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Cosmetic Tattoo Perth

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Best eyeliner tattoo in Perth

Best eyeliner tattoo in Perth

Eyeliner tattoo in Perth

Permanent eyeliner tattoo in Perth
Permanent makeup of space between eyelashes and eyelids.
Duration of the procedure: no more than 1.5 hours

Eyeliner tattoo in Perth or eyeliner tattoo in Perth – I am Elena, an International class master with 15 years of practice, who has thousands of high-quality permanent makeup procedures behind him, I will be glad for your desire to get to me for the procedure and remain another satisfied and regular client.

Dear girls, women! I love the procedure, visually thicken the eyelashes, seductive eye shape and expressive look, it is also possible to change the incision with the help of my skills. Thanks to the secrets and correct application, minimal trauma, you will leave without swelling and pain.

Eyeliner tattoo procedure will allow you to look as if you have just left the stylist’s office at any time of the day or night.

Forget about the eyeliner tattoo that “flows” from snow, rain, pool water and (God forbid) tears, and at the same time about black circles under the eyes, left by makeup not washed off in the evening. A delightfully expressive look is every woman’s dream, and this pleasure is now available to everyone. The possibilities of cosmetic tattooing are diverse: from the arrows on the upper eyelids, which can visually change the shape of the eyes, to the tattooing of both eyelids, which gives a significant effect of increasing your “soul mirrors”. An experienced master can also advise on such an option as filling the space between the eyelashes with black, dark brown or grey paint: this creates the effect of long and thick eyelashes and gives the look additional depth. However, when you come to the beauty parlor, you should not ask for “everything at once”. Optimal will not be very catchy, so to speak, daytime tattooing, appropriate for everyday “wearing”

The most relevant techniques for eyeliner tattoo in Perth

To emphasise and highlight the special shape of the eyes, masters use a lot of permanent makeup techniques. Method of execution, arrow size – criteria that are selected individually. The end result depends not only on the skill of the specialist, but also on the specific characteristics of the organism.

Eyeliner Tattoo

One of the most tolerant ways. I also like the fact that it does not oblige you to dye your eyelashes daily. The technique combines the hairs of the eye and the arrowheads. Thus, the expressiveness of the eyes changes, obvious defects are corrected, the woman’s face is transformed and looks visually younger and fresher. The eyeliner tattoo (as it is called) looks cute, not defiant, enhances the natural beauty. A thin arrow, which is drawn along the length of the development of the cilia, looks very elegant and neat. If there is no makeup on the face, permanent tattooing will completely fill this gap. Now you don’t need to spend two hours drawing arrows and lips. Rinse off the makeup is also not required. These are all additional time savings.

The technique works well for young skin. If the client wants more, then the specialist can offer tattoo, lower and upper eyelids. The lash will improve the appearance, emphasise the naturalness and naturalness of the image. The result lasts up to 3 years. Every six months it is necessary to go for a correction to consolidate the effect. This tattoo is ideal for those who do not want to burden themselves with some kind of cosmetic effects.

Arrows tattoo

The classic version is the perfect solution and one of the most popular types of makeup that suits any style. Arrow lovers know how; it is not easy to draw regular, flowing elements without bending. Therefore, this technique is a great alternative, which eliminates the need for constant monitoring of eye makeup. It will aesthetically highlight and emphasise the correct shape of the eyes, visually lengthen them, hide existing imperfections, highlight the thickness and velvety of the eyelashes. Thus, it will harmoniously complete the image and make it unsurpassed.
The master selects the length, thickness and shape of the arrow according to the contours of the lady’s face, also taking into account the cut and shape of the eyes. A correctly selected option is the key to a successful makeup. You can enhance the effect of tattooing – apply mascara on the eyelids in one layer. If a girl prefers a “smokey” makeup, then the arrow can be easily combined with shadows. A matter of taste. Either way, it will be great.


Permanent makeup arrows with shading

Look like “super old”, so to speak rich. A stunning, fantastic effect is guaranteed. How does it look? A smooth, thin arrow transforms into a wider version. All this is complemented by carefully shaded pigment. The result looks simply gorgeous, even without additional makeup. This technique works well for ageing skin. Contours help to hide wrinkles, fight against the phenomenon of “droopy eyelid”. Shaded arrows make the look more expressive and clearer, hide eye imperfections and generally transform a woman’s appearance.

Important nuances of tattooing shooters

Finding the right sketch is the main task of a specialist. A real professional, before taking on a job, must draw an arrow of the optimal length, shape, and coordinate this with the client. It will be much easier for the master if the woman comes already prepared. It is worth deciding and choosing the desired photo. You can draw arrows at home and see what happens. The tattoo should harmoniously fit into the image, highlight the shape of the eyes and visually enlarge them.
For example, if a woman has round eyes, then permanent makeup with a drawing of an elongated arrow with a tail will suit her. If the eyes are narrow, then the lower eyelid should not be done. Because such manipulation can backfire.
The shade of the arrow can be any. Most often, this is a universal colour – black. This tone is visible for much longer and is combined with any type of makeup. But, at the request of the client, you can choose any shade – gray, blue, or brown. It definitely does not affect the course of the procedure. The master, of course, will listen to the girl’s desire, but the last word is his. After all, everything must be taken into account: the shape of the face, the type of woman, the shape of the eyes.