What is important to know about a permanent makeup tattoo

What is important to know about a permanent makeup tattoo

Permanent makeup tattoo

Contraindications. When is it better to postpone or cancel the cosmetic tattoo procedure.

It is better to postpone the procedure if:

a month or two before the session, you took antibiotics or other powerful drugs;
less than 6 months have passed since plastic surgery, blepharoplasty, laser vision correction. You should not sign up for a PM with the stitches on the face still not removed, “so that everything heals at once.” It is very dangerous;
you have herpes in the acute stage. In this case, you must first undergo a course of treatment;
you have high blood pressure;
you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
you have your period. During this period, soreness and bleeding increase. Therefore, the procedure is best done in the middle of the cycle;
you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please take this for granted and do not hide this fact from the master. In this case, the responsibility for the result lies entirely with you.

The cosmetic tattoo procedure must be cancelled if you have:

Allergic reactions;
inflammatory skin diseases in the area of the permanent makeup;
(during the permanent makeup eyeliner tattoo) there is a tendency to inflammatory diseases of the mucous membrane;
insulin-dependent form of diabetes mellitus;
blood clotting disorders;
severe somatic diseases;
acute inflammatory diseases;
there are keloid scars;
oncological diseases, neoplasms of unknown aetiology;
mental disorders.

The cost of procedures. What is a cheap permanent cosmetic tattoo worth?

Important: A quality permanent just can’t be cheap. No matter where you do it.

The cost of the permanent makeup procedure = experience, qualifications, master’s status + costs of equipment, disinfection, sterilisation + cost of pigments and disposable attributes + costs of training and mastering new techniques + advertising + rent + taxes.

Accordingly, if a cosmetic lip tattoo from a master is cheap, it means that he:

Recently from courses and trains;
saves on equipment and consumables;
conducts a reception at home.

Each of these options usually has dire consequences.

A decrease in the cost of PM may be due to the fact that the master combines several positions. Often in salons and medical centres, beauticians, manicurists, hairdressers and even administrators are engaged in permanent makeup!

If you are “lucky” to get to such a multi-source, and he has makeup skills and good taste, you are incredibly lucky. But the likelihood of such luck is not too high. It is unlikely that a person has a chance to achieve the heights of skill in each of the areas, if he simultaneously shears, sews, reaps, plays the pipe, paints fences and taxes in his free time.

The profession of a permanent makeup master, like any other, implies a narrow specialisation.

He must be an artist with good taste and a developed sense of proportion.
He must be able to “feel” the client’s face, know the peculiarities of human physiology and work with truly jewellery precision.
Furthermore, he must strictly adhere to professional ethics.

And he must constantly learn.

Therefore, PM services are now offered in almost every salon and hairdresser, and there are only a few professional masters in the city.

And therefore, if at the moment you do not have the opportunity to pay for a quality procedure, it is better to postpone this event until better times or do not do the PM at all! Such savings can bring many problems – including those that cannot be solved with money. Or you can, but very large.

This is your face, your appearance and your health – take care of them.

If you are already registered for the procedure, but are in doubt.

Do not be surprised or offended if the master refuses to carry out the procedure, seeing your indecision.

Permanent makeup is done for a long time, and if you are not sure what you will like, or are dependent in this regard on the opinions of others, it is better not to take risks so as not to suffer from the consequences later.

Due to the specificity of the procedure, you will receive the desired result after healing and correction. And this will happen not earlier than in 28 days. At this stage, dissatisfaction with your appearance or an inadvertently thrown remark from your environment can push you into rash actions, which you will later regret.

Some of these clients, without waiting for healing, do what is absolutely forbidden to do: rub the makeup area with a washcloth, peel off or soak the crusts – and then fall into an even deeper depression, contemplating scars and scars.

If you have not yet matured mentally and are not ready for some inconvenience, it is better to think a few more times. And come to the master radiating confidence.