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Dangers in the getting of tattoos

Dangers in the of getting tattoos

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Although the topic of tattoo remains controversial regarding the social acceptance that these expressions struggle to achieve, Russian researchers have revealed some of the most dangerous consequences that can be caused by tattoos on the skin.

This is a study carried out by the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology, which indicates that this practice can be accompanied by complications ranging from local infectious processes to chronic skin diseases, such as psoriasis and dermatitis, among others.

Based on a very particular case in Russia, the team of scientists found that there are three obvious effects that tattoos cause on the body of human beings.


According to research, the causes may be associated with an allergy to pigments introduced into the skin, especially to the color red, which “statistically more often causes late complications” and is linked to dermatitis, due to the fact that it contains mercury sulfide. .

Staphylococcus and hepatitis

The dermatologist Elena Kovtunova warns of another common problem: golden staphylococcus, which develops if an individual with a new tattoo does not practice the necessary care, and the healing process is accompanied by purulent inflammation. There is also a direct connection between the number of tattoos and the risk of contracting hepatitis C, especially if the tattooing process is not carried out with sterilized materials.


Previous studies have indicated that getting a tattoo can cause problems in the immune system over the years, since the pigments in the ink, which contains soot, metal oxides and salts that can accumulate in the lymph nodes, even for life, and promote skin inflammations and other adversities. Scientists recommend not getting tattoos near moles as they can lead to melanomas.

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