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Conjunctivitis when performing eyeliner tattoo

Conjunctivitis when performing eyeliner tattoo

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Conjunctivitis and Eyeliner Tattoo: What You Need to Know

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Today I am going to talk about conjunctivitis, what it is, and how it affects when eyeliner tattoo is done, as well as the measures to prevent it from appearing when we perform eyeliner tattoo.

The conjunctiva is a transparent layer of tissue that lines the eyelids and covers the whites of the eye.

The conjunctivitis occurs when swollen or inflamed conjunctiva.

This inflammation can be due to an infection, an irritant (getting an irritant product in our eyes, for example soap), dry eyes or an allergy.

When it is due to an infection, it can be viral (caused by viruses, they are the most frequent, and it is characterized by being painful, and lacking legañas) or bacterial (caused by bacteria, and characterized by having legañas). In both cases, they are contagious and spread very quickly, and when it affects one eye, it usually passes to the other eye.

Allergic conjunctivitis occurs when the conjunctiva becomes inflamed due to a reaction to pollen, dander, mold, or other allergy-causing substances.

The irritant conjunctivitis or foreign bodies occurs when the eye is exposed to an irritant or a foreign body, such as wear contact lenses, and this is manifested by swelling, red eye …

Tears protect the eyes by washing away germs and irritants. Tears contain proteins and antibodies that destroy bacteria, so a dry eye without tears will be more susceptible to this type of condition.

The general symptoms of conjunctivitis are:

Blurry vision
Scabs that form on the eyelid at night (most often caused by bacteria)
Eye pain and itching
Gritty feeling inside the eyes
Lacrimation increased
Redness of the eyes
Sensitivity to light.

Pharmacological treatment for conjunctivitis should be prescribed by a doctor, but in addition to this, a series of measures must be taken such as hand washing, to avoid moving it from one eye to another, not scratching the eye, as it will become more irritated, use of artificial tears and eye wash with saline solution.

After this introduction, in which I have already described and explained what conjunctivitis consists of, now I am going to apply it when I perform eyeliner tattoo. Well, obviously, when there is conjunctivitis, it is TOTALLY CONTRAINDICATED to carry out eyeliner tattoo.

We will have to wait for the condition to heal and then it can be pigmented.

Although eyeliner tattoo is on the eyelid, it should not be forgotten that the conjunctiva covers the eyelid, therefore one must be very cautious when performing these practices, as poor traction of the eyelid when pigmented can damage the conjunctiva.

Although the pigment is hypoallergenic, it is still a foreign agent that can also damage the conjunctiva, and can cause post-pigmentation conjunctivitis, so when eyelid eyeliner tattoo is performed, it is necessary to be excessively scrupulous and remove the pigment and avoid that it falls into the eye, and in the event that it does fall, it will be necessary to carry out frequent eye washes, to remove the pigment that has penetrated into the eye. This also occurs due to poor traction on the eyelid.

Another influencing factor is asepsis, poor disinfection by the person performing the technique can cause conjunctivitis. Well, not all “PRODUCTS” disinfect. Specific disinfectants must be used, such as chlorhexidine (as chlorhexidine is an eye, it will be aqueous instead of alcoholic), and the area must be disinfected well.

The eye must be completely makeup removed, as traces of makeup can also cause conjunctivitis by penetrating the conjunctiva (it would be an irritant).

The person who is going to undergo this type of treatment, if they wear contact lenses, should not put them on that day, neither before the eyeliner tattoo, nor after. They can be put on after 24 hours.

Hand hygiene, the use of disposable gloves, and change them as many times as necessary, as well as the use of disposable needles and not reuse them (as I have been told that in certain places, when they perform eyeliner tattoo, they give you the needle to save it for the next session, which is forbidden, never go to a center where they give you the needle to keep it for the next session) and cleaning the machinery with disinfectants (Instrunet type), as well as doing it in a place suitable for this, they are essential to avoid post-eyeliner tattoo conjunctivitis.

Carrying out this technique by a poorly trained person can cause conjunctivitis. Well, you have to know how to make a good traction of the eyelid and pigment on the outside, that is, above the eyelashes, or between them, but if you are going to micropigment along the lash line, it is essential to be a well-trained person in this technique, otherwise the conjunctiva would be damaged.

As general care, after eyeliner tattoo, to prevent conjunctivitis from appearing, they will be:

Wash the eyes with serum, but individually, that is, a gauze for each eye.

Carry out washing by dragging, do not rub.

Apply artificial tears to keep the eye hydrated.

Use compresses soaked in cold serum.

Do not rub or scratch your eyes.

Wear sunglasses.

Avoid swimming pools, and avoid exercising that involves sweating, as drops of sweat can also cause conjunctivitis.

Apply regenerating ointment on the pigmented eyelid.

The eyelid hematoma and eyelid edema appear in most cases, but that does not mean that there is conjunctivitis.

I hope this information has been useful to you, whether you are going to have an eyeliner tattoo Perth, to know when and to whom to go, and what measures to carry out, as if you are a professional, to be able to say No, in cases where it exists. conjunctivitis, as well as knowing the risks that a bad practice entails, and measures to carry out to avoid an infection.

If you have any doubts, you want to have an eyeliner tattoo, or you want to learn more about this technique, do not hesitate to contact me, I am at your disposal. You can contact me in this email, or after this post.