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vip shading tattoo

Whip shading tattoo

whip shading tattoo

In continuation of the series of articles about the most popular tattoo styles, we want to tell you about the favorite of all ladies – whip shading tattoo. Perhaps you do not even suspect that the tattoo on your body is made in this style.

The fact is that a distinctive feature of whip shading is the application technique – shading. The wizard draws the outline of the image and then fills it in by creating volume by changing the sharpness and density of the strokes. Thus, it turns out to paint over the image with dense dashes, dashed lines, and dots. Whip shading is most often used to depict black and white images, sometimes with the addition of coloured elements. In this style, you can perform tattoos on any theme, be it animals, plants, people, mythical creatures, modern art, and much more. But the most popular whip shading is among the master florists who use it to create flower-animals or flower-fruit compositions on a woman’s body.

Reasons for the popularity of whip shading tattoo

Whip shading has a number of advantages over other styles, these are:

The relative speed of application. (For example, whip shading tattoos are done faster than realistic ones, which means that more volume can be made in the same period of time.)
Relative cheapness
Variety of themes that can be done in whip shading.
The ability to create both large-scale projects for the entire body part, and start with small elements up to 15 cm.
The ability to create both brutal images and delicate sophisticated ones, thanks to the peculiarities of the application technique.
Often suitable for covering scars, stretch marks.

How is a whip shading tattoo done?

First, you need to decide what exactly you want to wear on yourself, what theme of the tattoo – flowers, animals, people, symbols, or something else. Then decide where and in what size the tattoo will be. It is also advisable to collect a selection of examples of ready-made tattoos, drawings or pictures that most closely resemble what you imagine in the future on your body. A whip shading sketch can be created on the basis of a photograph of real objects, creatures, etc., or on the basis of pictures, drawings or images in the imagination of the master. Having provided the tattoo master with all of the above information, you can plan a tattoo session.

A sketch of a whip shading tattoo can be created in several ways: find a ready-made picture on the Internet, choose one of the tattoo artist’s projects, provide your tattoo artist with a reference and choose one of the options that he will prepare for you. In any case, the final sketch is selected directly at the session together with the master who will fill the tattoo. The tattoo design should fit perfectly into the relief of your body. For this, both the size and location of the tattoo is determined during a session in front of a mirror.

After you approve the sketch, the tattoo artist will transfer a transfer to you – a sketch of how and where the drawing will be located. This is the last opportunity to make edits to the tattoo, after which the artist will start applying the tattoo. At the end of the session, the tape is wrapped around the tattoo site so that you can get home and not get an infection. You will also receive recommendations for healing and caring for a tattoo.
The most popular whip shading tattoo Perth placement options are:

Large composition on the side or front of the thigh.
Tattoo on the lower leg.
On the forearm.
Tattoo sleeve in whip shading style.
Chest whip shading.

In any case, whichever theme or place of application you choose, a whip shading tattoo is always a winning option. The tattoos created by this technique live for a long time, are easily corrected if an adequate size is chosen, they look beautiful and unusual. If you are already ripe for a whip shading tattoo, fill out the form below, we will gladly implement your idea.