Types of cosmetic tattoo

Types of cosmetic tattoo

cosmetic tattoo

Permanent makeup is an art. Craftsmen work with shades and a variety of techniques to make customers happy with the result. We will tell you what type of tattoo is right for you.

The popularity of permanent makeup is understandable – with its help the most natural look is achieved. Depending on the skin type and colour type, the required shape and shade are selected. In the Elite Look salon, the master use certain work techniques to achieve the desired result. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Eyebrow tattoo

At the beginning of the procedure, the master disinfects the surface, using a pencil, he makes a sketch of future eyebrows, taking into account the wishes of the client. If the tattoo is performed using the hair technique, then the master traces the sketch with a white waterproof pencil, then begins to draw the hairs in empty places. If it is shading, then no white pencil is used.

There are three main types of eyebrow tattooing:
-Hair technique or microblading
Powder Brow or Ombre eyebrow tattoo
-Combined technique

Microblading tattoo technique
It is not suitable for some skin types!
(Your master will determine this)

There are two options for hair technique – microblading and hardware. Microblading is not suitable for European skin types. We use the Powder Brow or Ombre eyebrow tattoo method. It is gentle, less traumatic and never leaves scars.

When performing this technique, the master draws each hair using a special apparatus. The hairs themselves look fine and natural. When choosing a master, focus on the work in the portfolio, which includes already healed work.

Powder Brow or Ombre eyebrow tattoo
Suitable for all skin types.
This is its undoubted plus!

The entire surface of the eyebrow is filled with a machine with light movements. The master, using this technique, avoids sharp clear lines. With the help of shadow shading, an emphasis is placed on naturalness – the transition from a light shade to a dark one.

Combined technique
Suitable for dry to normal skin.

As the name implies, it combines the two previous options. A combined technique is done in two stages: first, shadow shading is done, after the healing of which, hairs are drawn in places where there is not enough brightness.

This technique is not performed during one procedure. And it should only be trusted by top masters.

Eyeliner tattoo

Just as with other types of permanent makeup, the master discusses with the client the possible options for tattooing.

There are three main types of eyelid tattooing:
-Shadow arrow
-Cross-eyeliner drawing

Performed for all skin types.

The contour of the arrow depends on the shape of the eyes – the expert will choose the most suitable option for your face and type of eyes You can emphasise only the upper eyelid, or you can focus on the lower eyelid.

Shadow arrow
Suitable for almost all types of eyes, even for age.

It leaves without a trace within a year and a half, in contrast to the densely coloured arrow with clear boundaries. With the help of the shadow arrow, you can significantly change the shape of the eyelid. You can also use it for an overhanging eyelid. But only experienced craftsmen can master this technique.

Eyeliner tattoo
Suitable for all skin types.

The technique is universal – without eyeliner and pencil it looks natural and emphasises the shape. The eyeliner tattoo drawing is designed to emphasise the natural beauty of the eyes.

Lip tattoo

They do it not only to save time and always look fresh, but also to hide small scars. The Lip tattoo is suitable for everyone who uses lipstick. It will help you adjust the shape or brightness of your lips. With the help of lip tattooing, you can even out the contour, practically without changing the colour, by choosing a pigment that is as similar as possible to your lip colour.

There are three main types of lip tattooing:
-Tight filling
-Contour with shading
-Lip blush technique

Dense filling
The master completely paints the entire surface of the lips. This shading is done from the contour of the lips to their centre. Visually, your lips look like they were painted with lipstick.

Feathered contour
This type of lip tattooing helps to visually increase the volume of the lips. The master pigments the outer framing line, then shades it.

Lip blush tattoo technique
Permanent makeup, which allows not only to emphasise the beauty of the lips, but also to increase the brightness or change the shade. This method is intended to give a natural look to the lips.

Memo: How to choose the technique that’s right for you?

Decide if you really want to do permanent makeup.

Consult a professional for possible allergic reactions and contraindications.

Study the master’s portfolio carefully.

Tell the master about your preferences and wishes. And already the specialist will recommend you a suitable version of the tattoo, shape and colour.