Care after permanent makeup

Care after permanent makeup tattoo

Permanent makeup tattoo

After the procedure.

The degree of pigment fixation in the skin depends on the body’s defences. The shade stabilises 28-3O days after the procedure. Moreover, in the first 3-7 days the colour will be much brighter, and the healed makeup will fade by 4O-6O%.

Please note that restrictions on the use of cosmetics and possible complications (swelling, redness, crusting) can make adjustments to your plans.

To prevent infection, speed up healing and ensure excellent results, it is recommended within a week after the session:

do not sunbathe;
do not swim in ponds and pools, refrain from visiting the sauna;
use decorative cosmetics to a minimum;
do not touch the crusts and do not try to accelerate their falling off;
(after lip PM) use antiviral drugs to avoid the appearance of herpes.

To obtain a high quality result, you will need to make corrections – from one to three at intervals of 1-2 months.

Important: the more carefully you follow the recommendations for caring for the permanent makeup tattoo, the longer it will delight you with brightness and fullness.

In terms of injury rate, permanent makeup resembles a scratch. The damaged skin quickly becomes covered with a crust, which cannot be removed. During the procedure, the pigment is injected into the skin very shallowly, and during healing, the skin begins to reject it. Under the crust, the healing skin “absorbs” the rejected pigment. If the crust is removed earlier than the prescribed time, then there will be nothing to be absorbed, and an ugly gap will form at this place.

For about 10 days of the healing period, you should not visit saunas, baths, a swimming pool, wet the permanent, disturb the crust. It is also impossible to speed up the healing process with the help of special creams – all this will negatively affect the result. Isn’t it better to be patient for a few days than to get upset and correct the shortcomings later?

What sedatives and healing agents can I use in moderation?

Vitamin E;
Baby cream;

And remember, the work of a master is only 6O% of the success of permanent cosmetic tattoo. The remaining 4O% is how carefully you follow the care recommendations.

Lip tattoo Touch up

– this is an obligatory component of the permanent procedure, without which it is incomplete. The first correction is carried out within 1-2 months after the main procedure; in total, it may be needed up to three times with an interval of 1-2 months.

Why is touch up needed?

Is a way to adjust the colour saturation of a permanent. Most customers prefer less flamboyant. Dark saturated colours look unnatural in the daytime and tire quickly, besides they are more difficult to cover with cosmetics if necessary.

The body’s response to the introduction of pigment cannot be accurately calculated. Someone’s skin perceives pigment better and retains 8O% of colour after healing, someone’s – only 4O%. Therefore, in the first, main procedure, a pigment is used 1-2 tones lighter than desired – so as not to overdo it. If necessary, colours can be added for corrections.

Is a way to even out colour and eliminate gaps. As already mentioned, fixation on the primary procedure is different for everyone.

Correction of the permanent is performed in 2-3 steps in order to more accurately reproduce the shade you need, achieve the required intensity and eliminate possible shortcomings. If you want to increase the area of ​​the sketch, the procedure becomes more expensive and additional correction sessions are required.

Correction should be registered in advance, preferably immediately after the first session. Otherwise, you simply may not get to the master at the right time – and this will negatively affect the result.

Colour update

The form is not affected. The procedure is performed within two months to two years after the initial session.

Important: you should independently monitor the state of your makeup and take actions to support it on time! If you come for a colour correction or update, when neither colour nor shape is visible, or you decide to change the shape, this will no longer be an additional, but a full-fledged procedure for applying a cosmetic tattoo at full cost.

How long does a permanent tattoo last?

How long the permanent makeup tattoo stays on your face depends on a number of factors:

on the shade of the pigment: the darker it is, the longer it lasts;
on the type of skin: dry retains pigment longer, oily – removes faster;
from age: the younger you are, the faster the cosmetic tattoo will have to be renewed;
from immunity: the better it works, the faster, like a foreign substance, the body removes pigment;
from the action of UV rays: the solarium and the sun destroy the permanent. To soften their effect, apply a cream with a 3O-5O protection factor to the permanent makeup area;
from your lifestyle: active sports, sauna, solarium, beauty and spa treatments increase blood circulation and skin cell renewal and thus accelerate the excretion of pigment.

To renew the colour and shape of the permanent tattoo and maintain its quality, it is recommended to renew the colour once a year on average.