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How to get a tattoo cheap

How to get a tattoo cheap


Now, in a crisis, the issue of saving money is more acute than ever. Therefore, we decided to put everything on the shelves and tell you how you can get a cheap tattoo today.

And so, there are several ways to save money on a tattoo. Let’s start looking at them with the most reliable ones, smoothly moving on to the more risky ones.

Choose a ready-made project of a tattoo artist

Often, tattoo artists draw sketches or create art presentations of tattoos that they would be interested in creating. They can usually be found in the master’s portfolio – on social networks or on the studio’s website.
Advantages of the method

You will get a cool unique tattoo from the artist you have dreamed of.
Often such sketches are exhibited at a reduced price.
You are guaranteed to get a more loyal attitude towards yourself, since you agreed to implement the author’s project.

Disadvantages of the method

There is a risk that for this project there are certain requirements for the condition of the skin on which it is planned to apply.
Most likely, such a project has already been created for a certain part of the body and it will not be possible to place it on another one at your request.
Not all craftsmen are ready to make radical changes to such sketches. But you stipulate these points in advance.

Sign up for a promotional session

It happens that the tattoo artist announces the sessions at a reduced price. Usually, several factors can cause this:

During these sessions, the master plans to do the work in a certain style.
It is planned to develop a new tattooing technique.
The development of a client base due to the move of the studio to a new location.
The wizard is new and works at a discounted price.

Advantages of the method

You will save on tattooing.
You can get a tattoo from a cool artist.

Disadvantages of the method

If, before signing up, you do not study the portfolio of the master and do not inquire about his experience, then you can get to a novice specialist whose quality of work is poor. So when you see the word “action”, “discounts”, “reduced price” or “cheap tattoo”, be sure to look at the work of the master and make sure that you like them and the conditions of his work suit you.
Use a gift certificate

You can ask loved ones to give you a gift certificate for a tattoo in a certain studio for some holiday.
Advantages of the method

So you can get a tattoo where you have long wanted, but did not have enough funds. You may not have to pay for a session at all, or you will need to pay quite a bit, which in any case will significantly ease the financial burden on your wallet, when compared to a regular recording for a session.
Disadvantages of the method

If you provided your loved ones with all the information about the studio, the master and the desired tattoo, then there can be no risks.


Sign up for a tattoo session with a master in another city

Everyone knows that the cost of tattoos in small towns is lower than in the capital or regional metropolitan areas. So if you set yourself a goal and go through the portfolio of masters from the provinces, there is a chance that you will find good specialists working at a price tag that is acceptable to you. Before signing up, it is advisable to calculate whether the savings are real, taking into account the cost of the tattoo, the number of sessions and the waste on your stay and travel in another city.
Advantages of the method

An opportunity to save money on a tattoo session.
Disadvantages of the method

If the tattoo shop is far from your home:

Impossibility to go in advance for a personal consultation with the master.
The inability to assess in advance the working conditions of the tattoo studio, cleanliness and comfort.
The inability to personally communicate with the master in advance, to understand how comfortable you are with this person.
The need to spend money on accommodation and food in another city.
A waste of time on travel, flights, especially if the tattoo involves more than one session.

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Sign up for a session with a novice master

Sometimes on the Internet you can find sites or pages of novice tattoo artists. Such guys honestly indicate their work experience and exhibit their work “without embellishment”, so to speak, without overusing photoshop.
Advantages of the method

In connection with the beginning of their creative path, the development of a portfolio and the search for their own style, such masters work at a low price tag. Sometimes among them there are especially talented and responsible ones, whose work is no worse than that of some masters with many years of experience.
Disadvantages of the method

There is a very high risk of getting a partak. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to make sure that you are satisfied with the level of tattoos that this master creates, make sure that all the work in the portfolio is done by his hand, and not someone else’s work downloaded from Pinterest.

Sign up for a tattoo session at home

Not all tattoo studios work legally. There are craftsmen who prefer to save money on renting a specially equipped room, preferring their own apartment.
Advantages of the method

Occasionally, home-based craftsmen may have prices below the market average for tattoo services.
Disadvantages of the method

In this case, there is also a risk of getting a low-quality tattoo. But in the case of a tattoo at home, the master is not officially responsible for what he did. And most likely there will be no one to make claims to you. There is also a risk of tattooing in conditions far from sterile. The professional creative atmosphere during the session can be disturbed by the master’s pets, children or other family members.

Let’s summarise

As you can see, there are many options for how you can get a tattoo cheap. Who seeks will always find. The only question is what risk you are willing to take for the sake of a tattoo and what purpose you are pursuing. If you absolutely need a unique high-quality tattoo, then of course the best option for you would be to keep track of news and new projects of the chosen studio or master. So you can either save money for the desired tattoo while waiting for promotions, holiday prices, promotional projects, or wait for a sketch that you like and get it at a nice price. The main thing is not to rush. Excessive reflections on the topic of a future tattoo have not spoiled the result for anyone yet. But a hasty appointment for a tattoo session in search of balloons can “reward” you for a lifetime with a bad tattoo experience, partak, diseases. Our advice is to save wisely and with self-love! We also want to remind you that we, the masters of Korniets tattoo, regularly publish in our Instagram portfolio new unique sketches that we would be interested in bringing to life at a reduced price.