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Lash lift – your way to the expressive look

Lash lift in Perth - your way to the expressive look

Lash lift

Beauty and grooming have always been the goal of any woman. With the help of modern cosmetic procedures, it is possible to improve almost any part of the body. So, for example, many women often turn to lash lift to do eyelash lamination and get an expressive look.

What is a lash lift

What is it, lash lift in Perth that many girls have heard about?

Previously, this procedure was only used for hair. As a result of keratin lamination, they became smooth, healthy and well-groomed. Then they began to do the same on the eyelashes and eyebrows.

In the process of lash lift, the eyelashes are filled with useful minerals and other substances, while lengthening them and increasing their volume. Keratin gives the hairs a magnificent curl, they become long and look well-groomed. If you search the Internet for photos before and after lash lift, you will notice a significant difference. In addition to the fact that after saturation with keratin, the hairs visually become much better, they also receive nourishment, which helps to strengthen them.

This revolutionary technology was invented by the founders of the LVL Lashes brand, Karen Betts and Bridget Softly, who developed the LVL lash lift formula. Their goal was to provide cosmological assistance to cancer patients who lost their hair and eyelashes during treatment.

An unforgettable impression on Bridget and Karen was made by the eyelash extension technology, which they first learned about when they visited Hong Kong in 2005 and attended several thematic exhibitions and conferences. This experience allowed us to look at the search for a remedy for hair loss in a new way. It was at that time that the idea of ​​treating natural eyelashes was born in order to obtain density, volume, length and colour saturation.

The formula for improving native hairs without using the extension technique is based on the biowave method. The priority was given to the curative and restorative effect rather than the aesthetic effect. Experts did not use synthetic products but focused on the use of natural ingredients, oils and vitamins.

In just 1 year, lash lift specialists have carried out more than a hundred studies. They tested herbal preparations based on dandelion juice, zucchini juice, and mineral oils. As a result, the optimal proportion of the required components was found. Experts have developed a unique technique that prolongs the effect of dyeing and nourishing eyelashes, which has revolutionised the beauty industry.

More than 7 million people with weakened, brittle and lifeless hairs during the decade of the brand’s activity, using LVL lash lift products, received qualified help and solved their problem.

Pros and cons of lash lift
Eyelash lift

Lash lift has many advantages. The first of them is the safety of the method, because preparations are used for it that contain only natural ingredients. The second main plus is the availability of technology (it is possible to carry out lamination of eyelashes at home).

All the benefits of the lash lift procedure:

A nutritional complex is used to strengthen each cilium. The composition is applied in such a way that it is distributed as evenly as possible along the entire hairline.
The lash lift process involves subtle dyeing, in which the colour is very natural, as it is as close to natural as possible.
After the procedure, the restoration of eyelashes after extension, dyeing, and curling will be much faster.
Lamination is useful not only for the hairs but also for the delicate skin of the eyelids, which receives nutrition in the form of essential acids, as well as vitamins and minerals.
Such restorative lamination of eyelashes, according to many girls, accelerates their growth.

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Even with so many advantages, there are some disadvantages to the procedure. For example, the short-term nature of the effect obtained. Other disadvantages that can affect your desire to strengthen your lashes with keratin include:

The likelihood of allergic reactions to the composition of the solution. To check this, you need to test the remedy by applying a small amount to the inside of the elbow and leaving it for 12 hours. Itching and redness will indicate that the eyelids and eyes will suffer even more, since the skin is much more sensitive here. Therefore, this test should not be neglected.

Eyelash lift

If the eyes are inflamed, then lamination will only make the situation worse.
A poor-quality composition can cause serious damage to eyelashes.
It is very rare, but it happens that the structure of hairs and keratin does not match. In this case, they can become weakened and fragile.
The healing effect of eyelashes after lamination, advertised by manufacturers and lashmakers, is quite insignificant, it cannot replace more serious methods of care.
The result after the procedure is cumulative; it will become noticeable after several sessions. Therefore, you need to foresee this in advance and plan the corresponding expenses in your budget.
The price of eyelash lamination is high, in addition, after two months (and maybe even earlier) it will need to be repeated. If you don’t have the money for a second procedure, you will have to go through a difficult recovery period. At this time, the eyelashes will be brittle, unattractive, sticking out in different directions.
Before contacting a laminator, try to figure out if you really need it. If you already have healthy and thick lashes, the procedure will be superfluous. The result will be natural and the look will be natural. If you want to make a “doll look”, then it is better to choose the extension method.
From a master who has no experience, you can expect the most unpredictable result: imperceptible or negative. It happens that the hairs begin to break off. In a good salon, they guarantee that the lamination of eyelashes will be successful and the client will receive the desired result.