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All you need to know about tattoo sketch

All you need to know about tattoo sketch


You decided to get a tattoo. Turning to tattoo parlors, where you are asked the same question: “Do you have a sketch?” First, let’s figure out what it is. A sketch tattoo is a schematic drawing or a blueprint for your future tattoo.

When looking for a tattoo studio, do you have to have a ready-made sketch? No, this is not necessary at all.

Option number 1. If you find a picture or symbol that you want to implement in the form of a tattoo, great. Feel free to show it to the master during a discussion of a future session or at a consultation. This will significantly reduce the preparation time for the tattoo and you will know in advance how it will look approximately. But, be prepared that not all pictures are suitable as tattoo sketches, since there are a number of requirements for them, such as: image quality, contrast, size, etc. Remember, a good tattoo is not done from a photograph of another tattoo.
Option number 2. Consider another course of events – you don’t have a tattoo sketch. Then, while communicating with a tattoo artist, you will need to provide a reference to develop a sketch. What could it be? Photos of finished tattoos, drawings, pictures, everything that will help you explain the idea of ​​a future tattoo. Photos of tattoos – to describe the style of a tattoo; pictures, drawings, photos – to describe the main elements, characters, images.

How to create a tattoo sketch

Depends on your desire:

Option number 1. You can find a picture or drawing on the internet. This format is suitable if you want to apply a mini tattoo, a universal symbol, a sign.
Option number 2. Your pictures are not suitable for a sketch, but the master from them develops a project for a future tattoo for you. He can change their shape, combine several into one, add design elements, fit into the general plot of the tattoo.
Option number 3. You provide the master with the necessary reference, describe your wishes for the style and for the session, or directly during it, the master creates a sketch of the future tattoo.
Option number 4. The master can offer you his ready-made versions of sketches if he has free designs that are similar to your request.

It is important to understand

A sketch is a clear and simple diagram of a future tattoo, so to speak, a guiding map for the master. There is no need to draw a clean version of the drawing, which will later turn into a tattoo. Let’s explain why. The work of a typewriter is very different from the work of a ballpoint pen, pencil, graphics tablet. And the technique of applying tattoo lines is very peculiar. The drawing will not give you a complete understanding of what the future tattoo will look like. In addition, at the session, the sketch is necessarily adjusted by the master to your physique, body relief and skin features. The drawing can be greatly modified for this purpose. This is especially true for large tattoos, realism tattoos, ornamental tattoos, Japanese tattoos, neo-traditional tattoos, coverups and scar overlays.

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How can I see my future tattoo design?

Option number 1. Choose one of the ready-made tattoo shop Perth projects that the master has personally created and wants to bring to life. Usually they are published on work pages on the Internet. You must understand that a design project is a rough outline of future work. Any sketch is modified and adjusted individually to the parameters of each client directly during the session. Because each tattoo must be inscribed on a part of the body of its owner. At the stage of consultations and discussions, you can also express your wishes and comments on the project.
Option number 2. Get acquainted with the sketch of your tattoo directly during the session. In our studio, for example, a sketch is included in the price of a tattoo session. The client makes an advance payment and sends a reference and wishes for a future tattoo. The master prepares the project for the session, together with the client makes the edits just before applying.
Option number 3. If you need a sketch of a tattoo without reference to a session, you can order its production according to your preferences for a separate fee. To do this, you will need to send a reference to the master, indicate the place and size of the planned tattoo. At the same time, you should understand that the drawing will in any case be modified during the session individually for the relief of your body and the peculiarities of the skin by the master who will fill this tattoo for you.

What does a tattoo sketch usually look like?

Below we provide examples of real sketches for tattoos of different styles. As you can see, some projects are visually very different from their implementation.

Let’s summarize

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that you do not have to bother looking for exactly the picture that you want to fill yourself. After all, everything that you could find, most likely, has already filled thousands of people on yourself. And the tattoo is applied in order to emphasize the individuality of its owner. Also, after looking at examples of sketches for tattoos, it becomes obvious that a tattoo sketch is a schematic representation of a future tattoo and its careful drawing does not make sense, because a tattoo will never look like, for example, a realistic drawing with a pencil or on a tablet. All you need to create a high-quality sketch is successful communication with the master, the most extensive reference from you, a clear understanding of what you want to see on yourself, namely the main symbols, objects, characters. Beforehand, it is important to make sure that the chosen specialist works in the style you need and his style of execution is to your taste. If all these points are met by you, then all that remains is to relax and enjoy the process. And leave the care of the sketch to professionals.