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Tips and recommendations when we perform cosmetic tattoo in summer.

Tips and recommendations when we perform cosmetic tattoo in summer.

Cosmetic tattoo Perth

In the summertime of summer, for those of you who read me from Europe, and in the middle of summer, I am going to remind you of some recommendations, so that you take into account if you are going to do a cosmetic tattoo or have already done it.

In summer, of course, cosmetic tattoo can be performed, but in the case of facials, a series of recommendations must be taken into account.

If you are going to perform cosmetic tattoo, try to have protected your skin from the sun, that is, if you have sunburn you should NOT do a cosmetic tattoo, because burned and damaged skin should not be pigmented.

If you are going to have a lip cosmetic tattoo, take special precaution, especially if you have a history of cold sores. Herpes appear more frequently with heat and, as pigmentation is still an aggression, labial herpes may appear. (when herpes appears, pigmentation is lost)

In the case of cosmetic tattoo of the eye-liner or eye contour, special care must be taken not to have conjunctivitis, since the sun, swimming pools, the sea … increase the chances of suffering from conjunctivitis, and except conjunctivitis, it should NOT be pigmented.

If, on the other hand, you have already done it, remember to avoid direct exposure to the sun of the pigmented area, as the sun can burn the skin, and if the skin has been recently pigmented, it would be injured even more, and the pigmentation.

In body cosmetic tattoo, keep the area covered, to protect it from sweat and friction, as well as direct exposure to the sun to avoid burns.

Be very careful with getting into swimming pools, at least until the scabs fall off and the area heals, because when pigmenting a wound is produced that must heal, if it gets into swimming pools it can become infected and, therefore, lose the color of the pigmentation .

In addition to all the aforementioned, keep the skin well hydrated, and carry out the pigmentation review one month, to keep it in the best possible condition.

Have a good summer, and remember you have to always keep your skin very well hydrated (when I speak of hydrated skin I speak on the inside with food and water intake, and on the outside with creams and moisturizing products) and protect it from direct sun exposure, whether you do a pigmentation or not. And cosmetic tattoo can be done at any time of the year, but you always have to avoid infections and further damage to the skin. And the reviews, always a review a month after the pigmentation (even if it is summer, do the review, this will guarantee that it is in optimal conditions, if the mere fact of being summer is delayed the review, we may not obtain desired results), and after a year or a year and a half to keep it in good condition.

If you have questions or want to share your experience of a cosmetic tattoo in summer, share it after this post.