Do I need a touch-up procedure after the powdering eyebrow tattoo?

Do I need touch up procedure after powdering eyebrow tattoo?

Powdery eyebrow tattooing Perth

The correct shape of the eyebrows can emphasise the natural beauty of the face, but many women cannot boast of it and have to spend time applying decorative cosmetics every day. However, not everyone knows which shape is suitable for a particular oval of the face, and experiments in this area are fraught with. If you want always look dignified and fresh, contact the eyebrow tattoo studio Elite Look to find out how we can help you with that task. Professionals in their field will create the perfect image for you and transform your look.

The powder eyebrow tattoo technique is at the peak of its popularity today. This is due to the fact that the pigment is introduced into the upper layers of the epidermis, which means that the result is very natural and the healing process takes place as quickly as possible.

A few years ago, women did long-lasting permanent makeup for 1.5-2 years. Today this technique is a thing of the past. According to cosmetologists, over time, the turgor of the facial skin weakens, the nasolabial folds become more pronounced, the corners of the eyelids and lips go down, the eyebrows also change their line and position. A powder eyebrow tattoo can be corrected at any time and given a new shape, which cannot be done with a deep cut tattoo or microblading done “for centuries.”

Do you need a powder eyebrow touch-up? Often, a month after complete healing, the pigment does not look bright enough. This is due to the work of our immunity, which pushes out everything foreign from the body. Also, in some places, gaps may remain, which is most often associated with improper care after the procedure. All these shortcomings are corrected by the master at the second appointment.

How to care for powdery eyebrow tattoo after touch up?

After touch up of the powder eyebrow tattoo, the eyebrows acquire the desired shade, become brighter and clearer. The repeated procedure removes colour unevenness that sometimes occurs after the skin crusts have come off.

Eyebrow care after correction is exactly the same as after the first procedure: on the first day after 3 hours, I wash my eyebrows with soap and water, and then we do not wet them until the crusts come off. After a few days, slight peeling will appear on the eyebrows. You cannot remove the crusts, you need to wait until it disappears themselves. You should not use healing ointments either.

If you want to continue to have a permanent makeup tattoo, the frequency of the touch-ups will be determined by the master. If for some reason, you decide not to repeat the procedure, no removal or anything else will be required – the pigment will completely disappear by itself after about 2-3 years without leaving scars as with microbladng.