Asymmetry, bald spots, lack of density – all this can be easily and effectively corrected with the help of microblading.
Minimum comfortable recovery period. The skin heals faster than after a tattoo.


Microblading has no objective disadvantages. But it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances in order for the result to really please you. First, the technique requires high professionalism. Therefore, it is important to find an experienced professional, a real virtuoso.
Microblading mistakes are fatal. If the pigment is injected too deeply, it will subsequently change color, and scars may also appear. This technique may not suit your skin type, so first consult with the master live, and not remotely.

Choose a qualified professional! The best masters of Elena Olshanskaya’s studio will clearly show the benefits of microblading and emphasize your natural beauty in the best possible way!

eyebrow tattoo removal

How is eyebrow microblading done?
Eyebrow microblading

Such a service as eyebrow microblading has been provided by cosmetologists for a relatively long time. Although far from all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity know what is its peculiarity. In this article, we will briefly, but as informatively as possible, tell you what the service is and what results can be achieved.
Microblading: introductory information

The procedure refers to the color correction of the eyebrows. It resembles a tattoo, but coloring pigments are injected through a special maniple. Outwardly, it is remotely similar to an ordinary ballpoint pen. The master makes small incisions on the skin, into which the paint is injected.

Note! The name of the procedure consists of two English words micro and blade. The literal translation is a small blade.

Despite the fact that incisions are made on the skin, the procedure is not as painful as a common tattoo. However, the latter gives a longer effect.
Varieties of the procedure

Now you know how eyebrow microblading is done. We will briefly describe the main types of technology for introducing a coloring composition.
Hair technique

Microblading hair technique means that the master will make a lot of the thinnest incisions on the skin. They will introduce a coloring pigment. As a result, it will be possible to imitate natural hairs as accurately as possible.

With this technique, “new” eyebrows are completely outlined. Or a separate part, if it is necessary to perform a correction, hide flaws. Eyebrow hair microblading is quite popular. It allows you to achieve naturalness, realism. Provided that the procedure is performed by a professional and experienced master.

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth

Powder technique

Microblading powder eyebrows are numerous points on the skin. They are created, like incisions, by means of a maniple. As a result, a kind of “drawing” is created. It resembles soft shading and it seems that the woman has just summed up her eyebrows with cosmetic shadows.
Step-by-step description of the procedure: 5 stages

Choice of shade and sketch. The client tells the master about his wishes. Beautician gives professional advice. The tone of the coloring pigment is selected and a sketch is created that corresponds to the color type and structural features of the face.
Training. Beautician examines the place of application of paint. Removes excess hair.
Anesthesia, disinfection. An anesthetic and disinfectant composition is applied.
Introduction of pigment. The master introduces the pigment with the help of a maniple.
Completion. Excess paint is removed, the skin is disinfected again, and a healing gel is applied.

Note! The procedure requires compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards. The master must work only with gloves. All materials must be sterile.
Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Microblading makes eyebrows more expressive and bright. However, like any cosmetic and cosmetic procedure, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Saving time. In the mornings or at other times of the day, you do not need to waste time applying decorative cosmetics.
The beauty. Eyebrows are symmetrical and well-groomed.
Practicality. The girl looks unsurpassed in any situation – right after waking up, swimming pool or shower, gym, etc.
Naturalness. If you go to the salon to an experienced professional, you will be able to achieve maximum naturalness!


Price. Microblading is quite expensive. Especially when compared with the usual cosmetic pencil.
Healing. If the master is careless and makes the incisions a little deeper than necessary, the wounds will heal for a long time. If the incision is not deep enough, then the pigment will simply “float”.
Care. After the session, it is necessary to adhere to strict rules of care until the skin heals.
However, if you look at microblading eyebrow photos before and after the procedure, it will be noticeable that an experienced master is able to achieve excellent results. And then all the minuses turn out to be insignificant – the pluses significantly outweigh them.

Contraindications to the procedure

There are a number of contraindications for which you can not go to the beautician:

diabetes mellitus insulin-dependent type;
menstruation (it is recommended to visit the salon in the middle of the menstrual cycle);
pregnancy and lactation;
increased body temperature;
problems with blood clotting and other diseases of the circulatory system;
a tendency to allergic reactions (although modern pigments do not cause them, but you need to be careful);
inflammatory processes during an exacerbation;
tendency to form keloid scars;
Botox injections;
and some others.

Do not hide your true state of health from the master. So you not only do not set up a beautician, but also save yourself from possible problems.
Features of eyebrow care after the procedure

In the first two to seven days after the session, beauty will be noticeable at the injection sites of the pigment and swelling is possible.

Remember! The cosmetologist will definitely tell you how to treat the skin. Do not show independence – strictly follow the recommendations of the master.

It is strictly forbidden to tear off the formed crusts. After all, you will not only remove the pigment with them, but also cause new damage, in place of which scars may appear.

In the first few days, you need to wash gently, without rubbing the upper part of the face. Too hot bath or shower should also be avoided, do not use:


When rubbing the skin to remove make-up and cleanse, avoid the brow area. It is strictly forbidden to visit the sauna, public bathing places.

If you follow all the recommendations, the code will heal and recover pretty quickly. The result is stored from six months to two years, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. How much does eyebrow microblading cost? It all depends on the salon, the master and other factors.

Eyebrow tattoo in Perth
Eyebrow tattoo in Perth