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About lash lift

About lash lift

Lash lift

You can look attractive to a young girl or a mature woman without radical cosmetic procedures. In a woman’s face, attention is drawn to an open gaze, shining eyes, accentuated by open eyelashes and framed by a graceful line of eyebrows. Thanks to the achievements of cosmetology, this effect can be achieved not only without plastic surgery but also without Botox injections or traditional eyelash extensions. The lamination procedure helps to preserve the natural beauty for a long time. Myths have already been created around this cosmetic novelty. Let’s figure out how lamination is attractive and whether the procedure has contraindications.

What is an eyelash lift?

The lash lift procedure is in great demand in beauty salons in Perth. She replaced false eyelashes and their extensions. The method consists in applying and keeping a special composition on the hairs for a certain time. It colours, creates a build-up effect and facilitates styling, giving the eyebrows and lashes the necessary curve.

This result is achieved due to keratin, which makes up the majority of the drug. And this forms the first myth that keratin restoration is supposedly harmful to the hairline.

In fact, this protein is a natural part of our hair and nails. In terms of strength, it is somewhat inferior only to chitin, of which the shells of crabs and lobsters consist. Keratin has an elongated structure and does not dissolve in water; it is rich in peptides and amino acids. Transferring its properties to the hairs, the protein strengthens them, nourishing the bulbs. It promotes natural growth and recovery, preventing deformation. Even after washing with hot water, curled eyelashes at the ends will not unwind. In addition to keratin, the composition includes vitamin supplements, plant extracts and oils, which make the healing effect more pronounced.

The procedure nourishes the hair with microelements, fills it with pigment. As a result, even thin and light eyelashes look luxuriously black and long, the look becomes open, and the beauty of the eyes is emphasised by the graceful curve of dark eyebrows.


The creators of myths still cannot explain exactly how dangerous the procedure of cosmological lamination is. In any case, the next myth is broken down into a list of minimal contraindications – the procedure should not be done:

Pregnant women, especially in the early stages of pregnancy;
allergy sufferers with reactions to various types of agents;
suffering from inflammatory eye diseases.

Why is lash lift harmful to these categories of clients of cosmetology clinics? The listed contraindications are common to many types of cosmetic procedures, where complex formulations are used, the components of which can cause allergies, provoke a relapse of inflammation. In pregnant women, changes in hormonal levels can negatively affect the result.

For everyone else, this is an absolutely safe and even healthy cosmetology technique.

Features of the procedure

Before doing lamination, you should familiarise yourself with the features of its implementation and existing restrictions. How long the session takes, is it permissible to wash after the procedure, etc.

The duration of the procedure can be found out only during the examination by a cosmetologist. The duration of the process depends on the condition and tone of natural hair colouring. Light coloured eyelash hairs will take longer to get the desired result. Usually, one session takes from 1 to 1.5 hours.

The cosmetologist repeats the natural curves of eyelashes and eyebrows, which guarantees longer preservation of the styling effect, but according to indications, the types of curves can be changed. Sometimes you have to straighten your eyelashes to give them the desired length.

Those who are not yet familiar with the technique have questions about when it is possible to use mascara, use foundation, wash after, etc. The list of what not to do after the procedure is minimal and concerns only the first days after the session. During this period, you cannot wet your face in the eye area, use mascara, other decorative cosmetics and care products.

The main feature of the technique is the cumulative effect: with each session, the nourished ciliary hairs thicken and become thicker.

Procedure steps

For a phased implementation of lamination, you must:

    Cleanse and degrease the skin around the eyes and eyebrows;
    treat the skin of the eyelids with protective agents;
    apply silicone curlers to the ciliary edge;
    treat with a lotion that affects the structure of the hairs for 8-10 minutes;
    fix the intermediate result with a special compound for 8-10 minutes;
    saturate with keratin composition for 7-10 minutes;
    produce staining.

After a full cycle, a build-up effect appears, the density of the hairline increases, follicle therapy continues at the end of the session.

How often to carry out the procedure

It depends on the individual characteristics and how long the lamination lasts for each particular woman. For women with light hair, dyeing and curling last for a shorter time. To lengthen the effect of exposure, it is advisable for light brown-haired women, blondes and owners of thinned eyelashes to carry out several procedures within three months with a break of a month. After the hairline is restored, it is enough to re-apply the procedure after 3 or even 6 months.

