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Tattoo ideas

While some despise tattoos, others find great inspiration in getting tattooed and turn this activity into a physical, mental, and emotional experience.
At Elite Look we love tattoos and, above all, those with meaning that have high symbolism. Sometimes it is impressive how through a small drawing tattooed on our body, we express something very intimate and deep about our personality, something that fascinates, motivates, or worries us. The reasons for tattooing can be many. Some do it for fun, others to express an emotion or concern, or simply to express themselves better. In this article, we will try to make it clear to you what one of the most famous symbolic tattoos mean, showing you original and beautiful designs. If you have not yet chosen the ideal design for you, we hope you will be inspired by some of the images we have selected.

tattoo ideas
tattoo ideas

Tattoos with great meaning: What do flower tattoos mean?

Symbolic tattoos for couples

Flowers are one of nature’s most exquisite creations, which have always been a source of inspiration and fascination for their beauty and fragrance. They play an important role in all important occasions in life, from birth to wedding, and even death. Flowers have also been an important object used in tattoo art, for both men and women, since ancient times. While most of us associate ornamental flower tattoo designs with femininity, these eye-catching tattoos are gaining popularity among men as well. Flower tattoo designs can incorporate different types of flowers in terms of size, colour, and variety, and each design has its own unique charm and special symbolic meaning.

What do flower tattoos symbolise?

Lotus flower tattoo:

The lotus flower is one of the most important Buddhist symbols, which is mainly related to the purity of the body and soul. This flower is also associated with the constant search for spiritual elevation. Its symbolism depends on the colour of the lotus:

White – With roots in Eastern culture, the lotus flower represents spiritual knowledge and enlightenment.
Blue: the blue lotus symbolises mind over matter, spirituality as a universal impulse.
Rose – This is the flower known as the Buddha lotus. A purple symbol that pays tribute to Buddhist deities. It symbolises a mystical vision of religion and spirituality.
Red: known as the Lotus Heart, the red lotus symbolises the original state of the heart, representing love, compassion, and passion, also known as the ideal state of the heart.

Simple lotus flower tattoo design on arm

tattoo ideas
tattoo ideas

Lotus flower tattoo

The tattoos’ lotus flower are much in demand among men and women. Within the flower tattoos, it is one of the most special, and it keeps a lot of symbolism inside. It is a type of flower with unique characteristics due to its way of life and its meaning, with beautiful lines on its body that make the tattoo of this beautiful lotus flower spectacular anywhere on the body.


The lotus flower is also known as a water lily and is a very famous flower known all over the world, although it stands out the most in the Asian continent, especially in the Buddhist religion since it is closely related to its own beliefs, and it is considered as a sacred flower. The lotus flower is a symbol within Asian culture and one of the tattoos that can have the most spiritual charge.


One of its characteristics that attracts the most attention is its way of life. The lotus is born in very humid areas between the mud and the mud of the water of swamps and lakes and develops on the water as a beautiful and colorful flower showing all its purity. Its development from the most hostile and dark background to showing all its splendor on the surface is one of the reasons why many people decide to get a lotus flower tattoo.

tattoo ideas



The lotus flower (padma) is also known as the rose of the Nile, Indian lotus or sacred lotus and has many meanings within it. Much of its symbolism comes from the elements of fire and water. When being born and growing on water, the lotus flower transmits its vitality towards the sun, symbolising passion, revelation, dreams, intuition, life, and the vitality of everything that surrounds us. Discover the most prominent meanings:


The birth:

Within the Hindu tradition, many of their beloved gods are represented next to the lotus flower, it is part of their history since their birth, so its meaning refers to birth and life.



Although it is born between the mud and the mud of stagnant waters, the lotus flower stands out to the surface showing all its splendor and beauty, which is why it is one of its characteristics to symbolize the internal and external beauty of oneself through the tattoo.


This flower has a very spiritual part, since its history tells that it represents the rebirth of a new person within the spiritual character. It is said that a person who has a lotus flower tattooed on his skin is developing his soul above the material and physical



The lotus shows that you can get out and survive in difficult situations. It represents the strength and the struggle to change the darkest moments of life for success and happiness through the effort of oneself.



The lotus flower holds one of the mysteries that science has not been able to reveal since the great characteristic it possesses cannot be scientifically explained, by which it repels any type of microorganism and dust particle. This flower is associated with different meanings depending on the color.


Blue Lotus Tattoos: The blue in the lotus flower means knowledge and wisdom and refers to the triumph of the spirit over all the senses. It is a flower that its life cycle is carried out for the most part with its petals closed, so it almost never reveals its inner beauty.

White Lotus Tattoos: The white color in the lotus flower signifies total purity and living nature. It relates to the mind and spirit in a perfect way and is usually represented with 8 petals.

Red Lotus Tattoos: A red lotus tattoo reveals the nature and innocence of the heart. It refers to passion, love, or compassion as qualities of our heart. The lotus flower in red color is also known as the Buddha flower.

Pink Lotus Tattoos: It is the most prominent and special color for the lotus flower. It is related to mythological and divine characters such as the famous great Buddha. This pink color in the lotus flower is often confused with white on many occasions, but its meaning is not the same.

tattoo ideas

Cherry blossom tattoo

Cherry blossoms are very often chosen as a symbol of spiritual beauty, while the rose can symbolise physical beauty, immortal love, the display of affection and affection. Daisy tattoos represent innocence, while lilies relate to hope, faith, promise, and purity.

Tattoos with great meaning: What do animal tattoos mean?
Elephant Tattoo:

The elephant tattoo can symbolize and mean different things. Generally speaking, an elephant tattoo represents prosperity and good luck. But due to its role in nature, it also symbolizes power, strength, dignity, and longevity. Elephants are also associated with the family, as the following photo demonstrates.

Deer tattoos

In our history we have seen many times the importance of deer in various cultures, with the discovery of drawings of deer in caves in prehistoric times. The deer or doe tattoo is considered as an epitome of motherly love, kindness and gentleness. On the other hand, the male deer can denote fertility and sexual power. These delicate-looking animals have always inspired humans. In general, the deer tattoo is associated with nobility, peace, love and kindness. Some also regard it as a sign of beauty and perfection, while for others it symbolizes resurrection and rebirth.

The deer is the symbol of loyalty and purity

Wolf tattoos

The tattoos of wolves cause multiple associations. This tattoo is usually preferred by people with strong character who express their personality freely. For Native Americans, wolves were a totem animal sent to help and guide them through life, symbolizing loyalty and perseverance. According to the legends the great powers come from the Great Spirit. Likewise, wolves are associated with intelligence, strong instinct, decision, purity, compassion. Very often people who choose wolf tattoos are brave people who have overcome many difficulties and have gone through difficult stages in their lives. Another popular connotation is the association of wolves with solitary life, outside the pack. However, symbolic tattoos with two or more wolves can be a demonstration of affection and loyalty towards a friend or other loved one.

Symbolic tattoos with wolves are often associated with strength and determination