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Popular questions about eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrow tattoo Perth

What are eyebrow tattoos?

Eyebrow tattoos, also known as eyebrow embroidery or microblading, are semi-permanent tattoos designed to enhance, reshape, or add fullness to the eyebrows. An eyebrow tattoo artist uses a handheld tool with ultra-fine needles to deposit pigment directly into the top layers of skin over the eyebrows. This creates hair-like strokes that mimic natural eyebrows.

Eyebrow tattoos are a type of cosmetic tattoo that has risen in popularity over the past decade as a way to achieve fuller, more defined brows. The ink gives the appearance of additional hairs and can correct asymmetry, sparseness, or complete loss of the eyebrows. Unlike permanent makeup or tattoos, eyebrow embroidery results are not meant to last forever. Touch ups are needed every 12-18 months to maintain the look.

The biggest advantage of eyebrow tattoos compared to daily brow products is the illusion of fuller brows that don’t wipe away or fade throughout the day. The effects typically last 1-3 years. This eliminates the need to spend time filling in and shaping the brows each morning.

Overall, eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent procedures that enhance the brows and save time getting ready each day. They are customized to complement facial features and give your arches a natural yet polished look.

Eyebrow tattoo

How are eyebrow tattoos done?

Getting an eyebrow tattoo is a meticulous multi-step process performed by a trained technician. Here is an overview of how eyebrow tattoos are done:

  1. Consultation – The first step is discussing desired results and shaping with the technician to create a custom treatment plan. The expert will assess facial features, bone structure, and current brow situation. Together, you’ll decide on the optimal brow design.
  2. Outline and Measurements – Using sterile tools and ink, the technician maps out the brows with an outline and measures proper portions for symmetry.
  3. Numbing – A topical numbing cream is applied to reduce discomfort during the procedure. This takes 15-30 minutes to take effect.
  4. Pigment Deposit – Using a digital tattoo machine with disposable microblades, the artist makes hair-like cuts in the brow area and deposits pigment in the tiny slices. Multiple layers of color are implanted to achieve the right density.
  5. Healing – Immediately after, the brows appear darker and defined. In the following days, the area scabs for protection. These soon exfoliate and after 4-6 weeks the color emerges more naturally.
  6. Touch Up – A follow up session 4-6 weeks later is required to maximize results by reinforcing color and adjusting any unevenness. Yearly touch ups maintain the fresh tattoos.

Skilled artists are meticulous during each step to ensure the proper shape and natural pigment saturation into the skin. The process takes about 2-3 hours for the initial session plus follow ups.

How can I prepare for getting an eyebrow tattoo?

Getting ready for the process helps ensure you have the best experience and results. Here are some tips for preparing for eyebrow tattoo appointments:

  • Book Consultation – Have an initial meeting with the artist to discuss desired shape, color, and results. Bring inspiration photos and makeup.
  • Avoid Blood Thinners – Stop taking medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E, etc. which can increase bleeding. Check with doctors first.
  • No Tanning – Have no sun or tanning for 4 weeks pre-procedure to avoid sensitivity and allow proper pigment absorption.
  • Practice Good Hygiene – In the weeks before, wash face and brows daily with gentle cleanser and keep hair neat with tweezing, waxing.
  • Discuss Medical History – Inform technician of any conditions, allergies, medications, or sensitivities that could affect numbing or healing.
  • Arrange Transportation – Plan for a ride home as your eyes may be sensitive and swollen for a short period after the appointment.
  • Eat Beforehand – Never get a tattoo on an empty stomach. Eat a meal high in protein and nutrients so you have energy and aren’t lightheaded.
  • Well Rested – Get a good night’s rest to be able to lay still and relaxed for the 2-3 hour session.

Proper preparation allows everything to go smoothly and sets your brows up for optimal results.

Do eyebrow tattoos hurt?