Types of lamination

In a cosmetology clinic, eyelashes and eyebrows can be improved using all types of procedures or a combination of only some of them, namely:

    Colouring – in this case, pigment, growth activators, healing components are added to the composition;
    modelling – giving the hairs natural curves;
    follicular therapy with vitamin supplements.

How long does one session last?

Initially, healthy hair and its dark colour make the effect of the procedure longer – up to 2 months. For blondes and light brown-haired women with thin hair, the period is reduced to 30 days during the initial session.

Pros and cons

Each cosmetology technique has pros and cons, but lamination is dominated by advantages, an incomplete list of which is as follows:

    The volume of ciliary hairs after one procedure increases by a third, and their length – by 10% without the use of chemicals;
    the ability to correct the shape and thickness of the eyebrows;
    general improvement of the hairline of the eyelids and eyebrows by improving the nutrition of the follicles;
    the strengthening effect of keratin on each hair in the composition of eyebrows and eyelashes;
    gentle and persistent colouring of eyelashes, the ability to abandon the daily use of mascara;
    persistent hair shape, which lasts during the warranty period – usually 1-2 months;
    the natural appearance of the shape and colour of eyebrows and eyelashes as a result of the lack of mascara;
    the effect of the beneficial components of the keratin composition on the skin of the eyelids;
    no fear of looking sloppy during precipitation or in hot weather due to the spread of the carcass;
    saving time and cosmetics to prepare for the exit;
    the ability to rub your eyes without losing your appearance, wet them while washing your face, going to the shower, pool, sauna;
    there are no stains on the bed linen;
    low price in comparison with the extension method.

Even this incomplete list makes lamination a leader among other methods of improving the appearance by changing the shape of eyelashes and eyebrows. Not only can you get rid of cosmetic defects in this way, but the method is also health-improving.

The possibility of conducting a session at home can also be attributed to the advantages of the method. But it is better to trust a cosmetologist and conduct a session in a cosmetology clinic so as not to redo the work. If the decision is made, before conducting a session, learn how to wash off the keratin composition quickly, without consequences, and how to restore eyelashes in case of an unsuccessful home experiment. The result of unsuccessful curling should be eliminated on the same day, applying tampons soaked in warm water to the eyelashes, you can use a weak solution of tar soap.

Which is better to choose – lamination or building

The difference between the procedures is that foreign fibres are used in the extension. Hair can be extended only with the help of chemical components. Build-up does not provide for recovery. Before you build up hairs on the eyelids, you should consider the need for careful care of them. The extension has to be done much longer since each hair is attached separately.

If we are talking about comparing techniques, we can consider the difference between the effect of lamination and Botox, which is also used to restore hairs if they are significantly damaged due to perm or prolonged use of low-quality decorative cosmetics. Filling with Botox microcracks on damaged hairs improves the appearance of eyelashes, lengthens them, and gives them density. Lamination is somewhat inferior to the procedure with Botox to heal the hairs but surpasses in giving them the necessary shape. Techniques are now available for simultaneous lamination and enhancement of the effect using Botox. This procedure is called collagenation.

The procedure for biowaving and lash lift, with an equally effective result, have a significant difference in the components of the compositions used. Eyelash biowave is a chemical treatment method. Like any exposure to chemicals, overuse of biowave can lead to thinning of the hairline and destruction of follicles. The difference lies in the results of the two methods: biowaving provides only the formation of a bend, and does not thicken the hairs and does not increase their density.

Velvet for eyelashes is one of the types of lamination. The difference is that the Velvet procedure uses silk spraying and water procedures can be applied 6 hours after the end of the session. But the pronounced effect of Velvet appears 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

Lash lift cost

The cost difference between the above techniques can be significant. The price for lamination is one of the lowest among the listed procedures. Tariffs depend on the condition and tone of the ciliary hairs, as well as the components that make up the keratin composition. We also recommend that you familiarise yourself with reviews of cosmetologists in Cosmetic Tattoo salon Elite Look .