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How to remove your tattoo faster

How to remove your tattoo faster

Eyebrow tattoo removal
6 Tips and tricks to help you remove your tattoo faster and in fewer sessions.

Find out how you can increase the speed of ink removal after your laser removal session to make your laser removal treatment as effective and short as possible.
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The speed of elimination of the ink mainly depends on the immune system and metabolism of our body and, therefore, the better and more active our system is, the faster we will expel the ink and we will need fewer sessions for it. Undoubtedly there is a genetic factor but the truth is that we can considerably improve the functioning of our system with proper habits and obtain incredible results.

Here’s how you can help your body remove tattoo pigments faster after your laser removal session, saving time and money on your treatment.
1. No smoking.

Smoking is one of the factors that can lengthen your elimination process the most. According to studies, tobacco can decrease the effectiveness of treatment by 50-70%. Therefore, requiring more sessions and time.

It should also be borne in mind that in addition to time, it can influence the quality and speed of healing. Another compelling reason to abandon this habit.
2. Exercise.

Playing sports will make our laser removal sessions even more effective.

You will wonder how sport will help you remove the tattoo faster. Exercising constantly offers us multiple benefits:

Improved metabolism and circulation: Activates our metabolism, improves peripheral circulation helping, increases oxygen in the blood that helps transport nutrients to our organs and expel waste and toxins from the body, in less time.

Elimination of ink via sweat: One of the main ways of eliminating fragmented ink with laser is through sweat. Performing active exercise that activates sweating is a very effective way to expel the ink in less time.

Strengthens the immune system: sport strengthens our immune system that is responsible for removing ink from the body.

Improves healing: the benefits of tissue oxygenation are also reflected in the improvement of the skin and healing.

Of course, remember that you should not do intense exercise just the first days after the tattoo removal sessions, to avoid irritating the area, swelling, infection, rubbing and softening the scab that may come out because being soft it could easily jump and leave us an unwanted mark.

What we can do during the first days is moderate activity, for example, walking, etc. being able to return to our routine once the treated area is more recovered.

3. Drink water and fluids.

Water is the vehicle that carries waste from the body and ink particles, which are expelled through urine and sweat.

Therefore, ingesting sufficient amounts of water, herbal teas and / or cleansing vegetable broths, increase the draining effect and help eliminate defragmented ink from the body, reducing the time and number of sessions. In addition, staying hydrated helps to have healthy, elastic and resistant skin. Ensuring faster recovery after sessions.

The recommended daily amount would be about 8 glasses.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is not advisable as it interferes in this process, reducing the purifying effect, drying out the skin and weakening our immune system.
4. A balanced and varied diet, rich in vitamins and minerals.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps to strengthen the immune system and correct the healing of the skin.

Foods or supplements rich in vitamins and minerals are especially interesting: C, B, E and Zinc.

It is advisable to avoid heavy foods with excess fat, which retain fluids, overload and slow down our system as it dedicates more resources to processing digestion, instead of helping to keep our system / body clean of toxins and in its most optimal state.

5. Get enough hours of sleep.

It helps to have our immune system in perfect condition, which in turn will help us eliminate the ink in less time.

During the hours of sleep, the body’s repair and regeneration processes take place, and it keeps our immune system in its optimal state. That will help us to remove the ink in less time and will improve the healing process of the skin.

Lack of sleep and rest can cause a rise in cortisol, the stress hormone, and weaken our immune system. Producing a slower and ineffective response at the time of elimination treatment as well as producing a greater risk of infection in general.

Important, to obtain the maximum benefit from this repair, is to avoid heavy meals before going to sleep, as the body will dedicate resources to digestion and to a lesser extent to repair.
6. Lymphatic drainage:

It accelerates the process of eliminating toxins from our body, causing you to expel the ink more quickly. Also, being a very pleasant process.

Maximise the results of your tattoo removal laser sessions with those simple tips.