The level of pain experienced during the eyebrow tattoo process varies based on an individual’s tolerance, but most report some moderate discomfort. Here’s an overview of what causes eyebrow tattoo pain and tips to minimize it:

  • Sensitive Skin – The needles insert pigment into the first dermal layer of skin above the brow bone area. This region tends to have heightened sensitivity for most. The repeated piercing sensation triggers nerves and causes aching.
  • Thin Skin – Those with thinner skin have fewer fat and oil glands to cushion between the needle and nerves. The needles dig in closer to nerves, intensifying pain receptors.
  • Needling – The constant rapid needling required to implant thousands of ink dots is inherently uncomfortable. As the fine needles strike the skin, it sends pain signals to the brain.
  • Duration – A session requires remaining still for 2-3 hours as the artist works meticulously. This extended needling period over the sensitive brow area contributes to increased pain over time.

Some ways to reduce pain are topical numbing, painkillers before the appointment, skilled artists, appropriate aftercare, and mental preparation. While not completely painless, individuals agree the minor suffering is worth the beautiful brow results.

What should I look for in an eyebrow tattoo artist?

Choosing the right technician for cosmetic tattooing is crucial for achieving beautiful, natural looking eyebrow tattoos. Here are top qualities to look for in an eyebrow embroidery artist:

  • Specialized Training – Look for certification in permanent makeup and microblading to ensure extensive training in brow specific techniques.
  • Portfolio of Work – Evaluate before and after photos to get a sense of their artistry style and ability to create realistic hair strokes.
  • Uses New Needles – The technician should use sterile disposable needles opened in front of you to prevent infections.
  • Advanced Equipment – State of the art tools such as digital tattoo machines allow for precision work compared to older methods.
  • Light Touch – Opt for artists known for a gentle approach rather than heavy handed. This minimizes pain and trauma to skin.
  • Listens to Clients – Choose someone who carefully listens to your desired results instead of deciding the style themselves.
  • Rave Reviews – Read online reviews to learn about others’ experiences with the artist’s bedside manner and post-procedure support.
  • Brow Shaping Skills – Look for natural brow shaping ability if yours need tweezing, waxing or reshaping before tattoos.

Taking the time to vet technicians results in a comfortable, skilled experience and brows that suit your individual facial features.

How do I maintain eyebrow tattoos?

Maintenance is required to maximize the longevity and appearance of eyebrow tattoos. Here are some tips:

  • Annual Touch Ups – Schedule a follow up tattoo 12-18 months later to refresh the shape and pigment saturation. Consistent touch ups keep brows looking perfect.
  • Use Sunscreen Daily – Apply SPF 30 or higher to prevent the sun from fading ink and causing discoloration. Reapply every few hours.
  • Avoid Exfoliants – Steer clear of harsh scrubs, glycolic acids, retinoids, and bleaches that can fade pigment over time.
  • Be Gentle – When cleansing brows, lightly pat dry and apply products using a delicate touch to avoid trauma to area.
  • Watch Chemicals Near Brows – Hair, skin, and makeup products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide can break down pigment. Rinse thoroughly after use.
  • No Laser Treatments or Surgery Near Brows – Laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, facelifts, or other procedures can displace ink.
  • See Esthetician Routinely – Visit a brow stylist every 4-6 weeks for professional shaping by tweezing or waxing to keep shape crisp.
  • Visit Doctor at First Sign of Infection – Seek medical treatment immediately for any pus, swelling, oozing, or burning which could signal infection.

Consistent touch ups plus daily and weekly brow maintenance habits ensure you get the most mileage out of your investment for beautiful brows that withstand the test of time.


How long do eyebrow tattoos last?

Eyebrow tattoos can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on factors like your skin type, lifestyle habits, and regular upkeep with touch ups. Here’s an overview of longevity:

  • Initial Session – The first tattoo procedure creates brows that look perfect, defined, and full. This appearance lasts about 10-14 days following the appointment.
  • Healing Phase – Over the next 4-6 weeks, the pigment undergoes healing where the top layers exfoliate. Brows appear lighter and softer during this phase.
  • Final Results – After healing, the pigment stabilizes in the dermis layer of skin. The true color and longevity of the tattoos is visible at this point. With proper care, results can last 1-2 years.
  • Fading Process – Around the 1 year mark, you’ll notice the ink starts to break down and brows begin fading. This is normal as the skin regenerates and sheds pigmented cells.
  • Optimal Upkeep – Scheduling a touch up every 12-18 months will maintain the perfect shape, definition, and color. Regular sessions ensure you always have picture-perfect brows.

