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The difference between Ombre Brow tattoo and Microblading

The difference between Ombre Brow tattoo and Microblading

Eyebrow tattoo

If you think of both Ombre brow tattoo and microblading as a kind of permanent makeup that enhances the appearance of your brows, then you are right. Both make waking up with beautiful eyebrows a reality; the time you spend each morning filling in your brows can now be used for something else. This is the number one reason permanent or semi-permanent makeup of this type is becoming more popular with the dawn of each new day.

Although both methods fall in the same family of cosmetic tattoos, a good number of factors differentiate the two. And understanding the differences will help you choose the permanent makeup method that is best for you. Here we go…

Ombre Brow tattoo

Opting for Ombre semi-permanent makeup means that you want your brows to look powdery and take the form of a gently ‘full’ makeup eyebrow. You wake up each day with eyebrows that look already carved and drawn with eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil. The tattooing method used to achieve this look differs from the traditional type in that it does not go beyond the surface of the skin.

Here are some other key factors to consider about Ombre brow sculpting:

Less traumatic to the skin : less bleeding is involved with Ombre brows because the powder is applied using an airbrush-type technique.

Lasts Longer – Ombre brows are known to last 12-24 months.

Perfect for most skin types : If you have an oily or combination skin type, you can go for Ombre brows.


Unlike Ombre, microblading pigment implants strokes under the skin to create many hair-like impressions that will give fuller, more natural-looking brows. Microblading gives you more defined and shapely brows that look makeup free. It looks more realistic than the Ombre Brow Sculpt because there is absolutely no makeup effect. Other factors that differentiate it from Ombre powder are as follows:

Shorter term : microblading doesn’t last as long as Ombre tattoo; Duration of 6-12 months is the typical length of time that it lasts.

A Little Painful : Of course, as the name sounds, a Blading technique is used to apply small cuts to the skin to create strokes of hair and it will bleed a bit.

More selective for skin type : The microblading effect may not work well for people with oily or combination skin types.

Should I go for Ombre tattoo or microblading?

It all depends on your skin type, coloration and personal style in general. If you have oily / combination skin type, sparse eyebrows or rarely use brow shadow, then microblading is best for you. But if you regularly fill in your brows with shadow or pencil, go for Ombre instead.

Done the right way, Ombre brows shouldn’t appear heavy or blocky and microbladed brows shouldn’t look sticky or unnatural. That is why you should turn your brows over to a professional team of specialists like Elite Look for a perfect permanent makeup look that you will love.