Proper aftercare also maximizes how long eyebrow tattoos last. This includes avoiding harsh chemicals, sun exposure, and picking at scabs during the healing process. Consistent touch ups are key for permanent-looking results.

What is the healing process like for eyebrow tattoos?

Healing from eyebrow tattoos takes about 4-6 weeks as the skin moves through various stages. Here’s an overview of what to expect during the healing process:

  • Days 1-4 – The brows appear slightly bolder, thicker, and darker than the final results. Mild swelling, redness, and tenderness are normal during this initial phase. Cleaning twice daily with a gentle cleanser is important to avoid scabs.
  • Days 4-7 – In this phase, the skin begins flaking or peeling off in small patches. Do not pick at peeling skin which could remove pigment below. Just allow it to naturally exfoliate.
  • Days 7-14 – The brows take on a thinner, wispier appearance during this time as the top layers continue to shed. Some itching and dryness may occur as the skin balances itself. Apply a healing balm 2-3 times daily.
  • Weeks 3-4 – About half the pigment has exfoliated at this point. Brows look quite faint and irregular. Don’t panic – this is a normal part of the process. Continue proper care and avoid makeup.
  • Weeks 5-6 – Near the end of the healing timeline, the brows start looking cleaner and more refined. Redness subsides and swelling goes down. The pigment finishes settling into the dermis.
  • Week 6+ – At 6 weeks, the final color, shape, and artistry is visible. Some minor touch ups can be performed at this point if any unevenness remains before the 12-18 month touch up.

Patience is crucial during the healing phases to allow the brows to properly heal. Avoid over-cleaning and picking so the pigment can stabilize and create long-lasting results.

Eyebrow tattoo before and after

What are the risks and side effects of eyebrow tattoos?

While eyebrow tattoos offer convenient, long-lasting results, the procedure does come with some risks and possible side effects to consider.

  • Infection – Unsterilized needles and poor hygiene practices can lead to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Redness, swelling, pus, tenderness could indicate an infection requiring medical treatment.
  • Scarring – If the technician goes too deep into the skin, scarring can occur. Dense, raised scars can form inside the brows and are difficult to correct.
  • Allergic Reactions – Although rare, allergies to tattoo ink, topical anesthetics, or other procedure products can provoke a reaction. Symptoms are itching, burning, and raised rash.
  • Asymmetry – Small differences in shape, placement, or coloring between brows commonly results from fading or poor technique. This may require additional touch ups to correct.
  • Stroke Marks – Visible dotted lines or blotchiness in the brows happens if needles penetrate too deeply. This gives brows an artificial, painted on look.
  • Color Changes – As the ink fades over time, some discoloration in the form of orange, blue, or grey tones can occur in the tattooed area.
  • Difficulty Removal – Those seeking to fully remove brow tattoos require repeated removal treatments which can be costly and may not erase the ink completely.

When performed correctly by a reputable artist, most clients experience beautiful results without complication. However, risks do exist and should be evaluated before deciding on the procedure. Proper aftercare is vital to heal safely with ideal outcomes.

eyebrow tattoo healing

How much do eyebrow tattoos cost?

The average cost of eyebrow tattoos ranges between $400 – $850. However, exact prices vary by location and technician. Here are some factors that influence the cost:

  • Artist Skill & Experience – Reputable, seasoned experts charge more for their precision artistry skills. Their rates typically start around $650 and up.
  • Geographic Location – Major metro areas like Los Angeles or New York City have higher rates averaging $700 – $1000+ per session. Less populated regions may charge $400 – $600.
  • Scope of Work – Those getting a complete brow transformation with color corrections, reshaping, and hair strokes pay more for the extent of work required. Minor touch ups cost less.
  • Salon Standards – Luxury day spas command higher pricing that accounts for the posh amenities, staff, and branding. Independent technicians normally charge less.
  • Products Used – There is a range when it comes to ink, tools, anesthetics, and other supplies. Salons using premium products factor this into costs.
  • Amount of Sessions – Touch ups needed every 12-18 months are required to maintain fresh results. This adds up for those who get consistent upkeep.

When budgeting, remember to account for the technician’s tip too. Be wary of any prices that seem unrealistic or too cheap, as quality work has value.

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